The Image of Female “Inferiority”

From Part I Chapter 1  The Stark Reality of Female Oppression

By Shane Stewart

Without the false image of male superiority a man is just one of billions of human beings on this planet.  But behind the mask of male superiority, every man automatically becomes superior to more than half the people on Earth!  No man can ever sink into the depths of inferiority occupied by women.  In the world of the male ego, the lowest man on earth still occupies a position of superiority over the highest woman.  To the negative male ego, a woman can never stand as equal or superior to any man, no matter whom or where that man is.

Around the world, women are denied any serious authority and are openly shunted into the background.  Those women who have managed to attain positions of authority are few and far in between, and their tenure is certainly short lived.  Men have taken power into their own hands and lifted themselves into the position of sole representative of our species.  They have literally taken women out of the picture, by defining our species as “Man,” and classifying all humans as “Man” kind, while every major religion holds strict reference to God as “He.”  Regardless of what nation a woman resides in, regardless of her skin color, ethnicity, religion, or culture, she is caste into the world of oppressed servant.  The singular common denominator among all societies of the world is female oppression.  The fact that women are continually being insulted, denigrated, belittled, beaten, raped, and murdered, is a direct result of living in a “man’s” world.  To men, women are merely an addendum, an attachment, an asterisk, an accessory to “man” kind, needed for the purpose of reproduction and domestic service, but certainly not considered in possession of higher human intelligence.  Intelligence is the realm of “man,” not woman.  The importance of a woman is not in her mind but in her body and how it can be exploited to serve the purposes of the superior image of the negative male ego.

Men are fully aware that their superiority is just an image, a mask that serves to maintain their dominant position over women.  Men keep that mask tightly in place, constantly concerned that it just might slip.  Behind that mask. they feign authority in the hopes that women will continue to react to it, remain intimidated, and stay down.  The greatest fear men have is that someday they will lose control of women.  How long will men keep wearing the mask of superiority?  Until such time as women reach up and tear it off!  Female emancipation will come when women finally realize their image of inferiority is entirely the work of men; a lie concocted by the dominant male ego to maintain female servitude.

Convincing Earth’s societies to accept that females are inferior by design of nature was a stunning accomplishment for the male ego that has allowed the injustice of female oppression and servitude to continue unabated.  Over the generations, the fallacy of male superiority has exploded in exploitation and discrimination against women and is the foundation supporting the injustice of female oppression across our planet. When we think of people who are powerful and authoritative, we overwhelmingly see the images of men.  When we think of people who are subservient and subordinate, we overwhelmingly see the images of women.  Open discrimination against women is an embarrassing and shameful stain on humanity and it continues largely unquestioned and unchallenged by women.

However, the concept of superiority is a comparative and subjective determination.  A superior can only exist relative to its comparative inferior.   In the case of the image of male superiority, the relative, comparative inferior, is the female.  The subjective standard of superior male and inferior female was of course, established by the male.  It’s quite absurd, and in fact amusing to think that women would establish themselves as inferiors of the very beings they create.  Knowing that superior is a subjective determination that can only exist in the presence of its relative inferior, it follows that the image of male superiority can only exist because women continue to cooperate and act out their role as subservient inferiors.  If women understood their true power, and joined together in a united, coordinated, worldwide effort in refusing to acknowledge the fallacy of male superiority for even one generation, the male ego would be exposed as the fallacy that it truly is and would shrivel and collapse!

However, this is not likely to occur in the foreseeable future, as most women have been thoroughly imprinted, indoctrinated and brainwashed in the negative concept of female inferiority.  They are taught not to seriously question the truth of their secondary social status.  Young females are saturated from childhood to believe that the proper and natural purpose of women on Earth is to support and serve the will of the superior male.

