God HE

From Part I Chapter 2  The Stark Reality of Destructive Male Ego

By Shane Stewart


Among all life forms on earth, humans stand alone in the evolution and mutation of consciousness.  All other forms of life have only evolved and mutated physically.  They remain confined to a world of sensory reaction where the greatest reality is the material, tangible environment, detected through the physical senses.  The evolution and mutation of human consciousness gradually expanded our minds beyond the confines of sensory reaction, allowing us to enter the world of thought and imagination, and bring forth one of the greatest concepts that human thought and imagination has ever been able to achieve; the concept of a “God.”

Lifting ourselves beyond the limits of the tangible world cleaved us from the packs of earth-bound, matter-motivated mammals, and redefined our species as a new life form with the awareness of powerful unseen forces existing in a realm of universal space.  The moment human consciousness evolved the concept of a singular, impalpable, universal and omnipresent God; we became a new species, aware of its co-existence with intangible universal forces.  We were no longer creatures limited to animal mind and sensory motivation.

Humanity became the sole species that developed the intelligence to understand that our bodies did not define us in our entirety.  Had we not developed our minds; had we remained sensory motivated mammals, we would have remained incapable of conceiving the idea of a God.  Only through intangible thought and imagination were we able to comprehend God.  The concept of God could never have been achieved out of a consciousness limited to sensory reaction to a matter world.  When humans evolved the concept of God, our consciousness now occupied a realm not limited by the laws and parameters of physics.  We lifted our eyes to the skies, and became a species capable of occupying both physical and metaphysical space.  This new consciousness activated a site in the primitive human brain that allowed for the development of our connection and relationship with that metaphysical energy.

As humans evolved in consciousness, so did their idea of God.  The limited human mind constructed many myths that attempted to define the qualities of God and untold superstitions sprang forth that were designed as an attempt to explain the un-explainable mysteries of life through God.  Early humans worshiped as God(s), the powerful forces of nature, like volcanoes, the sun and the moon.  We also constructed crude images of our Gods out of sticks, stones, and mud, and assigned to these images, total power over our lives.  Rituals were created that were designed to appease our Gods to show us favor in the form of good weather, good health, plentiful food and water, and an advantage over our “enemies”.  Early human concepts of God were understandably primitive and limited by the negative, subjective boundaries of the elemental human mind.  Primitive humans simply projected their own fears and limited understanding onto their Gods who were to be feared as jealous, vengeful, and violent.  It would be thousands of generations before we would conceive of God as a malevolent, forgiving and loving force of energy.

The primitive human mind was able to comprehend only a limited understanding of the existence of a God or gods, because the reality of God cannot be truly comprehended, contained, nor properly defined by the finite human mind.  Even today, after countless thousands of generations of the awareness of God, human attempts at defining God are comparable to a little child telling us all about the world, even while having never ventured beyond the boundaries of its own back yard.

Religion and God “He”

Humankind and our concept of God continued to evolve.  The idea of many gods was replaced by the idea of one, all-seeing, all-powerful God: singular, universal and omnipotent.  Primitive man existed in isolated populations around the globe, and each geographic region had its own unique name for their God as well as a different story for how their God came to be and different rituals of appeasement (worship) required by their God.  Of course, each region believed their God to be the one true God, and so it was crucial that the teachings of their God were properly adhered to and passed from generation to generation in pure, unaltered form, or doctrine.  This required organization, and eventually it became known as that particular people’s religion.  Organized religion presented a more favorable aspect of God.  Being our creator, God ultimately had our best interests in mind and so as religion developed, God became more benign, benevolent and forgiving. Religion presented a God that was both equally capable of punishment and reward.  All earthly creatures, including humans, were equally subject to the authority of God.  Up to this point, the concept of God had remained neither male nor female.

Particular religions required organizational leaders to preserve, sustain, and represent those religions.  Men, to serve their own purposes, became the self-professed or designated representatives of God through religion; capable of receiving Gods word; endowed with the authority to speak and act on behalf of God.  Once men assumed the mantle of Gods Representative, the word and Will of God was now filtered through the desires and intentions of the dominant and destructive male ego.  Through religion men professed that God’s will was only revealed to men, because God, the Great Creator, was actually…masculine!  Exhibiting the height of male ego and a transparent display of stupidity, men wrapped the concept of God in a cloak of masculinity, and proclaimed that the true nature of God was actually…”He!”  Men were naturally favored by God because they alone were uniquely created in the masculine image of God “He”, which meant men were naturally superior in creation.  Women of course were also God’s creation, but much like the plants, animals and minerals of the earth, they were not created in the image of God.  God was then the manifestation and embodiment of man; characteristic of the male attributes of authoritative dominance and superiority; demanding concession and obedience through sheer physical force.  We could argue that this was the actual “fall of humanity;” the actual first “original sin;” the point in our history and our evolution when men, the male, claimed the ultimate authority to exclusively dictate the directives of God’s Will upon humanity and the female.

The religious construct soon became bloated with the aspiration for power that saturates the male ego as men realized that through religion – in the name of “God” – they could control multitudes of people.  The masculine construct of God, as manifested through the male ego, battled, fought, conquered and destroyed all those who opposed it; killing all who did not concede to its power and dominance, starting with the nature religions – such as the Doni that honored the Mother – and then turning upon each other – those variant cultures that had also masculinized God.  History generally states that religions have fought to the death for centuries to prove the physical superiority of their God – but in reality, they were, and still are, fighting to their death to prove the superiority of their physical dominance as alpha males amongst the men of Earth – masked with Divine authority in the name of their male ego God; Jehovah, The Lord, Allah.  There are many more “Gods” that the male ego espouses on Earth, but the preceding three are the main “Gods” amongst the populace.

