The Image of Male Superiority

From Part I Chapter 2  The Stark Reality of  Destructive Male Ego

By Shane Stewart


“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Socrates

The opening quote to chapter two by Socrates is a prime example of the sometimes subtle expression of female oppression we experience every day.  Socrates pointedly addresses the quote to men, and he means “men,” not women.  But there is little thought given to this fact because it’s perfectly “normal.”  Where is the female in all of this?  Behind the mask of male superiority, men have been able to mold the world into a uniform society that actually accepts and supports the injustice of female subordination and servitude.  Women of every culture are forced to perform as personal servants, used in one way or another to satisfy Man’s daily needs and demands and to stroke the bloated egos of the very “boys” they create.  The practice of exploiting women and using their bodies and services for male gratification is commonplace within all cultures of the world.  The sexual exploitation of women is an expected occurrence, and is accepted as the “normal” pattern of human behavior throughout the male dominated Earth.  Women are vessels of pleasure to be used for satisfying the sexual appetite of the dominant male ego and fulfilling the menial needs of men.  Even young girls are encouraged to play house, dress  dolls, and play with kitchen toys; all in preparation for having a man’s children, cooking his food, and cleaning his house.  For uncountable generations, men have managed to mold every culture on Earth as a bastion of uncontested male power and authority.  Female oppression is the agenda of the negative male ego.

Many human males are weak in character, externally motivated, and void of any sense of self-worth.  They lack internal strength, and have no confidence as human beings.  Many men who are physically strong use that physical strength to become brutes, and only associate with those they can physically dominate.  Understanding that their very existence depends upon the female, many men unjustly seek power through the domination and control over the people who create them.  Women are forced to assume the false image of female inferiority.  They are relegated to the position of subordinate human beings; suffering under the injustice of female oppression.    The negative image that men have wrapped around the female nurtures a destructive attitude that encourages male violence against women.  In severely patriarchal [barbaric] theocracies, a woman can actually be executed for simply vocalizing an individual and independent “idea,” or for disobeying the authority of her superior male.  In other societies women are being publicly “gang raped” and murdered on city busses!  Most civilized societies do not legalize the abuse of women, but are at the very least in tacit agreement with some level of female subordination; sanctioning it socially and in private.  This ranges from inequitable pay to domestic abuse.  The domestic emotional, verbal and physical abuse of women by men is actually common place in every society on Earth, and is considered far less serious than “regular” violence occurring on the street – as if domesticity changes the severity of an assault and battery crime!  It was not long ago after all, that a man had every right to physically manhandle his woman in his house in order to discipline her just as he would one of his children.

Many societies on Earth, developed or not, generally deny women most of the human rights that are naturally enjoyed by men.  Women cannot even control their own bodies and are many times forced to bear children, even if the pregnancy is the result of a rape!  Then, contrary to that, in some countries the destructive male ego will at times force many women to abort a female fetus or discard a female infant at birth because she is the undesired gender!  Women are commonly terrorized, abused, imprisoned, beaten, ridiculed, belittled, raped, and murdered, all at the hands of men who are expressing their violent male ego.  Having been duly terrorized by men, many women are afraid to speak out against their abusers and will not do so.  Some women will actually deny they are being abused even in the face of strong evidence to the contrary (such as bruises and black eyes) in fear of retaliation by their male abusers.  I would say that almost every woman on Earth must deeply resent being oppressed and dominated by men.  Because of their inferior position, women are understandably cautious about refusing to perform their supporting role to the male or even to voice their objection to being oppressed.  Women face dire consequences if they stand against the authority of the negative, domineering male ego.

The irony of male superiority is that it could not exist without the continuing cooperation of females to faithfully carry out their duties in subjugation to the male.  If only a single generation of women refused to perform as expected in the role of inferior servant, the entire foundation of the false image of male superiority would collapse. Throughout history men have used physical force, fear, intimidation, violence, and brainwashing, to successfully silence the female voice.  Helpless to the well-organized and deeply entrenched authority and power of men, women are forced to wear the cloak of inferiority, and carry the stigma of subordinate social status.  But unlike the days of old, in today’s world a woman can nullify the superior strength of a man because the modern world increasingly relies on brains, not brawn, which women have, and do use, in their favor.  Also, the superior strength of a large, violent man is useless in the face of a smaller female who has adapted to his physical strength and threatening violence with a “tiny little gun.”

The primitive expression of natural female oppression is the direct result of its social acceptance; from within our homes, to our streets, to our jobs, to our governments, the social construct operates to support the fallacy of male superiority.  Every child is born into a situation where they see the subordination of women by men.  Men use this perpetuation of observation imprinting to stay in power.  They concentrate on the fertile minds of the young.  They know that infants and those progressing through childhood are intense observers of behavior patterns displayed by people in their immediate childhood environment.  Invariably, men and women of all cultures display the same superior male and inferior female stereotypical behavior patterns.  Children mimic and accept these stereotype behavior patterns as being normal and will replicate them throughout their lives. Every day we witness, and/or participant in, female oppression.  The image of women as natural inferiors of men is burned so deeply into our collective consciousness that we do not even question the duty of the female to function in roles that support and serve the needs of their superior male counterparts.

Men have blanketed our consciousness with the fallacy that female inferiority is supposed to be the naturally evolved structure of humanity.  We have been thoroughly brainwashed in the fantasy that male superiority is to be uncontested as the design of nature, when in truth, men designed their own superiority for the purpose of oppressing and controlling women.  Male superiority is an obvious farce; a charade of epic proportions.  There is absolutely no truth behind the idea that men are naturally endowed with some kind of “superiority” over women.  This is a lie, a myth that has survived and prospered for countless multitudes of generations.  But the myth of male superiority is not harmless like many other myths and fairy tales we entertain during childhood.  We let most childhood fantasies fall by the wayside as we continue to grow into adults.  But men will not let go of their fantasy of male superiority and they are very serious in their demand that women continue to acknowledge this fantasy as truth.  The little boy on a tricycle wearing the fireman’s hat demands that we acknowledge that he is indeed a fireman, and we must say so.  In the same token, the adult male has not grown internally beyond childhood fantasizing, and demands that he be recognized as his fantasy of “superior” male.

The fact that men have succeeded in planting the image of male superiority into the collective psyche of human consciousness is one of the most astounding exhibitions of on-going, continuous mass brainwashing ever performed in the history of our species.  Men gloat over their remarkable success in maintaining control over women.  They are absorbed in self-admiration, bloated with male ego, and possessed by a false sense of entitlement to absolute authority over our species and the domination of women.  History will record the age of female oppression as a barbaric and embarrassing stain upon the fabric of human consciousness.  As long as men are able to openly oppress women, they face no opposition to their campaign of violence and destruction against each other and our planet.  Women must free themselves from the grip of male domination, stand as a unified force, and strip men of their ability to destroy.  If this is not done, and done soon, we face imminent demise.

Men claim that male superiority is a dictate of nature, molded by the hands of evolution that produced dominant males and subservient females.  Furthermore women, being inferior to men, are not of an independent consciousness, but rather evolved as an entity of support, expressly designed for maintaining and obeying the needs, demands, commands and dominant will of the superior male.  This is pretty heady and outrageous stuff considering that it spews forth from the mouths of human males, who squandered the greatest creative potential in history.  Rather than create, men chose to destroy, rather than cooperate, they chose to dominate, and rather than share, they chose to oppress.