Women vary greatly in their attitude toward subjugation to the male

  1. Many women capitulate and conform to their role of inferior early in life. They strive to get men to accept and recognize that they are “good women” who understand their place under the male.  They are complete and total male reflections, fully indoctrinated female inferiors, molded out of the minds of men, eagerly and proudly embracing their secondary position in life.  They are dedicated to pleasing the superior male, and sternly lecture other females that the true fulfillment of being a woman can only be achieved and experienced by embracing their role of subordinate and unyielding subjugate to the will of the negative male ego.
  2. Other women begrudgingly accept what they absorbed as young girls; that male superiority is simply the natural order of things. And even though they may have their doubts, don’t really like it, and may drag their feet, they still carry out their secondary role in life just as they were trained to do, in the service of men.  They know it’s wrong, but they can’t challenge it.
  3. Then there are those modern women who fully understand that male superiority is a charade, a farce. They resent the injustice of female oppression and exploitation and vocally speak against it.  They are to be commended for their bravery and their insistence upon being recognized as individuals.  These women are rebels fighting against male domination and struggling to preserve their individual  They see the truth of what men have done to them and try to awaken other women to the fallacy of female inferiority.  Sadly however, many of these women will not truly break from their male oppressors because eventually there are those who will conform to the social pressure of the image of male superiority to some degree and extent.

The constant exposure to male domination and oppression generally becomes too much for most women to withstand.  Therefore, as they get older, many women will lose their energy and surrender to the image of male superiority in some way, succumbing to the lies of men, and relinquishing their own identity as an individual.

Eventually women will realize the truth of how their supposed inferiority came about.  They will understand that it is neither the result of evolution nor the product of natural design.  And it certainly isn’t the work of some male-gender God that created superior men in His image, and then gave women to them to satisfy their manly needs.  Such scenarios are merely fairy tales that men feed women as truth to make them think they have a natural and/or divine duty to serve them.  The image of female inferiority and everything it entails is a concoction of the personal male ego, specifically designed to maintain male domination and exploitation of women.  Limiting society to function under the false belief that women are natural inferiors of men has stunted and damaged the free growth of human consciousness.  We are denied access to the wisdom, creativity, and positive influence of the female mind.  The male’s insistence that women are inferior to men is a blatant insult to the integrity of the human race.

That men could be superior to women, the very biological path through which they arrived on Earth, is not even in the realm of possibility.  The subjective idea of male superiority is wholly illogical and withers in the face of rational and objective thought and debate.  Men work hard to assure that the images of “female inferiority” and “male superiority” continue to be accepted, unquestioned, and unchallenged as the natural, normal, and/or divine structure of humanity throughout all generations, forever!

Men rule over humanity with absolute authority, in complete disregard of the fact that they alone do not comprise the entirety of the human race.  We are not a species of male singularity, but rather a species that depends upon a twofold structure comprised equally of women and men; two balanced halves of one whole.  However, the male ego does not consider females to be a viable human group.  Women are not individually human but rather an extension of men.  Men do not consider women to be in possession of the right of human freedom and equality that men so readily grant themselves.

Male domination of the female has continued unashamedly for multitudes of generations.  Men have had tight control over religion, business, government, economics, and the cultural practices of every society on earth.  These institutions are staunch bastions of male authority and power, and stand as the foundation upon which the injustice of female oppression continues.  In this negative, male ego driven world, superiority over women is a man’s natural birthright, and serving men is the natural duty of women.  Most men hold that the lack of women in positions of authority isn’t due to the fact that men are keeping them down, but due to the fact that women are just not qualified for, nor can they be trained for, positions of decisive leadership.  Women are not meant to be leaders, but followers.  Those few women that do attain rare positions of leadership are considered to be “exceptional,” where-by they are more like a man than a woman.

Many men disregard suggestions that women are oppressed and enslaved.  In the minds of men female oppression is simply a fallacy, a non-issue.  Men will acknowledge that women occupy secondary positions compared to men, but this is not an “injustice,” because the female’s natural role on Earth is to be in a secondary position relative to men.  Men do not see themselves as female oppressors, because women are supposed to be in a subordinate position, as dictated by natural and/or Divine design.  Therefore, men do not see themselves as tyrannical despots because they are naturally designed to be superior within the human race and therefore have a duty to act like it.   Many men disregard female oppression as being a myth, a mirage.  They think women are simply jealous of the position that men hold and are just upset because they were not the ones created as superior.  Men think women claim to be oppressed because they just don’t want to be doing the work a woman is supposed to be doing.  They want to be doing the work a man is supposed to be doing.

