Primary Identity

From Part I Chapter 3  In the Beginning; Man and “Wombman”
By Shane Stewart

There came a point during early human evolution when a horrible and tragic injustice was inflicted upon our species by the most negative and violent creature the world has ever known.  This beast seized complete control over the development of human consciousness and proceeded to mold our species unto its own image as the most sadistic, cruel, and destructive force to ever have walked the earth.  This beast controls the earth to this day.  This beast is the negative, destructive, human male ego. It was long ago when the beast of the male ego fractured and segregated humanity into two, distinct, “primary identity groups.”  These groups were forced to function as separate entities within one physically integrated social structure.

  • The first primary identity group was designated “superior” and given absolute authority.
  • The second primary identity group was designated “inferior” and served as a support group for the superiors.

Members of each group were conditioned and programmed with different group-specific social attitudes and behavior patterns relative to each other according to their designation as superiors or inferiors.  Group appropriate attitudes and behavior roles were to be displayed when primary group interaction was necessary for the successful functioning of society as a whole.  Maintaining strict primary group attitudes and behavior patterns allowed successful, physical group interaction, while maintaining strict, group social segregation between the primary superiors and the primary inferiors.

Humans were assigned to a primary identity group based entirely upon the shape of their body at birth.  Those born with a male body shape (penis) were assigned to the superior primary identity group.  Those born with a female body shape (vagina) were assigned to the inferior primary identity group.  Being male or female was the only determination as to which primary identity group a person would occupy.  Being determined by the shape of the body at birth, the caste of superior or inferior human of course, was set for a lifetime.  Other means of identity such as nationality, religion, race, and so on, would surface much later in our human history, but these would always remain as secondary criterion for one’s primary identity as a superior male or inferior female.

This system of physically integrated, but psychologically, emotionally, and socially segregated groups of males and females was critical to establishing the image of male superiority and essential to securing male domination and oppression of women in every society and culture on Earth.  With men securely situated as superiors, they intensified their efforts to condition women for their proper display of inferior, submissive, and subservient behavior and attitudes when interacting with the superior, dominant males.  Saturated with personal greed for power – which men were unwilling to share amongst themselves –  competitive, dominant males further divided human society into ever-smaller groups of segregated, tyrannical, warring factions; each led by a dominant male.  These groups were possessed by an almost psychotic determination to conquer and dominate each other in an endless and insane orgy of violence and destruction, even unto the ends of the Earth.

Humans are now forever divided into superior male and inferior female primary identity groups and forbidden to join together under the banner of being one human species.  We are being forced to remain a separated, divided society; functioning under the ridiculous and ludicrous primary identity of male and female, and then by secondary identities, such as nationality, ethnicity, religion, race, culture, politics and so on.  These segregated groups have developed vastly different and conflicting realities filtered through the perceptions of their secondary identities; constantly engaging in full-scale battles to culturally assimilate the other.  But no matter what their differences, every faction on Earth continues to maintain the primary system of identity as superior male and inferior female.  The barbaric systems and patterns of male superiority and violent male ego conflict have persisted throughout history; and continue to disrupt and destroy the world we live in today; and if not changed will lead to our eventual demise.

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