Most men can actually talk about their supposed superiority without the slightest appearance of being embarrassed and will quickly dismiss any suggestion that male superiority is a concoction of the male ego designed solely for the purpose of maintaining domination over women.  Truthfully however, male superiority is a glaring hoax, a ludicrous fairy tale of immense proportions that has been woven into the very fabric of human consciousness for so many countless generations that we just keep up the pretense that it is true.  But the truth about men is in complete contradiction to the image of the superior, dominant, authoritative, strong-willed male.  The entire image of male superiority is built upon a foundation of words.  If we just accept the words of men as truth, then they are indeed superior.  But if we do not allow ourselves to be swayed by the empty word, and look at the actual pattern of male behavior, we see that the truth of male superiority is in fact a pronounced fallacy.

Men know they are entirely dependent upon women for the reproduction of our species.  This dependency leads men to a deep sense of helplessness and insecurity.  It is their inability to match the power to create life that drives men to dominate women.  Men try to deflect attention from this insecurity by creating a facade of power and authority worn as a mask of “superiority.”  The truth behind that mask of male superiority however, is that men are just frightened little boys throwing a tantrum and acting out their childish fantasy that when they get big and grown up they will be strong enough to over-power and dominate mommy.  And the sad thing is, they will!   We are so conditioned to the image of the superior male, that hardly a thought is given to the possibility that maybe the concept of male superiority is just a fantasy produced out of the male ego to maintain power over women and the rest of society.  We blindly accept this as if it’s a universal truth when in fact it’s only a fairy tale, albeit a fairy tale of immense proportions; spun directly from the negativity and greed of the male ego.  Men have been able to successfully project negative images of women as being emotional, illogical, and totally indecisive beings that are in need of male guidance, protection, and rule, and we believe it.  In light of this negative image of the female it is no wonder that we acquiesce and gravitate to the “superior” image of the male.

The primitive practice of female oppression has effectively silenced more than half of humanity’s creative potential.  This has resulted in irreversibly damaging the growth of human intelligence and stunting our progress toward becoming a “civilized” species.  A society’s evolutionary progress toward becoming civilized can be measured by its depth of female oppression.  The more deeply entrenched female oppression, the more primitive and uncivilized the society.  Human society is awash in female oppression, and if we do not cleanse our world of this primitive, uncivilized monster, it will devour the foundation of human conscience.  Men will not go “quietly into the night.”  They will not relinquish superiority “without a fight.”  They will hold tightly to female domination and oppression until such time as women pry the iron fist of male domination from around their throats.

There are two basic types of men on earth

  • Men that understand the fallacy of male superiority and the injustice of female oppression and are willing to change and stand up for women. Men that understand do not consciously abuse women.  They are not brutal tyrants of female oppression.  Rather they are benevolent despots who do not beat and terrorize women, but continue taking advantage of them just because they can.  These men will bask in the glow of the image of male superiority and wallow in the luxury of female servitude until women stop them and/or society deems it unacceptable.
  • Men who would rather see women chained and beaten before seeing them free from male tyranny, domination and control. These are tyrannical men saturated with their image of male superiority.  They have become addicted to the physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse of women.  Their “manhood“ is founded in their ability to continue terrorizing and man-handling the female.  They feel no remorse about this.  Their conscience is clear.  They will not change.  They are doing nothing wrong and will continue to consciously abuse women.  They are convinced that every man has a right to control his woman.

The tyrannical male however, is quickly becoming obsolete in the “free” societies of Earth.  These men are mostly concentrated within the patriarchal theocracies of the world, where the male ego proudly displays the abuse, oppression, degradation, domination, humiliation, sexual control, and murder of women as being the Will of God He.  If you are a man reading this book, which one are you?  As of this writing, men find it highly unlikely that women will challenge the image of male superiority within the foreseeable future.  Men have had women properly “whipped and under control” for so many eons that women are thoroughly conditioned to perform their subordinate role in society.

Men doubt that women will ever be able to shed the image of female inferiority, and are incapable of joining together in the kind of united effort that would be required to sustain a march to freedom.   But men beware!  History has shown that all tyrants entertain such fantasies about the weak vassals they dominate before they are invariably brought down and deposed by the very minions they have been oppressing.

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Affliction of the Male Ego

From Part I Chapter 2  The Stark Reality of Destructive Male Ego
By Shane Stewart

The archaeological record has revealed that humans and/or our predecessors have been roaming the earth for millions of years.  This is surprising in lieu of the fact that early humans would seem to have had the least likely chance of surviving an ancient and hostile world teeming with predators against which we had no defense.  How such a small, weak species managed to miraculously out-survive them all, is a mystery.  Just how our ancestors succeeded in surviving against impossible odds may indeed remain a mystery, but there is no mystery as to our coming demise as men steadfastly continue to drag humanity down a violent and senseless path toward self-annihilation.  Tragically, the early survival of our species may well have been for naught.  The miracle of early human survival is being laid to waste by the mindless male violence and destruction of our species.  Human destruction is not coming at the hands of humans, but at the hands of violent male humans.  It is not women who seek to dominate, control, and destroy those of variant beliefs, it is men.  Women give life to humanity while men destroy it.  Anyone objectively observing our planet would reach no other conclusion but that women are creators and men are destroyers.

Locked in a deadly struggle for domination over each other, men would rather see the Earth destroyed before letting go of the voracity of their personal, territorial, male ego.  Men are oriented toward violence.  They are steeped in it.   They embrace it, nurture it, and display it as a badge of manhood.  Human males are obsessed with the accumulation of power and control, and their vehement campaign to force their personal will upon others is a clear definition of a psychotic sociopath.  Men consciously choose to destroy rather than create, oppress rather than liberate, and dominate rather than cooperate.  Bloated with self-importance and saturated with greed for personal power, men cannot deliver the constructive leadership that society so desperately needs.  Men have proven themselves incompetent, inept, and incapable of directing positive human relations.

Why, after countless thousands of generations under male leadership, have men failed to develop a positive, peaceful, and cooperative society?  Why have they instead become the most violent, vicious, and destructive creatures the earth has ever known?  There is but one conclusion: Men are afflicted with the negative, personal male ego.  This affliction can also be called an illness, a condition, a sickness, or an infection.  But whatever name we give it, the negative male ego stunts the positive development of male character.  The affliction of male ego impedes the objective reasoning ability of men, twists their perception of what is real, induces delusions of grandeur (male superiority) that men interpret and pursue as “reality”, and results in violent and destructive convulsions that are directed toward women (and each other) for the purpose of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual domination.

Women are not afflicted with this illness, and in fact are immune to it.  But they are the ones who suffer its negative effects at the hands of infected males.  The affliction of the male ego is also evident when we observe men as they carry on with their violent battles for domination over each other.  The conflict between males for domination is spiraling out of control and because of their “condition” men cannot alter their destructive path.  Women, children, and the entire Earth are all innocent victims suffering the horrible effects of the violent convulsions and destruction of those afflicted with the negative male ego.  The male ego is a parasitic creature, devouring and destroying the very host that gives it life!

The emotional capacity of the infected human male to understand and empathize with others is limited to an adolescent level of human development.  The emotional growth of men is complete by the time they reach the early teenage years.  Their bodies continue to grow, their minds continue to expand, but their sense of reasoning, which is required to find mature solutions to human problems, is arrested at adolescence.  Throughout their lives, many men continue to function emotionally and physically as they did when they were kids back in the old-school yard.  There they resolved their conflicts through physical domination; escalating arguments or disagreements into physical fights.  The boy that could “beat up” the other boy was the dominant one, and his physical victory “proved” that his argument was “right”.  The beaten boy had to verbally “admit” that he was “wrong”, even though his argument may have been “correct”.  Why?  Because he was beaten into it!  He had to bow down to the code of the negative male ego that “might is right.”  Where is the concern for truth here?  There is none.  This is how men resolve problems and conduct relationships today.  They are only concerned with imposing their personal will upon others through force, intimidation, and violence.  Men are still boys in the school yard, emotionally lost in rage, jealousy, and envy.  The basic depth of what men feel generally only extends to levels of fear, anger, and sensory, sexual reaction.

