The Image of Male Superiority

From Part I Chapter 2  The Stark Reality of  Destructive Male Ego

By Shane Stewart


“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Socrates

The opening quote to chapter two by Socrates is a prime example of the sometimes subtle expression of female oppression we experience every day.  Socrates pointedly addresses the quote to men, and he means “men,” not women.  But there is little thought given to this fact because it’s perfectly “normal.”  Where is the female in all of this?  Behind the mask of male superiority, men have been able to mold the world into a uniform society that actually accepts and supports the injustice of female subordination and servitude.  Women of every culture are forced to perform as personal servants, used in one way or another to satisfy Man’s daily needs and demands and to stroke the bloated egos of the very “boys” they create.  The practice of exploiting women and using their bodies and services for male gratification is commonplace within all cultures of the world.  The sexual exploitation of women is an expected occurrence, and is accepted as the “normal” pattern of human behavior throughout the male dominated Earth.  Women are vessels of pleasure to be used for satisfying the sexual appetite of the dominant male ego and fulfilling the menial needs of men.  Even young girls are encouraged to play house, dress  dolls, and play with kitchen toys; all in preparation for having a man’s children, cooking his food, and cleaning his house.  For uncountable generations, men have managed to mold every culture on Earth as a bastion of uncontested male power and authority.  Female oppression is the agenda of the negative male ego.

Many human males are weak in character, externally motivated, and void of any sense of self-worth.  They lack internal strength, and have no confidence as human beings.  Many men who are physically strong use that physical strength to become brutes, and only associate with those they can physically dominate.  Understanding that their very existence depends upon the female, many men unjustly seek power through the domination and control over the people who create them.  Women are forced to assume the false image of female inferiority.  They are relegated to the position of subordinate human beings; suffering under the injustice of female oppression.    The negative image that men have wrapped around the female nurtures a destructive attitude that encourages male violence against women.  In severely patriarchal [barbaric] theocracies, a woman can actually be executed for simply vocalizing an individual and independent “idea,” or for disobeying the authority of her superior male.  In other societies women are being publicly “gang raped” and murdered on city busses!  Most civilized societies do not legalize the abuse of women, but are at the very least in tacit agreement with some level of female subordination; sanctioning it socially and in private.  This ranges from inequitable pay to domestic abuse.  The domestic emotional, verbal and physical abuse of women by men is actually common place in every society on Earth, and is considered far less serious than “regular” violence occurring on the street – as if domesticity changes the severity of an assault and battery crime!  It was not long ago after all, that a man had every right to physically manhandle his woman in his house in order to discipline her just as he would one of his children.

Many societies on Earth, developed or not, generally deny women most of the human rights that are naturally enjoyed by men.  Women cannot even control their own bodies and are many times forced to bear children, even if the pregnancy is the result of a rape!  Then, contrary to that, in some countries the destructive male ego will at times force many women to abort a female fetus or discard a female infant at birth because she is the undesired gender!  Women are commonly terrorized, abused, imprisoned, beaten, ridiculed, belittled, raped, and murdered, all at the hands of men who are expressing their violent male ego.  Having been duly terrorized by men, many women are afraid to speak out against their abusers and will not do so.  Some women will actually deny they are being abused even in the face of strong evidence to the contrary (such as bruises and black eyes) in fear of retaliation by their male abusers.  I would say that almost every woman on Earth must deeply resent being oppressed and dominated by men.  Because of their inferior position, women are understandably cautious about refusing to perform their supporting role to the male or even to voice their objection to being oppressed.  Women face dire consequences if they stand against the authority of the negative, domineering male ego.

