Reflections of Your Oppression

From Part I Chapter 1  The Stark Reality of Female Oppression

By Shane Stewart

Women of the world, it must be logically concluded that sometime during human development there existed a period of relative human equality; a time when authority and responsibility for the survival of our species was shared in a partnership between you and the men you were creating.  There were no dominant males and subservient females.  But as time passed, this naturally evolving state of human equality between men and women was dealt a tragic and fatal blow, becoming a victim of the greatest fallacy in human history; the fallacy of male “superiority.”  As our young species continued to develop, primitive men began to understand the awesome power you, as women, held over the creation of human life itself.  But rather than appreciate this critical responsibility, men became jealous.  Rather than support you, they became resentful.  Rather than cooperate with you, they became competitive.  And rather than love you, they became envious.

The resentment men hold for you is so deep that they even went to the ridiculous extreme of blaming women for the “fall of man” as foretold in many religious books [written by men, of course], and espoused the ludicrous concept that the pain of both your menstrual period and childbirth is the curse that women must bear for committing that “original sin.”  How is it possible that the very act and cycles that sustain our species could be a curse rather than an honor?  Sadly, to this very day men are still busy using you as the scapegoat for their own insecurities, inadequacies, and failures.  Men knew they had nothing that could match your level of importance in the proliferation of our species.  Seeing the awesome responsibility you possess in giving birth, men realized that they were relatively incidental to the process of procreation.  The only thing that men had which remotely eclipsed your abilities in every aspect of life was their simple, primal, physical, brute strength.  Men used that strength then, and they use it now, to dominate you physically and terrorize you mentally and emotionally.

Because they could physically control you and terrorize you, men became obsessed with the delusion that their greater physical strength actually granted them a position of natural superiority over you.  Eventually, standing behind their false image of superiority, and saturated with greed for power, men united in a brotherhood of superiority, and proceeded to violently and systematically strip you of any and all meaningful authority within our species; establishing our current and uncontested male dominated patriarchal social construct that is based upon a foundation of female oppression and exploitation.  It will always be the subject of theory, debate, and conjecture as to why men so viciously betrayed you.  But as evidenced by the barbaric practice of female oppression that permeates contemporary society in both the developed and undeveloped world, there can be no debate of the fact that men did indeed carry out that cowardly betrayal.

As men succeeded in their campaign to conquer you, the stage was set for the foundation of violence and self-destruction that would forever come to define our species through the violent male ego.  With you properly subdued and securely in your place, men had nowhere else to focus their lust for power, domination, and violence except upon each other.  Bloated with ego and saturated with greed for greater individual authority and control over others, men soon trampled the brotherhood, and began eliminating each other through never-ending battles for power and domination that continue to this day!

Men are constantly flailing around in mindless violence, completely out of control.  And like an angry child caught in the grip of tantrum, they will continue to flail until “mommy” physically subdues them.  The violence of men will have to be stopped because they will never voluntarily stop themselves.  Someone then, must take on that responsibility.  But who can that be?  In order to answer this question, we must first ask, “Who brings these violent creatures to Earth?”  We find the answer to that question set right before us, glaring and simple; you, women, the original victims of male violence, domination, and oppression, are the ones who continue to give life to your oppressors!”  But you see, when you bring males to this planet, you bring benevolent infant youth, not violent, vicious, destructive beasts.  It is the older men who mold your young sons into monsters, feeding them with instructions to physically turn upon and dominate you, their maker; which is the same programming their male elders fed into them.

You may find this difficult to believe, or even impossible to think, but if male violence is to be stopped, it will have to be stopped by you, women of the world.  Men tell us they fight wars to end violence.  This is a lie!  They fight wars to perpetuate violence.  They do not battle each other to reach compromise, they battle each other to destroy and dominate.  You must break the shackles of male domination and take control as the sounder gender before the male ego takes us all out.  This day may come sooner than anyone realizes, and you are the only ones with the power to mold your male children into sounder human beings, not the egotistically superior, oppressive, violent creatures they become as a programmed product of the destructive male ego in their lives.

I have found that many men have no ability to reason beyond that of a child who cannot grasp the concept of cause and effect.  I see most men on the emotional level of a selfish, self-centered, angry two-year old male child; writhing on the ground in a screaming frenzy because mommy won’t let him have something he wants, even though that something he wants may harm him.  The child doesn’t know.  Men are the “man-child” of the world and they have tragically gone well beyond childish tantrums.  They are now big boys who can actually dominate mommy physically.  Men are children in possession of a loaded gun, and that gun is being wildly waved around as the male child realizes that with it he can dominate through force, fear, and intimidation.  And sadly, whomever the man-child cannot dominate or terrorize into submission, he will attempt to destroy.