The affliction of the male ego keeps society locked in an endless, barbaric state of war and conflict.  Driven by their power hungry, territorial, dominant male ego, men are determined to force their personal will upon others through political, religious, cultural, military, moral, and personal domination.  Most men are inherently negative and violent creatures, who claim the destruction of others is justified if those others hold a variant philosophy.  The male of our species does not seek to live in a unified and harmonious world guided by compassion, compromise, cooperation, and community, but rather seeks eternal division through domination and/or destruction of others.  There is no cure for the male ego.  There is nothing a man can “ingest” that will treat this horrible sickness.  But men can neutralize and manage the negative aspects of male ego infection by humbly asking the female of our species to help them.

Being infected with negative male ego is terminal to the spirit unless help is sought.  Men cannot singularly halt their spiraling descent into eventual annihilation.  If they are to change their violent nature and heal the affliction of the male ego, they cannot do it alone.  Each individual man on Earth must shed his male ego image of male superiority and ask just one woman to help him become human.  Men must recognize that they are sick with violence and open up to women for help.  Women must provide that help to alter the negativity of the male ego or we face dire consequences!  The suppurating sore of negative male ego can only be healed by the positive consciousness of creation, which can only be applied by the female.  Men must sacrifice eternal conflict and learn the wisdom of empathy, compassion, compromise, cooperation, and community that can only come through female consciousness of love and creation.  Expecting men to reach out for help however, is a highly unlikely scenario.  Therefore, male violence will somehow have to be restrained, or we face the dire prospect of becoming the only species to ever have suffered a tragic and senseless self-imposed extinction as the male ego continues to stumble toward the end of the world in a “self-fulfilling prophesy.”


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Male Ego Monsters

From Part I Chapter 2  The Stark Reality of Destructive Male Ego

By Shane Stewart

Examples of the Two-legged Beast

A man in his mid-twenties enters a small donut/sandwich shop early on a Sunday morning.  His head is shaved and he has tattoos over most of his body.  He smells of beer at this early hour.  He is fat, flabby, sloppy, and dirty, but obviously thinks he is beefy and manly.  As he stands there waiting for his order, he is blasting loud music from his boom box.  He has absolutely no concern as to whether he might be bothering the customers that have come there for a pleasant cup of coffee and donut this morning.  He has no concern for the rights of anyone else in the store.  In fact, he is there to intentionally take other people’s rights and force his personal domination upon them.  He scowls at the customers as if daring someone to say something.  He is looking for trouble.  He is a physically dominant monster, on the prowl for weaker prey.  This man’s anti-social behavior and negative attitude cling to him like a stink that won’t go away.  He reeks of negativity and violence. Negativity is his relative point of motivation in life and this morning he is very pleased that he has succeeded in making his point.

A man pulls up to a buddy’s house on a cul-de-sac in a lower middle-class neighborhood of working people.  He is obviously drunk.  It is 12 midnight.  His car radio is blaring.  His windows are rolled down.  He is smoking pot and yelling at his “girlfriend” in the passenger seat.  Rather than walk up and knock on his friend’s door, the man bangs on his horn to get his buddy to come out.  But unbeknownst to this man his buddy is not even home.  The man continues to berate the girl and blast his horn.  A single mother with two small children lives next door.  The man has woken her, her children, and the entire cul-de-sac.  The young mother opens her door and pleads with the man: “Sir, I have two small children.  Can you please be quieter?  It’s 12 AM!  Please!”  The man gives her a look of contempt, bangs harder on the horn and says, “Screw you, lady!”  Suddenly a police car turns onto the cul-de-sac and pulls up behind the monster.

A man stands half way in and half way out of the front door of a restaurant smoking a cigarette.  He has not gone outside to smoke, which is considered to be 20 feet from the door.  The smoke, of course, is drifting back into the restaurant.  The manager politely approaches the smoker and states the obvious, that smoking is not permitted within 20 feet of the door.  The man, blowing smoke past the manager and into the restaurant, says, “Hey! I’m outside, Okay?  A man can’t even smoke a cigarette anymore without a bunch of butt holes complaining!  What the Hell is the world coming to?  I ain’t bothering nobody!  Just leave me alone!”

A woman is pushing her baby in a stroller along the store-fronts in a downtown shopping area.  A group of men are milling about on the sidewalk up ahead.  They are unkempt and loud.  As she approaches; one of the men wolf whistles and says; “Hey baby! You’re a fine lookin’ mama!  Tell you what, if the old man ain’t takin’ care of business at home, I can do you real good.”  He moves out to walk along beside her.  She doesn’t respond but looks straight ahead and walks faster.  “Come on!”  The man says; “What? You ain’t gonna say nothin’ to me?  Well, I’m sayin’ something to you.  Who the Hell you think you are?”  The woman keeps walking and the man soon peels away.  “You don’t know what you’re missin’ bitch!”  The man yells after her.  Going back to his buddies he says; “You believe that?  She’s too good to even say one word to me!  I’ll tell you man, some of these women today are real stuck-up bitches!  Who the Hell does she think she is?”

It’s a hot day and a group of people have lined up at an ice cream vendor waiting to give their order.  A man about 6 feet 2 inches and 220 pounds approaches the line.  He is obviously bigger and stronger than anyone else waiting in the line.  He stops at the end of the line and waits about 5 seconds.  Then he suddenly proceeds to walk past everyone and cuts in at the front of the line.  An average size guy in the line says; “Excuse me, sir.  The line is back there.”  The big man glares at him and says; “So?  Tell you what, if you can make me go back there, I’ll go.  Otherwise shut up!”  The smaller man doesn’t press the issue.  The bigger man glares at everyone in the line.  No one else says anything.

A woman is in her home, lying in bed sick with a fever.  Her infant is asleep in a crib in the next room.  It took a while but she finally got the baby to sleep.  She has tried to clean the house today but just doesn’t have the energy to do anything.  She is miserable.  As she is just about to finally fall asleep, her husband comes home from work.  “Judy,” he yells, as he slams the door.  “I’m home!”  The woman tells him she is in the bedroom.  The husband enters and sees her in bed.  “What’s the matter?” He asks. “’Getting sick!” she mumbles, “I just hope I don’t give it to the baby.”  She sniffles.  “Oh, come on” he says,” You can’t be down from a little cold?”  He sits on the bed and begins to stroke her leg, obviously seeking sex.  “Frank,” she says, “not now, please!  I’m sick!”  Frank gets up.  He is angry.  “You know,” he says, “you don’t do anything all day.  You don’t even have a job.  You just lay around.  I work hard and I pay the bills, and all I want is a little affection when I get home, and you can’t even give me that?  Look, the house ain’t even clean!”  “Please Frank,” she moans, “I work hard in this house, and I have the baby.  And I’m sick today.”  “Yeh?” he says, “Well, I’m hungry today.  So, if you’re not gonna give me anything else why don’t you get up, do your job, and make me some dinner?”  Frank stomps off, flicks on the TV, and plops down in his favorite chair.  After a few minutes, Judy slowly gets out of bed and shuffles into the kitchen.  “And bring me a beer!” he demands.  “I’m havin’ a hard day.”


