Raped and Pillaged

From Part II Chapter 6  Earth She

By T.L. Dayen

If Earth is She then She is Earth.

When did men begin to anthropomorphize anything it owns, uses or manipulates to its own will and benefit as a “she?” My educated guess would be not long after the time we evolved from a ‘mobile’ to a ‘stationary’ society (Neolithic period).  TFI has made the case that the stationary society is the point in history when the “male ego” was officially born; when humanity shifted from nomadic hunter gatherers to domestic agriculturalists.  While it’s common knowledge that the nomadic hunter gatherers consisted of inherently egalitarian small bands or tribes, there are only credible theories as to why humanity became so ‘swiftly’ stratified after we finally ‘settled’ down.  Planet Earth provided more than enough for both the early hunter gatherers and the later agriculturalists.  Did the survival of our species really require such a drastic change in the social construct from gender egalitarianism to gender stratification? TFI posits that it did not, and in fact, this is where the demise of our species began!  The truth is, it was here in our evolutionary history where the human female’s primordial capacity for sustainable resource distribution and pragmatic socialization, and the human male’s primordial capacity for strategic acumen and physical strength, could have taken humanity down a much different path. Instead, this is where the male ego image of male superiority solidified, and animal mind began its domination over women, territory, resources and each other.  And ten thousand years has changed nothing.

It’s no mystery that any vehicle, machine, engine, tool, instrument, weapon or even sporting device created to “assist” or “perform” are referred to by men in the feminine; His car is a “she.” His boat is a “she.” His motorcycle, etc., etc., etc.  You get the picture.  So, it’s no wonder that his planet is also a “she.”  The male ego assigns feminine energy to anything it can ‘use’ and ‘control.’  We even see this in computers; The Apple “Siri” is a female voiced “personal assistant,” while the IBM “Watson” is a male voiced mega data base of facts and knowledge.  Why is any of this important? Because the feminine energy assigned to subordinate inanimate objects, represents actual human beings; the human female, who happens to occupy over half the planet, and gives birth to all of it!  Which brings us to ‘Mother’ Earth.

In the male ego image of reality, ‘feminine’ is synonymous with subordinate; lying in wait until it’s ‘needed.’  It is not original, fundamental or creational.  It is simply a resourceful implement of creation as determined by the will of man.  And Mother Earth is no different!  In the image of reality, the two ‘living’ organisms that actually provide humanity “LIFE” are actually seen as secondary to the will of man.  And while one can be stripped, pummeled and violently penetrated for sex, the other can be stripped, pummeled, piped, drilled and saturated with toxic waste for wealth.  Both promise intoxicating victory!   Just as young girls are “trained” to perform the duties that will be required of them, Terra’s virgin territories are “tamed” to perform the duties that will be required of it to serve the needs of mankind.  But just as an abused woman can only be slapped around for so long before she can no longer “perform,” Mother Nature is showing the signs of distress from the incursions of her gluttonous abusers.  It’s imperative that we collectively comprehend the direct connection between the destructive male ego’s domination and exploitation of Earth, and that of the human female.  There’s a female born every minute, but there’s only one Earth, and beyond the image of reality, our very survival depends upon our will to emancipate and empower the potential of both!

Stewart and I have talked a great deal about the male ego’s physical, psychological and emotional oppression of the female body, because it is through the domination and oppression of our body, that the male ego can dominate and oppress our spirit and our will, and this disables our creational consciousness of compassion, cooperation, compromise and community.  Of course, many men are and can also be compassionate, cooperative, compromising and communal, but this originates from the creational consciousness of the human female as energy.  The male ego cannot oppress and dominate “energy,” but it can oppress and dominate its origin, and therefore, de-value and retard the potency and potential of that energy.

Likewise, many women are and can also be dominating, oppressive and destructive, but these predispositions originate from the male ego within the human male as energy.  And likewise, humanity cannot neutralize the devastating forces of destruction, oppression and domination without confronting its origin – the male ego.  Remember that the “male ego” is negative male energy.  It is the impetus behind female oppression and ultimately humankind’s self-destruction.  This will be covered further in Chapter 8.  What needs to be understood here is that there is a creational female and negative male energy on this planet that is at odds.  One’s survival depends upon the other’s subjugation, and the fate of humankind hangs in the balance.

 Terra is Alive!

The human female is creational consciousness, but Terra (Earth) is the “consciousness of creation.”  Terra is the manifestation of life.  Terra is female energy!  Terra’s natural processes, although appearing violent at times, are simply her way of correcting imbalances within her bio systems.  When you get sick, you throw up.  It’s a violent act, but your body does what it needs to do to expel the dis-ease and put you right again.  Moreover, nothing in the natural world can ever be truly destroyed; it simply “changes form.”  It is the delicate balance of these processes that maintains ALL life.  Just as we are an amazing network of systems of elemental matter; heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, veins, blood, tissue, cells, etc. that sustain the cycle of our life, Terra is not simply a bundle of isolated chemicals!  Terra is a massive and intricate relational and symbiotic planetary network of systems of elemental matter: carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sunlight, water, etc. that sustain the cycle of ALL life.

So, while female creational consciousness is compassion, cooperation, compromise and community, which requires and creates balance within the human condition, Terra’s consciousness of creation is chemical; elements and minerals, which both requires and creates balance within the planetary bio-sphere.  Both are required to “create life” and both are required to “maintain and sustain life!” Female Creational consciousness requires unified human will; an individual and collective choice to create as opposed to destroy (explained at length in Chapter 9), which is human [creational consciousness] intelligence.  But consciousness of creation is atomic intelligence. Terra has no willful motive, and Terra can live without humans.  Humans however, can only live without Terra for as long as one can hold their breath.

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