The Phallic Fallacy

From Part I Chapter 5  Humans in the Myth

By Shane Stewart

The Penis

“Badge” of Male Superiority

“Symbol” of Female Oppression

Since ancient times, men have been preoccupied and obsessed with the presence of the penis, inflating its meaning and importance to ridiculous levels that obviously reflect an irrational, insecure, immature, and absurd thought process.  Men have been able to successfully establish the fallacy that the penis is the ultimate physical attribute of the human anatomy, and in fact has a unique power to grant those who are lucky enough to possess it, the inherent right of human superiority.

Men have endowed the penis with the mystical powers of a “magical wand,” capable of bestowing human superiority upon all those who possess it.  People unfortunate enough to be born without a penis are incapable of ever occupying the level of human superiority.  To this day, the sexually motivated, personal male ego demonstrates that nothing has more importance or is of greater value than the attachment of the penis.  In a world dominated by men, possession of the penis is the essential key that opens doors to opportunity and advancement within every culture on earth.  The penis therefore, is the sacred phallic symbol, the passport for entry into a world of power and authority completely dominated and controlled by men.

In the world of the male, the presence of the penis is the acknowledgment of being human, a reward that defines the very essence of being “alive.”  Men are unduly enamored with the penis and hold it in highest regard as the proud badge of male superiority and the revered symbol of female oppression.  In fact, in many religious organizations, men thank God every morning that they were not born a woman!  The penis is the foundation supporting the image of male virility and stands tall as the very core of the image of manhood.

Because they lack a penis, men have deemed women inferior, incapable of holding positions of authority within our species.  In the whole of human society, it is people with a penis who wield authority over those who do not have a penis.  But men do not openly speak in such blunt and graphic terms, preferring rather to keep a low profile.  They know it would be unwise and politically incorrect to actually come right out and say what they truly think: “We are men.  We are ‘inherently superior’ to women because we have a penis and women do not!”  Instead they hide behind a smoke screen of propriety and just say something like: “Men and women are different and male superiority is simply a dictate of nature, not something set forth by men.”

But aren’t men the people who identify themselves as men because they do have a penis and testicles, and not a vagina and ovum?  It must logically follow then that men consider having a penis and testicles gives them inherent superiority over those who don’t have those physical attributes attached to their body.  This immature attitude about the penis marks men as being frozen in time on a pubescent level of mental and emotional development.

Men are wholly and irrationally preoccupied with their penis because not only does it grant them superiority, they have endowed it with ethereal power that bestow qualities of human character upon those who possess it.  Men imply that human qualities such as intelligence, decisiveness, honesty, bravery, dignity, confidence, determination, trustworthiness, reasoning ability, and leadership capability (among other qualities) are human traits mostly present in people who have a penis attached to their body.  This is an affront to human logic and an embarrassment to the process of rational thought.  Does this mean that women cannot possess such human character traits because they lack a penis?  This is absurd!  Whether you have a penis or a vagina has nothing to do with your character as a human being.  It is blatantly immature, juvenile, and outright sexist to say that human character is dictated by whether you are born with a penis or a vagina.  Beyond determining male/female physical behavior patterns during sexual encounters and human reproduction, the penis and vagina have nothing to do with determining your character, personality, or behavior as a person.  However, as I continue to observe men and see how they conduct themselves in relationship to women, I am seriously considering the possibility that men are right, that the presence of the penis does in fact effect one human quality; that of stupidity!  In relationship to women men act stupidly, and seem to be oblivious of their capacity to embarrass themselves.

There is nothing ethereal or mysterious about the penis and the vagina.  They are simply two bodily organs that perform three basic physical, bodily functions:

  • First: They are the primary organs designed for physical reproduction of our species.  The penis and vagina both play a major role in this process.
  • Second: They are part of the body’s anatomical system through which liquid waste is discarded.
  • Third: Stimulating certain areas of the penis and vagina will generally result in experiencing various levels of physical, sexual “pleasure.”
  • Fourth: Beyond the realms of reproduction, waste disposal, and physical pleasure these organs have no other purpose in the functioning of our species.

Human character traits are not determined by a body part such as the penis, the vagina, or the nose, but by the individual’s development of character and human qualities.  However, just in case I might have missed something, I am open to someone pointing out to me the gender of such human qualities as intelligence, honesty, dignity, integrity, bravery, and trustworthiness.  I have known both men and women in possession of these human qualities.

Men cannot point to other body parts as the badge of superiority such as the heart or the ears, because most other parts of the body are common features shared by both the male and female anatomy.  It must be the penis, specific to men, that is held high as the badge of superiority in an obvious and ludicrous charade designed for the sole purpose of dominating women.  The penis is but a small muscle in the male anatomy, far less biologically important and powerful than the female vagina and womb.  If indeed we accepted the male premise that a feature of human anatomy can dictate superiority within our species, it would most decidedly have to be the female womb where human life is created and brought forth.