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Men Stoop to Tyranny

From Part I Chapter 2  The Stark Reality of Destructive Male Ego

By Shane Stewart

Our primal human ancestors were a mundane, mediocre, and ragged bunch, just another of the many sensory motivated animals that struggled to survive in the hostile and unforgiving environment of a prehistoric world.  Being small, weak, and defenseless, it would seem that humans had the least likely chance of surviving.  Remarkably however, our lowly human species would not only succeed in surviving a violent, predatory environment, but would actually come to “supersede” it.

Humanity’s humble beginnings gave no indication as to the remarkable and spectacular physical evolutionary path upon which our species would embark.  Prior to the explosive evolutionary ascent of our species, the highest form of earthly consciousness was that of animal mind.  Animals were independently ambulatory; and could respond to environmental stimuli.  The animal mind had evolved the ability to hunt and actually “lay in wait” in anticipation of prey.  The prehistoric world was ruled and dominated by predatory beasts.  However, animal mind, even though highly evolved for what it was, lacked the ability to think and was void of imagination.  Animals cannot deal with abstract ideas, have no comprehension of logic, and are only aware of the material world.  Animal mind is incapable of any function beyond that of deciphering sensory information: reacting to stimulation from its immediate environment, dealing with memory of a situational event, and being trained to perform on command.

The development of human consciousness was an event that forever separated us from the world of animals, and marked us as a species of thought, reason, logic, and imagination.  In so being, we shed much of our animal behavior patterns and developed a more civilized social order.  However, the male ego continued to practice one very basic and primitive animal social pattern; that of using physical strength as the sole determinant for dominant and superior positions within the group.  In maintaining the pattern of our animal beginnings, stronger humans – generally males – continued to use their strength to force their domination and superiority upon weaker members of the group.  Consequently, leadership of our species was never decided by intelligence, experience, ability, or popular vote, but by simple muscle mass; might is right!  Having greater physical strength allowed men to seize domination and control over the female of our species.  Just exactly when this began to take place will never be known, but that it did take place and was accomplished is beyond question; as evidenced by the male dominated society we live in today where the male image of superiority reigns supreme.

Ancient men could not reconcile the image of male superiority with the fact that the power of human life rested almost entirely in the hands of the female.  Men understood that beyond a brief encounter with the female for insemination, they actually had very little to do with the process of continuing human life.  If women controlled the awesome power to create life, men feared that women would eventually be able to control every aspect of human life, including men themselves.  Men knew that their image of superiority could only be kept alive if they controlled those who actually had the power of physical life.  In one of the most cowardly acts of betrayal in human history, men would stoop to tyranny and use their greater physical strength to intimidate and overpower women, forcing them to obediently submit to the domination, control, and will of the violent male ego.  The tyranny of male domination and oppression of women will forever remain an ugly stain upon the fabric of human conscience.

Men remain deeply divided in their beliefs.  They maintain violent disagreements about life that often end in deadly conflict.  But ironically, regardless of their vast differences men remain united as brothers in the practice of female oppression, sharing common ground in their negative attitudes toward women.  Men across the earth are intent upon assuring that women remain shackled as a group of powerless and dependent inferiors.  The world’s social, political, economic, and religious structures are fortified bastions of male power and authority, built upon a foundation designed to perpetuate female discrimination and oppression and keep women under the iron fist of male domination.  The open and public practice of female oppression is standard protocol in the male world, running rampant and unabated in every culture.

Men do not deny that having women perform in mostly secondary roles could be perceived as female oppression.  But they say this is simply a false perception, and not an exhibition of injustice against women.  For thousands of generations society has functioned with men and women performing different male/female roles that were “intended and designed” for them.  Many men steadfastly refuse to accept that women are victims of discrimination.  They insist that female oppression is a fantasy concocted in the minds of disillusioned and confused women who simply refuse to accept the fact that their natural female duty is to support and maintain the needs of the superior male.  Most men deny that they are the culprits that installed this system of injustice.  They contend that male/female duties are dictated by natural design.  Nature designed men to be dominant, exploratory leaders, and nature designed women to be submissive, subservient followers.

The problem is not that men wanted to dominate women; the problem is that they actually went ahead and did it.  Men dominate women out of an infantile insecurity, feeling that their only power is to control those that give them life.  Women are the ones who give life.  They do not need to take it in order to feel powerful.  Men cannot give life.  So, in order to feel powerful, they take it.  If they can take life from those who give life, then they are superior to those who give life.  Such is the warped and reversed reasoning of the negative male ego.  The domination and  oppression of women, the destruction of human beings, and the rape and pillage of planet Earth are the central focus of the tyrannical, violent male ego.

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Theocrats and Dictators

From Part I Chapter 2  The Stark Reality of Destructive Male Ego

By Shane Stewart

There is no human being on earth, male or female, that has ever been given authority by some divine entity to dictate, dominate, control or force any spiritual realm through which you must lead your life.  In the same realm, governments and/or organizations claiming divine authority to control your life are personally motivated, self-serving entities focused on accumulating power and gaining personal control over others and in some cases, will not hesitate to use deadly force to accomplish that objective when and if necessary to effectively and brutally silence the voices of dissension. Every human being is born with the right to try to make their own personal decisions in evaluating the moral, spiritual and intellectual paths they choose to follow during their life on Earth.  Believing you are free to evaluate and form your own beliefs as much as possible is a basic necessity in the healthy, positive development of the human mind, spirit and character.

Discussion of Ideas, Not Destruction of Others

Attempting to persuade others through dialogue and debate that your beliefs represent universal truth is also an individual human right.  Open discussion of beliefs places them under the light of scrutiny where they can be questioned and evaluated.  Everyone has the equal and inherent right of persuasion.  However, the right of persuasion does not extend into the realm of physical action.  You can believe whatever you choose to believe, but you cannot physically force others to live under those beliefs.  Actions are not beliefs, and civilized societies that allow freedom of thought and expression of ideas, maintain reasonable laws designed to protect us all from the violent, negative actions of others.  As long as the expression of your belief does not direct harm toward others, or seek to oppress their freedom of belief, then your right to freely express your own beliefs, or adopt the beliefs of others who may persuade you, is unlimited and unmitigated.

Destroying those of “variant” belief

Many religions, cults, cultures and social organizations subjectively claim that they alone have exclusive knowledge as to the universal truth that everyone on earth is supposed to live by.  In the case of religion, the claim usually includes the “fact” that their doctrine is the truth that was given exclusively to their particular founders and prophets by the “one true God.”  Therefore, there can be no other truth, and anyone not under the control of that doctrine is invariably an unenlightened infidel, a non-believer, and must be forced, physically if necessary, to accept the teachings of the “true” God!

In extreme cases, some male members of particular religions become insane, fanatical, religious lunatics, [terrorists] holding to the belief that those who do not accept their “Holy” prophet, and acknowledge their religious doctrine as the divine truth of the true God, must be righteously eliminated in the name of that God.  Sadly, and all too often, the violent male ego of these maniacal killers is on full display as they commit mass murders of non-believers of their    religion or their particular sect of that religion.  These mass murders always include innocent men, women, children, and infants.  Attempting to force your beliefs upon others through threats, intimidation, incarceration or physical violence is a horrible and embarrassing display of ignorance, insecurity, cowardice, weakness of character, and dire mental and emotional illness.

