Viable Offspring

From Part I Chapter 5  Humans in the Myth

By Shane Stewart

The process of evolution has produced a staggering variation of physical life forms on our planet.  Earth’s known life forms are classified and identified as members of a particular species and can reproduce within that species.  Human beings, regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, etc., are still biologically one species and are compatible for procreation.  Beyond the contact required for reproduction, however, males and females are entirely independent beings.  Any relationship men and women have beyond that of procreation comes entirely out of cultural conditioning and programming.

For all species except human, physical reproduction is the zenith of their purpose on Earth.  Humans, however, are the only species to have elevated from the path of simple physical survival [reproduction] as our purpose on Earth and have indeed raised our aspirations toward the metaphysical.  Humans can consciously choose to evolve beyond mere survival and existence.

Primates occupy the highest rung in the evolutionary ladder of “physical” life.  All primates have a male and female of the species.  Humans are classified as primate.  Our mating is obviously essential and necessary for the successful survival of our species.  Only mating with each other will result in the viable offspring of our species.  Our species is our genetic, reproductive boundary.  As long as two humans mate, [no matter where on Earth] that coupling can result in viable offspring.  So, while the mating between a male Chihuahua and a female Great Dane may be unlikely, it would none-the-less produce offspring because they are both Canines.  Not the case for a cat and a dog.  I’m sure it would have been attempted already if it were possible.  Of course, this is all nature’s way of ensuring the survival of all species on the planet.  As humans for instance, we are all incredibly varied and different amongst ourselves as it is, let alone if some of us had a tail and others long snouts or cloven hoofs.  That kind of genetic variation would never support the survival of our species or any other for that matter.

Humanity, however, is the only species that further defines and divides itself by additional biological, cultural, and social parameters such as skin color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, politics, and so on.  These “identities” have nothing to do with producing the viable offspring necessary to promote our survival:  black or white; Italian or Eskimo; Muslim or Mormon; even Republican or Democrat; according to Mother Nature, “It’s all good!”  So why, as humans, are we so strongly discouraged from romantically and/or sexually relating to one another as a unified, cooperative, and common species?  Once again, the negative male ego has made this determination for us!  Pairing people of different nationalities, races, religions and so on is frowned upon by dominant males because it weakens the wall that the power hungry male ego has established to keep humanity in a divided and constant state of conflict.  This supports the age-old adage of “divide and conquer.”

However, men do not forbid mix mating between animals of the “lower” order as in the world of dog, cat, and horse breeding, where many different types of these animals are mated to produce a desired mix; generally, for profit.  I once had a very close K9 companion named “Princess Pookie.”  She was a mix between a Chinese Chow and a Japanese Akita.  She was beautiful, loyal, and smart.  But in the human world, Chinese and Japanese discourage the mixing of their races.  The children of such pairings and others face discrimination and taunting by other children as being mixed breeds, half breeds, etc.

The male ego has been able to convince us that our identity – that which we are – is nothing more than the physical body we occupy; the nationality we are born under, the culture within which we live, or the color of skin we wear.  This is entirely ludicrous!  We are all human beings with character traits and personalities that establish more of our identity than the country into which we were born.  Our blood is not Irish, nor Argentinian, British, nor black or white.  We all share the same human blood.  Any human in need of blood can receive it from any other human being with the same blood type.  Blood types do not stop at international borders.  I am a white, American male.  If I need blood it does not have to come from another white, American male.  It can come from a man or a woman of any race, of any nationality, of any age, that has my blood type.  However, the world of the negative male ego has given voice to many prejudiced bigots who do not want this truth spoken!  The importance of maintaining the “purity” of nationality, race, religion, culture, ethnicity, etc. was concocted by the male ego simply to keep our singular species in a constant and eternal state of division and conflict.  Consider that the ultimate bodily “purist” in world history was an insane, male maniac named Adolf Hitler!  God forbid!

We must begin to see ourselves as a unified species, one human race, all with the ability to create viable offspring regardless of any lesser identity such as nationality, race, religion, ethnicity, culture, and so on.  The survival of our species depends upon humanity uniting as one people made up of a balanced number of men and women supposedly sharing equality!

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