Not only do most men consider it unthinkable that women could occupy an equal let alone superior position to men on earth, but they also espouse that male/female roles have already been irrevocably caste through the process of natural and/or Divine design.  No one can change that.  Conversely, many men do not even acknowledge the terms; women’s liberation and female equality.  There is nothing for women to be liberated from, and they are already equal to their proper purpose for being on Earth, which is to serve men.  Men will acknowledge however, that because of the female’s secondary position (through natural circumstances, of course) women may occasionally feel like they are being oppressed.

To demonstrate to women that their situation isn’t all that bad, men point to the occasional instance where women have been allowed to occupy positions of authority in such staunch bastions of male superiority as business, government, education and religion.  Men display these token showcases of female “authority” to demonstrate that indeed there is female equality and deflect any serious claim by women that they are in fact, victims of oppression.  However, these token instances of female authority are rare.  Ultimate authority is, without question, the domain of the male ego, and it is accepted as being the natural function of human culture.  It is commonly understood that men reserve the final voice of authority over women in all matters human.  And all women must eventually yield to that “fact.”  In the minds of men, they do not oppress women, they simply pressure them to continue fulfilling the natural Earthly duties for which they were created and leave the functioning of a man’s world to men.

Men are not about to relinquish their position of superiority they have over women.  Because of the male ego created fallacy of the masculine God “He,” men consider the power and authority they have over women is a gift to them coming through Divine edict, and they are dedicated to seeing that women never get that same power and authority over them.  The very foundation of male identity is rooted in domination of the female.  Most men think they must dominate and oppress women or they are not a man.”

Female domination and oppression is fed by the social acceptance of two false images: that of superior male, and that of inferior female.  We have been conditioned to see men as strong and women as weak.  These false images have been burned into our collective human consciousness for thousands of years.  We are all subjected to, and saturated with, these images from the moment we are born, and we accept them as the true and natural roles designed for men and women.  These images form our basic beliefs about the stereotype character of men and women and set the parameters for our expectations of proper male/female behavior and social interaction.

  • We expect men to lead, be decisive, seek knowledge, act with authority, and flaunt their superiority. A man’s place is to run the world and stand as a vanguard of discovery.
  • We expect women to be indecisive and meek, to wilt under pressure, and assume an inferior position in the presence of the superior male. A woman’s place is to give a man his children, take care of his house, and submit to his will.

These stereotype cultural images of men and women are of course, ludicrous fallacies, having absolutely no foundation in truth.  But we continue to construct our lives around them.  Consciously or unconsciously, we are conditioned to exhibit male/female stereotype behavior.  If you are a male, you assume a dominant demeanor.  If you are a female, you assume a subordinate demeanor.  We are so used to these images guiding our culture that it is difficult for us to envision men and women acting any differently than what their stereotype male/female behavior roles call for.

Being an authoritative leader is not a quality exclusive to the male, just as doing the dishes and ironing the clothes are not duties exclusive to the female.  These are human qualities and duties that have no gender.  But men project these qualities and duties into male and female images and social roles and we are all deeply influenced and directed by them.  The question arises then: if these images of men and women are not founded in truth, why have they been accepted and performed by so many generations?  How did these false images come into being?  The answer is quite simple.  Our images of proper male/female behavior came out of fantasies created in the subjective, self-serving mind of men during the early evolution of our species.  These primitive men hijacked human society and molded it into a singular foundation of male authority, giving rise to the false image of male/female inequality.

The whole of humanity is a species divided into two population groups of fairly equally balanced numbers of females and males.  This group is made “singular” through the reproductive fusion of women and men, without which we would not exist as humans.  Yet females and males are separated by deep biological and psychological differences.  These complex female/male differences are so vast that it is often said that men come from Mars and women come from Venus!  In spite of their unique differences however, women and men cannot avoid the fact that they share in a critical bond of responsibility for the procreation of our species.  This dynamic duo of women and men resides within the parameters of a single society, purportedly guided by a strong sense of conscience, fairness, and equality; values that only a highly-evolved species could possess.

