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Fem v. Fem; What’s the Point? It’s ALL Female Oppression!

“Us and Them;” Culture and Female Oppression

By T.L. Dayen burka_muell_igfm

Oppression is the anti-thesis of liberty. Women all over the world enjoy different degrees of liberty, so you could say that women all over the world also suffer different degrees of oppression, from the right to equal pay to the right to not be burned alive in our own kitchen. Culture, perhaps more than anything else, is the lens through which these differing degrees of liberty and oppression are perceived. So when feminists attempt to assess and evaluate global female oppression outside the context of culture, conclusions will no doubt be skewed and ineffectual; skewed because conclusions have not allowed for “differing” cultural perspectives, and ineffectual because skewed conclusions are not taken seriously to effect change. Advancement in information and communication technologies have made the world a “smaller” and less unfamiliar place since the 2nd wave feminist movement of the mid-20th century here in the U.S., but unique and personal female experience (most often defined by culture) has been said by many to remain overlooked when assessing female oppression, and remains a source of contention within what has become a fragmented feminist movement. A truly empathetic understanding of Culture, which encompasses ones race, ethnicity, religion, class and even sexuality, seems to be the one factor that continues to divide women and prevent a unified approach to emancipation from female subordination and oppression. However, we cannot risk the danger of allowing culture to justify oppression. Culture explains social norms of female acquiescence, but cultural oppression reflects mandated social constructs that demand female capitulation often by threat of harm.

The Challenges of Cultural Divisions

As females, we need to understand that our everyday lives, responsibilities and personal experiences can be dramatically different from one another dependent upon the social norms of not only where we live, but by those defined by the culture within which we live; even in the same geographic location.   The need to recognize our cultural differences is real and pertinent to the feminist discourse. In this context, representations of all female voices are crucial within the movement to gain the trust and engagement of all women. The feminist perspective within the gay community will be dramatically different from that of the Latina community, and the Latina different from the African [American] community, and African American different from the Muslim community, and the Muslim different from white suburbia or Wall Street, etc. Female oppression is experienced on a level unique to each of our ‘cultures.’ Linda Alcoff writes of this dilemma; “the advocacy of the oppressed must be done by the oppressed themselves,” as it “will have a significant effect on the content [impact] of what is said.” She goes on to warn that the “practice of privileged persons speaking on behalf of less privileged persons has actually (in many cases) resulted in increasing or reinforcing the oppression of the group spoken for.” (Alcoff, 78-91). Although it is not always possible on every occasion the movement has a chance to be heard, whenever possible, the empowerment of oppressed voices to speak for themselves is always more potent (and valid). However, I would argue that for those whose voices are invalidated by their own cultural constructs, then sensitive, sensible and cognizant advocacy is not only legitimate but often necessary.

Is Oppression Culturally Justified?

Repression is synonymous with ‘oppression.’ According to the North American English Encarta Dictionary, repression is “being politically or socially kept down by force;” also a “psychological protective mechanism by which people protect themselves from threatening thoughts by blocking them out of the conscious mind.” When we speak of cultural oppression, we have to be mindful that from within an ‘oppressive culture’ there is not a collective sense of injustice, but rather a consensual social construct shared and enforced by the community.   When confronted by perceptions ‘outside’ the purview of those within the social construct, defense mechanisms may be necessary to protect oneself from facing what may otherwise be horrible truths. These can include justification involving explanations that account for history, tradition and religious beliefs, and/or projection, which entails transposition or false equivalents.  In other words, instead of facing a difficult truth we’re confronted with, we may instead choose to assert that the confronter’s situation is similar to our own to dilute or negate unpleasant realizations brought about through otherwise stark comparisons.

I believe that Uma Narayan is doing just that when she compares rampant “dowry deaths” in India to cases of domestic murder in the U.S. No murder should ever be considered “better” than another, but the circumstances surrounding the act can be deemed more or less egregious! Murder is not cultural. What is cultural is the uniformity of victim, motive and method, and of the collective social response. Narayan uses false equivalents between Indian dowry murder and U.S. domestic murder in the defense of her own culture when she says, “fatal forms of violence against mainstream Western women seem interestingly resistant to such ‘cultural explanations,’ leaving Western women seemingly more immune to ‘death by culture’” (Narayan, 62-77).  Domestic murder in the U.S. has no uniformity in method or motive. They are random acts of violence that are often not premeditated or intentional. They are often motivated by spontaneous moments of rage and often facilitated by substance abuse. They are committed by spouses and non-spouses alike who are often not cohabitating at the time of the act. In contrast, Indian dowry murder is a frequent (5,000 annually) act of premeditated murder for dowry profit, committed only by a husband against his wife by burning her to death in only one way that can also be culturally explained as an accident; “pressurized kerosene stoves [that] are in common use in [Indian] homes; a tin of fuel is ‘always kept in reserve’…. A highly flammable nylon sari easily catches fire…signs of struggle do not show up on bodies with 90 percent or more third degree burns.” (Narayan, 62-77). The victim, motive and method are the same in every case and specific to Indian culture.Dowry death

Social and community response is another factor that differentiates fundamental female subordination from ‘cultural’ female oppression. Women are not the only victims of violence; however when they are, they are nearly exclusively victim to men. This is globally consistent and not confined to the U.S. or India. What is not globally consistent is the customary response from local communities, authorities and governments, and that is reflective of culture. Culturally justified female oppression does not – cannot – occur in societies that, 1) have collectively established an infrastructure of support and safety nets for women in need which includes education, housing/shelter, economic, employment and legal assistance, and 2) have collectively recognized civilly, politically and legally, a woman’s autonomous right to liberty. These were once feminist issues in the U.S. and the world, but they are now woven within our collective cultural fabric as “civilly humane” issues. Narayan concedes to “the virtual absence in India of state-provided welfare, education, and medical care…legal services… that would enable Indian women to leave family contexts where they are victims of violence.” She also cites the powerful social “stigma” in India of “women living on their own” that deter even those with financial means to leave abusive situations (Narayan, 62-77). A lack of support structure to address social vulnerabilities specific to women fosters the cultural message to both men and women that these vulnerabilities are tolerable and acceptable and therefore ensuing consequences are ‘culturally justified.’ Even while Narayan admits that “feminist policies and solutions are dependent upon the background social, economic and institutional features of the national landscape,” she actually appears indignant when she says that “some Western feminists seem to have assumed that the Indian women’s movement is “less developed” (Narayan, 62-77). I say she is right, but taking a ‘personal’ offense to the Western observation of institutionalized female oppression in India is not only counterproductive it actually fuels the defensive narrative that female oppression and violence can be culturally justified.

This defensive position taken by women in the international feminist community is not uncommon. An incensed Chandra Mohanty-Talpade gave a seething indictment of Western feminist perspective when she said there are “issues around which apparently all women are expected to organize,” and that this “reinforces the assumption that people in the third world just have not evolved to the extent that the West has.” She asserts that the West has a “paternalistic attitude towards women” whose lives are constrained within the social constructs of “religion,” “domesticity,” “child marriages,” and “illiteracy” (Talpade-Mohanty). If the Western paternal or dominant perspective is the expectation that women should “organize” around the abolition of child marriage, female illiteracy and even forced child birth, than Chandra is correct in her assessment, but severely misguided in her scorn of such an expectation. True liberty allows for personal choice of religion and domestic ambitions such as motherhood. Children and illiterates are not equipped to exercise informed and unshackled personal ‘choice.’ Civically or religiously mandated female behavior under threat of harm or exile is nothing more than culturally justified oppression, whether its child marriage, female illiteracy, forced child birth or even veiling. This is not a matter of evolution, but one of dissolute cultural authority.

Prospects for UnificationChristian female oppression

The 3rd wave or “postmodern” feminist movement of the 21st century may hold the key to recognizing our differences without having to ‘reconcile’ them. Coming from the perspective that differences and even contradictions in the female experience should be welcomed and even expected, perhaps unification against female oppression does not require an objective consensus but rather a subjective coordinated effort. In other words, is it really so much about whom “we” are, as it is about what “oppression” is? Can we objectively define what we are fighting while subjectively maintaining why we are fighting it? Stephanie Riley quotes philosopher Paul Ricoeur when contemplating “bridging the gap” between the complexity of feminists and the simplicity of our cause, “a process of self-attestation takes place as a moment of constituting self-identity: we are, we act, and we suffer.” (Riley). From this approach, a multi-cultural feminist narrative is “free within a text to be appropriated not as an individual possession, but as a shared notion that contributes to change. Feminists reading each other… can share one another’s stories to shape and color their own existence.” (Riley). Part of the nature of our cause is the lack of empathy to our plight. I believe that if the feminist movement is mindful that we should expect of ourselves at least what we are expecting of others, that a balanced unification is possible.

Change is Always Evolutionary and Sometimes Revolutionary.

Evolution cannot occur without change. They are intrinsically intertwined. Change can come slow, as in ‘movement,’ or change can come fast, as in a ‘revolution.’ Regardless of how change comes about it is inevitable and constant. But how it comes about can determine the degree and pace of change. It is generally agreed that the feminist movement began during the Enlightenment Era of the 17th century, and more specifically during the French Revolution. Terms like “liberty” and “freedom” and “social justice” and “self-determination” sparked the courage and insight of an entire generation of women to embark on the long journey that is the struggle for female equality and emancipation from oppression known as the “feminist movement.” Its momentum has been marked in terms of “waves.” The 1st Wave was women’s suffrage (the right to vote). The 2nd Wave was equality and the end of sexism in the work place. It is said we are now in the 3rd Wave or post modernism. This reflects multi-cultural and multi-national feminist identities, issues of female oppression and violence, severe income inequality and women’s health issues. Given the history of the troublesome fragmentation of the movement and its inability to coalesce, this 3rd Wave feminist effort seems to recognize our need to ‘pull together’ the voices of ALL women to affect real, positive and lasting progress for women’s liberties.

The feminist movement is now global.

Groups like the Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) that advocates for “equality around the world” and the National Organization for Women (NOW) that advocates for the diverse issues of women in a multi-cultural U.S. and uses the strength and influence of the U.S. within the United Nations (UN) to address multi-national women’s issues, are both organizations that reflect a renewed sense of urgency in the feminist movement to come together as a global force.

