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The Female Imperative; A Manifesto for Female Emancipation and the Evolution of Human Consciousness (TFI) was the brain child of Shane Stewart, but TFI.com-unity was the brain child of myself, T.L. Dayen.  While TFI is a complete unedited and unpublished manuscript, Stewart and I are committed and dedicated to the principles of TFI.  So, this web-site is a forum through which to advance those principles by educating and engaging the public on the current issues and events that support those principles. It is also an opportunity for Stewart and I to expand upon and clarify TFI through our real time perspectives, opinions and conclusions. It was designed with the intention of creating a communal space of learning, understanding and evolving; a hub for personal, social and global positive change – a movement!

TFI does not deny its political association and/or affiliation. Politics is the forum through which a civilization both advances and expresses its values. Our politics determine our laws, policies and resource allocations that indeed determine our collective destiny and ideally, reflect our collective priorities. This ideal is called a “Democracy” (Human Mind). When our laws, policies and resource allocation do not reflect our “collective” priorities, but only the priorities of a powerful few however, then Democracy is threatened by Theocracy, Mobocracy, Oligarchy and Fascism (Animal Mind).


TFI.com-unity currently has five categories. “Animal Mind” articles will reflect and inform on the destructive male ego. “Human Mind” articles will reflect and inform on examples of what is possible when humanity rejects the disunity and oppression caused by gender/race/religious/income divisions of the animal mind male ego and embraces human unity in purpose, cause and productive reality based solutions to destructive image based problems. “Political Passions” examines the principles of TFI through the powerful lens of politics.  “From the Desk” posts papers straight from my academic journey.  Finally, “Rant Room” provides a space to remove the filters and just let it go – when you just have to – within the parameters of decency of course….. Other than Rant Room, many of our posts will overlap among categories.


We have also begun posting actual content from TFI listed by Part, Chapter and section.  We are in the process of seeking representation for professional edit and publishing.  However, we don’t want this arduous process to deter our crucial message from reaching even just one individual.  The Female Imperative is a collaborative effort in principle, intention and editing.  However Part I was the groundwork provided by Shane Stewart; added to and expanded upon by T.L. Dayen beginning with Objectification and continuing through Part II.  TFI is a labor of love; a love for humanity and our true purpose. We hope you learn from and enjoy these excerpts from the unedited manuscript.


TFI.com-unity links are intended to educate and engage our readers and visitors. News vs. Fake News links to both Animal and Human Mind information centers. In order to effectively make one’s argument and defend one’s position, one must be aware and cognizant of the counter argument and position. Political Activism also links to both Animal and Human Mind social and political efforts and causes that Stewart and I believe have the greatest potential for either positive or negative change.EBooks links to my previously self-published “Collection of Essays from the Underclass” which chronicles the rise of the T-Party 2008-2010 after the election of the first Black President.



This web-site is will undergo growth and change as the TFI movement undergoes growth and change. We appreciate your patience and continued support while we continue to improve and refine this “hub” of evolutionary reason.

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