Godless Theocracies and Female Oppression

There are no forms of government on earth more dedicated to the public display of female oppression than those that identify themselves as theocracies: governments founded upon some religious doctrine.  Most theocracies exist in crude, underdeveloped, socially backward countries, dominated and controlled by tyrannical, pseudo-religious, male fanatics.  These “governments” forbid any type of freedom of expression.  They are intolerant of any disagreement to the subjective dictates of the current “Holy” rulers of that theocracy.  Women suffer dearly under these oppressive regimes, as the decree of their subordination comes directly from the “divine,” and punishment for women flouting that divine decree can be harsh, even unto a horrible death.

Dictates Of the “Holy” book

The entire structure of these governments is built around teachings written centuries ago in their “Holy” book.  The contemporary leaders of the religion are the official interpreters of the Holy book.  Invariably, they are also the leaders of the government.  Every aspect of life for people living under these theocratic governments is predetermined by the doctrine of its Holy book.  Any and all actions, speeches, relationships, and social interactions must conform to the dictates of the Holy book.  This includes how you must prepare and eat food, what clothes you must wear in public, what literature you can read, when you must “pray”, what you can say in public, and how men and women must interact with each other. The holy book contains the “Word of God” as it was exclusively revealed to the original prophet of that religion in ancient times, and its contents are intended to be followed by all humanity.  There is no life that can be righteously lived unless it stays within the parameters set forth by that Holy book.  These books invariably give absolute and divine authority to men for the purpose of dominating and controlling women.

Prisoners in Body, Mind, and Spirit

The citizens of theocracies are not only physical prisoners of their government, but moral, spiritual and intellectual prisoners as well.  The assumption of individual will is not considered a part of being human, especially if you’re a female.  Every mind must be filled with the doctrine of the Holy book.  Every life must be lived according to the directives of the Holy book, which of course, are interpreted by the current, contemporary “Holy” leaders, which are of course, men.  Contrary to what the Holy leaders want you to believe about their government, there is no dedication to God in a theocracy.  The sole purpose of a theocracy is to perpetuate female oppression, advance the false image of male superiority, embrace the image of God “He”, and extend the authority and power of those mortal men currently in control.

Legitimizing Female Oppression

Theocracies are generally under the rigid and personal control of one man.  This man is revered as the living voice of God on earth.  He is the Holy and infallible supreme leader of all.  Subjective decisions made by this man are considered to be direct reflections of the Will of God, and cannot be challenged by anyone.  Theocracies forbid any open expression of thought or dialogue that is not specifically contained within the dictates of its religious doctrine established by the contents of the Holy book.  No one is free to individually seek God.  Anyone discussing ideas about God or religion that are not officially approved by the Holy leaders as being within the parameters set by the Holy book can be declared blasphemes and put to a horrible death.  Every citizen must swear belief in, and perform the rituals of their religion as dictated by its ancient and Holy prophets and texts, with strict obedience to the will of its generational religious leaders. These governments are structured around political and religious frameworks intended to legalize and legitimize the discrimination, sexual exploitation, and oppression of women.  The injustice of female oppression is particularly brutal and heinous in theocracies because men carry out their atrocities against women, while hiding behind a mask of “God”.

Female Oppression “Dictated” By God

Theocracies claim male domination and oppression of women is not by design of men, but by divine dictate.  This truth of course, was revealed during God’s ancient and Holy communication with the primary Holy prophet of that particular religion.  The ancient prophet of course, is a man.  And the “God” of course, is “He.”  The Holy design of male “superiority” and female inferiority is preserved in the writings of the prophet’s Holy book.  Many of these theocracies openly profess that they are mandated by divine edict to spread their control over women across the borders of all nations and, if necessary, by way of force and violence in Holy war, or Jihad!

Silencing the Female Voice

There is little or no protest from women in these societies as to their inferiority and secondary public social status.  They live in total fear [and rightfully so] of speaking out about anything at all.   They are women, and have been deeply conditioned to believe that God made them for the sole purpose of serving the will of men.  It is their divine duty in life.  Women are thoroughly saturated from birth in the ludicrous belief that their true fulfillment as women can only be achieved if they are obedient to their divine purpose, which is of course, to serve men.  Women are publicly treated as servants, and shamelessly used to satisfy the sexual demands, maintain the daily needs, and submit to the superior will of men.  Being molded from birth for their divine assignment as servants to men, these women know of no other life.  They are prisoners, trapped by the very men they create, so deeply saturated with the image of male superiority, that many actually support the male’s “right” of female oppression.  They publicly and proudly embrace their inferiority, totally brainwashed and convinced by men that female servitude is the Will of God.  I think that there are many women living in theocracies that are beginning to see “cracks” appearing in the mask of male superiority.  They are beginning to understand the fallacy of their “inferiority” but are loathe to raise their voice in objection, because to do so very well may lead to their public, “Holy” execution for blasphemy

Securing Male Sexual Domination of Women

To secure male sexual gratification and guarantee male sexual domination of women, many theocracies allow men to have numerous wives, each charged with the strict and Holy duty of servicing the needs of the same husband upon his demand.  Conversely women, being inferior, are forbidden to even choose their own husband, much less have more than one.  Again, that would be a crime; a crime against God, blasphemy; for which they most assuredly would be [and many have been] put to death.  This is a blatant demonstration of theocratic hypocrisy, human inequality, and female oppression, and a glaring insight into the truth of male sexual motivation.  Because many women are so thoroughly convinced that God created them for men, some women actually take pride in that their obedient service to men is pleasing to God.  The functioning of male oriented and dominated religious governments, stand entirely upon the continuing dynamics of female exploitation, dehumanization, oppression, and sexual servitude.

Women Less Than “Human”

In most theocracies, it is unthinkable to consider that God could even possibly endow women with any type of human rights that men enjoy.  To make such a claim is blasphemous, and again, punishable by death.  Men are God’s primary and favorite creation and therefore only men have been given human rights.  God created women of course, but strictly for the service and satisfaction of men.  Women have no rights beyond that which men give them.  Life for women in theocracies is a horror of absolute and total oppression and exploitation.  Much of the time these societies actually sexually disfigure the genitalia of girls in a horrible, uncivilized, barbaric, sadistic, and savage ritual of cutting out their clitoris!!  It is “divinely” forbidden and “sinful” for a woman to experience any kind of sexual attraction, stimulation or pleasure during the act of sex.  “She is evil” and must be punished.  The female body is strictly to be used for penetration by the male, who by the way is certainly feeling much stimulation and pleasure at the time!!

An Appendage of Men – Females in Bondage

Many theocracies have structured religious law in such a way as to forbid women any type of freedom or recognition as an independent human being.  They are appendages of men and their entire identity and scope of approved activities comes through the men that control them.  Females cannot go to school, drive cars, operate machinery, hold jobs, dance, listen to music, or even express a simple opinion about anything.  They cannot date or hold hands with a man in public. They cannot be in positions of authority, or choose their own clothes.  Women cannot leave the house without the permission of a man and under most circumstances must be accompanied by a man.  When in public they cannot make eye contact with men and certainly must walk behind their husbands or other males.  Their sole purpose is sexual and domestic; having a man’s children, gratifying his sexual appetite, feeding him, and cleaning his house. The logical question: “Why don’t these women object to the way they are treated?”  The obvious answer: All too often in these societies women who object in any way as to how they are treated by men, face extreme punishment and again, even a barbaric death by “stoning.”  Surely, we must ask ourselves: “When men are treated this way, don’t we call it injustice and slavery?”