Using new networking technologies that can converge and rally millions of women all over the world, these groups focus on petitioning governments whose policies are oppressive to women, educating men to the benefits of a world of full equality, empowering and supporting women in their local communities, as well as staging and sponsoring protests, and national and international discussion forums.   There is also a renewed push to engage women in the political process and encourage women to run for political office. Both the FMF and NOW are educating and encouraging their members to urge their legislators to finally ratify CEDAW; the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Adopted in 1979 by the UN, “187 countries have ratified the Convention, pledging to give women equal rights in all aspects of their lives including political, health, educational, social and legal.” (Global Women’s Rights: CEDAW). Shamefully, the United States is not on this list. In fact it is one of only seven countries including Iran and Somalia that have not ratified the only International Treaty that “comprehensively [addresses] women’s rights within political, cultural, economic, social, and family life.” The FMF justly contends that, “the United States compromises its credibility as a leader for either human rights or women’s rights.” (Global Women’s Rights: CEDAW). The feminist movement has yet to inspire a “revolution,” but it’s fair to say we may be closer to such an event then we have ever been.


There’s a term, “Think globally, but act locally.” Originally coined to support the environmental movement, I believe it is completely apropos to the feminist movement. While we all need to have a clear and empathetic understanding of the global challenges that women face in the 21st century, our individual focus needs to be in our own lives and our own communities. Whether you live in Alabama or Bangladesh; whether you’re gay or straight, black or Latina; by working within our own cultural infrastructures and addressing the issues unique to our own experiences, we will surely and steadily change the reality of female oppression on a global scale.

Riley reflects on the words of famous feminist literary icon, bell hooks, discussing our individual needs in relation to our common desires; “she [bell hooks] emphasizes the importance of a feminist theory that would offer everyone, men and women alike, a liberated vision of love and sexual expression. From what humanity is freed differs for each [person], but that something exists from which to be liberated, and that liberation involves love, remains a constant.” (Riley).

We must all be informed by our unique and personal experience, but I would suggest that if we have indeed made a personal commitment to the cause of female emancipation and equality, then we have indeed made that commitment to breach the cultural boundaries between us and them.


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After Women Took off Their Aprons, Advertisers Began Taking Off the Rest!

fem 17Once we won our equal liberty to choose our personal “place” in the world, the male ego swiftly began to make sure that women would never forget their universal “purpose” in the world.

By T.L.Dayen

They say “a picture paints a thousand words.” Imagery has the power to elicit emotion and provoke thought. It can also be used to subconsciously persuade or manipulate. Imagery has also historically been used to disseminate propaganda such as the iconic “Rosie the Riveter;” an animated image of a strong-armed woman in a factory uniform intended to convey that it was acceptable to see women; the majority of the domestic work force during the war effort of WWII, as strong and capable. Images can also portray social behavioral norms like iconic Norman Rockwell fem 15paintings depicting ‘normal’ life in middle and working class America from the early to mid 20th century. Culturally, our social norms are reflected through imagery in our media; movies (entertainment mostly) and advertising (expressly to persuade).

Imagery in advertising works to convince, confirm or inform viewers about what they should want, think, identify with or accept as good for them. When advertisers use sexually implicit images to sell a product, it is reaffirming stereotypes that objectify women’s bodies and marginalize their humanity.

Selling Sex

Exploiting sexuality to sell a product is, unfortunately, effective. The ‘sex kitten’ eating Doritos on T.V. prompts the dorritosman to buy the chips because he wants to “get the girl” in the ad, and the woman buys the chips because she wants to “be the girl” in the ad; “We’re a visually explicit culture that’s become comfortable with selling domain names and winter coats on the backs of pretty, naked people” (Thompson, 2011).

Using sex in advertising subliminally links our most primal motive of procreation to the impulse desire for that product/service. In other words, buy the product, get (feel) the sex.

Sell Sex; Buy Sexism

The problem with ‘selling sex’ is that it takes the elemental human drive to procreate (which requires dominant and pliant roles), and attaches it to everything in our lives from food to cars to clothing to cleaning products to insurance. fem 14The dominant/ pliant roles of our sex organs become the roles we identify with as represented subliminally by the products and services we need and use every day. By ascribing the yielding female sex organ to her overall nature and character (as subordinate), advertisers can use sexually explicit imagery to not only potently objectify women’s bodies, but also marginalize female humanity by transforming “actual women into [sexual] objects, devoid of individual will or subjectivity” (Benshoff and Griffin 238-256).

The female body, pliant in sex, becomes the objectified woman, subordinate in life.

Even while women have made stellar strides in education and work force parity since the blatantly sexist advertising of the 1950’s; “an era when women’s roles were confined to the corridor between the bedroom and the kitchen” (Thompson, 2011);

the ‘new sexism’ is simply explicitly sexist imagery without the explicitly sexist messaging. In the 21st century, the message of sexual servitude is “implied.”

“Having lost the argument that women are incompetent, American advertising has had to settle on the argument that fem 18women are [still] attractive” (Thompson, 2011). In other words the iconic domestic dependent ‘June Cleaver’ telling viewers something like, “Your husband will never complain about undercooked eggs again with this new and improved egg timer!” has been replaced with the sexually implicit ‘cleavage and stilettoes’ seductively and silently stepping out of a Lincoln Continental. I call this “objectified female imagery.” This more modern version of sexism has only fed new life into age old social constructs of female subordination, because “American women still develop a sense of self-worth based primarily on how they look, rather than how talented or intelligent they are” (Benshoff and Griffin 238-256).

Domestic dependent submissiveness has simply been replaced by sexual objectification; both are demeaning and subordinate positions of “service.”

What’s even more poignant is that some of worst offenders of this type of sexist advertising are ‘women on women.’ fem 19Women who appeared on a Phil Donahue Show “fashion segment,” un-apologetically defended their unusual preoccupation with ‘perfecting’ their hair, skin, eyes, clothing and bodies. Susan Bordo took note of their naiveté and that “putting on makeup, styling hair, and so forth are conceived of only as free play, fun, a matter of creative expression,” but in reality is, “also experienced by many women as ‘necessary’ before they show themselves to the world, even a quick trip to the corner mailbox.” Bordo expresses her concern that the true messages being sent by ‘fashion statements’ are merely “whimsical and politically neutral vicissitudes [that] supply endless amusement for women’s [apparent] eternally superficial values.” Bordo goes on to say in the context of the fashion and beauty industry, “the specific ideals that women are drawn to embody…are seen as arbitrary, without meaning [by society].”

In other words, obsession with fashion culturally indicates frivolous and superficial priorities.

Bordo’s trepidation with the multi-million dollar fashion and beauty industry is shared by Benshoff and Griffen who assert that this advertising strives to persuade women to “buy their [own] femininity;” be re-made into “some ideal fem 20form” as an “object of the male gaze (objectification).” This, alleges Benshoff and Griffen, actually convinces women “to be complicit in their own objectification.” A massive and still growing fashion and beauty industry in America may be evidence that many women have indeed “internalized the ideology that their self-worth is based upon their public image… that achieving total objectified desirability is the only thing that will give them happiness and fulfillment” and that, “this mythical ideal keeps patriarchal (male) domination in place” (Benshoff and Griffin 238-256). If women are buying sexism, then apparently sexist advertising is working.

Hijacked Sexuality

Full disclosure: as a woman myself, I am frustrated that an industry has “hijacked” my God given sexuality for their profits! Can a woman in the 21st century fully express her innate sexuality without the implication that she is consenting to, even encouraging the sexist messages sent by the objectified female imagery in media advertising? And what of those who feed into the ‘cultural messages’ that are fabricated from objectified female imagery in the media; that a woman’s sexuality is by its very nature literally “there for the taking?”fem 5

Can a woman in the 21st century fully express her innate sexuality personally without the implication that she is “asking for it” publically? I fear that the answer to these questions today is “no.”

Sharon Marcus writes of the misleading dialogue used when legislating rape laws or hearing rape cases; “The rape script describes female bodies as vulnerable, violable, penetrable, and wounded.” A website called “” ran an ad showing a young woman’s legs with her panties around her ankles lying on what looks like a bathroom floor. The ad reads, “2:19 a.m. She didn’t want to do it, but she couldn’t say NO.” The ad intends to warn against drinking and date rape, but the ‘message’ is that women’s bodies are simply up for grabs by anyone who may gain the advantage to take it – and that’s somehow a woman’s fault. Marcus purports, “the adherents of rape culture see female sexuality as a property which only men can truly own, which women often hoard, which can thus justifiably be wrested from us, which women themselves merely hold in trust for a lawful owner. Rape thus becomes the theft or violation of one man’s property rights by another.”

fem 8If women’s sexuality is not even seen in our law as our own rightful possession, it is no wonder it could be unabashedly exploited personally or commercially by whomever and however it serves to benefit.

Audrey Lorde writes of the uses and power of the ‘erotic’ – in this context, ones ‘passions;’ sexual or otherwise; “We have been taught to suspect this resource, vilified, abused and devalued within western society… the erotic has been encouraged as a sign of female inferiority.” So a woman’s capacity to “feel deeply” has been equated with weakness, and that “only by the suppression of the erotic within our lives and consciousness can women truly be strong. But this strength is illusory, for it is fashioned within the context of male models of power” (Lorde 188-192).

If we follow Lordes’ premise, then a woman’s capacity to feel her own sexuality is considered “suspect” and therefore only passably expressed within and through our patriarchal society’s consent and capacity to control it.


What came first, female objectification or female objectified imagery? The truth is not what you might think. While media imagery only began in the early 1900’s, female objectification is just one arm of female subordination that has fem 12stigmatized the male/female dynamic for thousands of years. However, in the 21st century human kind is capable of growing beyond our prejudices; capable of a much broader perspective of the male/female dynamic.

In the 21st century human kind is capable of recognizing our two species as ‘different in measure but equal in value.’

This is where the media continues to culturally perpetuate female objectification even as we are collectively capable of moving beyond it. Advertising media imagery is especially harmful because it is scrupulously knitted within the fabric of our consumer based culture. Every decade that passes, fem 4human kind becomes more familiar with women in leadership positions of authority in politics, more acceding to our dependability as an equal successful womanpartner within the home, and more reliant on our equally competent skills in the work place and industry. While this reality of the male/female dynamic may smack of truth, the false postulation of our disparity and subordination continues to be culturally projected before us as sexually objectified minions of the patriarchal social construct.

Women’s sexuality; our very autonomy is reduced to a collective cultural commodity, and only valid through its collective cultural usefulness to the patriarchal bedroom, boardroom or billboard.

