TFI I 1a – Antagonistic and Confrontational

Antagonistic and Confrontational

From Part I Chapter 1  The Stark Reality of Female Oppression

By Shane Stewart

Women of the world, am I angry over what men are doing to you,?  Obviously, I am!  Does this anger affect my writing and expose the fact that I am prejudiced against the destructive male ego?  I certainly hope so!  It is not men that draw my ire, but the negative image of the male ego of “superiority” that resides in the consciousness of every man.  And I gladly accept the label of prejudiced toward the male ego if it brings attention to the injustice of female oppression.  In reading this book try not to take issue with how I write, but instead concentrate on what I am writing.  I am here to right the existence of a terrible wrong, and one in which I unwittingly participated for most of my life.  As I’ve stated, I have not formally studied the subject of female oppression.  I see no need in “taking classes and quoting books” about female oppression.  Female oppression does not exist in a college syllabus, nor is it just a quote from a book.  It is a caustic reality that exists on the street, in the work-place, in our governments, and in our homes, throughout every culture on earth.  Anyone can readily observe the injustice of female oppression in action just by watching the interaction between men and women in their own society every day.

There are many people I have shared my work with who consider it to be antagonistic and confrontational, including many women.  This is due to the fact that the subject of female oppression itself is confrontational and to bring it up is definitely antagonistic.  It appears that anything highlighting the disparity of equality that exists between males and females automatically antagonizes most men of the world and indeed confronts the “accepted” natural order.  But I am not here to antagonize or confront; but to engage, discuss, and transform.  However, I am beyond the point of engaging in any discussion as to whether you are being oppressed or not.  Your oppression is a fact that cannot be debated, only corrected.  To enter a debate about whether or not women are being oppressed would be analogous to once again having a serious debate over whether the Earth is indeed flat like a plate or round like a globe!  Shall we debate?

Some men have disowned me and condemned my work.  I expected to find this.  After all, it is men who stand to lose control if female oppression is eradicated from the Earth.  But I also see that many women have “stuck their heads in the sand” and refuse to acknowledge or even look at the mordant reality of what they have let men do to them, their children, and the world we live in.  I didn’t expect to find so many women who would be so uncomfortable facing it.  But these are the women who have been molded by the minds of men.  They have been told they are not being oppressed, and they are programmed to accept that.  They do not want to “rock the boat” with their husbands, mates, sons, partners, bosses, or any of the other males that dominate their lives.  Such women fear the subject of female emancipation and prefer that it just go away, along with me.  I understand that.  It is duly noted.  But I will do everything in my power to see that The Female Imperative does not just go away.  If it appears that I am here merely to offend society with my work you must excuse me, because that is not my intention.  But I do not and will not tread lightly in expressing what I see as the truth about the negativity of the violent male ego, no matter whom or how deeply it may offend.  If it’s a choice between offending the male ego and watering down what I consider to be the truth of my work, then offending it must be.

Not all men oppress you to the same degree.  Some men are vicious, predatory beasts; others are benevolent despots, and others still are simply benign oppressors of women.  Even though not all men oppress women to the same degree, almost every man on earth considers himself to be superior to every woman.

 The attitude of male superiority expresses itself

on five basic levels of female domination, oppression and destruction:

  • On the fifth level and the most destructive, stand the worst of men; the predatory beasts. These are the men that degrade, beat, rape, and murder women. This motive occupies their entire consciousness.  They are dedicated murderer-rapists and torturers of women.
  • On the fourth level stand the batterer/rapists. These men effortlessly degrade, beat, and rape women, but they do not murder them.  They are dedicated abusers and rapists of women.
  • On the third level stand the misogynists; those who openly degrade and beat women but they do not rape or murder them. This is often and ludicrously considered domestic violence!!
  • On the second level stand the chauvinists; the benevolent despots who openly degrade women but they do not beat, rape, or murder them. They are still however dedicated female oppressors.
  • On the first level stand the benign oppressors of women. Most men on earth are benign female oppressors.  These men do not maliciously degrade women.  And they certainly do not beat, rape, or murder them.  These men are just “normal guys” living a normal life that supports the natural order; exploiting women sexually and using them to meet their self-serving physical comforts and needs as long as women allow them to do so.

