Welcome to the Evolution of Human Consciousness!

The Female Imperative

A Manifesto for Female Emancipation

and the Evolution of Human Consciousness…

Stewart and I have spent our lives knowing there was a truth just below the surface of human awareness that could explain the explainable; why decade after decade after decade, humanity continues to collectively find itself in the same place it was centuries before.

We have our science. We learn more and more about our physical world, our physical bodies and our physical universe, but even with our 21st century understanding of what makes our world, our bodies and our universe “tick” we have come no closer to understanding what makes humanity “tick!”

We have our technology. We’ve made “life” easier, faster, better, bigger, brighter, more convenient and more comfortable, but even these 21st century technological advances are only enjoyed by a fortunate few, and are our lives really “better” because of them? Our technology does nothing to rectify human suffering; and it has only served to keep most of us distracted from that suffering.

We have our laws. We believe ourselves to be “civilized” and claim to know the difference between right and wrong. We piously defend and fight for justice and democracy and pretend that these things are applied equally among us; as if the enforcement of our civilized laws has nothing to do with geography, income, status or privilege. Our laws have not protected humanity from harm or injustice. In fact they are more effective as a subjective and manipulative tool to benefit the powerful.

We have our religions. But our religions have done nothing to improve the human condition, only giving comfort to those believers who seek their deliverance from evil only in death. In fact, our religions have just proven to be reliable sources of human oppression and control throughout our history and still today.

Century upon century has passed and yet humanity finds itself closer to self-destruction today than perhaps any time in our history. We cannot seem to learn from our collective histories. We seem to be in a constant loop of repeating the same mistakes, the same atrocities, the same patterns of behavior that keep us all just dangling from that thin thread known as survival.

Are we really to simply accept this as the “human condition?”

The Female Imperative says “NO!”

The Female Imperative emphatically rejects that the “human” condition is to never learn from its history; its mistakes and successes; that the “human” condition is to never evolve past greed, domination, hate, fear, apathy and oppression! This is NOT the human condition my friends, this IS the “animal condition!”

The Female Imperative is the “truth” that lies just below the surface of human awareness; that the human condition is not just the global emancipation of the human female, but the integration of the human female [creational] consciousness with that of the human male. The isolation of human male consciousness allows the animal mind of the male ego to endlessly continue unimpeded, its agenda of destruction, greed and oppression. The isolation of female [creational] consciousness through the oppression and subordination of the human female keeps one half of our human whole dissolute, ineffective and weak; but when liberated and integrated will bring about the end of animal mind and the animal condition, and the beginning of human mind and the human condition – evolution.

The Female Imperative is a complete unedited manuscript currently seeking professional edit and publishing.  The Female Imperative is a collaborative effort in principle, intention and editing.  However Part I was the groundwork provided by Shane Stewart; added to and expanded upon beginning with Objectification and continuing to Part II provided by T.L. Dayen.  TFI is a labor of love; a love for humanity and our true purpose.

Quote from “The Female Imperative:”

“The human male, once the proud protector of our species, has become the very tool of our destruction; an irony unparalleled in history and one we will not survive without a drastic change in the very fabric of negative human consciousness that we pass to our children about the nature of men and women. The endless violence and destruction of life wrought by the destructive male ego must be stopped before it takes us over the event horizon of our annihilation. There is but one path to our salvation, and it leads through The Female Imperative!

For feminists, most of TFI may not be telling any of us anything we didn’t really already know, but it is certainly finally speaking the one truth that most haven’t been willing or courageous enough to utter. Truth as thought seethes just below the surface of collective assumption and appearance, but truth spoken rings like a thunder clap that rips through the white noise of ignorance shattering assumptions and appearances that have kept us all deaf, dumb and blind to reality. TFI is not another intellectual exercise of feminist theory that dissects and debates female oppression and subordination. TFI goes far beyond the call for female emancipation and makes the case that humanity may not survive another century of male [ego] domination through a global social construct of gender division. But TFI also goes far beyond the call for women’s equality. As a “manifesto,” You will be introduced to terms and concepts such as “animal mind,” “female creational consciousness,” “male ego images,” “human mind,” and “human equilibrium.”

TFI ultimately takes us out of our collective history into our collective present; providing a [blue print] picture that within the male and female nature lays the keys to move beyond mere individual survival and oppression and into humanity’s collectively liberated evolution. TFI is calling for nothing short of a paradigm shift; a sea change in the way the human race reflects upon itself; its purpose; its destiny; its relationship, beginning with the emancipation and integration of the female half of our human whole.”

Welcome to the Evolution of Human Consciousness!

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