If sex is selling, it’s only selling women out.

fem 16



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Antagonistic and Confrontational

From Part I Chapter 1  The Stark Reality of Female Oppression

By Shane Stewart

Women of the world, am I angry over what men are doing to you,?  Obviously, I am!  Does this anger affect my writing and expose the fact that I am prejudiced against the destructive male ego?  I certainly hope so!  It is not men that draw my ire, but the negative image of the male ego of “superiority” that resides in the consciousness of every man.  And I gladly accept the label of prejudiced toward the male ego if it brings attention to the injustice of female oppression.  In reading this book try not to take issue with how I write, but instead concentrate on what I am writing.  I am here to right the existence of a terrible wrong, and one in which I unwittingly participated for most of my life.  As I’ve stated, I have not formally studied the subject of female oppression.  I see no need in “taking classes and quoting books” about female oppression.  Female oppression does not exist in a college syllabus, nor is it just a quote from a book.  It is a caustic reality that exists on the street, in the work-place, in our governments, and in our homes, throughout every culture on earth.  Anyone can readily observe the injustice of female oppression in action just by watching the interaction between men and women in their own society every day.

There are many people I have shared my work with who consider it to be antagonistic and confrontational, including many women.  This is due to the fact that the subject of female oppression itself is confrontational and to bring it up is definitely antagonistic.  It appears that anything highlighting the disparity of equality that exists between males and females automatically antagonizes most men of the world and indeed confronts the “accepted” natural order.  But I am not here to antagonize or confront; but to engage, discuss, and transform.  However, I am beyond the point of engaging in any discussion as to whether you are being oppressed or not.  Your oppression is a fact that cannot be debated, only corrected.  To enter a debate about whether or not women are being oppressed would be analogous to once again having a serious debate over whether the Earth is indeed flat like a plate or round like a globe!  Shall we debate?

Some men have disowned me and condemned my work.  I expected to find this.  After all, it is men who stand to lose control if female oppression is eradicated from the Earth.  But I also see that many women have “stuck their heads in the sand” and refuse to acknowledge or even look at the mordant reality of what they have let men do to them, their children, and the world we live in.  I didn’t expect to find so many women who would be so uncomfortable facing it.  But these are the women who have been molded by the minds of men.  They have been told they are not being oppressed, and they are programmed to accept that.  They do not want to “rock the boat” with their husbands, mates, sons, partners, bosses, or any of the other males that dominate their lives.  Such women fear the subject of female emancipation and prefer that it just go away, along with me.  I understand that.  It is duly noted.  But I will do everything in my power to see that The Female Imperative does not just go away.  If it appears that I am here merely to offend society with my work you must excuse me, because that is not my intention.  But I do not and will not tread lightly in expressing what I see as the truth about the negativity of the violent male ego, no matter whom or how deeply it may offend.  If it’s a choice between offending the male ego and watering down what I consider to be the truth of my work, then offending it must be.

Not all men oppress you to the same degree.  Some men are vicious, predatory beasts; others are benevolent despots, and others still are simply benign oppressors of women.  Even though not all men oppress women to the same degree, almost every man on earth considers himself to be superior to every woman.

 The attitude of male superiority expresses itself

on five basic levels of female domination, oppression and destruction:

  • On the fifth level and the most destructive, stand the worst of men; the predatory beasts. These are the men that degrade, beat, rape, and murder women. This motive occupies their entire consciousness.  They are dedicated murderer-rapists and torturers of women.
  • On the fourth level stand the batterer/rapists. These men effortlessly degrade, beat, and rape women, but they do not murder them.  They are dedicated abusers and rapists of women.
  • On the third level stand the misogynists; those who openly degrade and beat women but they do not rape or murder them. This is often and ludicrously considered domestic violence!!
  • On the second level stand the chauvinists; the benevolent despots who openly degrade women but they do not beat, rape, or murder them. They are still however dedicated female oppressors.
  • On the first level stand the benign oppressors of women. Most men on earth are benign female oppressors.  These men do not maliciously degrade women.  And they certainly do not beat, rape, or murder them.  These men are just “normal guys” living a normal life that supports the natural order; exploiting women sexually and using them to meet their self-serving physical comforts and needs as long as women allow them to do so.

Benign oppressors are fully aware of what used to be called “women’s liberation.”  They are in public agreement with women’s rights so as to keep things copacetic between the sexes to maintain the natural order of allowing women to serve them.  They accept that women are making strides in their struggle to be free and they know that women will not be available as servants forever.  The benign oppressor is resigned to this fact, but hangs on to the hope that it will not happen in his lifetime.  The women these men exploit include wives, sisters, girlfriends, mothers, lovers, etc.  Women generally see the benign oppressor as a guy who needs to be taken care of and they are happy to fulfill their roles of service to this incompetent male.  It is the benign oppressor who has the best chance of transforming his adverse negative male programing about women and joining with you in your struggle for emancipation.

However, it is up to each individual man as to what he will do.  It is sad to note that at any given time, a man may move from one level up to another.  Indeed, many men have worked their way from level two up to level five during their lifetime.  Once a man has beaten, raped, and murdered a woman, he has lost all human virtue, and has become a beast; an animal without human conscience.  And just like a rabid dog, or a tiger that has tasted human blood, there is no hope for this creature.  This man will certainly attack again if given the opportunity. Rehabilitation is highly unlikely, and he must therefore simply be eradicated or separated from the society in which he cannot function.  Obviously, I harbor no pity for the violent male ego.  I hold these men in contempt for the pain and agony they have caused their victims, both male and female throughout history.

Of course, I do not single myself out as being innocent of oppressing women.  I was among the worst of the benign oppressors.  I used women for sexual gratification and satisfaction of my personal ego as a “superior”  male most of my life.  I exploited women, and as a man I loved it.  But in looking back on that time I am ashamed and embarrassed and I fully understand that I was a monster.  But I have chosen to transform myself!  I have made my choice to let go of my negative male ego.  Along with that goes my derogatory attitude about you, the female.  I am not a male superior and you are not my inferiors.  We are all one human race, standing side by side, females and males, each one equally essential to completing the whole of our species.

If my work becomes widely acknowledged and accepted, the cultural and social order that has defined our species for thousands of generations will cease to exist, and in the presence of the female, the male will no longer automatically assume the position of boss.  I am not advocating social protest here, but an absolute, complete, and total revolution in the way human men and women think, live, and relate to each other as people.  Men and women must share equally in the physical responsibility of raising the children, caring for the home, conducting business, and governing the world.

Why can’t the duties of the home, like washing dishes, changing diapers, and cleaning the house, be interchangeable between men and women?  Why can’t men and women trade-off work duties like managing the office or running the sales department?  Why isn’t he pushing the stroller some of the time while she operates heavy equipment?  I might be missing something here but I was not aware that the acts of washing dishes and/or operating heavy equipment had a gender attached to them.  Men have laughed in my face and ridiculed me for even suggesting that they could possibly perform such mundane duties as cleaning the house and changing diapers.  They have much more important things to do like running the world and operating the wrecking ball.  Besides, that stuff is just women’s work and being superior males, they are beyond that menial level of service.  Men must step down from their lofty perch and women must assume their rightful position as co- social leaders of our species.

Many men are outraged by what I am saying about human society and I am concerned for your safety in their outrage.  But I write The Female Imperative not without concern for my own safety.  Men have accused me of being a “traitor to manhood,” and many of them have told me they would just as soon forcibly set me straight about things.  But their impulsively violent reactions simply prove my point about them.  Why are they not willing to discuss this work?  With their quickness to anger, they cannot possibly understand that I wish them no harm.  I am just an advocate of female emancipation, not an enemy of men.  I do not condemn men, but I do condemn their violent, negative male ego.  I have found that men will not intelligently discuss my work because to do so would be to risk sacrificing their powerfully compelling male egos.  In setting women free, men will also have the opportunity to be “set free” of their own destructive male ego.

Instead of intelligent debate, men react with defensive denial

  • Many men tell me that if I can actually write “this stuff,’’ I must really feel inadequate as a man; small and insignificant. (I never thought of it quite like that, but this could possibly be true.  I’m not really sure.  But does it matter?)
  • Some men accuse me of trying to emasculate them. I’m just a troublemaker; a militant anarchist out to unravel social order and dismantle the social construct of male authority.  (Yes, I do want to dismantle male authority and allow women to reconstruct our society in its entirety.  Women must have equal authority over our race for generations to come.)
  • I am condemned as being sacrilegious, intent upon destroying the “God created sanctity of men,” the “bond of holy matrimony,” and the “traditional family structure.” (It’s amazing, and a little flattering, to consider that some men think I am so powerful a person that I could actually achieve all this with one fell swoop of the pen!?  I must be on to something.)
  • Some men are satisfied to merely dismiss me with such comments as: “Come on Shane. It can’t be that bad for women.  You make it sound so awful and dramatic, like we chain them up and feed them gruel!  Lighten up a little, okay?  Sounds like you got a big problem with your manhood!”  (Perhaps I do.  But through it all., I have seen the truth!)
  • I also hear things like this: “My wife told me that what you’re saying is not true. She says she doesn’t feel like a servant.  So why don’t you just quit making a fool out of yourself and write about something important, like world peace?  Women know they’re just doing the job they were created to do best.  And besides, my wife told me that women are okay with it!  (Yes. I know many women are “okay with it,” but I’m speaking to those who aren’t.)
  • And I hear lots of statements like this: “Where is your manhood Shane? Women need a strong man to control and protect them and tell them what to do.  What happened to you? Are you afraid of women or something?  Men are supposed to dominate women!  They want us to be that way.  They know that’s how it’s always been and that’s how it’s always going to be.  You’re really missing the point, man!”  (Okay.  But I’m really trying to make my point.)

I understand why men object to my work; I’m “rocking the boat,” “upsetting the apple cart.”  Men are the ones who stand to lose if you wake up to the truth.  As of this writing, if you are a female in this world, you are subject to male authority and female servitude, and whether you accept it or not, think about it or not, like it or not, or believe it or not, you are expected to function as society’s servants, workhorses, and brood mares.  If you think otherwise just try disobeying men and watch their reaction.  Men interpret the right of human freedom to mean freedom for men, and that right automatically comes complete with your services as a woman.  Most men consider you to be incidental to the significant functioning of this man’s world.  They have put you in your place, and they have taken theirs.  To most men, you are like a genie in a bottle.  They bring you out when you are needed to perform a female duty, such as providing sex, giving birth, changing diapers, cooking dinner, typing a letter, bringing coffee, assuaging their male ego, raising a family, cleaning the house, looking sexy, going to the market, etc., etc., and so on and so on.  Then they cap you back into the bottle until they need you again.  And as the genie, you are supposed to be fully cooperative, happy and fulfilled that you have had the opportunity to satisfy the needs of your [master] man.  Men have you exactly where they want you, and sadly, it may always be that way.  The image of male superiority depends entirely upon you, the female, continuing to service the physical and egotistical needs of the negative male ego.

