Male Ego Monsters

From Part I Chapter 2  The Stark Reality of Destructive Male Ego

By Shane Stewart

Examples of the Two-legged Beast

A man in his mid-twenties enters a small donut/sandwich shop early on a Sunday morning.  His head is shaved and he has tattoos over most of his body.  He smells of beer at this early hour.  He is fat, flabby, sloppy, and dirty, but obviously thinks he is beefy and manly.  As he stands there waiting for his order, he is blasting loud music from his boom box.  He has absolutely no concern as to whether he might be bothering the customers that have come there for a pleasant cup of coffee and donut this morning.  He has no concern for the rights of anyone else in the store.  In fact, he is there to intentionally take other people’s rights and force his personal domination upon them.  He scowls at the customers as if daring someone to say something.  He is looking for trouble.  He is a physically dominant monster, on the prowl for weaker prey.  This man’s anti-social behavior and negative attitude cling to him like a stink that won’t go away.  He reeks of negativity and violence. Negativity is his relative point of motivation in life and this morning he is very pleased that he has succeeded in making his point.

A man pulls up to a buddy’s house on a cul-de-sac in a lower middle-class neighborhood of working people.  He is obviously drunk.  It is 12 midnight.  His car radio is blaring.  His windows are rolled down.  He is smoking pot and yelling at his “girlfriend” in the passenger seat.  Rather than walk up and knock on his friend’s door, the man bangs on his horn to get his buddy to come out.  But unbeknownst to this man his buddy is not even home.  The man continues to berate the girl and blast his horn.  A single mother with two small children lives next door.  The man has woken her, her children, and the entire cul-de-sac.  The young mother opens her door and pleads with the man: “Sir, I have two small children.  Can you please be quieter?  It’s 12 AM!  Please!”  The man gives her a look of contempt, bangs harder on the horn and says, “Screw you, lady!”  Suddenly a police car turns onto the cul-de-sac and pulls up behind the monster.

A man stands half way in and half way out of the front door of a restaurant smoking a cigarette.  He has not gone outside to smoke, which is considered to be 20 feet from the door.  The smoke, of course, is drifting back into the restaurant.  The manager politely approaches the smoker and states the obvious, that smoking is not permitted within 20 feet of the door.  The man, blowing smoke past the manager and into the restaurant, says, “Hey! I’m outside, Okay?  A man can’t even smoke a cigarette anymore without a bunch of butt holes complaining!  What the Hell is the world coming to?  I ain’t bothering nobody!  Just leave me alone!”

A woman is pushing her baby in a stroller along the store-fronts in a downtown shopping area.  A group of men are milling about on the sidewalk up ahead.  They are unkempt and loud.  As she approaches; one of the men wolf whistles and says; “Hey baby! You’re a fine lookin’ mama!  Tell you what, if the old man ain’t takin’ care of business at home, I can do you real good.”  He moves out to walk along beside her.  She doesn’t respond but looks straight ahead and walks faster.  “Come on!”  The man says; “What? You ain’t gonna say nothin’ to me?  Well, I’m sayin’ something to you.  Who the Hell you think you are?”  The woman keeps walking and the man soon peels away.  “You don’t know what you’re missin’ bitch!”  The man yells after her.  Going back to his buddies he says; “You believe that?  She’s too good to even say one word to me!  I’ll tell you man, some of these women today are real stuck-up bitches!  Who the Hell does she think she is?”

It’s a hot day and a group of people have lined up at an ice cream vendor waiting to give their order.  A man about 6 feet 2 inches and 220 pounds approaches the line.  He is obviously bigger and stronger than anyone else waiting in the line.  He stops at the end of the line and waits about 5 seconds.  Then he suddenly proceeds to walk past everyone and cuts in at the front of the line.  An average size guy in the line says; “Excuse me, sir.  The line is back there.”  The big man glares at him and says; “So?  Tell you what, if you can make me go back there, I’ll go.  Otherwise shut up!”  The smaller man doesn’t press the issue.  The bigger man glares at everyone in the line.  No one else says anything.

A woman is in her home, lying in bed sick with a fever.  Her infant is asleep in a crib in the next room.  It took a while but she finally got the baby to sleep.  She has tried to clean the house today but just doesn’t have the energy to do anything.  She is miserable.  As she is just about to finally fall asleep, her husband comes home from work.  “Judy,” he yells, as he slams the door.  “I’m home!”  The woman tells him she is in the bedroom.  The husband enters and sees her in bed.  “What’s the matter?” He asks. “’Getting sick!” she mumbles, “I just hope I don’t give it to the baby.”  She sniffles.  “Oh, come on” he says,” You can’t be down from a little cold?”  He sits on the bed and begins to stroke her leg, obviously seeking sex.  “Frank,” she says, “not now, please!  I’m sick!”  Frank gets up.  He is angry.  “You know,” he says, “you don’t do anything all day.  You don’t even have a job.  You just lay around.  I work hard and I pay the bills, and all I want is a little affection when I get home, and you can’t even give me that?  Look, the house ain’t even clean!”  “Please Frank,” she moans, “I work hard in this house, and I have the baby.  And I’m sick today.”  “Yeh?” he says, “Well, I’m hungry today.  So, if you’re not gonna give me anything else why don’t you get up, do your job, and make me some dinner?”  Frank stomps off, flicks on the TV, and plops down in his favorite chair.  After a few minutes, Judy slowly gets out of bed and shuffles into the kitchen.  “And bring me a beer!” he demands.  “I’m havin’ a hard day.”


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