“Modern” Is Not “Civilized”

From Part I Chapter 4  Socialization of Female Oppression

By Shane Stewart

Men bolster their male ego with boisterous claims that their leadership brought us out of our primeval, animal beginnings and molded us into the “modern, civilized society” that we are today, living under the grand concept of freedom and equality for all.  The male ego animal mind is quite prone to spew forth meaningless, empty rhetoric, designed solely to strengthen its superior image and tighten its control over the leadership of our species.  It is true that men have succeeded in molding us into a modern society, but the greater truth is that collectively, they have failed miserably to mold us into a civilized society.  The male ego wants us to believe that through the development of super technology, it has brought forth a modern and civilized society.  This is a deceptive half-truth.  A society can be modern without being civilized, such as witnessed by the functioning of humanity through the primitive, stereotype behavior roles expected of men and women.  Until women are freed from the oppression of these roles, humanity will never be a civilized society.  Remember, every new generation in its time is the epitome of “modern” civilization; in its own height of technological advancement.  What was advanced yesterday, is archaic today, and what is advanced today will be archaic tomorrow.

That being said, our world is indeed filled with remarkable, wonderful, and modern things that human males have been instrumental in giving us to make life easier.  In our “modern” society, we have much leisurely time to go on vacations, attend sports games, head to the movies, and barbecue in the backyard.  Men have given us the automobile, the plane and the rocket ship.  We have elevators, escalators, electric can openers, refrigerators, televisions, stoves, video games, cell phones, computers, air conditioners, etc. etc.  The list of technological advances is nearly endless.  However, we cannot be a truly civilized society while the female of our species is constantly being marginalized, abused and oppressed!  Can the male ego truly claim credit for a society that is modern, evolved, and civilized while simultaneously maintaining the injustice of socially constructed and institutionalized discrimination against the human female?  I steadfastly point to the barbaric practice of female oppression and servitude on our planet because it stands as a glaring and direct contradiction to the meaning of civilized, and reveals the concept of human freedom and equality to be a blatant falsehood that could only be tolerated by an uncivilized people.

Females constitute more than half our population.  They are responsible for giving birth to our species.  Yet, from the moment they are born, females are identified and stigmatized as secondary and inferior human beings.  Women do not suffer discrimination because of the usual standards such as skin color, nationality, culture, religion, ethnicity, and so on, but rather for the shape of their body.  The female’s crime is that she is born without a penis.  It is this singular aspect of human anatomy that dictates women will spend their lives in servitude to those born with a penis.  Using the presence of the penis or vagina at birth as the sole factor in determining superiority or inferiority within human society, has certainly guaranteed the eternal position of superiority for men.

The barbaric oppression of women remains an ugly display of discrimination that marks human society as uncivilized.  Men claim that humanity is a species in unique possession of conscience.  But human history reveals that not a single generation of men has ever stood in righteous outrage and indignation against the injustice of male domination and oppression of women which, if conscience were present, would certainly be demanded by a civilized society.  The failure to express such righteous outrage stands as shameful testimony to the embarrassing absence of conscience in the human male of our species.  As long as female oppression permeates our world, the growth of human conscience will remain stagnant and we will never be able to move beyond the moral realm of uncivilized cave dwellers.

Yes, a “modern” society can be measured by its technological and engineering advancements.  But we must remember that technology and engineering are relative to the impersonal world of “things,” not the human world of self.  Things, machines, and computers have no human attitudes, hold no beliefs, have no concept of morals, cannot love or hate, are void of conscience, and certainly cannot object to being dominated and used by the negative male ego!  Things are inanimate and only function according to their programming or how they are being controlled by someone at the moment.  Modern things such as cars and appliances cannot make your life easier and more comfortable unless you use them for that purpose.  A society can achieve great advances in modern technology and still be primitive and uncivilized.  A technological society does not necessarily equate with civilized society.  Determining a society’s level of civilization is a process that must be measured in terms of the kind of interactions and relationships that occur between divergent members of its population, and the treatment they receive from those who govern them.

  • Are some people considered superior to others?
  • Does everyone share the same equal treatment?
  • Does everyone enjoy the same human rights?
  • Are the same equal opportunities available to all the populace?
  • Are all citizens protected from discrimination, domination and oppression by others?
  • Is the population divided at birth into two separate and distinct castes, with one group enjoying power and privilege while the other is being deprived and exploited?
  • Do the deprived and exploited suffer organized discrimination from those of power and privilege because they were born as members of a particular group?

None of this has anything to do with technology.  These are all elements that would define an uncivilized society.  Men flood our society with modern things designed solely to make our bodies more comfortable and lull us into a false sense of well-being.  Then because of our false sense of well-being, men can tell us that we are civilized, espousing lofty ideals that all humans have the right of freedom and that all humans are created equal.  Men throw this empty rhetoric at us for the purpose of inflating and polishing their positive male image and continuing to fool us into believing that everything is just fine and dandy on planet Earth.  After all, aren’t most of us comfortable?  Female oppression shatters the positive male image that everything is okay on planet Earth.  Women are eternally condemned to suffer the caste of secondary human being, openly subject to the tyranny and physical violence of the male ego.

How does female oppression reflect equanimity and freedom for all?  Why do we not collectively and openly stand and object to the fact that human rights are not equally experienced between men and women; or globally refuse to except violence against females?  Why do we allow men to continue with the charade of male superiority?  Until we take action to address these questions, the collective consciousness of human society will never be able to achieve the level of civilized.

Operating from a foundation of female oppression is an ancient practice, a product of the limited minds of ancient men.  The measure of a society’s level of civilization is found in its treatment of women.  Until the barbaric practice of female oppression is abolished from human consciousness, and all humans are equally valued an d empowered, the male ego molded mentality of our species, even while indeed modern, will remain that of uncivilized bi-pedal beasts.

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