Most men will continue to dismiss me as just being crazy because they have had you under their absolute control all their lives and they are not about to let that position go.  They would prefer my work be tossed into oblivion before it reaches the eyes of one single female.  And the truth is there are many men who would actually prefer to see you physically restrained in your role of servitude before they would see you freed from the grip of male domination and oppression.  The life of every man in the world will be altered forever when you break the grip of male domination and demand your human rights and freedom.  Every intelligent man on earth however, will welcome and participate in that transformation!  If you’re a man reading this book, are you one of them?

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Human Inequality

From Part I Chapter 1  The Stark Reality of Female Oppression

By Shane Stewart

Although re-productively bonded as a single species, females and males remain divided across a deep psychological, moral, and physical abyss.  These two uniquely different but fairly balanced populations of humans live within a single, integrated society, purportedly sharing human rights and individual freedoms that any society with a highly-developed sense of conscience and civilized sense of fairness and equality would demand.

This lofty image of humanity with its “equal” rights is what we are all taught and conditioned to believe about human society from the day we are born.  Rarely do we place this image under scrutiny.  Countless thousands of generations have come and gone simply accepting without question that this image is a true and accurate representation of our species with the exception of a few tyrannical governments around the world.  However, believing that an image is truth does not make it so.  To determine then if we are truly living in a society of fairness and equality between women and men, we must look beyond the image of equality that we have been told is truth, and observe how equality is actually dispensed between females and males in our society.

In observing a society that claims to function under such high ideals, we would logically expect to find that all power and authority most certainly would be representative of, and equally distributed between, the balanced population of females and males.  This would be the hallmark of a civilized society.  The first thing we must do in order to determine whether or not we are a civilized society of equality is to compare the patterns of our society with those of primitive, uncivilized societies.  Uncivilized societies always function within the parameters of a crude and barbaric system based upon a pecking order of importance determined by absolute physical domination.  In primitive societies, the distribution of power and authority is based upon patterns identical to those found in the world of animals where physical domination is paramount.  Power and authority in animal societies is concentrated entirely in the hands of those who are simply able to take it with brute strength and physical force.  There is no conscience in animal societies, and no concern for equality. Females, generally the physically weaker gender, are under the domination of the males simply because of that primitive, physical fact.  Females have little power and authority, and are used primarily for satisfying the desires of their “superior” male counterparts and acting as vessels of procreation.

An objective observation of our own human society reveals a species of far less equality than the lofty image it holds of itself.  Like an ancient, primitive society, modern human society lacks any sense of fairness, is void of conscience, and has no concept of equality.  The stark reality of this conclusion is demonstrated by the fact that on Earth there is no sharing of power and authority between women and men because men long ago physically seized control over the human race and proceeded to strip women of any meaningful authority within our world.  All societies, governments, and religions are dominated by the negative male ego.

It must be concluded then that human society is not one of civilized equality, but rather one of uncivilized male domination, where men consider women to be natural inferiors.  Women comprise the major portion of our population, yet they are forced to suffer the indignity of oppression and servitude at the hands of the dominant male ego as “second class” human beings.  No greater discrimination has ever been organized against a particular group of people than that which men have organized and directed toward women.  This monstrous discrimination of one group against another is not based upon the usual factors that define discrimination, such as skin color, nationality, religion, ethnicity, or cultural differences, but rather based upon the shape of the female body.

Earth’s population may well be fairly balanced between females and males, but we have allowed our planet to be fractured into two distinct castes; the caste of female servants, and the caste of male masters.  How did we allow this to happen?  Who decided that women were naturally inferior to men?   How is it possible, that on planet Earth, we have forsaken women to the servitude of the very men they create?  For thousands of generations, men have had remarkable success in their steadfast campaign to maintain total domination and control over the female.  Men have managed to secure every culture on earth as a bastion of uncontested male power and authority.  Men are obsessed with the image of male superiority and possessed by a psychotic need to dominate and oppress women.  It is therefore the duty of every human being with a conscience, to defy the false authority of the negative male ego and help lift the weight of oppression and domination from the backs of women of the Earth.

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The Image of Female “Inferiority”

From Part I Chapter 1  The Stark Reality of Female Oppression

By Shane Stewart

Without the false image of male superiority a man is just one of billions of human beings on this planet.  But behind the mask of male superiority, every man automatically becomes superior to more than half the people on Earth!  No man can ever sink into the depths of inferiority occupied by women.  In the world of the male ego, the lowest man on earth still occupies a position of superiority over the highest woman.  To the negative male ego, a woman can never stand as equal or superior to any man, no matter whom or where that man is.

Around the world, women are denied any serious authority and are openly shunted into the background.  Those women who have managed to attain positions of authority are few and far in between, and their tenure is certainly short lived.  Men have taken power into their own hands and lifted themselves into the position of sole representative of our species.  They have literally taken women out of the picture, by defining our species as “Man,” and classifying all humans as “Man” kind, while every major religion holds strict reference to God as “He.”  Regardless of what nation a woman resides in, regardless of her skin color, ethnicity, religion, or culture, she is caste into the world of oppressed servant.  The singular common denominator among all societies of the world is female oppression.  The fact that women are continually being insulted, denigrated, belittled, beaten, raped, and murdered, is a direct result of living in a “man’s” world.  To men, women are merely an addendum, an attachment, an asterisk, an accessory to “man” kind, needed for the purpose of reproduction and domestic service, but certainly not considered in possession of higher human intelligence.  Intelligence is the realm of “man,” not woman.  The importance of a woman is not in her mind but in her body and how it can be exploited to serve the purposes of the superior image of the negative male ego.

Men are fully aware that their superiority is just an image, a mask that serves to maintain their dominant position over women.  Men keep that mask tightly in place, constantly concerned that it just might slip.  Behind that mask. they feign authority in the hopes that women will continue to react to it, remain intimidated, and stay down.  The greatest fear men have is that someday they will lose control of women.  How long will men keep wearing the mask of superiority?  Until such time as women reach up and tear it off!  Female emancipation will come when women finally realize their image of inferiority is entirely the work of men; a lie concocted by the dominant male ego to maintain female servitude.

Convincing Earth’s societies to accept that females are inferior by design of nature was a stunning accomplishment for the male ego that has allowed the injustice of female oppression and servitude to continue unabated.  Over the generations, the fallacy of male superiority has exploded in exploitation and discrimination against women and is the foundation supporting the injustice of female oppression across our planet. When we think of people who are powerful and authoritative, we overwhelmingly see the images of men.  When we think of people who are subservient and subordinate, we overwhelmingly see the images of women.  Open discrimination against women is an embarrassing and shameful stain on humanity and it continues largely unquestioned and unchallenged by women.

However, the concept of superiority is a comparative and subjective determination.  A superior can only exist relative to its comparative inferior.   In the case of the image of male superiority, the relative, comparative inferior, is the female.  The subjective standard of superior male and inferior female was of course, established by the male.  It’s quite absurd, and in fact amusing to think that women would establish themselves as inferiors of the very beings they create.  Knowing that superior is a subjective determination that can only exist in the presence of its relative inferior, it follows that the image of male superiority can only exist because women continue to cooperate and act out their role as subservient inferiors.  If women understood their true power, and joined together in a united, coordinated, worldwide effort in refusing to acknowledge the fallacy of male superiority for even one generation, the male ego would be exposed as the fallacy that it truly is and would shrivel and collapse!

However, this is not likely to occur in the foreseeable future, as most women have been thoroughly imprinted, indoctrinated and brainwashed in the negative concept of female inferiority.  They are taught not to seriously question the truth of their secondary social status.  Young females are saturated from childhood to believe that the proper and natural purpose of women on Earth is to support and serve the will of the superior male.

Women vary greatly in their attitude toward subjugation to the male

  1. Many women capitulate and conform to their role of inferior early in life. They strive to get men to accept and recognize that they are “good women” who understand their place under the male.  They are complete and total male reflections, fully indoctrinated female inferiors, molded out of the minds of men, eagerly and proudly embracing their secondary position in life.  They are dedicated to pleasing the superior male, and sternly lecture other females that the true fulfillment of being a woman can only be achieved and experienced by embracing their role of subordinate and unyielding subjugate to the will of the negative male ego.
  2. Other women begrudgingly accept what they absorbed as young girls; that male superiority is simply the natural order of things. And even though they may have their doubts, don’t really like it, and may drag their feet, they still carry out their secondary role in life just as they were trained to do, in the service of men.  They know it’s wrong, but they can’t challenge it.
  3. Then there are those modern women who fully understand that male superiority is a charade, a farce. They resent the injustice of female oppression and exploitation and vocally speak against it.  They are to be commended for their bravery and their insistence upon being recognized as individuals.  These women are rebels fighting against male domination and struggling to preserve their individual  They see the truth of what men have done to them and try to awaken other women to the fallacy of female inferiority.  Sadly however, many of these women will not truly break from their male oppressors because eventually there are those who will conform to the social pressure of the image of male superiority to some degree and extent.

The constant exposure to male domination and oppression generally becomes too much for most women to withstand.  Therefore, as they get older, many women will lose their energy and surrender to the image of male superiority in some way, succumbing to the lies of men, and relinquishing their own identity as an individual.

Eventually women will realize the truth of how their supposed inferiority came about.  They will understand that it is neither the result of evolution nor the product of natural design.  And it certainly isn’t the work of some male-gender God that created superior men in His image, and then gave women to them to satisfy their manly needs.  Such scenarios are merely fairy tales that men feed women as truth to make them think they have a natural and/or divine duty to serve them.  The image of female inferiority and everything it entails is a concoction of the personal male ego, specifically designed to maintain male domination and exploitation of women.  Limiting society to function under the false belief that women are natural inferiors of men has stunted and damaged the free growth of human consciousness.  We are denied access to the wisdom, creativity, and positive influence of the female mind.  The male’s insistence that women are inferior to men is a blatant insult to the integrity of the human race.

That men could be superior to women, the very biological path through which they arrived on Earth, is not even in the realm of possibility.  The subjective idea of male superiority is wholly illogical and withers in the face of rational and objective thought and debate.  Men work hard to assure that the images of “female inferiority” and “male superiority” continue to be accepted, unquestioned, and unchallenged as the natural, normal, and/or divine structure of humanity throughout all generations, forever!