Inherent “Evil” of Women

Some theocracies forbid women to appear in public without hiding their entire body under clothing.  The mere sight of a woman’s evil skin in public can tempt a man and corrupt his inherent righteousness given to him by God.  Women are the embodiment of evil, and beckon men toward moral corruption.  Men are pure creations of God, void of any evil unless they allow it to be transferred to them from an evil woman.  The evil nature of women can only be contained by the righteousness of men as they resist it.

Male Superiority Sacrosanct

In a theocracy male “superiority” is not open to debate.  These governments are determined that women will not challenge the sacred image of male superiority.  The public practice of female oppression serves as a strong warning to women not to question the absolute power of male authority as dictated by God.  Women dare not doubt the divine authority that God placed in the hands of men or again, they face harsh, public punishment, and even Holy execution for enmity and blasphemy.

Auctioning the Female

In most theocracies women are thoroughly dehumanized.  In not being able to choose their own husbands they are forced to marry someone that the patriarch of the family has chosen for them.  Much of the time the patriarch commands the girl marry the man who can offer the most for her, much like a cattle auction, or the activities of pimping.  A girl is often still a child and forced to marry a man decades her elder if he has the right price.  After she is auctioned off, the female becomes the property of the man she was forced to marry.  She is completely under his control and subject to his will, much like his animals and other possessions.  Women are kept in an unskilled and illiterate state to make sure they remain completely and absolutely dependent upon support by men.

Raped by a Beast, Murdered by Her Family

The Horror of “Honor” Killings

If any doubt remains about most theocracies being driven by the destructive male ego and not God, we need only look at the evil of “honor” killings.  In many theocracies, it is expected that the family of a raped woman will murder her in what is called an “honor killing.  Honor killings can be carried out by such barbaric means as public stoning.  The innocent female rape victim is condemned for being vile and dirty for having been raped!  She has brought shame and disgrace upon her family by being the victim of a rape by any man other than her husband.  Truly, this is an unbelievable process of horror from Hell.  Is it possible that I am missing something here, because I just can’t understand, under any circumstances, the demented concept and twisted logic of the “honor” killing where-by a woman that has been the innocent victim of a rape, will now be murdered by her family because of the “dishonor” she has brought to them!?

I am saddened and shamed that under the negative, violent, tyrannical rule of the violent male ego, Earth has become a dark planet where-by the created feed upon the rape and murder of their creators.  Where is the “honor” in the killing of an innocent human being?  How on Earth has a victim of rape brought disgrace upon her family?  This is an unbelievably savage and barbaric practice that could only have been thought up in the evil, sick, and Godless minds of stupid, ignorant men who are absolutely void of human conscience.

At a time when a woman needs to be, and should be, embraced and consoled, loved and counseled as an innocent victim of a rape, she is instead despised, ridiculed, spat upon, and murdered, not by the rapist, but by her family!  Could the rapist have done any worse than her family?  He is hardly considered in all of this.  He is a man, and much of the time he is not even pursued.  After all, he was merely the tool that God used to “expose” this corrupt and evil woman.  I cannot help but feel the plight of this woman.  She has been raped.  No doubt she was beaten.  She lies there, bloodied and dazed as the spent rapist lifts himself off her battered body.  As he walks away she suddenly realizes she is still alive!  But that joy quickly fades, because she knows she will now be murdered by her family.  There is nowhere this woman can turn for justice in her own country.  She is alone in the violent Hell of the male ego.  Yes, her family will be “shamed”.  They will be shamed by their own actions of murdering an innocent human being.  Make no mistake about it, in the eyes of Jehovah, The Lord, and Allah, all those who have participated in, are participating in, or will participate in an “honor” killing of an innocent, raped woman, are murderers.  This evil and vile behavior is beyond cultural or religious “justification.”  It is universally criminal, a crime against humanity.  And those of you who participate in “honor killings” should fall upon your knees and beg forgiveness from your God.  Shame on you!!!

Women Stripped Of ’Will’

Theocracies exist solely as a bastion of power for advancing the destructive agenda of the violent male ego.  The intention of a theocracy is to bury the will of every woman under the oppressive dictates of male oriented religious doctrine.  Throughout their childhood girls are only taught what they must know to be of service to a man; cooking, cleaning house, washing clothes, having children and obeying his authority.  Many girls are sold off before they even reach the age of ten.  Females are to perform as subservient robots, mindless and without an individual will.

Theocracies are an affront to the integrity of humanity and an embarrassment to civilized society. The supreme male leaders of theocracies display the very worst of the male ego; pompous, self-serving, bloated egomaniacs.  As tyrannical despots, they depend upon terror, force, and fear to maintain power and control over the populace, all the while professing to be the “Holy” representative of God!?  This is truly the very height of hypocrisy, blasphemy, male ego, and unmitigated evil!

Death of Human Individuality

Leaders of theocracies claim authority over humanity by virtue of divine endowment.  Any citizen encouraging dialogue as to the absolute Holy nature of these leaders, or express any doubt that they have divine right to represent God’s Will on earth, again, can be executed in a cruel display of barbarism supported by the violent male ego.  These Holy executions are performed publicly using cruel and primitive methods, such as stoning, as a warning to others to obey and not question the divine authority of their male leaders.  This heinous and inhuman practice strongly discourages any challenge as to the divine authority of the government’s religious leaders.  These “religious” leaders can actually dispatch warrants: “Wanted Dead or Alive” posters (preferably dead) for people who have simply disagreed with them, and anyone who finds and kills these dissenters is elevated by the religious leaders to the level of “hero!”

The existence of a theocracy depends entirely upon the elimination of individuality and the destruction of any opposition to its holy dictates.  Theocracies mandate death to human freedom and stand as a bastion of unbridled human oppression and forced servitude of women by the male ego.  Theocratic dictators are invariably weak-willed, insecure males who are nothing of themselves, relying on physical force and “threats” of death, physical punishment, and retribution from God in order to maintain their control of the populace.  Rarely if ever is a woman the head of a theocracy.  The very intention of dictatorial theocracies is to destroy the naturally inquisitive nature and free will of the individual human spirit, especially in women.

Secular Dictatorships

There are many other types of oppressive governments in the world not based upon enforcement of religious doctrine that claim to represent the only true, moral, and political path humans were meant to follow.  There is no claim of religious connection here, so the claim of having the truth is generally based upon the enlightened beliefs espoused by the dictatorial founders, whom the populace has been told possess the primary enlightened human mind.  These founders are men who could have been born generations ago, or men born of the modern day.  In either case, they are men.  These men are usually held in reverence as being The Great Leader, The Revered Leader, The Beloved Leader, The Dear leader, The Exalted Leader, etc., etc., and so on and so on.  In either case, they are all mortal men.  Female oppression is no less severe in a secular dictatorship as in a theocracy.  Dictatorships are patriarchal societies and depend on the fallacy of male superiority to maintain order under the authority of the dictator(s).

Military Dictatorships

Military dictatorships and those ruled by autocratic despots are intense oppressors of human rights.  These governments stand upon the personal, subjective will of a single military dictator or group; “Junta.”  The tyrannical rulers of these types of governments are generally able to control the physical and political activities of the populace through its military force of authority.  These governments are often seething with corruption; a virtual petri dish for the dominant and destructive male ego to flourish unimpeded.  Female subordination is naturally propagated in societies where “might is right.”