The irony of male superiority is that it could not exist without the continuing cooperation of females to faithfully carry out their duties in subjugation to the male.  If only a single generation of women refused to perform as expected in the role of inferior servant, the entire foundation of the false image of male superiority would collapse. Throughout history men have used physical force, fear, intimidation, violence, and brainwashing, to successfully silence the female voice.  Helpless to the well-organized and deeply entrenched authority and power of men, women are forced to wear the cloak of inferiority, and carry the stigma of subordinate social status.  But unlike the days of old, in today’s world a woman can nullify the superior strength of a man because the modern world increasingly relies on brains, not brawn, which women have, and do use, in their favor.  Also, the superior strength of a large, violent man is useless in the face of a smaller female who has adapted to his physical strength and threatening violence with a “tiny little gun.”

The primitive expression of natural female oppression is the direct result of its social acceptance; from within our homes, to our streets, to our jobs, to our governments, the social construct operates to support the fallacy of male superiority.  Every child is born into a situation where they see the subordination of women by men.  Men use this perpetuation of observation imprinting to stay in power.  They concentrate on the fertile minds of the young.  They know that infants and those progressing through childhood are intense observers of behavior patterns displayed by people in their immediate childhood environment.  Invariably, men and women of all cultures display the same superior male and inferior female stereotypical behavior patterns.  Children mimic and accept these stereotype behavior patterns as being normal and will replicate them throughout their lives. Every day we witness, and/or participant in, female oppression.  The image of women as natural inferiors of men is burned so deeply into our collective consciousness that we do not even question the duty of the female to function in roles that support and serve the needs of their superior male counterparts.

Men have blanketed our consciousness with the fallacy that female inferiority is supposed to be the naturally evolved structure of humanity.  We have been thoroughly brainwashed in the fantasy that male superiority is to be uncontested as the design of nature, when in truth, men designed their own superiority for the purpose of oppressing and controlling women.  Male superiority is an obvious farce; a charade of epic proportions.  There is absolutely no truth behind the idea that men are naturally endowed with some kind of “superiority” over women.  This is a lie, a myth that has survived and prospered for countless multitudes of generations.  But the myth of male superiority is not harmless like many other myths and fairy tales we entertain during childhood.  We let most childhood fantasies fall by the wayside as we continue to grow into adults.  But men will not let go of their fantasy of male superiority and they are very serious in their demand that women continue to acknowledge this fantasy as truth.  The little boy on a tricycle wearing the fireman’s hat demands that we acknowledge that he is indeed a fireman, and we must say so.  In the same token, the adult male has not grown internally beyond childhood fantasizing, and demands that he be recognized as his fantasy of “superior” male.

The fact that men have succeeded in planting the image of male superiority into the collective psyche of human consciousness is one of the most astounding exhibitions of on-going, continuous mass brainwashing ever performed in the history of our species.  Men gloat over their remarkable success in maintaining control over women.  They are absorbed in self-admiration, bloated with male ego, and possessed by a false sense of entitlement to absolute authority over our species and the domination of women.  History will record the age of female oppression as a barbaric and embarrassing stain upon the fabric of human consciousness.  As long as men are able to openly oppress women, they face no opposition to their campaign of violence and destruction against each other and our planet.  Women must free themselves from the grip of male domination, stand as a unified force, and strip men of their ability to destroy.  If this is not done, and done soon, we face imminent demise.

Men claim that male superiority is a dictate of nature, molded by the hands of evolution that produced dominant males and subservient females.  Furthermore women, being inferior to men, are not of an independent consciousness, but rather evolved as an entity of support, expressly designed for maintaining and obeying the needs, demands, commands and dominant will of the superior male.  This is pretty heady and outrageous stuff considering that it spews forth from the mouths of human males, who squandered the greatest creative potential in history.  Rather than create, men chose to destroy, rather than cooperate, they chose to dominate, and rather than share, they chose to oppress.