Men rule over humanity with absolute authority, in complete disregard of the fact that they alone do not comprise the entirety of the human race.  We are not a species of male singularity, but rather a species that depends upon a twofold structure comprised equally of women and men; two balanced halves of one whole.  However, the male ego does not consider females to be a viable human group.  Women are not individually human but rather an extension of men.  Men do not consider women to be in possession of the right of human freedom and equality that men so readily grant themselves.

Male domination of the female has continued unashamedly for multitudes of generations.  Men have had tight control over religion, business, government, economics, and the cultural practices of every society on earth.  These institutions are staunch bastions of male authority and power, and stand as the foundation upon which the injustice of female oppression continues.  In this negative, male ego driven world, superiority over women is a man’s natural birthright, and serving men is the natural duty of women.  Most men hold that the lack of women in positions of authority isn’t due to the fact that men are keeping them down, but due to the fact that women are just not qualified for, nor can they be trained for, positions of decisive leadership.  Women are not meant to be leaders, but followers.  Those few women that do attain rare positions of leadership are considered to be “exceptional,” where-by they are more like a man than a woman.

Many men disregard suggestions that women are oppressed and enslaved.  In the minds of men female oppression is simply a fallacy, a non-issue.  Men will acknowledge that women occupy secondary positions compared to men, but this is not an “injustice,” because the female’s natural role on Earth is to be in a secondary position relative to men.  Men do not see themselves as female oppressors, because women are supposed to be in a subordinate position, as dictated by natural and/or Divine design.  Therefore, men do not see themselves as tyrannical despots because they are naturally designed to be superior within the human race and therefore have a duty to act like it.   Many men disregard female oppression as being a myth, a mirage.  They think women are simply jealous of the position that men hold and are just upset because they were not the ones created as superior.  Men think women claim to be oppressed because they just don’t want to be doing the work a woman is supposed to be doing.  They want to be doing the work a man is supposed to be doing.

Not only do most men consider it unthinkable that women could occupy an equal let alone superior position to men on earth, but they also espouse that male/female roles have already been irrevocably caste through the process of natural and/or Divine design.  No one can change that.  Conversely, many men do not even acknowledge the terms; women’s liberation and female equality.  There is nothing for women to be liberated from, and they are already equal to their proper purpose for being on Earth, which is to serve men.  Men will acknowledge however, that because of the female’s secondary position (through natural circumstances, of course) women may occasionally feel like they are being oppressed.

To demonstrate to women that their situation isn’t all that bad, men point to the occasional instance where women have been allowed to occupy positions of authority in such staunch bastions of male superiority as business, government, education and religion.  Men display these token showcases of female “authority” to demonstrate that indeed there is female equality and deflect any serious claim by women that they are in fact, victims of oppression.  However, these token instances of female authority are rare.  Ultimate authority is, without question, the domain of the male ego, and it is accepted as being the natural function of human culture.  It is commonly understood that men reserve the final voice of authority over women in all matters human.  And all women must eventually yield to that “fact.”  In the minds of men, they do not oppress women, they simply pressure them to continue fulfilling the natural Earthly duties for which they were created and leave the functioning of a man’s world to men.

Men are not about to relinquish their position of superiority they have over women.  Because of the male ego created fallacy of the masculine God “He,” men consider the power and authority they have over women is a gift to them coming through Divine edict, and they are dedicated to seeing that women never get that same power and authority over them.  The very foundation of male identity is rooted in domination of the female.  Most men think they must dominate and oppress women or they are not a man.”

Female domination and oppression is fed by the social acceptance of two false images: that of superior male, and that of inferior female.  We have been conditioned to see men as strong and women as weak.  These false images have been burned into our collective human consciousness for thousands of years.  We are all subjected to, and saturated with, these images from the moment we are born, and we accept them as the true and natural roles designed for men and women.  These images form our basic beliefs about the stereotype character of men and women and set the parameters for our expectations of proper male/female behavior and social interaction.

  • We expect men to lead, be decisive, seek knowledge, act with authority, and flaunt their superiority. A man’s place is to run the world and stand as a vanguard of discovery.
  • We expect women to be indecisive and meek, to wilt under pressure, and assume an inferior position in the presence of the superior male. A woman’s place is to give a man his children, take care of his house, and submit to his will.

These stereotype cultural images of men and women are of course, ludicrous fallacies, having absolutely no foundation in truth.  But we continue to construct our lives around them.  Consciously or unconsciously, we are conditioned to exhibit male/female stereotype behavior.  If you are a male, you assume a dominant demeanor.  If you are a female, you assume a subordinate demeanor.  We are so used to these images guiding our culture that it is difficult for us to envision men and women acting any differently than what their stereotype male/female behavior roles call for.

Being an authoritative leader is not a quality exclusive to the male, just as doing the dishes and ironing the clothes are not duties exclusive to the female.  These are human qualities and duties that have no gender.  But men project these qualities and duties into male and female images and social roles and we are all deeply influenced and directed by them.  The question arises then: if these images of men and women are not founded in truth, why have they been accepted and performed by so many generations?  How did these false images come into being?  The answer is quite simple.  Our images of proper male/female behavior came out of fantasies created in the subjective, self-serving mind of men during the early evolution of our species.  These primitive men hijacked human society and molded it into a singular foundation of male authority, giving rise to the false image of male/female inequality.

The whole of humanity is a species divided into two population groups of fairly equally balanced numbers of females and males.  This group is made “singular” through the reproductive fusion of women and men, without which we would not exist as humans.  Yet females and males are separated by deep biological and psychological differences.  These complex female/male differences are so vast that it is often said that men come from Mars and women come from Venus!  In spite of their unique differences however, women and men cannot avoid the fact that they share in a critical bond of responsibility for the procreation of our species.  This dynamic duo of women and men resides within the parameters of a single society, purportedly guided by a strong sense of conscience, fairness, and equality; values that only a highly-evolved species could possess.

As a species of supposed conscience and fairness would we not certainly demand equality for our members?  Throughout our lives, we are indeed told to believe the fallacy that the principle of equality applies to all human beings.  As a species of supposed intelligence, do we simply accept what we are told, or do we investigate actual human behavior to determine if equality is indeed a reality, or just an empty image?  Such an investigation would seek to answer but one question, “Does a state of equality really exist between women and men on planet Earth?”   That question can only be answered by objectively observing how human society actually functions.  Such an observation immediately reveals that human society has a well-defined structure of power and authority.  Structures of power and authority direct the function of such things as religions, governments, economics, cultures, marriages, social activity, and the proper behavior that is expected between women and men within any particular culture.  In studying these structures, we are confronted with an obvious and disturbing truth; they are all dominated by the male population of our species!  Our females, who are greater in numbers, have no equal power of authority in our world!  The question is clearly answered then, that human equality does not exist on planet Earth.

If conscience demands equality between women and men, then it becomes glaringly apparent that we are a species void of conscience.  That a chasm of inequality exists between men and women is undeniable.  Rather than a species of conscience, we are a species of ignorance that allows men to continue to unjustly oppress, dominate, and discriminate against women.  Male/female equality is an oxymoron, a fantastic illusion where billions of women are forced to live their lives in the lowly caste of human inferiors, made to suffer the injustice of discrimination and oppression by their male “superiors.”

The male ego in very culture and society on earth has systematically and shamefully succeeded in stripping the female of any meaningful influence over our species.  With women under control and incapable of mounting any positive resistance against male negativity, men have been able to effectively turn our species into the most violent and destructive force the earth has ever known.  Men have decided that females are born with the mark of inferiority that automatically condemns them at birth to the lowly caste of secondary human being.  Men on the other hand, are born with the mark of superiority and are automatically elevated at birth to the higher caste of primary human being.  In the early days, these marks of superiority and inferiority were discovered of course, by simply looking between the legs of newborn infants to observe either a penis or a vagina; Penis was equal to superior human; Vagina was equal to inferior human.  In this modern day, however, we know well before birth if the child is to be a superior male or an inferior female.

In the eyes of most men, male superiority and female inferiority stand as immutable laws of nature that grant men natural authority over women. Wrapping female servitude in the blanket of duty deflects any serious objections that women may have regarding the injustice of their inferior position as natural servant to men.  Any woman finding fault with this natural order of things is in danger of defying nature.

Just how the false images of male superiority and female inferiority became so deeply entrenched in the fabric of human consciousness can only be theorized, which I later do.  But the fact that women are forced to occupy an oppressed and inferior position within the human race is readily evidenced through simple, objective observation of any society and/or culture on earth.  Women, who attempt to subject the validity of female servitude to scrutiny and open debate, are ridiculed as maladjusted misfits, and dismissed as instigators of social unrest, wasting time by trying to bring attention to an issue not worthy of discussion.  Dismissing these efforts with such contempt is a flurry motion, designed by the male ego to deflect attention away from the importance of female emancipation and protect the male seat of authority.

Men have woven female inferiority into the very fabric of human consciousness

  • Men designed acceptable roles of behavior for boys and girls that must be followed in order to mold young males into dominant beings and young females into subjective beings. We are exposed to these male/female behavior roles from the day we are born, and we behave according         to our natural roles as superior males and inferior females throughout our lives.  (See chapter on “Gender Specific Behavior Programming”)
  • Men designed marriage and structured the family so as to support and maintain the dominant role of the male and the subordinate role of the female, and even though she is the one who gives birth, the children of the marriage are considered to be his and they, as well as their mother, are given his (See chapter on Patrilineage)
  • Male ego took the idea of a universal, non-gender God and wrapped it in a cloak of male gender, successfully establishing a new image of God as “He.” If God is “He,” then “he” is god!  Men designed religious doctrine to authorize female oppression and justify its practice as the Will of that God, which must be obeyed as His holy plan for women.  (See chapter on God – Religion – and God He)

What could have induced the male to so thoroughly strip the female of power, and then continue to engage in an eternal campaign of female oppression that borders on paranoia?  The practice of female oppression and servitude is a direct contradiction to the ideal of human equality which men so readily profess to embrace.  Only men contend that nature itself did not intend for women to be independent human beings, and therefore do not possess the right to complete freedom that naturally comes with being an independent man.  The male ego has swept women into the nether-most regions of human society where they are forced to quietly move about in the shadows of male domination and oppression.

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Female Servitude and Oppression


From Part I Chapter 1  The Stark Reality of Female Oppression

By Shane Stewart

Men have fought many violent and destructive battles to free their brothers from the oppression and domination of tyrannical despots, and they consider the struggle for the right to live in freedom to be an admirable one.  Men consider the cause of struggling for freedom justifies the violence it produces, and men who kill for such a just cause are praised as being selfless, heroic, freedom fighters.