Women of the world, I have found that most of you agree that you are laboring under the yoke of male domination.  But you don’t really see yourselves as servant to the image of male superiority.  You also seem to understand that you are subordinate to the male ego in society.  But you don’t really understand that you are deeply and unjustly oppressed and exploited, forever doomed to occupy the caste of social inferior, into which men have tossed you.  It’s as though men have been able to convince you that serving them is your duty!  Many of you allow the man-child to placate you by acting as though you accept the finger painting fantasy men have delivered to you; that you are “special” and everything they do, they only do for you.  Surely you know this picture is an obvious farce.  Tear it up and throw it back in their faces.  Yes, men see you as special.  You are the special ones who are inferior.  You are the special ones who serve.  You are the special ones who are ridiculed, belittled, cursed, beaten, raped, and murdered; all at the hands of the very men you create.

In order to satisfy their image of manhood, men must make sure that you are consistently molded into beings that serve them and stroke their ego.  In doing so, they take your individuality and crush your independence.  You exist solely as the inferior servants of men, and many of you are brainwashed co-conspirators of your own oppression.  There are many women who have been able to succeed in business, government, and society.  But those successes are few and far in between, because men are and always will be the dominant and final authority in business, government, and society – forever – unless you change that reality!

There is no cause on earth more important, urgent, or essential to the continuation of our species than that of female emancipation.  For thousands of generations your voice, the voice of the positive female, has been rendered silent by the grip of the iron fist of male domination around your throats.  Your silence has had a devastatingly negative effect on our world.  Society has become molded and directed by the singular, negative voice of the domineering male ego as it echoes around the earth in an incessant and insane call to violence, destruction, human slaughter, and oppression of women.  The male egos of millions of men all over the world have been energized by this, and they embrace this call to perpetual female oppression.  Men exult in their violence and revel in destruction, bestowing the status of “hero” upon the most violent among them.  They are deeply set in their violent ways and are certain that nothing can ever stop them.  However, they are wrong.

Men can be stopped.  They can be stopped by those they least suspect of having the power to do so; people they have dismissed as inferiors for thousands of years.  Those inferiors are the very people who create them.  Those inferiors are you, the women of the world, and it is you who must take that loaded gun out of the hand of the angry man-child.  Women of the world you must understand that the true power and authority over humanity rightfully rests in your hands.  It has always been intended for you – the creational female – to guide and direct us into a world of civilized, positive, social cooperation.  This is how you have been conditioned over countless thousands of generations of caring for people.  Men took that leadership away from you long ago, and now only you can stop them from destroying any hope we have of attaining such a society.  You may not be able to imagine it, but it is imperative that you come together; to talk, to work, to exchange ideas, and to cooperate as a unified force for female emancipation throughout the Earth.  You must stand as one.

You are the ones who give birth to men, and you have allowed your children to dominate, oppress, and destroy you and the world we live in.  You must gather the strength to stand and take control of your offspring.  You must pry the fist of male domination from around your throats and demand your freedom.  You must confront men with the fact that their violence is no longer acceptable!  There are many non-violent and enlightened men who will stand with you!  Again, I am one of them and there are undoubtedly millions more!  As females, you have been trained from birth to accept the image of male superiority and the image of your own inferiority.

You have been molded as servants for maintaining the daily needs and satisfying the sexual demands of your superior male counterparts.  I realize it may be difficult for you to see it otherwise.  As the creators of these men, you know full well that it is ludicrous to even think they could possibly be your superiors!

At What Point Do Boys Become Your “Superiors?”

Many men are overly verbose about the “inferiority” of women, oblivious to the fact that boasting about male “superiority” is not a display of male strength and confidence, but rather an embarrassing confirmation that male domination of women is a pathetic, and obvious display of nervous weakness and insecurity.  The mask of male superiority is meant to deflect attention from the true mental and emotional instability of most men.  Those who seek their identity in the domination and oppression of others are deficient human beings.  They lack any internal foundation of “I am,” upon which humans must build individuality, self-awareness, empathy, and conscience.

Why is it that the only people on Earth who seem to find it necessary to claim superiority over others, are those people who have a penis?  Does the penis hold some kind of mysterious power that bestows superiority upon those who possess it?  If, in fact, male superiority is actually a truth and not a fallacy, at what point in life do your sons (and other boys) become your superiors?  Is it the moment you give birth to that wailing, bawling, helpless infant with a penis?  Is he your superior?  Does your male child magically morph into your superior sometime during the diaper changing years, or does it suddenly happen during the “terrible twos?”  Perhaps he automatically supersedes you the moment that first whisker pops out on his upper lip at the onset of puberty?  Or could it be that he becomes your superior the moment he realizes that he is physically bigger and now stronger than you?  That the people you create become superior to you is, in fact, a bunch of nonsense and malarkey!  And every one of you know it!  In reality, that momentous event never occurs.  However, in the fantasy riddled minds and male egos of your sons, they do not, and will not ever see it that way.