As a species of supposed conscience and fairness would we not certainly demand equality for our members?  Throughout our lives, we are indeed told to believe the fallacy that the principle of equality applies to all human beings.  As a species of supposed intelligence, do we simply accept what we are told, or do we investigate actual human behavior to determine if equality is indeed a reality, or just an empty image?  Such an investigation would seek to answer but one question, “Does a state of equality really exist between women and men on planet Earth?”   That question can only be answered by objectively observing how human society actually functions.  Such an observation immediately reveals that human society has a well-defined structure of power and authority.  Structures of power and authority direct the function of such things as religions, governments, economics, cultures, marriages, social activity, and the proper behavior that is expected between women and men within any particular culture.  In studying these structures, we are confronted with an obvious and disturbing truth; they are all dominated by the male population of our species!  Our females, who are greater in numbers, have no equal power of authority in our world!  The question is clearly answered then, that human equality does not exist on planet Earth.

If conscience demands equality between women and men, then it becomes glaringly apparent that we are a species void of conscience.  That a chasm of inequality exists between men and women is undeniable.  Rather than a species of conscience, we are a species of ignorance that allows men to continue to unjustly oppress, dominate, and discriminate against women.  Male/female equality is an oxymoron, a fantastic illusion where billions of women are forced to live their lives in the lowly caste of human inferiors, made to suffer the injustice of discrimination and oppression by their male “superiors.”

The male ego in very culture and society on earth has systematically and shamefully succeeded in stripping the female of any meaningful influence over our species.  With women under control and incapable of mounting any positive resistance against male negativity, men have been able to effectively turn our species into the most violent and destructive force the earth has ever known.  Men have decided that females are born with the mark of inferiority that automatically condemns them at birth to the lowly caste of secondary human being.  Men on the other hand, are born with the mark of superiority and are automatically elevated at birth to the higher caste of primary human being.  In the early days, these marks of superiority and inferiority were discovered of course, by simply looking between the legs of newborn infants to observe either a penis or a vagina; Penis was equal to superior human; Vagina was equal to inferior human.  In this modern day, however, we know well before birth if the child is to be a superior male or an inferior female.

In the eyes of most men, male superiority and female inferiority stand as immutable laws of nature that grant men natural authority over women. Wrapping female servitude in the blanket of duty deflects any serious objections that women may have regarding the injustice of their inferior position as natural servant to men.  Any woman finding fault with this natural order of things is in danger of defying nature.

Just how the false images of male superiority and female inferiority became so deeply entrenched in the fabric of human consciousness can only be theorized, which I later do.  But the fact that women are forced to occupy an oppressed and inferior position within the human race is readily evidenced through simple, objective observation of any society and/or culture on earth.  Women, who attempt to subject the validity of female servitude to scrutiny and open debate, are ridiculed as maladjusted misfits, and dismissed as instigators of social unrest, wasting time by trying to bring attention to an issue not worthy of discussion.  Dismissing these efforts with such contempt is a flurry motion, designed by the male ego to deflect attention away from the importance of female emancipation and protect the male seat of authority.

Men have woven female inferiority into the very fabric of human consciousness

  • Men designed acceptable roles of behavior for boys and girls that must be followed in order to mold young males into dominant beings and young females into subjective beings. We are exposed to these male/female behavior roles from the day we are born, and we behave according         to our natural roles as superior males and inferior females throughout our lives.  (See chapter on “Gender Specific Behavior Programming”)
  • Men designed marriage and structured the family so as to support and maintain the dominant role of the male and the subordinate role of the female, and even though she is the one who gives birth, the children of the marriage are considered to be his and they, as well as their mother, are given his (See chapter on Patrilineage)
  • Male ego took the idea of a universal, non-gender God and wrapped it in a cloak of male gender, successfully establishing a new image of God as “He.” If God is “He,” then “he” is god!  Men designed religious doctrine to authorize female oppression and justify its practice as the Will of that God, which must be obeyed as His holy plan for women.  (See chapter on God – Religion – and God He)

What could have induced the male to so thoroughly strip the female of power, and then continue to engage in an eternal campaign of female oppression that borders on paranoia?  The practice of female oppression and servitude is a direct contradiction to the ideal of human equality which men so readily profess to embrace.  Only men contend that nature itself did not intend for women to be independent human beings, and therefore do not possess the right to complete freedom that naturally comes with being an independent man.  The male ego has swept women into the nether-most regions of human society where they are forced to quietly move about in the shadows of male domination and oppression.

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