TFI I 1b – Human Inequality

Human Inequality

From Part I Chapter 1  The Stark Reality of Female Oppression

By Shane Stewart

Although re-productively bonded as a single species, females and males remain divided across a deep psychological, moral, and physical abyss.  These two uniquely different but fairly balanced populations of humans live within a single, integrated society, purportedly sharing human rights and individual freedoms that any society with a highly-developed sense of conscience and civilized sense of fairness and equality would demand.

This lofty image of humanity with its “equal” rights is what we are all taught and conditioned to believe about human society from the day we are born.  Rarely do we place this image under scrutiny.  Countless thousands of generations have come and gone simply accepting without question that this image is a true and accurate representation of our species with the exception of a few tyrannical governments around the world.  However, believing that an image is truth does not make it so.  To determine then if we are truly living in a society of fairness and equality between women and men, we must look beyond the image of equality that we have been told is truth, and observe how equality is actually dispensed between females and males in our society.

In observing a society that claims to function under such high ideals, we would logically expect to find that all power and authority most certainly would be representative of, and equally distributed between, the balanced population of females and males.  This would be the hallmark of a civilized society.  The first thing we must do in order to determine whether or not we are a civilized society of equality is to compare the patterns of our society with those of primitive, uncivilized societies.  Uncivilized societies always function within the parameters of a crude and barbaric system based upon a pecking order of importance determined by absolute physical domination.  In primitive societies, the distribution of power and authority is based upon patterns identical to those found in the world of animals where physical domination is paramount.  Power and authority in animal societies is concentrated entirely in the hands of those who are simply able to take it with brute strength and physical force.  There is no conscience in animal societies, and no concern for equality. Females, generally the physically weaker gender, are under the domination of the males simply because of that primitive, physical fact.  Females have little power and authority, and are used primarily for satisfying the desires of their “superior” male counterparts and acting as vessels of procreation.

An objective observation of our own human society reveals a species of far less equality than the lofty image it holds of itself.  Like an ancient, primitive society, modern human society lacks any sense of fairness, is void of conscience, and has no concept of equality.  The stark reality of this conclusion is demonstrated by the fact that on Earth there is no sharing of power and authority between women and men because men long ago physically seized control over the human race and proceeded to strip women of any meaningful authority within our world.  All societies, governments, and religions are dominated by the negative male ego.

It must be concluded then that human society is not one of civilized equality, but rather one of uncivilized male domination, where men consider women to be natural inferiors.  Women comprise the major portion of our population, yet they are forced to suffer the indignity of oppression and servitude at the hands of the dominant male ego as “second class” human beings.  No greater discrimination has ever been organized against a particular group of people than that which men have organized and directed toward women.  This monstrous discrimination of one group against another is not based upon the usual factors that define discrimination, such as skin color, nationality, religion, ethnicity, or cultural differences, but rather based upon the shape of the female body.

Earth’s population may well be fairly balanced between females and males, but we have allowed our planet to be fractured into two distinct castes; the caste of female servants, and the caste of male masters.  How did we allow this to happen?  Who decided that women were naturally inferior to men?   How is it possible, that on planet Earth, we have forsaken women to the servitude of the very men they create?  For thousands of generations, men have had remarkable success in their steadfast campaign to maintain total domination and control over the female.  Men have managed to secure every culture on earth as a bastion of uncontested male power and authority.  Men are obsessed with the image of male superiority and possessed by a psychotic need to dominate and oppress women.  It is therefore the duty of every human being with a conscience, to defy the false authority of the negative male ego and help lift the weight of oppression and domination from the backs of women of the Earth.

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