Benign oppressors are fully aware of what used to be called “women’s liberation.”  They are in public agreement with women’s rights so as to keep things copacetic between the sexes to maintain the natural order of allowing women to serve them.  They accept that women are making strides in their struggle to be free and they know that women will not be available as servants forever.  The benign oppressor is resigned to this fact, but hangs on to the hope that it will not happen in his lifetime.  The women these men exploit include wives, sisters, girlfriends, mothers, lovers, etc.  Women generally see the benign oppressor as a guy who needs to be taken care of and they are happy to fulfill their roles of service to this incompetent male.  It is the benign oppressor who has the best chance of transforming his adverse negative male programing about women and joining with you in your struggle for emancipation.

However, it is up to each individual man as to what he will do.  It is sad to note that at any given time, a man may move from one level up to another.  Indeed, many men have worked their way from level two up to level five during their lifetime.  Once a man has beaten, raped, and murdered a woman, he has lost all human virtue, and has become a beast; an animal without human conscience.  And just like a rabid dog, or a tiger that has tasted human blood, there is no hope for this creature.  This man will certainly attack again if given the opportunity. Rehabilitation is highly unlikely, and he must therefore simply be eradicated or separated from the society in which he cannot function.  Obviously, I harbor no pity for the violent male ego.  I hold these men in contempt for the pain and agony they have caused their victims, both male and female throughout history.

Of course, I do not single myself out as being innocent of oppressing women.  I was among the worst of the benign oppressors.  I used women for sexual gratification and satisfaction of my personal ego as a “superior”  male most of my life.  I exploited women, and as a man I loved it.  But in looking back on that time I am ashamed and embarrassed and I fully understand that I was a monster.  But I have chosen to transform myself!  I have made my choice to let go of my negative male ego.  Along with that goes my derogatory attitude about you, the female.  I am not a male superior and you are not my inferiors.  We are all one human race, standing side by side, females and males, each one equally essential to completing the whole of our species.

If my work becomes widely acknowledged and accepted, the cultural and social order that has defined our species for thousands of generations will cease to exist, and in the presence of the female, the male will no longer automatically assume the position of boss.  I am not advocating social protest here, but an absolute, complete, and total revolution in the way human men and women think, live, and relate to each other as people.  Men and women must share equally in the physical responsibility of raising the children, caring for the home, conducting business, and governing the world.

Why can’t the duties of the home, like washing dishes, changing diapers, and cleaning the house, be interchangeable between men and women?  Why can’t men and women trade-off work duties like managing the office or running the sales department?  Why isn’t he pushing the stroller some of the time while she operates heavy equipment?  I might be missing something here but I was not aware that the acts of washing dishes and/or operating heavy equipment had a gender attached to them.  Men have laughed in my face and ridiculed me for even suggesting that they could possibly perform such mundane duties as cleaning the house and changing diapers.  They have much more important things to do like running the world and operating the wrecking ball.  Besides, that stuff is just women’s work and being superior males, they are beyond that menial level of service.  Men must step down from their lofty perch and women must assume their rightful position as co- social leaders of our species.

Many men are outraged by what I am saying about human society and I am concerned for your safety in their outrage.  But I write The Female Imperative not without concern for my own safety.  Men have accused me of being a “traitor to manhood,” and many of them have told me they would just as soon forcibly set me straight about things.  But their impulsively violent reactions simply prove my point about them.  Why are they not willing to discuss this work?  With their quickness to anger, they cannot possibly understand that I wish them no harm.  I am just an advocate of female emancipation, not an enemy of men.  I do not condemn men, but I do condemn their violent, negative male ego.  I have found that men will not intelligently discuss my work because to do so would be to risk sacrificing their powerfully compelling male egos.  In setting women free, men will also have the opportunity to be “set free” of their own destructive male ego.

