The Fallacy of Culture

From Part I Chapter 4  Socialization of Female Oppression

By Shane Stewart

Culture: “The sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings and transmitted from one generation to another.” Webster’s College Dictionary

Publicly, or when among strangers, people generally tend to “be on their best behavior” and avoid criticizing the cultural ways of others.  Humans like to display their “positive image” when around people they are unfamiliar with.  However, in private, or when among friends or others that share their own cultural ways, many people readily criticize and denigrate other cultures as being grounded in superstition and ignorance.  We laugh and joke amongst ourselves about “backward” people and their primitive ways.  Being conditioned and saturated in the ways of a particular culture, people do not consider that their own beliefs and lifestyle are a construct of myth and fallacy.  People are born into their own primary culture, and fully understand its traditions, rituals, and practices.  They are comfortable and fixed in their subjective belief that theirs is the only true (and best) culture.

We listen to our cultural leaders as they proclaim our particular traditions, rituals, and beliefs to be sacrosanct, and forbid any type of change or challenge.  Many cultures are bloated with pompous, self-importance, and some claim their members are a chosen people, picked to guard and maintain sacred cultural traditions and rituals that have been sent down from a higher authority as universal truth.  Challenging the traditions of particular cultures can sometimes result in the death of those making the challenge.  This particularly holds true if it is a woman making the challenge within the confines of a religious culture.

Culture-centric Conditioning

We are culture-centric people, deeply rooted in pride and self-righteousness about the truth of our ways.  Our attitude is that other people would be much happier if they lived like we did.  But we conclude that they are victims of their own culture, and will very likely never change.  In truth we are all oppressed victims of our own culture.  As infants, we are conditioned to believe that the culture into which we are born is the only way to live.  We are immersed in the ways of our primary culture and fully understand how it functions.  Until we begin to grow and learn otherwise, our young minds are oblivious to the fact that other cultures even exist on earth.  As people grow beyond the confines of their infant world, they realize that there are other people on Earth, and not everyone believes, or lives the way they do.  However, by that time most humans are set in their ways and have no doubt that among the cultures of the world it is their beliefs that are pure, true, and logical, and everyone should have them.  We stand by our beliefs and don’t really comprehend that “as we ridicule, so are we ridiculed.”

The Un-corrupted Primary Mind

We are all born with open and unhindered primary minds.  We do not know of prejudice, bias, and discrimination.  We have no preconceived ideas of any traditions, rituals, and beliefs.  We are simply humans among humans.  We are not a nationality, an ethnicity, a religion, or a race.  We are just people; male and female children born of the same species, with the capability of building a positive, cooperative, human world, free of the ideas of conflict driven by artificial divisive cultures and nationalities.

Cultural Prisoners

However, from infancy we never have a chance to become members of a unified human race.  The minds of children are quickly saturated in the practices of the primary culture into which they are born.  They are segregated, imprinted, and stamped with the traditions, beliefs, superstitions, lies, and prejudices of their culture.  Children are captives of the culture in which they live, thoroughly shaped and molded by its traditions.  When children disobey their cultural practices, they are punished.  But when they mimic the behavior of the adults around them, they are encouraged and rewarded.  Being accepted as part of their surrounding culture gives children an essential feeling of being safe, and establishes their primary sense of belonging, guaranteeing that they will continue to exhibit “proper” cultural behavior.

Cooperating with Our Cultural Captors

By the time we grow out of childhood, steeped in our culture, we know that we, alone, are special people.  We surround ourselves with those who are like us, and avoid those who are not.  We learn to tolerate others while we build mental, emotional, and sometimes physical walls around ourselves against those who are different than we are.  We discard whatever doesn’t fit our preconceived ideas.  We become rigid in our ways, and suffer the stagnation of a closed mind.  We become isolated and self-righteous members of a distinct and particular group of humans, severing any possibility of sharing camaraderie as a unified human species.

Human Identity Dissolved by Cultural Segregation

Humans are all of one, singular species on this earth, natural genetic members of the same human family.  But our common human identity was taken long ago when humanity was fractured into warring factions by the violent, power hungry, possessive, territorial male ego.  Driven by greed to accumulate personal power over as many people as possible; dominant males carved our society into false identity groups.  These dominant males isolated their particular groups, forbidding them to associate with other groups.  Human identity was replaced with lesser group identities, such as nationality, religion, ethnicity, race, tribe, and so on, with each group under the control of a tyrannical, domineering male.  This structure defines our world to this day; segregated factions that the male ego has locked into eternal conflict, with the sole purpose of imposing their will upon each other.

Being born into this eternal conflict, we accept it as being the “normal” state of human character.  Dominant males are determined to maintain control over their groups through cultural segregation.  The male ego has taught people to accept that the fracturing of our race is the natural human condition, and to consider it unchangeable.

Common Knowledge and Cultural Segregation

We are unwilling to disavow the “truths” we were taught to live by as children.  We are raised to take pride in our heritage.  We blindly accept that which falsely divides us and consider it “common” knowledge that humans are just naturally divided.  We do not challenge our common knowledge.  We live our lives by it, and we are shocked every time our sacred common knowledge is proven to be false.  We do not learn from the lessons of history, which has taught us that everything we believe to be true and sacrosanct must be open to question.  The list of fallen truths from the realm of common knowledge is endless.  We defend common knowledge and are reluctant to let it go.  It is our stable point of relativity, and we don’t let go until we absolutely have to.