Men constructed religion for themselves as the framework through which they could claim exclusive communication with God and defend their interpretation of God’s Word and Will through fear and physical force.  The Word of God as prophesied by the male ego revealed that God was a masculine being of course, and that only men were created in the image of God.  The male ego established religion as a power base through which to control the minds of others.  It is obvious to me that the agenda of any particular religion is not to worship God, but to maintain and extend the power of men in the name of righteousness.  Wrapping God in a cloak of He allowed men to seize complete control over women and all of human society.

Being in “His” image, men were subject only to God.  Women, not being created in “His” image, were not allowed to interpret the word of God but were still subject to the Word of God as interpreted by the male ego.  In many religions, a woman’s relationship with God can only be established and experienced through a man.  Not allowing women to interpret God gave men complete freedom to dictate anything they wanted as prophetical and Divine doctrine.  According to God, as interpreted through the destructive male ego, woman was created to serve the needs of His most unique, beloved, and favorite creation, the human male.  This is standard doctrine shared among most all religions.

The establishment of religion and the resultant construction of God He was the solution that men had sought for justifying the continuation of the image of male “superiority” over women.  Simply put, it was God’s Will.  The Female, as the creator of human life, had now been overridden by the male ego as the creator of all life.  The concept of “God He” is the cornerstone of justification for the practice of female oppression and the foundation of intimidation that forces women to accept the blatant and outright lie that female oppression is the Will of God.  If women do not capitulate to this lie, they will suffer the consequences.

Organized religion is one of the most intense oppressors of women in history.  Most religious doctrine is structured so as to convince women to believe that they were created by God solely to be of help and service to men, to have the children of men, and to take care of the needs of men.  Therefore, if a woman was to reject her Divine position of service to men, it would be an affront to God.  And that of course has dire consequences.  Women then, consciously or unconsciously, know they must “stand by their man,” sacrifice their fantasies of individual spiritual independence, and simply accept their role as servant to man for which they were created, or again, face Divine punishment.

Most every religion today is dominated and controlled by men, and many major religions today forbid women from holding any position of serious power within that religion.  Some religions demand women stay separated from men in their houses of worship because women, of course, are inferior in the eyes of God.  There are major religious organizations today where women are actually forbidden to enter the sacred inner circles of their houses of worship because the evil of the female will corrupt and contaminate those sacred places.  Of the many methods the male ego has employed to keep women oppressed, the most effective has been the design of religion.  By constructing religion as the word of God He, and designating man as the interpreter and messenger of God’s Word, men gave themselves the authority they needed to keep women firmly under their control.  Placing female oppression under religious edict was a major victory for the personal male ego and the destructive image of male “superiority.”

The role and influence of religion on the social construct has ebbed and flowed throughout history, but the one aspect of religion that has not wavered is the dogma that God created man as superior to woman and created woman to serve man.  Human consciousness is saturated with the concept of God He.  Men say the use of this pronoun does not imply that God is masculine, but is used merely to simplify the concept of God in the minds of humans.  In many major religions today, fanatical fundamentalists insist that the use of any pronoun except He to describe God is blasphemous, and again, can even be punishable by death.  Many men who occupy higher positions in most of the major religions recoil at the phrase “God She”, and they will never allow that concept to become predominant.  Men are intensely aware that the explicit use of the pronoun “He” in reference to God permeates the human subconscious; keeping the image of a masculine God deeply imbedded in the human mind. This strategy has been extremely successful over thousands of generations, because when it is established in the human mind that God is He, then it naturally follows that He is god!!

The exclusive image of “God” as “He,” is a major cornerstone in the “foundation of intimidation” that forces women (she) to accept that female “inferiority” is indeed the “Will” of God (He).  At this very moment, the gross injustice of female oppression is being embraced by religions across the Earth.  The “teaching” that male superiority was actually established through Divine revelation is indeed a cruel and heartless injustice heaped upon the female by the violent, destructive male ego, driven by the false image of male “superiority”.

Religion, as God He, has and is threatening the survival of humanity itself.  Whether by the historical crusades and inquisition or modern day Jihad and endless regional wars, it is a known fact that more people have died in the name of the male ego God He than in all world wars combined!  Co-opting God to serve their own destructively competitive, personal male ego, men have set this planet upon a path of righteous destruction and bloodshed.  Exploiting the name of Jehovah, Allah, and The Lord, men are still at war as of this writing; still brutally murdering to this day; and still doing it all through the negative male ego as the righteous emissary of God’s Will.  The male ego has found in religion its ultimate home of dominant power and authority, and it is within religion where the male ego will battle unto the bitter end of humanity.

Female consciousness is not infected with the male ego and therefore is not compelled to the masculine image of God He.  Women must reclaim God for humanity as a universal, non-gender consciousness; a loving and creational force of life giving energy!  The image of God must be stripped of its destructive and violent cloak of male ego!  This is clearly our greatest challenge; but it is the only solution to the greatest threat to the survival of our race and our world.


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