Most military dictators disavow the concept of God, proclaiming that they are the supreme authority, having elevated themselves to that position.  Their basic concern is to maintain power by preventing and quelling any physical rebellion that may arise among the populace. Generally, these secular dictatorships are not concerned with destroying the human spirit of the people, just maintaining authority over them.  They do not demand that every citizen, under threat of death, adhere to the strict dictates of a particular religious doctrine.  If people cooperate and do not speak against the government, there is little effort given to controlling their moral and spiritual beliefs.  Many of these governments allow the “freedom” of religion so as to placate and assuage the will of the people, as a means of keeping them under the control of the dictator.  Freedom of public expression and discussion of ideas may be allowed, but not to the point of challenging the dictator.  Women, although naturally considered to be inferior to men as in all cultures, are allowed to occupy token positions in government and society, and sometimes may even be shown a degree of respect in public.

Theocracies and secular and military dictatorships may all have different levels of severity of female oppression; however, all three are wholly male dominated societies that unreservedly express and enforce the superiority of the male over the female, and because all three require the perpetuation of this fallacy to maintain its social structure, all three enforce unequivocal acquiescence of female servitude.


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God HE

From Part I Chapter 2  The Stark Reality of Destructive Male Ego

By Shane Stewart


Among all life forms on earth, humans stand alone in the evolution and mutation of consciousness.  All other forms of life have only evolved and mutated physically.  They remain confined to a world of sensory reaction where the greatest reality is the material, tangible environment, detected through the physical senses.  The evolution and mutation of human consciousness gradually expanded our minds beyond the confines of sensory reaction, allowing us to enter the world of thought and imagination, and bring forth one of the greatest concepts that human thought and imagination has ever been able to achieve; the concept of a “God.”

Lifting ourselves beyond the limits of the tangible world cleaved us from the packs of earth-bound, matter-motivated mammals, and redefined our species as a new life form with the awareness of powerful unseen forces existing in a realm of universal space.  The moment human consciousness evolved the concept of a singular, impalpable, universal and omnipresent God; we became a new species, aware of its co-existence with intangible universal forces.  We were no longer creatures limited to animal mind and sensory motivation.

Humanity became the sole species that developed the intelligence to understand that our bodies did not define us in our entirety.  Had we not developed our minds; had we remained sensory motivated mammals, we would have remained incapable of conceiving the idea of a God.  Only through intangible thought and imagination were we able to comprehend God.  The concept of God could never have been achieved out of a consciousness limited to sensory reaction to a matter world.  When humans evolved the concept of God, our consciousness now occupied a realm not limited by the laws and parameters of physics.  We lifted our eyes to the skies, and became a species capable of occupying both physical and metaphysical space.  This new consciousness activated a site in the primitive human brain that allowed for the development of our connection and relationship with that metaphysical energy.

As humans evolved in consciousness, so did their idea of God.  The limited human mind constructed many myths that attempted to define the qualities of God and untold superstitions sprang forth that were designed as an attempt to explain the un-explainable mysteries of life through God.  Early humans worshiped as God(s), the powerful forces of nature, like volcanoes, the sun and the moon.  We also constructed crude images of our Gods out of sticks, stones, and mud, and assigned to these images, total power over our lives.  Rituals were created that were designed to appease our Gods to show us favor in the form of good weather, good health, plentiful food and water, and an advantage over our “enemies”.  Early human concepts of God were understandably primitive and limited by the negative, subjective boundaries of the elemental human mind.  Primitive humans simply projected their own fears and limited understanding onto their Gods who were to be feared as jealous, vengeful, and violent.  It would be thousands of generations before we would conceive of God as a malevolent, forgiving and loving force of energy.

The primitive human mind was able to comprehend only a limited understanding of the existence of a God or gods, because the reality of God cannot be truly comprehended, contained, nor properly defined by the finite human mind.  Even today, after countless thousands of generations of the awareness of God, human attempts at defining God are comparable to a little child telling us all about the world, even while having never ventured beyond the boundaries of its own back yard.

Religion and God “He”

Humankind and our concept of God continued to evolve.  The idea of many gods was replaced by the idea of one, all-seeing, all-powerful God: singular, universal and omnipotent.  Primitive man existed in isolated populations around the globe, and each geographic region had its own unique name for their God as well as a different story for how their God came to be and different rituals of appeasement (worship) required by their God.  Of course, each region believed their God to be the one true God, and so it was crucial that the teachings of their God were properly adhered to and passed from generation to generation in pure, unaltered form, or doctrine.  This required organization, and eventually it became known as that particular people’s religion.  Organized religion presented a more favorable aspect of God.  Being our creator, God ultimately had our best interests in mind and so as religion developed, God became more benign, benevolent and forgiving. Religion presented a God that was both equally capable of punishment and reward.  All earthly creatures, including humans, were equally subject to the authority of God.  Up to this point, the concept of God had remained neither male nor female.

Particular religions required organizational leaders to preserve, sustain, and represent those religions.  Men, to serve their own purposes, became the self-professed or designated representatives of God through religion; capable of receiving Gods word; endowed with the authority to speak and act on behalf of God.  Once men assumed the mantle of Gods Representative, the word and Will of God was now filtered through the desires and intentions of the dominant and destructive male ego.  Through religion men professed that God’s will was only revealed to men, because God, the Great Creator, was actually…masculine!  Exhibiting the height of male ego and a transparent display of stupidity, men wrapped the concept of God in a cloak of masculinity, and proclaimed that the true nature of God was actually…”He!”  Men were naturally favored by God because they alone were uniquely created in the masculine image of God “He”, which meant men were naturally superior in creation.  Women of course were also God’s creation, but much like the plants, animals and minerals of the earth, they were not created in the image of God.  God was then the manifestation and embodiment of man; characteristic of the male attributes of authoritative dominance and superiority; demanding concession and obedience through sheer physical force.  We could argue that this was the actual “fall of humanity;” the actual first “original sin;” the point in our history and our evolution when men, the male, claimed the ultimate authority to exclusively dictate the directives of God’s Will upon humanity and the female.

The religious construct soon became bloated with the aspiration for power that saturates the male ego as men realized that through religion – in the name of “God” – they could control multitudes of people.  The masculine construct of God, as manifested through the male ego, battled, fought, conquered and destroyed all those who opposed it; killing all who did not concede to its power and dominance, starting with the nature religions – such as the Doni that honored the Mother – and then turning upon each other – those variant cultures that had also masculinized God.  History generally states that religions have fought to the death for centuries to prove the physical superiority of their God – but in reality, they were, and still are, fighting to their death to prove the superiority of their physical dominance as alpha males amongst the men of Earth – masked with Divine authority in the name of their male ego God; Jehovah, The Lord, Allah.  There are many more “Gods” that the male ego espouses on Earth, but the preceding three are the main “Gods” amongst the populace.

Men constructed religion for themselves as the framework through which they could claim exclusive communication with God and defend their interpretation of God’s Word and Will through fear and physical force.  The Word of God as prophesied by the male ego revealed that God was a masculine being of course, and that only men were created in the image of God.  The male ego established religion as a power base through which to control the minds of others.  It is obvious to me that the agenda of any particular religion is not to worship God, but to maintain and extend the power of men in the name of righteousness.  Wrapping God in a cloak of He allowed men to seize complete control over women and all of human society.

Being in “His” image, men were subject only to God.  Women, not being created in “His” image, were not allowed to interpret the word of God but were still subject to the Word of God as interpreted by the male ego.  In many religions, a woman’s relationship with God can only be established and experienced through a man.  Not allowing women to interpret God gave men complete freedom to dictate anything they wanted as prophetical and Divine doctrine.  According to God, as interpreted through the destructive male ego, woman was created to serve the needs of His most unique, beloved, and favorite creation, the human male.  This is standard doctrine shared among most all religions.