Civilized societies renounce the practice of enslavement as an archaic, unconscionable, and repulsive human injustice.  Most governments have come to outlaw the enslavement of men by other men, and forbid discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and so on.  The primitive and barbaric practice of slavery has all but been eradicated from the ranks of the male of our species.  This all sounds quite noble.  Men tend to display their positive image when talking about equality and freedom.  They love to speak in idealistic terms putting forth such statements as; “We find these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal;” and, “All men have an inherent and unalienable right to self-determination.”  But these are merely empty words.  The selfless and heroic struggle for human freedom and equality that men so proudly proclaim does not exist.  It is a fallacy, an empty fantasy; just fancy rhetoric.  Men have never truly struggled for liberty and justice for all.  Their struggle is far from universal.  When men proclaim that “all men” have the right to be free, they are saying exactly what they mean.  They mean freedom for “men;” for those humans who share in the “brotherhood” of man; for those humans who possess the penis; overwhelmingly, men who are only concerned with freedom, equality, and independence for themselves.  These men do not extend the principle of human freedom to women, and these men will never struggle for the freedom of women because they are the very tyrants of female oppression.

Women constitute over half the population of our species, yet they are caste into a life of oppression and servitude.  Not being men, women are not considered to be independently viable human beings.  Rather, they are considered a dependent extension of men.  Therefore, women have no independent right to human freedom and equality that is naturally bestowed upon the independent male of our species.  Women have nowhere to turn for relief from servitude because female oppression is a socially constructed practice and encouraged in all societies of the world.  From the smallest of tribal groups living in the most remote regions on earth, to the massive populations that occupy the largest cities, the world’s cultural fabric is sewn together by the common thread of female oppression, servitude, and exploitation.  The fact that men continue to confine more than half the human race within the restrictions of oppression and servitude, exposes the concept of human equality as a mere facade behind which there is no substance.

Men employ various tactics designed to convince women that their purpose on earth is to be of service to the superior male.  One very successful tactic involves the use of unsubstantiated myths, legends, traditions, and out-right lies that have been passed down through multiple generations that support the concept of female servitude. One such myth that is popular among men describes female servitude as having been established by divine edict and therefore is part of “God’s” plan for women.  This allows men to instill fear in women that if they do not do as they are supposed to do according to God’s Will, they will surely suffer the wrath of that very God!

The image of male superiority has been woven so deeply into the fabric of human consciousness that men have been able to consolidate their power and authority over humanity across countless thousands of generations.  They have condemned women to a secondary social caste from which they are funneled into roles designed to service and support the daily needs and desires of the superior male.  With such a tight grip on power and authority over our world, men have easily been able to force women into positions that are designed solely to serve, support, and satisfy the male ego.  Women have been charged with the natural duty of servicing men and men’s children and have all the value of a house servant.  Men on the other hand were not created to serve, but to dominate and lead.  Therefore, it is unnatural for a man to be forced into servitude.  It is every man’s natural right to receive the services of a dutiful woman, and every woman’s natural right to be able to give those services.  A man should never deny a woman her natural right of servitude.

It’s interesting to note that men don’t have the conscience necessary to be embarrassed in the least by the established social pattern of female subordination.  And even though men have fought wars to free themselves from the slavery of tyrannical despots, they have never struggled to rid the world of the concept of slavery as a whole.  They have only fought to free men from slavery.  There cannot be a struggle for human freedom if that struggle does not include the struggle for the freedom of women.  Men do not consider the concept of human freedom extends to women because women were created for the purpose of service.  Therefore, a woman cannot be labeled a servant or a slave; she is simply naturally duty bound to serve, and it is only through full commitment to those duties that her freedom is truly attained.

Men may claim to be proud of their struggles to free their brothers, but they are steadfast in the determination to keep women down.  Men discriminate against women not because of such minor differences they normally use to discriminate against each other, such as skin color, ethnicity, religion, and so on; no, men discriminate against women because women aren’t constructed like men.  Their bodies are different.  A woman’s body is not shaped like a man’s body. What condemns women to servitude is that they were born without a penis!  Because women have no penis, men consider them forever inferior, and the inferiors can never achieve the level of equality that men share amongst themselves.  Women are the only group on Earth to suffer the injustice of discrimination based upon the shape of their body.  But it is the very shape of a woman’s body that is responsible for creating human life itself, including that of every man.  Yet women are victimized by the most heinous system of organized oppression and discrimination ever directed toward a specific group of people in the history of humanity.  The negative attitude that men project about women creates an atmosphere that leads women to consistently be denigrated, exploited, dominated, oppressed, beaten, raped, and murdered throughout the world’s societies.  Any supposed rights women possess are secondary to those of men.  Men stand united behind the dictate that women are not supposed to have the type of freedom that comes with being a man.  Human freedom was intended for men, but human servitude was intended for women.  Most men consider women to be a different breed of human; created only to fulfill the specific purpose of serving men.  In the world of the male ego, female servitude is a non-issue.  Most men are united in their understanding that women were placed on this earth for the purpose of giving service to men.

It has long been known that discrimination and oppression are the result of a bloated and warped sense of self-importance and callous ignorance that festers in the minds of many male ego motivated men who eventually become possessed by a negative will to control and enslave others. Throughout civilized societies of the world, men have condemned and forbidden the forced servitude and exploitation of the labor of men.  But these same men, in the same civilized societies, unabashedly feed on the forced servitude and exploitation of female labor.  Even those men who have suffered under oppression and tyranny, still readily join in the systematic exploitation of the female!  As of this writing, every nation, government, society, religion, and culture on earth openly or tacitly embraces, encourages, and participates in female subordination.  At this very moment, in every culture on Earth, the most consistent exploitation and oppression ever organized and maintained against a specific group of people in human history is being carried out by men against women.  Men are not concerned with the injustice of female oppression, nor will they raise their voices in protest, because it is men who reap the benefits of female servitude.

How is it possible that women can be denied human freedom and equality by the very men they create?  Why can society condemn the enslavement of men and so readily embrace the oppression of women?  Why do some women seem to embrace their inferiority, taking great pride in serving men?  Steeped in the belief that serving men and society is their natural duty, many women are programmed to disregard any serious social debate that might suggest they are an oppressed and exploited people.  Born to the caste of society’s workhorses and brood mares, women are fated to perform the role of natural servants of free men.  Some women know of no other way of life, and rarely make serious objections about the way they are treated.  The lives of many women are comparable to that which is found under the rule of benevolent despots who avoid heaping public physical abuse upon their subjects in lieu of encouraging and exploiting their labor through displays of faint praise and false respect, like being the “good master.

Men have been able to convince many women that their secondary role in society is an honorable and admirable one.  Lacking the power to dislodge themselves from a life of servitude, those women have resigned to perform it well, and have developed a sense of pride in being amongst those who are “born to serve.”  As in all master/servant relationships, men have become dependent upon women to continue fulfilling their needs and the needs of society.  Therefore, the treatment of women is not categorized as exploitation.  New generations are encouraged to continue this discrimination, and can do so without fear of prosecution because the oppression of women has been exempted from the list of crimes against humanity.  The negative treatment of the female is standard across all cultures.  Females occupy a weak and powerless secondary social position, and this fact is used to justify clearing all guilt from society’s collective conscience that might occasionally arise because of the exploitation of women.  Masking female oppression as “normal and acceptable human behavior,” guarantees female labor will be available for exploitation by future generations.

The structure of human society has always been male master and female servant.  In many cultures a woman is literally stripped of her identity, denied individuality, and lives or dies by the will of the man who owns her.  Women are considered to be the product of an inferior human mold designed by a higher authority to serve their superiors, which of course, are men!  To these men, if women are suffering, it is because they have brought it upon themselves by resisting their natural role on earth which is to serve them.  Many women long ago abandoned most hope of individual freedom for themselves because society has been conditioned to female oppression and servitude.  For thousands of generations, the prejudice and discrimination directed toward women has been universally accepted by society, and normalized as a matter of course.

It is self-evident that no human being has the right to “enslave” another human being.  But the words “slave” and “servant” are not used to define the subjugation that is expected of women because of their secondary position relative to the male.  Indeed, it is their “duty and obligation” to perform their servitude in relation to men.  The prescribed duties for the female as subordinate are standard among all societies and are justified as a fulfillment of the superior male and inferior female roles.  This places female servitude beyond the realm of any moral judgment and authorizes its eternal practice. The only acceptable form of slavery is female servitude.  Not being men, women are far less able to occupy positions of authority reserved for men, and they are not given the inherent human rights that men possess.  Men have determined that people born with the female body are inferior, and can never be considered equal to those born with a male body.  That means that whether you are a mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, or lover, you are being exploited because you were born with the inferior mark of the vagina.

Men claim that their superiority over, and subsequent domination of the inferior female cannot be changed nor contested because it was designed by nature and is intended to define the proper behavior between males and females.  Alluding to male superiority as genetic and natural is among the many fallacies and lies woven into human consciousness by the negative male ego in support of the ludicrous claim of male superiority and the eternal servitude of the female to the negative male ego.

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Reflections of Your Oppression

From Part I Chapter 1  The Stark Reality of Female Oppression

By Shane Stewart

Women of the world, it must be logically concluded that sometime during human development there existed a period of relative human equality; a time when authority and responsibility for the survival of our species was shared in a partnership between you and the men you were creating.  There were no dominant males and subservient females.  But as time passed, this naturally evolving state of human equality between men and women was dealt a tragic and fatal blow, becoming a victim of the greatest fallacy in human history; the fallacy of male “superiority.”  As our young species continued to develop, primitive men began to understand the awesome power you, as women, held over the creation of human life itself.  But rather than appreciate this critical responsibility, men became jealous.  Rather than support you, they became resentful.  Rather than cooperate with you, they became competitive.  And rather than love you, they became envious.

The resentment men hold for you is so deep that they even went to the ridiculous extreme of blaming women for the “fall of man” as foretold in many religious books [written by men, of course], and espoused the ludicrous concept that the pain of both your menstrual period and childbirth is the curse that women must bear for committing that “original sin.”  How is it possible that the very act and cycles that sustain our species could be a curse rather than an honor?  Sadly, to this very day men are still busy using you as the scapegoat for their own insecurities, inadequacies, and failures.  Men knew they had nothing that could match your level of importance in the proliferation of our species.  Seeing the awesome responsibility you possess in giving birth, men realized that they were relatively incidental to the process of procreation.  The only thing that men had which remotely eclipsed your abilities in every aspect of life was their simple, primal, physical, brute strength.  Men used that strength then, and they use it now, to dominate you physically and terrorize you mentally and emotionally.