Males have been lead to believe, and/or have been told all their lives that they are superior to females, and in their limited little minds, the world of the female also includes you, mommy.  Young boys begin dabbling in their image of superiority as soon as they’re able to start physically dominating young girls; pulling their pigtails, hitting them in the back, and deriding them as sissy girls.  But although they can dominate the young females, boys become conflicted and confused much of the time about their male superiority, because they are still too small and weak to dominate the primal female; mommy.  They see daddy dominating mommy, but it is yet within their grasp to be able do so.  Mommy is just too powerful.  Dominating mommy is an elusive and frustrating fantasy that supposedly comes to life somewhere in the future.

Tragically however, we are all aware that there certainly will come that day in life when your sons suddenly realize they are now able to overpower and dominate you physically.  And when that time finally does come, these boys know that you are as much aware of it as they are.  This is the moment they have been waiting for all their short lives; the physical domination of mommy!  This is the verification of their “ego of male superiority.”  Due to simple physical strength, the beast of their male ego has now come into full bloom.  They are at last more powerful than mommy.  They are now ready to reign dominant over all women, and rain havoc upon the world.  They are no longer boys playing violent video games, shooting cap pistols and water guns, and pulling pig tails.  They are now men shooting live ammunition, enforcing their dominion over women, and daring mommy to stop them.

Superiority over others based upon physical strength is generally found in “ape” societies, where chest pounding and muscle power rightfully dominate.  This type of authority is okay in the animal world.  But when men act like apes in the human world, why would you not confront them, and tell these guys they are acting like apes?  Do you give birth to apes?  Why wouldn’t you loudly object to the male ego charade of male superiority that continues to destroy human society?  Could it be that you are so deeply imprinted with the fallacy that you actually are inferior to men, that you find it difficult to believe that you’re not?  Or is it that you feel intimidated?  Do you fear what men will do to you if you confront them and tell them the truth about their violence; that they are destructive creatures who cannot change without your help?  If that is the case, it’s a valid fear, for you know all too well there is no limit to the extent of male violence and destruction.  You are consistently the victims of beatings, rapes, and murders in every culture on earth.  Women of the world, behold the beast you have unleashed!

Do not misunderstand me.  I am not saying I think you are responsible for the destruction caused by the male ego.  But I am calling upon you to become responsible for stopping it; because like a drug addiction, the male ego will never voluntarily cease its violence or concede its domination over you.  You are our only hope for the realization of human beings living in a peaceful and civilized society.  As women, you are the ones who possess an innate sense of reason, rationality, and empathy.  As women, you were born immune to infection by the male ego.  As women, you are our creators and our saviors, not our destroyers, and it is you who are designed to give birth, to nurture, and to construct and lead a civilized human society.

The image of male superiority is a ridiculous fallacy; an obviously laughable joke.  Yet it seriously saturates every culture and society on earth as truth.  It must be extremely difficult for you to push against that.  But ask yourself how men can possibly consider themselves your superiors, when they can’t even give birth and raise a child.  The proliferation of our species rests entirely in your hands.  Could this be why the male ego forced its domination upon you, to take control over your power of life that is not naturally theirs?  Men have collectively proven themselves to be incompetent and inept at leading the human race.  The upheaval of society, the oppression of women, and the domination and control of the weaker, is the agenda of the destructive male ego.

The perpetuation of our species is highly unlikely unless power, authority, and responsibility over all aspects of international relationships, agreements between nations, and all social and moral codes is removed from the hands of the destructive male ego, and restored entirely into a balance between men and your creational female consciousness.  Men were never intended to be our exclusive leaders in a world of diverse, civilized people.  They alone were never intended to direct peaceful human interaction.  It is beyond the comprehension of the male ego.  The male ego is not sustenance oriented; it is oriented toward deprivation and the exploitation of available resources.  To the male ego, the female is merely another resource to be exploited.