The establishment of religion and the resultant construction of God He was the solution that men had sought for justifying the continuation of the image of male “superiority” over women.  Simply put, it was God’s Will.  The Female, as the creator of human life, had now been overridden by the male ego as the creator of all life.  The concept of “God He” is the cornerstone of justification for the practice of female oppression and the foundation of intimidation that forces women to accept the blatant and outright lie that female oppression is the Will of God.  If women do not capitulate to this lie, they will suffer the consequences.

Organized religion is one of the most intense oppressors of women in history.  Most religious doctrine is structured so as to convince women to believe that they were created by God solely to be of help and service to men, to have the children of men, and to take care of the needs of men.  Therefore, if a woman was to reject her Divine position of service to men, it would be an affront to God.  And that of course has dire consequences.  Women then, consciously or unconsciously, know they must “stand by their man,” sacrifice their fantasies of individual spiritual independence, and simply accept their role as servant to man for which they were created, or again, face Divine punishment.

Most every religion today is dominated and controlled by men, and many major religions today forbid women from holding any position of serious power within that religion.  Some religions demand women stay separated from men in their houses of worship because women, of course, are inferior in the eyes of God.  There are major religious organizations today where women are actually forbidden to enter the sacred inner circles of their houses of worship because the evil of the female will corrupt and contaminate those sacred places.  Of the many methods the male ego has employed to keep women oppressed, the most effective has been the design of religion.  By constructing religion as the word of God He, and designating man as the interpreter and messenger of God’s Word, men gave themselves the authority they needed to keep women firmly under their control.  Placing female oppression under religious edict was a major victory for the personal male ego and the destructive image of male “superiority.”

The role and influence of religion on the social construct has ebbed and flowed throughout history, but the one aspect of religion that has not wavered is the dogma that God created man as superior to woman and created woman to serve man.  Human consciousness is saturated with the concept of God He.  Men say the use of this pronoun does not imply that God is masculine, but is used merely to simplify the concept of God in the minds of humans.  In many major religions today, fanatical fundamentalists insist that the use of any pronoun except He to describe God is blasphemous, and again, can even be punishable by death.  Many men who occupy higher positions in most of the major religions recoil at the phrase “God She”, and they will never allow that concept to become predominant.  Men are intensely aware that the explicit use of the pronoun “He” in reference to God permeates the human subconscious; keeping the image of a masculine God deeply imbedded in the human mind. This strategy has been extremely successful over thousands of generations, because when it is established in the human mind that God is He, then it naturally follows that He is god!!

The exclusive image of “God” as “He,” is a major cornerstone in the “foundation of intimidation” that forces women (she) to accept that female “inferiority” is indeed the “Will” of God (He).  At this very moment, the gross injustice of female oppression is being embraced by religions across the Earth.  The “teaching” that male superiority was actually established through Divine revelation is indeed a cruel and heartless injustice heaped upon the female by the violent, destructive male ego, driven by the false image of male “superiority”.

Religion, as God He, has and is threatening the survival of humanity itself.  Whether by the historical crusades and inquisition or modern day Jihad and endless regional wars, it is a known fact that more people have died in the name of the male ego God He than in all world wars combined!  Co-opting God to serve their own destructively competitive, personal male ego, men have set this planet upon a path of righteous destruction and bloodshed.  Exploiting the name of Jehovah, Allah, and The Lord, men are still at war as of this writing; still brutally murdering to this day; and still doing it all through the negative male ego as the righteous emissary of God’s Will.  The male ego has found in religion its ultimate home of dominant power and authority, and it is within religion where the male ego will battle unto the bitter end of humanity.

Female consciousness is not infected with the male ego and therefore is not compelled to the masculine image of God He.  Women must reclaim God for humanity as a universal, non-gender consciousness; a loving and creational force of life giving energy!  The image of God must be stripped of its destructive and violent cloak of male ego!  This is clearly our greatest challenge; but it is the only solution to the greatest threat to the survival of our race and our world.


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Credible Theories

From Part I Chapter 3  In the Beginning; Man and “Wombman”

By Shane Stewart

Primitive humans that walked the path of early evolution undoubtedly had a treacherous and terrifying journey.  Confined within a hostile environment saturated with voracious predators, it would seem that ancient people were absolutely incapable of out-surviving these physically superior beasts.  However, regardless of the overwhelming odds against our survival we, as humans, found a way to overcome and supersede every obstacle that stood in our path as we maintained our physical survival and continued to evolve.  But the real story of how we managed to survive the impossible and reach our current place in space and time will never occupy the realm of proven certainty.  There are no written records of the prehistoric growth of our species and the entire volume of recorded history chronicles but a scant portion of recent human development.  Therefore, our true path will remain the world’s greatest unsolved mystery, forever subject to unproven conjecture and speculation.

In spite of this, modern scientists are a devoted and determined bunch, and refuse to completely abandon human history to unsubstantiated speculation.  Anthropological and archaeological investigators are hard at work seeking to move human history out of speculation and into the more secure realm of credible theory.  Through diligent excavation and preservation of primal sites, scientists can journey backward in time, gleaning information from ancient artifacts and uncover tantalizing clues that when stitched together allow them to come up with indirect but credible theoretical conclusions as to our true historical path.  This process has resulted in various and sundry educated guesses about human history that stand with a much greater degree of certainty than mere speculation.  Regardless of these efforts however, the stark absence of eyewitness testimony as to how a small, weak, defenseless, human species managed to survive the dangers of a prehistoric and hostile world, will forever keep certainty about our evolution just out of reach.

The path of human development will always be open to debate, conjecture, and theory, a process in which everyone, including myself, is “free” to participate.  By applying thought, logic, common sense, and imagination to the violent struggle for survival that surely confronted our early ancestors, we are all capable of proposing our own “credible theory” as to the circumstances that contributed to humanity’s unlikely survival and the gross injustice of female oppression that permeates and saturates our world today.

The greater portion of human evolutionary development occurred during the time we spent as wandering nomads; a long period in which humans existed in what I have deemed “The Mobile Society.”  Over the course of this extensive period of time, evolution took us from our meager, humble beginnings as primitive, sensory motivated, ground-sniffing mammals, and sculpted us into the highly complex, environmentally manipulative beings we are today.  However, although humans have evolved physically and have brought forth material things that make our lives easier, humanity has never civilized the primitive attitudes and behavior patterns expected of men and women that have remained unchanged since the time of our barbarian beginnings.

Long before the advent of recorded history the attitudes, behavior patterns, and social roles that dictate the proper and acceptable “stereotype” behavior expected from men and women during male/female interactions had already been deeply established.  Male roles were designed for dominant, aggressive behavior and the display of dominant attitudes when in contact with the female.  Female roles were designed for subservient, passive behavior and the display of submissive attitudes when in contact with the male.  These primitive expectations of male/female behavior, developed in ancient times, dominate our social construct to this day and are among the building blocks maintaining the injustice of female oppression.  A great portion of my work is spent analyzing the long period of The Mobile Society because of this very reason.  It was during this period that men planted the seeds of the image of male superiority and began cultivating and harvesting the injustice of female oppression.

The pervasiveness of female oppression prevalent in human society today leaves us with no other conclusion but that it certainly had a point of origin.  As the curtain rises on recorded history, we see that men are already in complete domination and control of women.  It can only be logically concluded then, that female oppression originated during primitive human development; long before the advent of recorded history. Using the scientific method of working backward, we can journey into the past and bring forth a credible theory as to how men were able to so thoroughly succeed in establishing female oppression as a normal condition of human societal relationship, and why they are determined to see its perpetuation.  My “credible theory” of course, is presented in The Female Imperative.

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