Because they could physically control you and terrorize you, men became obsessed with the delusion that their greater physical strength actually granted them a position of natural superiority over you.  Eventually, standing behind their false image of superiority, and saturated with greed for power, men united in a brotherhood of superiority, and proceeded to violently and systematically strip you of any and all meaningful authority within our species; establishing our current and uncontested male dominated patriarchal social construct that is based upon a foundation of female oppression and exploitation.  It will always be the subject of theory, debate, and conjecture as to why men so viciously betrayed you.  But as evidenced by the barbaric practice of female oppression that permeates contemporary society in both the developed and undeveloped world, there can be no debate of the fact that men did indeed carry out that cowardly betrayal.

As men succeeded in their campaign to conquer you, the stage was set for the foundation of violence and self-destruction that would forever come to define our species through the violent male ego.  With you properly subdued and securely in your place, men had nowhere else to focus their lust for power, domination, and violence except upon each other.  Bloated with ego and saturated with greed for greater individual authority and control over others, men soon trampled the brotherhood, and began eliminating each other through never-ending battles for power and domination that continue to this day!

Men are constantly flailing around in mindless violence, completely out of control.  And like an angry child caught in the grip of tantrum, they will continue to flail until “mommy” physically subdues them.  The violence of men will have to be stopped because they will never voluntarily stop themselves.  Someone then, must take on that responsibility.  But who can that be?  In order to answer this question, we must first ask, “Who brings these violent creatures to Earth?”  We find the answer to that question set right before us, glaring and simple; you, women, the original victims of male violence, domination, and oppression, are the ones who continue to give life to your oppressors!”  But you see, when you bring males to this planet, you bring benevolent infant youth, not violent, vicious, destructive beasts.  It is the older men who mold your young sons into monsters, feeding them with instructions to physically turn upon and dominate you, their maker; which is the same programming their male elders fed into them.

You may find this difficult to believe, or even impossible to think, but if male violence is to be stopped, it will have to be stopped by you, women of the world.  Men tell us they fight wars to end violence.  This is a lie!  They fight wars to perpetuate violence.  They do not battle each other to reach compromise, they battle each other to destroy and dominate.  You must break the shackles of male domination and take control as the sounder gender before the male ego takes us all out.  This day may come sooner than anyone realizes, and you are the only ones with the power to mold your male children into sounder human beings, not the egotistically superior, oppressive, violent creatures they become as a programmed product of the destructive male ego in their lives.

I have found that many men have no ability to reason beyond that of a child who cannot grasp the concept of cause and effect.  I see most men on the emotional level of a selfish, self-centered, angry two-year old male child; writhing on the ground in a screaming frenzy because mommy won’t let him have something he wants, even though that something he wants may harm him.  The child doesn’t know.  Men are the “man-child” of the world and they have tragically gone well beyond childish tantrums.  They are now big boys who can actually dominate mommy physically.  Men are children in possession of a loaded gun, and that gun is being wildly waved around as the male child realizes that with it he can dominate through force, fear, and intimidation.  And sadly, whomever the man-child cannot dominate or terrorize into submission, he will attempt to destroy.

Women of the world, I have found that most of you agree that you are laboring under the yoke of male domination.  But you don’t really see yourselves as servant to the image of male superiority.  You also seem to understand that you are subordinate to the male ego in society.  But you don’t really understand that you are deeply and unjustly oppressed and exploited, forever doomed to occupy the caste of social inferior, into which men have tossed you.  It’s as though men have been able to convince you that serving them is your duty!  Many of you allow the man-child to placate you by acting as though you accept the finger painting fantasy men have delivered to you; that you are “special” and everything they do, they only do for you.  Surely you know this picture is an obvious farce.  Tear it up and throw it back in their faces.  Yes, men see you as special.  You are the special ones who are inferior.  You are the special ones who serve.  You are the special ones who are ridiculed, belittled, cursed, beaten, raped, and murdered; all at the hands of the very men you create.

In order to satisfy their image of manhood, men must make sure that you are consistently molded into beings that serve them and stroke their ego.  In doing so, they take your individuality and crush your independence.  You exist solely as the inferior servants of men, and many of you are brainwashed co-conspirators of your own oppression.  There are many women who have been able to succeed in business, government, and society.  But those successes are few and far in between, because men are and always will be the dominant and final authority in business, government, and society – forever – unless you change that reality!

There is no cause on earth more important, urgent, or essential to the continuation of our species than that of female emancipation.  For thousands of generations your voice, the voice of the positive female, has been rendered silent by the grip of the iron fist of male domination around your throats.  Your silence has had a devastatingly negative effect on our world.  Society has become molded and directed by the singular, negative voice of the domineering male ego as it echoes around the earth in an incessant and insane call to violence, destruction, human slaughter, and oppression of women.  The male egos of millions of men all over the world have been energized by this, and they embrace this call to perpetual female oppression.  Men exult in their violence and revel in destruction, bestowing the status of “hero” upon the most violent among them.  They are deeply set in their violent ways and are certain that nothing can ever stop them.  However, they are wrong.

Men can be stopped.  They can be stopped by those they least suspect of having the power to do so; people they have dismissed as inferiors for thousands of years.  Those inferiors are the very people who create them.  Those inferiors are you, the women of the world, and it is you who must take that loaded gun out of the hand of the angry man-child.  Women of the world you must understand that the true power and authority over humanity rightfully rests in your hands.  It has always been intended for you – the creational female – to guide and direct us into a world of civilized, positive, social cooperation.  This is how you have been conditioned over countless thousands of generations of caring for people.  Men took that leadership away from you long ago, and now only you can stop them from destroying any hope we have of attaining such a society.  You may not be able to imagine it, but it is imperative that you come together; to talk, to work, to exchange ideas, and to cooperate as a unified force for female emancipation throughout the Earth.  You must stand as one.

You are the ones who give birth to men, and you have allowed your children to dominate, oppress, and destroy you and the world we live in.  You must gather the strength to stand and take control of your offspring.  You must pry the fist of male domination from around your throats and demand your freedom.  You must confront men with the fact that their violence is no longer acceptable!  There are many non-violent and enlightened men who will stand with you!  Again, I am one of them and there are undoubtedly millions more!  As females, you have been trained from birth to accept the image of male superiority and the image of your own inferiority.

You have been molded as servants for maintaining the daily needs and satisfying the sexual demands of your superior male counterparts.  I realize it may be difficult for you to see it otherwise.  As the creators of these men, you know full well that it is ludicrous to even think they could possibly be your superiors!

At What Point Do Boys Become Your “Superiors?”

Many men are overly verbose about the “inferiority” of women, oblivious to the fact that boasting about male “superiority” is not a display of male strength and confidence, but rather an embarrassing confirmation that male domination of women is a pathetic, and obvious display of nervous weakness and insecurity.  The mask of male superiority is meant to deflect attention from the true mental and emotional instability of most men.  Those who seek their identity in the domination and oppression of others are deficient human beings.  They lack any internal foundation of “I am,” upon which humans must build individuality, self-awareness, empathy, and conscience.

Why is it that the only people on Earth who seem to find it necessary to claim superiority over others, are those people who have a penis?  Does the penis hold some kind of mysterious power that bestows superiority upon those who possess it?  If, in fact, male superiority is actually a truth and not a fallacy, at what point in life do your sons (and other boys) become your superiors?  Is it the moment you give birth to that wailing, bawling, helpless infant with a penis?  Is he your superior?  Does your male child magically morph into your superior sometime during the diaper changing years, or does it suddenly happen during the “terrible twos?”  Perhaps he automatically supersedes you the moment that first whisker pops out on his upper lip at the onset of puberty?  Or could it be that he becomes your superior the moment he realizes that he is physically bigger and now stronger than you?  That the people you create become superior to you is, in fact, a bunch of nonsense and malarkey!  And every one of you know it!  In reality, that momentous event never occurs.  However, in the fantasy riddled minds and male egos of your sons, they do not, and will not ever see it that way.

Males have been lead to believe, and/or have been told all their lives that they are superior to females, and in their limited little minds, the world of the female also includes you, mommy.  Young boys begin dabbling in their image of superiority as soon as they’re able to start physically dominating young girls; pulling their pigtails, hitting them in the back, and deriding them as sissy girls.  But although they can dominate the young females, boys become conflicted and confused much of the time about their male superiority, because they are still too small and weak to dominate the primal female; mommy.  They see daddy dominating mommy, but it is yet within their grasp to be able do so.  Mommy is just too powerful.  Dominating mommy is an elusive and frustrating fantasy that supposedly comes to life somewhere in the future.

Tragically however, we are all aware that there certainly will come that day in life when your sons suddenly realize they are now able to overpower and dominate you physically.  And when that time finally does come, these boys know that you are as much aware of it as they are.  This is the moment they have been waiting for all their short lives; the physical domination of mommy!  This is the verification of their “ego of male superiority.”  Due to simple physical strength, the beast of their male ego has now come into full bloom.  They are at last more powerful than mommy.  They are now ready to reign dominant over all women, and rain havoc upon the world.  They are no longer boys playing violent video games, shooting cap pistols and water guns, and pulling pig tails.  They are now men shooting live ammunition, enforcing their dominion over women, and daring mommy to stop them.

Superiority over others based upon physical strength is generally found in “ape” societies, where chest pounding and muscle power rightfully dominate.  This type of authority is okay in the animal world.  But when men act like apes in the human world, why would you not confront them, and tell these guys they are acting like apes?  Do you give birth to apes?  Why wouldn’t you loudly object to the male ego charade of male superiority that continues to destroy human society?  Could it be that you are so deeply imprinted with the fallacy that you actually are inferior to men, that you find it difficult to believe that you’re not?  Or is it that you feel intimidated?  Do you fear what men will do to you if you confront them and tell them the truth about their violence; that they are destructive creatures who cannot change without your help?  If that is the case, it’s a valid fear, for you know all too well there is no limit to the extent of male violence and destruction.  You are consistently the victims of beatings, rapes, and murders in every culture on earth.  Women of the world, behold the beast you have unleashed!

Do not misunderstand me.  I am not saying I think you are responsible for the destruction caused by the male ego.  But I am calling upon you to become responsible for stopping it; because like a drug addiction, the male ego will never voluntarily cease its violence or concede its domination over you.  You are our only hope for the realization of human beings living in a peaceful and civilized society.  As women, you are the ones who possess an innate sense of reason, rationality, and empathy.  As women, you were born immune to infection by the male ego.  As women, you are our creators and our saviors, not our destroyers, and it is you who are designed to give birth, to nurture, and to construct and lead a civilized human society.

