Men Stoop to Tyranny

From Part I Chapter 2  The Stark Reality of Destructive Male Ego

By Shane Stewart

Our primal human ancestors were a mundane, mediocre, and ragged bunch, just another of the many sensory motivated animals that struggled to survive in the hostile and unforgiving environment of a prehistoric world.  Being small, weak, and defenseless, it would seem that humans had the least likely chance of surviving.  Remarkably however, our lowly human species would not only succeed in surviving a violent, predatory environment, but would actually come to “supersede” it.

Humanity’s humble beginnings gave no indication as to the remarkable and spectacular physical evolutionary path upon which our species would embark.  Prior to the explosive evolutionary ascent of our species, the highest form of earthly consciousness was that of animal mind.  Animals were independently ambulatory; and could respond to environmental stimuli.  The animal mind had evolved the ability to hunt and actually “lay in wait” in anticipation of prey.  The prehistoric world was ruled and dominated by predatory beasts.  However, animal mind, even though highly evolved for what it was, lacked the ability to think and was void of imagination.  Animals cannot deal with abstract ideas, have no comprehension of logic, and are only aware of the material world.  Animal mind is incapable of any function beyond that of deciphering sensory information: reacting to stimulation from its immediate environment, dealing with memory of a situational event, and being trained to perform on command.

The development of human consciousness was an event that forever separated us from the world of animals, and marked us as a species of thought, reason, logic, and imagination.  In so being, we shed much of our animal behavior patterns and developed a more civilized social order.  However, the male ego continued to practice one very basic and primitive animal social pattern; that of using physical strength as the sole determinant for dominant and superior positions within the group.  In maintaining the pattern of our animal beginnings, stronger humans – generally males – continued to use their strength to force their domination and superiority upon weaker members of the group.  Consequently, leadership of our species was never decided by intelligence, experience, ability, or popular vote, but by simple muscle mass; might is right!  Having greater physical strength allowed men to seize domination and control over the female of our species.  Just exactly when this began to take place will never be known, but that it did take place and was accomplished is beyond question; as evidenced by the male dominated society we live in today where the male image of superiority reigns supreme.

Ancient men could not reconcile the image of male superiority with the fact that the power of human life rested almost entirely in the hands of the female.  Men understood that beyond a brief encounter with the female for insemination, they actually had very little to do with the process of continuing human life.  If women controlled the awesome power to create life, men feared that women would eventually be able to control every aspect of human life, including men themselves.  Men knew that their image of superiority could only be kept alive if they controlled those who actually had the power of physical life.  In one of the most cowardly acts of betrayal in human history, men would stoop to tyranny and use their greater physical strength to intimidate and overpower women, forcing them to obediently submit to the domination, control, and will of the violent male ego.  The tyranny of male domination and oppression of women will forever remain an ugly stain upon the fabric of human conscience.

Men remain deeply divided in their beliefs.  They maintain violent disagreements about life that often end in deadly conflict.  But ironically, regardless of their vast differences men remain united as brothers in the practice of female oppression, sharing common ground in their negative attitudes toward women.  Men across the earth are intent upon assuring that women remain shackled as a group of powerless and dependent inferiors.  The world’s social, political, economic, and religious structures are fortified bastions of male power and authority, built upon a foundation designed to perpetuate female discrimination and oppression and keep women under the iron fist of male domination.  The open and public practice of female oppression is standard protocol in the male world, running rampant and unabated in every culture.

Men do not deny that having women perform in mostly secondary roles could be perceived as female oppression.  But they say this is simply a false perception, and not an exhibition of injustice against women.  For thousands of generations society has functioned with men and women performing different male/female roles that were “intended and designed” for them.  Many men steadfastly refuse to accept that women are victims of discrimination.  They insist that female oppression is a fantasy concocted in the minds of disillusioned and confused women who simply refuse to accept the fact that their natural female duty is to support and maintain the needs of the superior male.  Most men deny that they are the culprits that installed this system of injustice.  They contend that male/female duties are dictated by natural design.  Nature designed men to be dominant, exploratory leaders, and nature designed women to be submissive, subservient followers.

The problem is not that men wanted to dominate women; the problem is that they actually went ahead and did it.  Men dominate women out of an infantile insecurity, feeling that their only power is to control those that give them life.  Women are the ones who give life.  They do not need to take it in order to feel powerful.  Men cannot give life.  So, in order to feel powerful, they take it.  If they can take life from those who give life, then they are superior to those who give life.  Such is the warped and reversed reasoning of the negative male ego.  The domination and  oppression of women, the destruction of human beings, and the rape and pillage of planet Earth are the central focus of the tyrannical, violent male ego.

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