Religious leaders had Galileo imprisoned for heresy, simply for describing the truth of what he saw through his telescope.  He was not released until such time as he agreed to publicly deny the truth of what he saw; that the planets were revolving around the Sun, not the other way around.  Religious leaders, who are supposed to be concerned with truth, forced Galileo to lie before he could attain his freedom!  What he was saying did not support the contemporary “common knowledge” religious beliefs about God and the universe.  Because of the ignorance of those religious leaders, the growth of human knowledge was stunted for uncountable generations.  Also, early science and medicine were ridiculed and made a laughing stock for claiming that human illness might possibly be caused by organisms so small (germs) you couldn’t even see them, because common knowledge stated that; “Only fools believe in what they can’t see.

Reversing the Polarity of Fallacy and Truth

The young human mind operates on conditioning.  It must be trained and exercised.  A child’s mind is as receptive to training as a computer is to programming.  A computer will perform the same program until it is reprogrammed or malfunctions.  A computer can even be programmed to “program” itself.  But it has no knowledge.  A child’s mind will perform as trained until it is retrained or malfunctions.  If trained to do so, a child will accept a falsehood as truth, and will defend that falsehood as truth even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary as the child gets older.

But unlike children, adult humans possess the capacity to decipher original knowledge that exists beyond the confines of their primal training ground.  When we reach the age of reason we are capable of evaluating the difference between truth and fallacy.  If we continue to accept fallacy, (a negative), in place of truth, (a positive), then we have reversed the polarity between negative fallacy and positive truth.  Fallacy becomes our false positive, and truth becomes our false negative.  It is impossible to keep a negative fallacy alive as truth unless it is done through a purely personal motive.

Today we live in a world suffering under the effects of the reversed polarity between negative and positive.  A glaring example of negative/positive polarity reversal is found in the male of our species.  Men have reversed the negative polarity of violence into a false positive.  They exult in the glory of violent domination over other men; embracing and elevating the most violent among them to heroic levels.  Boys that seek to be truly positive through the rejection of violence are criticized and ridiculed as being weak “mama’s” boys, who act like sissy girls, and are just “too afraid to stand up and fight like a man.”

We can also see reverse polarity in those who refuse to accept the truth of the Earth being billions of years old.  These people simply dismiss the empirical evidence and hold to the fallacy they want to believe that the Earth was created a few thousand years ago by their God.  This is all too reminiscent of Galileo!  Again, if we refuse to acknowledge the truth, we are bound within a negative image of truth called falsehood, and falsehood is supported only by personal ego.  You may continue to deny all obvious truths just by simply saying, “I don’t believe it.”  But regardless of what you believe, truth still exists independently of your belief in it.

Common Knowledge and Female “Inferiority”

The most unjust of reverse polarity truth fallacies that reside in human common knowledge, is one that has been sewn into the very fabric of every culture on earth; that of female inferiority.  This ludicrous and primitive fallacy permeates the Earth’s cultures and results in the horrible injustice of socially acceptable female oppression.  Men have conditioned our collective minds with the common knowledge fallacy that they are superior to women.  Does the “common knowledge” that women are inferior to men stand upon a foundation of truth?  Of course not!  But men, in their determination to dominate women, have succeeded in being able to reverse the polarity of that fallacy into false truth, and have spread the image of male superiority throughout the world like an infectious pandemic.  We have all been trained to support the image of male superiority as being the unquestionable and natural state of human consciousness.

Reverse Polarity of Male Superiority

The image of male superiority is the primal reverse polarity of truth, causing us to live in a world that perceives negative men as positive and positive women as negative.  Because of this, men are able to openly and unabashedly oppress and dominate inferior females; forcing them into positions designed to satisfy the personal desires, and stroke the collective egos of the superior male.  Men flaunt and display their superiority.  They tell the world that women are just naturally inferior to men, and the world continues to meekly accept it.  In their campaign to keep control of women, men have even gone so far as to claim that male domination of the female is an inherent right given to them by God!  This ranks as one of the most cruel and evil lies in the history of the human race!  Male superiority is a farce, and has nothing to do with the Will of God.  It is a man-made negative image, concocted strictly out of the male ego for the purpose of gaining and maintaining control over women.  And it worked!

For untold thousands of generations, we have supported female oppression.  Every society on Earth stands upon a foundation of female domination and exploitation.  The fallacy of female inferiority is buried so deeply within our collective common knowledge consciousness as truth, that many women publicly acknowledge and embrace their own subordination, and dedicate their lives to serving men under the belief that they are pleasing God and satisfying the superior male’s expectations of them.

Graveyard of “Common Knowledge”

As society progresses, these common knowledge truths that may have stood for generations are generally exposed for the falsehoods that they are.  The fallacy of a flat Earth was embraced for eons until someone sailed off into the sea, disappeared over the horizon, and came back home in the opposite direction!  Today even elementary school children know the Earth revolves around the Sun.  Because of space rocket technology, “what goes up” does not necessarily have to “come down.”  And of huge importance in America, a black man has been elected President!  Twice!  It’s just a matter of time before the fallacy of male superiority and the practice of female oppression occupy plots in the same “graveyard of common knowledge” in which the “flat Earth” and other obsolete beliefs are buried.

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