The image of male superiority is a ridiculous fallacy; an obviously laughable joke.  Yet it seriously saturates every culture and society on earth as truth.  It must be extremely difficult for you to push against that.  But ask yourself how men can possibly consider themselves your superiors, when they can’t even give birth and raise a child.  The proliferation of our species rests entirely in your hands.  Could this be why the male ego forced its domination upon you, to take control over your power of life that is not naturally theirs?  Men have collectively proven themselves to be incompetent and inept at leading the human race.  The upheaval of society, the oppression of women, and the domination and control of the weaker, is the agenda of the destructive male ego.

The perpetuation of our species is highly unlikely unless power, authority, and responsibility over all aspects of international relationships, agreements between nations, and all social and moral codes is removed from the hands of the destructive male ego, and restored entirely into a balance between men and your creational female consciousness.  Men were never intended to be our exclusive leaders in a world of diverse, civilized people.  They alone were never intended to direct peaceful human interaction.  It is beyond the comprehension of the male ego.  The male ego is not sustenance oriented; it is oriented toward deprivation and the exploitation of available resources.  To the male ego, the female is merely another resource to be exploited.

Surprisingly however, human males are “constructively” remarkable in their own way.  They have their own unique and undisputed position in society in which they excel.  Their expertise is in their ability to solve external problems in the physical world.  They clearly understand the material world and have a natural ability to reconstruct and manipulate matter.  Men have built magnificent cities, beautiful bridges, incredible machines, space vehicles, super computers; enumerable things that have contributed immensely to our physical and mechanical world.  They are to be appreciated and respected for their efforts in the material realm.  Men are great scientists, doctors, lawyers, architects, and so on.  Male body strength allows them to excel in sports, which they dearly love because of their competitive nature.  This is marvelous!  I myself am a physically active man.  I love to participate in competitive sports and watch men aspire to record setting heights in their respective sports.  The physical, matter world is the world of men, and I recognize and respect their indispensable contributions to it.  And as I will be covering in greater depth later in the book, (See chapter on The Mobile Society) we have men to thank in ancient times when they ultimately came to accept their role as our protector against fierce predators which at that time assured the survival of the human species.

But deftness in the material, physical environment is but just one of the faculties required to sustain the human race.  The realm of positive human relationship is where the male meets its challenge of comprehension.  Most men cannot grasp the intramural workings of positive human interaction specifically when, where and why our survival depends upon compromise and cooperation.  These men have little understanding of the subtle, less defined mechanisms of the human condition when for example; compassion rather than competition is the only option for successful, peaceful resolution.  The male ego goes further to foolishly assume its skills at mechanistic domination and manipulation of the finite material world can solve relational human conflicts and dilemma when intimidation and saber rattling only exacerbates crisis.  The human male has all the tools necessary for the control and appropriation of those things ruled by immutable physical laws.  But the male ego continues to prove to be inept and even void of the human qualifications required to navigate positive and cooperative resolutions to human relations and problems.  Women, however, are especially uniquely and naturally adept in this area.

This explains why many men are incompetent, ineffectual, and incapable as leaders.  The male ego has driven our society into chaotic crisis.  In the realm of developing and maintaining positive human interaction, the male ego is simply ill-equipped. It does not learn from mistakes but continues to repeat the same historically negative and destructive patterns.  Male ego afflicted men were never meant to be societal leaders.  They are not evolutionarily adapted for such a task.  They are not equipped with the mutable skills necessary for addressing social and relational challenges and have no solid comprehension of the compassion, cooperation, compromise, and community necessary for peaceful reconciliation of personal, social, local or global conflicts.  The male ego continues to act as though the only resolution to human disagreements is through intimidation and the violent application of force.  We have long since evolved past the time when violence was the only proper response to danger, and while our species only survived up to this point because men won the deadly competition against a perilous environment and predators, the male capacity for brute force and violence which once saved us, is now destroying us.  Once men had conquered a harsh environment filled with deadly predators, they turned upon each other, upon you, your children, and upon our mother Earth herself.  Because of the destructive male ego, this is the state of the human condition today.

As women, you are the natural facilitators of human society.  You are oriented toward people.  Long ago you became adapted to resolving human conflict within the collective while men were out hunting and fighting our predators.  This was the original and primary division of labor between women and men.  You gave us birth, nurtured us, and schooled us in proper social interaction while in the “hearth” as we careened through childhood – both figuratively and literally.  Your evolution has adapted you for understanding human affairs.  You are woman!  As I present in more detail in the chapter on “The Mobile Society,” you understand the internal aspects of human interaction.  You know the necessity of compassion, cooperation, compromise, and community in finding peaceful resolutions to human differences.  As our natural social leaders, you must reclaim your rightful power and authority in all positions of government and society that require resolving human conflict and differences.  You are not limited by the handicap of a male ego. You do not seek to conquer, but to cooperate.  You do not seek to confront, but to compromise.  If you, as women, were rightfully deciding diplomatic world affairs, you would work toward resolutions that would give some satisfaction to all parties involved.  This CAN be attained with reason!  When male ego afflicted men gather to decide world affairs, the result is always competitive disagreement, negativity, divisiveness, and conflict, with the more powerful imposing their will upon the weaker; real or perceived.

Ask yourself why countless multitudes of men are so paranoid about keeping you out of positions of power and authority in the world.  Why do they make it a point to project the negative image that you, as women, would be ineffectual in world affairs?  How do they achieve this?  Have they ever seen you collectively try, and fail, at resolving our mortal differences as they have?  What is at risk in giving you the opportunity to lead?  Could you possibly do any worse than our male dominated history illustrates?  Could it be that men fear that you would lead us into perpetual war; to the brink of annihilation?  Could they be afraid that as incompetent females you might create monstrous nuclear weapons that could destroy the entire planet with the push of a button?  Or maybe they fear that your inability to manage resources might hurl our planet toward the agonizing death of environmental catastrophe?  But wait a minute!  Aren’t these the things that are already happening right now, as a result of incompetent male ego leadership?  Just why then does the male ego so fervently object to turning the reins of authority over to the gender that just might be able to do a more effective job?  That’s exactly it!  The male ego knows you would do a better job at administering the social compact.  The destructive male ego cannot allow submission; it cannot fathom concession to failure – even to the bitter end of humanity and Earth itself.

The human race has nothing to lose and everything to gain in transferring the greater portion of power and authority over our global social structures back into your hands.  If this is not done, and done soon, we are complicit in our own destruction, and I fear that men would rather see this happen than to free you from the prison of male domination.  If you as women are truly better equipped to lead us, you might ask, then why have men always been the ones in positions of authority throughout human history?  The answer is easy; men simply took power and authority from you by force long ago.  And it is through this constant use of force, fear, intimidation, and brainwashing of our young that the male ego continues to thwart any possibility that you may once again responsibly lead human society.  The pattern the male ego has used throughout history and today to dominate you is the same pattern it continues to use to dominate each other.  The competitive and possessive male ego demands that it attempt to destroy whatever it cannot dominate or control.

Male ego afflicted men are contaminated with resentment and envy at your power over the foundation of our survival; human reproduction.  They cannot take the power of creating life away from you, so they take power over you by dominating and destroying that which you create; human life!  Men are out of control and have set us upon a path toward annihilation of which they are incapable of changing.  They do not have the ability or the strength of will to alter their course.  Most men are not intentionally destroying humanity, but just like a lion that must attack, men cannot stop themselves from doing it.  Every position on earth that carries the power of authority in human matters must be returned to you, the women of the world, and you must accept it, or our planet Earth is doomed.

Women of the world, you are our only hope.  Your positive voice must be heard.  You must stand up to men and demand your freedom.  You are woman.  You create men and you must now intervene against your creation in order to correct the violent path of human destruction that has been set by the violent male ego.  Your oppression and domination by men is among the most heinous, cruel, and primitive injustices ever organized and sustained against a specific group of people in the history of humanity.  It is an ugly and barbaric stain upon the fabric of human consciousness, and one that future generations will condemn as the “dark ages” in the development of human conscience.

Men of course, don’t want you thinking that you’re being oppressed and exploited.  So, they distract you with flurry motions; deeds of faux respect to make you think, that they think, you are above them.  They open the door for you, light your cigarette, call you sweetheart, show you off, buy you gifts, tell you how special you are, take you out to dinner, buy you clothes, give you jewelry, always claim “ladies first”, and put you in a home and support you.  But when you’re not looking, they morph back into real men; sharing exploits with their buddies, belittling you, and bragging about the other babes they’ve been “nailing to the bedposts,” sometimes literally.

  • For many women, these flurry motions work, because many of you say you don’t believe you’re being oppressed. Some of you have told me your husbands or boyfriends put you on a pedestal.  What is that?  Is that like the deer-head trophy in the den that he’s so proud of?  And then again, I’ve had women tell me they understand that the situation between men and women is a little unbalanced, but my writing is just too intense and causes too much trouble.  Besides, their husbands, sons, and pastors have told them they are not being oppressed.
  • And then there are those women who are entirely afraid to say anything at all to men about male violence because they are being terrorized, beaten and battered. They know they dare not say anything about female oppression to the men in their lives.  I understand that these women must remain silent.  Having been beaten in the past, they will be beaten again, and many will be beaten to death by the very men they once loved and trusted.

No man alive today is guilty of originating the barbaric practice of female oppression.  Men of ancient times who were uneducated, stupid, selfish, and oblivious to any concept of crimes against humanity or human equality, brought female oppression into being.  But every man alive today that does not stand up and speak out against the cruelty that you as contemporary women suffer, are guilty of crimes against humanity and perpetuating your oppression!  Modern men are supposed to be educated and civilized.  They’re supposed to know the truth; that oppressing you is wrong, that oppressing any human being is wrong.  But while they still can, many modern men continue to subtly take advantage of you, feeling no shame in exploiting your services to further their own personal agenda of male “superiority” and/or sexual gratification.  And they will continue to use you as long as you let them.

Over the course of countless thousands of generations, you have allowed male leadership to turn our species into the most violent and destructive force the earth has ever known.  This fact is appalling, and should bring shame upon the character of modern men, filling them with a determination to change before it’s too late.  But amazingly it does not!  How many more years, decades, and centuries must pass?  How many more of your generations must suffer before you lead society out of primitive, male domination, and into the modern, female consciousness of civilization?  Sadly, we may already be out of the time necessary for you to make any kind of change that will stop our impending destruction at the hands of the violent male ego.  Women of the world the time for your awakening is now!          Shane Stewart, 2014.

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