The penis is simply one among many nonessential appendages adorning the male body.  Unlike the kidneys and other essential organs that are necessary for sustaining the body, the penis has no role in supporting the life of the body to which it is attached.  Its importance ranks along with that of other nonessential appendages such as a finger, an arm, a leg, or an ear, which can be severed from the body without resulting in death.  Men have subjectively extended the value of their penis into the metaphysical using it as the symbol of male superiority, the foundation of male identity, and the revered mark of manhood.  The possession of the penis carries with it the hopes and dreams of every man.

Not only do men use the penis to distinguish themselves from women, they also use it to distinguish themselves from each other.  In the world of the male ego, there is quick agreement that all men are equal amongst themselves in that they are all superior to women.  But that is where the idea of equality among men meets a rather swift and comical ending.  The position of superiority that men insist they have over women is based upon the simple fact that men have a penis and women do not.  But due to the fact that all men have a penis, superiority among them cannot be based upon whether one man has a penis and another doesn’t.  All men are proud of their penis, but some men are much more proud than others.  Among men there is a system of understanding in place, which is used to evaluate their relative male superiority and establish their position in what I call the “hierarchy of penis pride” among men.

The reason men agonize over the size of their penis in relation to other men is because a man’s position within this hierarchy is based upon the size of his penis.  Men with a larger penis stand proudly atop the hierarchy of penis pride, and men with a smaller penis are relegated to embarrassingly lower positions.  Men with a smaller penis serve as comic relief for those with a larger penis.  All men want to boast of having a relatively large penis.  It is crucial to how they feel about themselves as a man among other men.  A man may appear to be a self-confident, successful achiever in such areas as finance and academics, but inside he may be privately suffering the self-conscious, insecurities of failure if he believes that other men, or women, think his penis is “small.”  Because men are enamored and obsessed with the penis, they actually project their own penis envy onto women.  The idea that women suffer from penis envy is an absurd male fantasy.  If penis envy exists at all it exists in the ranks of men who envy the penis of other men.

Men give the penis a power that extends far beyond the limits of its biological purpose and into the world of the psyche.  The penis is the foundation upon which a series of male fantasy images leading to the sexual exploitation of women are sequentially structured, as follows:

  • The penis is the foundation upon which stands the male ego.
  • Through the male ego men create delusions and fantasies that support the bloated male image of self-importance.
  • The bloated male image of self-importance is the cornerstone of the fallacy of male superiority.
  • The fallacy of male superiority is the base of power and authority from which the domination and oppression of women is maintained.
  • Men feed on the sexual exploitation and personal domination of women.
  • The female is the vessel from which the penis is to draw life and obtain gratification.

The penis is the male symbol of power, club of authority, and banner of manhood.  It gives them authorization to dominate and oppress those humans who do not have a penis.  It is the main element that distinguishes them from the lower female.  Men elevate every human being with a penis to an inherently superior position over every woman on earth.  A great portion of the lives of many men is spent just seeking gratification of the penis.  Sadly, as a young man, I was one of those men.

Because men focus on the external world outside the self, they are emotionally stunted creatures.  Their emotional growth is over by the time they reach adolescence.  Male emotions do not keep pace with their physical and mental growth.  Their bodies continue to grow and their minds continue to expand, but emotionally men remain adolescents.  The emotional range of the human male is approximately equivalent to that of a boy thirteen years old.  A man’s emotional state is strongly tied to his success in sexual encounters.  A sexually successful male is more emotionally stable than a male who feels, or is actually, sexually rejected as a matter of course.

Men evaluate women two different ways, sexual and non-sexual

  • The sexual woman. This is the woman that a man wants to have sex with.  He will pay close attention to the sexual woman and treat her much better than other women.
  • The non-sexual woman. This is the woman a man does not want to have sex with.  She is quickly dismissed and generally over looked.

The penis stands as the yardstick for measuring a woman’s sexual importance to a man.  Women that stimulate a man’s penis to erection are sexual women, best suited for sexual duties.  If a woman does not stimulate a man’s penis to erection she is of course, non-sexual, and far less important.  She is basically best suited for service duties.  If you watch how men act around women you will see that it is wholly obvious when they are in the presence of what they consider a “sexual” woman that stimulates their penis.  To further degrade women, men joke about those rare instances when a non-sexual woman may morph into a sexual woman with such comments as: “Any port in a storm.” or “She may not look good at 10:00 0’clock, but just wait until last call!”

Men must move beyond the ridiculous juvenile importance they give the penis and simply stand as one half of humanity alongside women.  They need to acknowledge that their superiority is indeed just an image, having no foundation in truth.  If men could drop their ego and accept the fact that the female womb and vagina are of more importance to human reproduction than the male penis, then we would have a greater chance of creating a male/female partnership, which would lead to our further survival and evolution as a species.  Women are the foundation of life on earth and must be given that respect.  Until this is done we will never be able to mature as a race.

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