Surprisingly however, human males are “constructively” remarkable in their own way.  They have their own unique and undisputed position in society in which they excel.  Their expertise is in their ability to solve external problems in the physical world.  They clearly understand the material world and have a natural ability to reconstruct and manipulate matter.  Men have built magnificent cities, beautiful bridges, incredible machines, space vehicles, super computers; enumerable things that have contributed immensely to our physical and mechanical world.  They are to be appreciated and respected for their efforts in the material realm.  Men are great scientists, doctors, lawyers, architects, and so on.  Male body strength allows them to excel in sports, which they dearly love because of their competitive nature.  This is marvelous!  I myself am a physically active man.  I love to participate in competitive sports and watch men aspire to record setting heights in their respective sports.  The physical, matter world is the world of men, and I recognize and respect their indispensable contributions to it.  And as I will be covering in greater depth later in the book, (See chapter on The Mobile Society) we have men to thank in ancient times when they ultimately came to accept their role as our protector against fierce predators which at that time assured the survival of the human species.

But deftness in the material, physical environment is but just one of the faculties required to sustain the human race.  The realm of positive human relationship is where the male meets its challenge of comprehension.  Most men cannot grasp the intramural workings of positive human interaction specifically when, where and why our survival depends upon compromise and cooperation.  These men have little understanding of the subtle, less defined mechanisms of the human condition when for example; compassion rather than competition is the only option for successful, peaceful resolution.  The male ego goes further to foolishly assume its skills at mechanistic domination and manipulation of the finite material world can solve relational human conflicts and dilemma when intimidation and saber rattling only exacerbates crisis.  The human male has all the tools necessary for the control and appropriation of those things ruled by immutable physical laws.  But the male ego continues to prove to be inept and even void of the human qualifications required to navigate positive and cooperative resolutions to human relations and problems.  Women, however, are especially uniquely and naturally adept in this area.

This explains why many men are incompetent, ineffectual, and incapable as leaders.  The male ego has driven our society into chaotic crisis.  In the realm of developing and maintaining positive human interaction, the male ego is simply ill-equipped. It does not learn from mistakes but continues to repeat the same historically negative and destructive patterns.  Male ego afflicted men were never meant to be societal leaders.  They are not evolutionarily adapted for such a task.  They are not equipped with the mutable skills necessary for addressing social and relational challenges and have no solid comprehension of the compassion, cooperation, compromise, and community necessary for peaceful reconciliation of personal, social, local or global conflicts.  The male ego continues to act as though the only resolution to human disagreements is through intimidation and the violent application of force.  We have long since evolved past the time when violence was the only proper response to danger, and while our species only survived up to this point because men won the deadly competition against a perilous environment and predators, the male capacity for brute force and violence which once saved us, is now destroying us.  Once men had conquered a harsh environment filled with deadly predators, they turned upon each other, upon you, your children, and upon our mother Earth herself.  Because of the destructive male ego, this is the state of the human condition today.

As women, you are the natural facilitators of human society.  You are oriented toward people.  Long ago you became adapted to resolving human conflict within the collective while men were out hunting and fighting our predators.  This was the original and primary division of labor between women and men.  You gave us birth, nurtured us, and schooled us in proper social interaction while in the “hearth” as we careened through childhood – both figuratively and literally.  Your evolution has adapted you for understanding human affairs.  You are woman!  As I present in more detail in the chapter on “The Mobile Society,” you understand the internal aspects of human interaction.  You know the necessity of compassion, cooperation, compromise, and community in finding peaceful resolutions to human differences.  As our natural social leaders, you must reclaim your rightful power and authority in all positions of government and society that require resolving human conflict and differences.  You are not limited by the handicap of a male ego. You do not seek to conquer, but to cooperate.  You do not seek to confront, but to compromise.  If you, as women, were rightfully deciding diplomatic world affairs, you would work toward resolutions that would give some satisfaction to all parties involved.  This CAN be attained with reason!  When male ego afflicted men gather to decide world affairs, the result is always competitive disagreement, negativity, divisiveness, and conflict, with the more powerful imposing their will upon the weaker; real or perceived.

Ask yourself why countless multitudes of men are so paranoid about keeping you out of positions of power and authority in the world.  Why do they make it a point to project the negative image that you, as women, would be ineffectual in world affairs?  How do they achieve this?  Have they ever seen you collectively try, and fail, at resolving our mortal differences as they have?  What is at risk in giving you the opportunity to lead?  Could you possibly do any worse than our male dominated history illustrates?  Could it be that men fear that you would lead us into perpetual war; to the brink of annihilation?  Could they be afraid that as incompetent females you might create monstrous nuclear weapons that could destroy the entire planet with the push of a button?  Or maybe they fear that your inability to manage resources might hurl our planet toward the agonizing death of environmental catastrophe?  But wait a minute!  Aren’t these the things that are already happening right now, as a result of incompetent male ego leadership?  Just why then does the male ego so fervently object to turning the reins of authority over to the gender that just might be able to do a more effective job?  That’s exactly it!  The male ego knows you would do a better job at administering the social compact.  The destructive male ego cannot allow submission; it cannot fathom concession to failure – even to the bitter end of humanity and Earth itself.

