The Image of Reality

From Part II Chapter 6  Earth She

By T.L. Dayen

The dominant male ego will survive only as long as humanity exists within the finite parameters of socially constructed and institutionalized static “images of reality.”  The human mind is currently equipped and ready to evolve through new elements of understanding and create a new reality beyond the image.  But the animal mind of the male ego continues to stifle any new elements of awareness into the confines of the static image of reality, often referred to as the “human condition,” and therefore maintain control.  There is a friction created when the human mind, fully capable of expanding its awareness of truth, slams into the confines of the animal mind static images of reality.  Individually, this is felt subconsciously as a general sense of despair, frustration or malaise.  But it is compounded collectively as creeping unease, resentment and especially fear.  This endless allegorical jamming of the round peg of reality into the square hole of the image conveniently feeds the male ego’s insatiable appetite for perpetual contention that indeed permeates the animal mind image of reality.  The question of how this could continue into perpetuity is as old as the riddle of good and evil, God and Devil, Heaven and Hell; life and death. One is the reverse polarity of the other, but only one veils the light of truth.

The image of reality has many names; “human nature,” “human condition,” “natural order,” and “mankind.” The image itself does not invoke fear, but the notion of shattering it is terrifying.  Even if oppressive and confining, there is comfort in its predictability.  To embrace the opportunity within each moment beyond the image, however, requires the embrace of unknown possibility; a fearful notion.  The static image is ever familiar, while reality is ever developing.   But reality doesn’t require the absence of fear, only courage in the face of it – faith.  The male ego uses the most visceral of its instruments of domination – fear – to maintain the source of its domination; the image of reality.  Fear immobilizes.   It blocks advancement, blinds vision, chokes love, and silences voice.  The image of reality inhibits growth and creativity and veils truth.  At the fundamental core of the process of evolution, is the perpetual composite of all past awareness and each new moment of awareness which creates what is real in the now – “reality.”  But the image cannot evolve.  It is a facade; a reflection of static creeds that discard past experience and reject present awareness.  It cannot create anything new, only duplicate; zealously making adjustments to mask the forays of expanding awareness of human mind as nothing more than subversion’s against the natural order.  History can only repeat itself.

“Fork Ahead!”

No matter how far we believe humankind has come, humanity has learned nothing within the image of reality.  Any advancements we’ve made are simply new trappings enabling the male ego animal mind to strengthen and endure.  From this vantage point, we can see that what appears to be human advancement is essentially ever more vigorous mechanisms for human exploitation, suffering and destruction.  Human mind makes advancements in industry; animal mind seizes industry as a tool of exploitation and environmental destruction.  Human mind makes advancements in technology; animal mind seizes technology as a tool of mendacity, manipulation, mass distraction and weaponry.  Human mind makes advancements in medicine; animal mind seizes medical advancements as a tool for profit and selective social advantage.  Human mind makes advances in science; animal mind seizes science as a skewed canard to hold intelligence as suspect.  Human mind makes advances in democracy; animal mind seizes democracy as a tool for personal enrichment and to funnel disunity and civil unrest.  I could go on and on.

For tens of thousands of years within the image of reality, humankind has limped along, enduring untold brutal assaults and injustices from the male ego animal mind, but we have remained.  Why is the 21st century different from any other that’s come before?  The image of reality is the reverse polarity of truth, so as demonstrated above, as our human mind advancements increase, so does the male ego animal minds ability to exert its dominance and control – exponentially.  Further, and very importantly, the human species now occupies nearly every square mile of livable space on planet Earth.  As we enter the 21st century, the scope and influence of the exploitation, oppression and destruction wrought by the male ego now travels swiftly and seamlessly throughout the global interconnected body of humanity; physically, economically and psychologically!  Like a cancer threatening to infect the lymph nodes, and leaving precious little time to choose extractive treatment before it’s too late and unmitigated infection brings certain death; humanity is rapidly careening toward its event horizon of annihilation!  The 21st century marks “stage 4;” the dead line; the “fork in the road” where we are called to either choose to see our survival or choose to be blind to our destruction. Anyone who truly believes that humanity will see the 22nd century without an acute realignment of our relation-ship with one another and our planet, is simply drinking the Kool-Aid of the male ego and basking in the animal mind image of reality.

Even if we assume animal mind can avoid calamitous global war; on the low road of this fork, we are still facing the consequential “tipping point” of our most fundamental institutions of the global human infrastructure.  In other words, systems we’ve relied upon to support our elemental survival needs are based on obsolete models of viability and usefulness.  The survival needs of humanity are changing. The factors that challenge our survival are changing, but our primary survival support grids of energy, food, polity and commerce are not evolving to meet these developing needs and challenges, and in fact, are reinforcing many of the very factors that threaten our survival in the 21st century.  With the sheer brute force of our obstinacy, we doggedly continue jamming that round peg of reality into the square hole of the image.  The tipping point is that point where the ratio of viability to usefulness, as well as current need to available resources, ceases to exist.  At this point we are a snake eating its own tail and wallowing in its own waste.  At this point our global survival infrastructure systems have entered a positive (unsustainable) feedback loop; ushering humanity into the dead zone.

In the dead zone, the benefit, progress and life of all is sacrificed for the profit, control and power for some.  As one grows ever weaker, the other grows ever stronger.  But eventually, there is nothing left to devour. In its endless fervent craving for power, domination and sexual command, the destructive male ego is oblivious to the fact that it is fomenting its own self-destruction.  In the dead zone, we have the congealing of animal mind; fearful, desperate and isolated. The low fork in the road leads to a blissfully ignorant dystopian world of suffering and stagnation where the destructive male ego is comfortably at home.  The division and disunity of humanity created by an appetite for competitive battle fosters the need for self-preservation in a world where only the strongest will survive; where the dominant feed on the weak emotionally, physically and economically. If that is our goal, we need not change our present course.  We have already embarked upon the ‘low road.’

However, there is a high road in this 21st century fork.  This is the road that leads to human survival and advancement through the evolution of human consciousness.  This is reality beyond the image, where humanity breaks free of our bondage to the images manifested by animal mind. In reality beyond the image, we see the growth potential of human mind manifested from compassion, cooperation, compromise and community, for which the human female has inherent capacity!   The “Four C’s” indeed have the power to overcome the destructive animal mind of the male ego, and unleash unlimited possibilities and opportunities through science (brain), intellect (mind), and love (heart).  But a reality beyond the image can only be freely accepted when and if the oppression, subordination and subjugation of the human female is flatly rejected.  Reality beyond the image requires the collective recognition and reverence of the human female as both a fundamental co-creator of human mind, and an original co-facilitator of human evolution. Only when the human female is emancipated physically, sexually, civically, emotionally and psychologically can the image of reality be shattered and the reality of human mind manifest.  The clock is ticking.


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