Shane Stewart

I was delivered to Earth in the small town of French Camp, located in the middle of the massive San Joaquin Valley just below Stockton, CA.   When I was a young man I moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career as an entertainer.   However, my “career” was cut short as I was drafted into the army in February 1968 and taken to Ft. Ord, CA.  It was the Vietnam War era and I was one of millions of young Americans who were protesting that war.  In basic training I applied for release from the army as a “conscientious objector.”  During the time my application was being processed, I was assigned as a driver for a Company Captain, and a Battalion Lieutenant Colonel at Ft. Lewis, Washington.  After 2 years, my application for release was denied by the Secretary of the Army and my Batallion Commander ordered me to “pick up that rifle” and train. I refused to obey the “order” and faced a General Court Martial, which resulted in me serving a 1 year sentence in the disciplinary barracks at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

I was released in 1971, and upon the recommendation of my brother, I joined a boi-tech firm named Antibodies Inc. I became  a “lab” technician and I spent 8 years in the field of Radio Immuno Assay in Davis, CA.  The founder of the company (a brilliant scientist) liked the fact that I had “refused” to go to Vietnam and promoted me to “research” technician.  I was allowed “freedoom of experimentation” in the research  lab where, in 1977 my researh efforts improved a Thyroid Gland test to the degree that I received royalties for sales of that test for a period of 5 years.  This was amazing to me because I never went to school for science or chemistry.  I was a music major!  But just as with my efforts in co-writing The Female Imperative, I found that success in any endeavor simply requires applying “logic, common sense,” and belief in yourself.

After moving on from Antibodies, Inc. during the late 1970”s and early 80’s, I and a colleague were approached to consult with Bixby Knolls Car Wash; the parent company of a string of 7 failing car washes in Long Beach, and Torrance CA.  We helped turn those car washes around and molded each one into a model of profitable enterprise.  I received a percentage of those profits for 3 years.

It was during the late 1980’s when I became interested in the newly surfacing “PC” revolution.  Seeing the opportunities there, I absolutely and completely joined in.  By the mid 1990’s, Bill Gates had thrown “Windows” at the world.  I quickly mastered Windows, and became a successful and sought after software engineer and instructor; managing 4 computer training schools in Los Angeles (Contemporary Concepts; Information Exchange, PC Workshop, and Learning Annex); capitalizing on the L.A. business district computer tech conversion boom of the late 20th century.  By the turn of the millennium I had become an independent, private “computer consultant.”  Among my clients were real estate brokers, businesses including United Colors of Benetton, and some of L.A.’s largest law firms

As a singer/songwriter since 1964, I have performed, over the years,  playing guitar and singing at many clubs and private venues in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento, CA., including a stint as a singer with the “Crickets” at an L.A. Night club named Guys and Dolls; my “15 minutes” of fame!  Music also helped support me abroad during 1984 when I traveled extensively throughout Europe playing at pubs, clubs, and hotels in the south of England where they “loved” my American “accent.”

As with most men, as my life continued, I never gave one thought to female oppression.  I am ashamed about that.  And I only mention these things about myself to demonstrate to you that I know my life’s work still lies ahead.  I am a “changed and changing” man, interested in my “creational” evolution.  In looking back, while my life has been chock-full of diversity, I have found that through it all, my “greatest purpose” in life has been to co-write The Female Imperative with T.L. Dayen.  After a lifetime of “superfluous” pursuits I have found the only thing that truly matters is that we rid the world of the heinous monster of the violent male ego and disolve the horrible injustice of female oppression, which is devouring the conscience of humanity.  Time is running out!  Therefore we must all take part in this endeavor.  I am satisfied that through my work in TFI, I am certainly, at last, doing my part!  My only regret is that I did not discover the truth sooner than I did!  I hope that you don’t make the same mistake.

I am currently “retired” (who knows how long that will last) and living comfortably near my beloved daughter.  I plan to continue putting all my energy into expanding “the greatest cause in human history”; female emancipation.


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