The human race has nothing to lose and everything to gain in transferring the greater portion of power and authority over our global social structures back into your hands.  If this is not done, and done soon, we are complicit in our own destruction, and I fear that men would rather see this happen than to free you from the prison of male domination.  If you as women are truly better equipped to lead us, you might ask, then why have men always been the ones in positions of authority throughout human history?  The answer is easy; men simply took power and authority from you by force long ago.  And it is through this constant use of force, fear, intimidation, and brainwashing of our young that the male ego continues to thwart any possibility that you may once again responsibly lead human society.  The pattern the male ego has used throughout history and today to dominate you is the same pattern it continues to use to dominate each other.  The competitive and possessive male ego demands that it attempt to destroy whatever it cannot dominate or control.

Male ego afflicted men are contaminated with resentment and envy at your power over the foundation of our survival; human reproduction.  They cannot take the power of creating life away from you, so they take power over you by dominating and destroying that which you create; human life!  Men are out of control and have set us upon a path toward annihilation of which they are incapable of changing.  They do not have the ability or the strength of will to alter their course.  Most men are not intentionally destroying humanity, but just like a lion that must attack, men cannot stop themselves from doing it.  Every position on earth that carries the power of authority in human matters must be returned to you, the women of the world, and you must accept it, or our planet Earth is doomed.

Women of the world, you are our only hope.  Your positive voice must be heard.  You must stand up to men and demand your freedom.  You are woman.  You create men and you must now intervene against your creation in order to correct the violent path of human destruction that has been set by the violent male ego.  Your oppression and domination by men is among the most heinous, cruel, and primitive injustices ever organized and sustained against a specific group of people in the history of humanity.  It is an ugly and barbaric stain upon the fabric of human consciousness, and one that future generations will condemn as the “dark ages” in the development of human conscience.

Men of course, don’t want you thinking that you’re being oppressed and exploited.  So, they distract you with flurry motions; deeds of faux respect to make you think, that they think, you are above them.  They open the door for you, light your cigarette, call you sweetheart, show you off, buy you gifts, tell you how special you are, take you out to dinner, buy you clothes, give you jewelry, always claim “ladies first”, and put you in a home and support you.  But when you’re not looking, they morph back into real men; sharing exploits with their buddies, belittling you, and bragging about the other babes they’ve been “nailing to the bedposts,” sometimes literally.

  • For many women, these flurry motions work, because many of you say you don’t believe you’re being oppressed. Some of you have told me your husbands or boyfriends put you on a pedestal.  What is that?  Is that like the deer-head trophy in the den that he’s so proud of?  And then again, I’ve had women tell me they understand that the situation between men and women is a little unbalanced, but my writing is just too intense and causes too much trouble.  Besides, their husbands, sons, and pastors have told them they are not being oppressed.
  • And then there are those women who are entirely afraid to say anything at all to men about male violence because they are being terrorized, beaten and battered. They know they dare not say anything about female oppression to the men in their lives.  I understand that these women must remain silent.  Having been beaten in the past, they will be beaten again, and many will be beaten to death by the very men they once loved and trusted.

No man alive today is guilty of originating the barbaric practice of female oppression.  Men of ancient times who were uneducated, stupid, selfish, and oblivious to any concept of crimes against humanity or human equality, brought female oppression into being.  But every man alive today that does not stand up and speak out against the cruelty that you as contemporary women suffer, are guilty of crimes against humanity and perpetuating your oppression!  Modern men are supposed to be educated and civilized.  They’re supposed to know the truth; that oppressing you is wrong, that oppressing any human being is wrong.  But while they still can, many modern men continue to subtly take advantage of you, feeling no shame in exploiting your services to further their own personal agenda of male “superiority” and/or sexual gratification.  And they will continue to use you as long as you let them.

Over the course of countless thousands of generations, you have allowed male leadership to turn our species into the most violent and destructive force the earth has ever known.  This fact is appalling, and should bring shame upon the character of modern men, filling them with a determination to change before it’s too late.  But amazingly it does not!  How many more years, decades, and centuries must pass?  How many more of your generations must suffer before you lead society out of primitive, male domination, and into the modern, female consciousness of civilization?  Sadly, we may already be out of the time necessary for you to make any kind of change that will stop our impending destruction at the hands of the violent male ego.  Women of the world the time for your awakening is now!          Shane Stewart, 2014.

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