Instead of intelligent debate, men react with defensive denial

  • Many men tell me that if I can actually write “this stuff,’’ I must really feel inadequate as a man; small and insignificant. (I never thought of it quite like that, but this could possibly be true.  I’m not really sure.  But does it matter?)
  • Some men accuse me of trying to emasculate them. I’m just a troublemaker; a militant anarchist out to unravel social order and dismantle the social construct of male authority.  (Yes, I do want to dismantle male authority and allow women to reconstruct our society in its entirety.  Women must have equal authority over our race for generations to come.)
  • I am condemned as being sacrilegious, intent upon destroying the “God created sanctity of men,” the “bond of holy matrimony,” and the “traditional family structure.” (It’s amazing, and a little flattering, to consider that some men think I am so powerful a person that I could actually achieve all this with one fell swoop of the pen!?  I must be on to something.)
  • Some men are satisfied to merely dismiss me with such comments as: “Come on Shane. It can’t be that bad for women.  You make it sound so awful and dramatic, like we chain them up and feed them gruel!  Lighten up a little, okay?  Sounds like you got a big problem with your manhood!”  (Perhaps I do.  But through it all., I have seen the truth!)
  • I also hear things like this: “My wife told me that what you’re saying is not true. She says she doesn’t feel like a servant.  So why don’t you just quit making a fool out of yourself and write about something important, like world peace?  Women know they’re just doing the job they were created to do best.  And besides, my wife told me that women are okay with it!  (Yes. I know many women are “okay with it,” but I’m speaking to those who aren’t.)
  • And I hear lots of statements like this: “Where is your manhood Shane? Women need a strong man to control and protect them and tell them what to do.  What happened to you? Are you afraid of women or something?  Men are supposed to dominate women!  They want us to be that way.  They know that’s how it’s always been and that’s how it’s always going to be.  You’re really missing the point, man!”  (Okay.  But I’m really trying to make my point.)

I understand why men object to my work; I’m “rocking the boat,” “upsetting the apple cart.”  Men are the ones who stand to lose if you wake up to the truth.  As of this writing, if you are a female in this world, you are subject to male authority and female servitude, and whether you accept it or not, think about it or not, like it or not, or believe it or not, you are expected to function as society’s servants, workhorses, and brood mares.  If you think otherwise just try disobeying men and watch their reaction.  Men interpret the right of human freedom to mean freedom for men, and that right automatically comes complete with your services as a woman.  Most men consider you to be incidental to the significant functioning of this man’s world.  They have put you in your place, and they have taken theirs.  To most men, you are like a genie in a bottle.  They bring you out when you are needed to perform a female duty, such as providing sex, giving birth, changing diapers, cooking dinner, typing a letter, bringing coffee, assuaging their male ego, raising a family, cleaning the house, looking sexy, going to the market, etc., etc., and so on and so on.  Then they cap you back into the bottle until they need you again.  And as the genie, you are supposed to be fully cooperative, happy and fulfilled that you have had the opportunity to satisfy the needs of your [master] man.  Men have you exactly where they want you, and sadly, it may always be that way.  The image of male superiority depends entirely upon you, the female, continuing to service the physical and egotistical needs of the negative male ego.

Most men will continue to dismiss me as just being crazy because they have had you under their absolute control all their lives and they are not about to let that position go.  They would prefer my work be tossed into oblivion before it reaches the eyes of one single female.  And the truth is there are many men who would actually prefer to see you physically restrained in your role of servitude before they would see you freed from the grip of male domination and oppression.  The life of every man in the world will be altered forever when you break the grip of male domination and demand your human rights and freedom.  Every intelligent man on earth however, will welcome and participate in that transformation!  If you’re a man reading this book, are you one of them?

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