Most men can actually talk about their supposed superiority without the slightest appearance of being embarrassed and will quickly dismiss any suggestion that male superiority is a concoction of the male ego designed solely for the purpose of maintaining domination over women.  Truthfully however, male superiority is a glaring hoax, a ludicrous fairy tale of immense proportions that has been woven into the very fabric of human consciousness for so many countless generations that we just keep up the pretense that it is true.  But the truth about men is in complete contradiction to the image of the superior, dominant, authoritative, strong-willed male.  The entire image of male superiority is built upon a foundation of words.  If we just accept the words of men as truth, then they are indeed superior.  But if we do not allow ourselves to be swayed by the empty word, and look at the actual pattern of male behavior, we see that the truth of male superiority is in fact a pronounced fallacy.

Men know they are entirely dependent upon women for the reproduction of our species.  This dependency leads men to a deep sense of helplessness and insecurity.  It is their inability to match the power to create life that drives men to dominate women.  Men try to deflect attention from this insecurity by creating a facade of power and authority worn as a mask of “superiority.”  The truth behind that mask of male superiority however, is that men are just frightened little boys throwing a tantrum and acting out their childish fantasy that when they get big and grown up they will be strong enough to over-power and dominate mommy.  And the sad thing is, they will!   We are so conditioned to the image of the superior male, that hardly a thought is given to the possibility that maybe the concept of male superiority is just a fantasy produced out of the male ego to maintain power over women and the rest of society.  We blindly accept this as if it’s a universal truth when in fact it’s only a fairy tale, albeit a fairy tale of immense proportions; spun directly from the negativity and greed of the male ego.  Men have been able to successfully project negative images of women as being emotional, illogical, and totally indecisive beings that are in need of male guidance, protection, and rule, and we believe it.  In light of this negative image of the female it is no wonder that we acquiesce and gravitate to the “superior” image of the male.

The primitive practice of female oppression has effectively silenced more than half of humanity’s creative potential.  This has resulted in irreversibly damaging the growth of human intelligence and stunting our progress toward becoming a “civilized” species.  A society’s evolutionary progress toward becoming civilized can be measured by its depth of female oppression.  The more deeply entrenched female oppression, the more primitive and uncivilized the society.  Human society is awash in female oppression, and if we do not cleanse our world of this primitive, uncivilized monster, it will devour the foundation of human conscience.  Men will not go “quietly into the night.”  They will not relinquish superiority “without a fight.”  They will hold tightly to female domination and oppression until such time as women pry the iron fist of male domination from around their throats.

There are two basic types of men on earth

  • Men that understand the fallacy of male superiority and the injustice of female oppression and are willing to change and stand up for women. Men that understand do not consciously abuse women.  They are not brutal tyrants of female oppression.  Rather they are benevolent despots who do not beat and terrorize women, but continue taking advantage of them just because they can.  These men will bask in the glow of the image of male superiority and wallow in the luxury of female servitude until women stop them and/or society deems it unacceptable.
  • Men who would rather see women chained and beaten before seeing them free from male tyranny, domination and control. These are tyrannical men saturated with their image of male superiority.  They have become addicted to the physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse of women.  Their “manhood“ is founded in their ability to continue terrorizing and man-handling the female.  They feel no remorse about this.  Their conscience is clear.  They will not change.  They are doing nothing wrong and will continue to consciously abuse women.  They are convinced that every man has a right to control his woman.

The tyrannical male however, is quickly becoming obsolete in the “free” societies of Earth.  These men are mostly concentrated within the patriarchal theocracies of the world, where the male ego proudly displays the abuse, oppression, degradation, domination, humiliation, sexual control, and murder of women as being the Will of God He.  If you are a man reading this book, which one are you?  As of this writing, men find it highly unlikely that women will challenge the image of male superiority within the foreseeable future.  Men have had women properly “whipped and under control” for so many eons that women are thoroughly conditioned to perform their subordinate role in society.

Men doubt that women will ever be able to shed the image of female inferiority, and are incapable of joining together in the kind of united effort that would be required to sustain a march to freedom.   But men beware!  History has shown that all tyrants entertain such fantasies about the weak vassals they dominate before they are invariably brought down and deposed by the very minions they have been oppressing.

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