Female Servitude and Oppression


From Part I Chapter 1  The Stark Reality of Female Oppression

By Shane Stewart

Men have fought many violent and destructive battles to free their brothers from the oppression and domination of tyrannical despots, and they consider the struggle for the right to live in freedom to be an admirable one.  Men consider the cause of struggling for freedom justifies the violence it produces, and men who kill for such a just cause are praised as being selfless, heroic, freedom fighters.

Civilized societies renounce the practice of enslavement as an archaic, unconscionable, and repulsive human injustice.  Most governments have come to outlaw the enslavement of men by other men, and forbid discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and so on.  The primitive and barbaric practice of slavery has all but been eradicated from the ranks of the male of our species.  This all sounds quite noble.  Men tend to display their positive image when talking about equality and freedom.  They love to speak in idealistic terms putting forth such statements as; “We find these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal;” and, “All men have an inherent and unalienable right to self-determination.”  But these are merely empty words.  The selfless and heroic struggle for human freedom and equality that men so proudly proclaim does not exist.  It is a fallacy, an empty fantasy; just fancy rhetoric.  Men have never truly struggled for liberty and justice for all.  Their struggle is far from universal.  When men proclaim that “all men” have the right to be free, they are saying exactly what they mean.  They mean freedom for “men;” for those humans who share in the “brotherhood” of man; for those humans who possess the penis; overwhelmingly, men who are only concerned with freedom, equality, and independence for themselves.  These men do not extend the principle of human freedom to women, and these men will never struggle for the freedom of women because they are the very tyrants of female oppression.

Women constitute over half the population of our species, yet they are caste into a life of oppression and servitude.  Not being men, women are not considered to be independently viable human beings.  Rather, they are considered a dependent extension of men.  Therefore, women have no independent right to human freedom and equality that is naturally bestowed upon the independent male of our species.  Women have nowhere to turn for relief from servitude because female oppression is a socially constructed practice and encouraged in all societies of the world.  From the smallest of tribal groups living in the most remote regions on earth, to the massive populations that occupy the largest cities, the world’s cultural fabric is sewn together by the common thread of female oppression, servitude, and exploitation.  The fact that men continue to confine more than half the human race within the restrictions of oppression and servitude, exposes the concept of human equality as a mere facade behind which there is no substance.

Men employ various tactics designed to convince women that their purpose on earth is to be of service to the superior male.  One very successful tactic involves the use of unsubstantiated myths, legends, traditions, and out-right lies that have been passed down through multiple generations that support the concept of female servitude. One such myth that is popular among men describes female servitude as having been established by divine edict and therefore is part of “God’s” plan for women.  This allows men to instill fear in women that if they do not do as they are supposed to do according to God’s Will, they will surely suffer the wrath of that very God!

The image of male superiority has been woven so deeply into the fabric of human consciousness that men have been able to consolidate their power and authority over humanity across countless thousands of generations.  They have condemned women to a secondary social caste from which they are funneled into roles designed to service and support the daily needs and desires of the superior male.  With such a tight grip on power and authority over our world, men have easily been able to force women into positions that are designed solely to serve, support, and satisfy the male ego.  Women have been charged with the natural duty of servicing men and men’s children and have all the value of a house servant.  Men on the other hand were not created to serve, but to dominate and lead.  Therefore, it is unnatural for a man to be forced into servitude.  It is every man’s natural right to receive the services of a dutiful woman, and every woman’s natural right to be able to give those services.  A man should never deny a woman her natural right of servitude.

It’s interesting to note that men don’t have the conscience necessary to be embarrassed in the least by the established social pattern of female subordination.  And even though men have fought wars to free themselves from the slavery of tyrannical despots, they have never struggled to rid the world of the concept of slavery as a whole.  They have only fought to free men from slavery.  There cannot be a struggle for human freedom if that struggle does not include the struggle for the freedom of women.  Men do not consider the concept of human freedom extends to women because women were created for the purpose of service.  Therefore, a woman cannot be labeled a servant or a slave; she is simply naturally duty bound to serve, and it is only through full commitment to those duties that her freedom is truly attained.

Men may claim to be proud of their struggles to free their brothers, but they are steadfast in the determination to keep women down.  Men discriminate against women not because of such minor differences they normally use to discriminate against each other, such as skin color, ethnicity, religion, and so on; no, men discriminate against women because women aren’t constructed like men.  Their bodies are different.  A woman’s body is not shaped like a man’s body. What condemns women to servitude is that they were born without a penis!  Because women have no penis, men consider them forever inferior, and the inferiors can never achieve the level of equality that men share amongst themselves.  Women are the only group on Earth to suffer the injustice of discrimination based upon the shape of their body.  But it is the very shape of a woman’s body that is responsible for creating human life itself, including that of every man.  Yet women are victimized by the most heinous system of organized oppression and discrimination ever directed toward a specific group of people in the history of humanity.  The negative attitude that men project about women creates an atmosphere that leads women to consistently be denigrated, exploited, dominated, oppressed, beaten, raped, and murdered throughout the world’s societies.  Any supposed rights women possess are secondary to those of men.  Men stand united behind the dictate that women are not supposed to have the type of freedom that comes with being a man.  Human freedom was intended for men, but human servitude was intended for women.  Most men consider women to be a different breed of human; created only to fulfill the specific purpose of serving men.  In the world of the male ego, female servitude is a non-issue.  Most men are united in their understanding that women were placed on this earth for the purpose of giving service to men.

It has long been known that discrimination and oppression are the result of a bloated and warped sense of self-importance and callous ignorance that festers in the minds of many male ego motivated men who eventually become possessed by a negative will to control and enslave others. Throughout civilized societies of the world, men have condemned and forbidden the forced servitude and exploitation of the labor of men.  But these same men, in the same civilized societies, unabashedly feed on the forced servitude and exploitation of female labor.  Even those men who have suffered under oppression and tyranny, still readily join in the systematic exploitation of the female!  As of this writing, every nation, government, society, religion, and culture on earth openly or tacitly embraces, encourages, and participates in female subordination.  At this very moment, in every culture on Earth, the most consistent exploitation and oppression ever organized and maintained against a specific group of people in human history is being carried out by men against women.  Men are not concerned with the injustice of female oppression, nor will they raise their voices in protest, because it is men who reap the benefits of female servitude.

How is it possible that women can be denied human freedom and equality by the very men they create?  Why can society condemn the enslavement of men and so readily embrace the oppression of women?  Why do some women seem to embrace their inferiority, taking great pride in serving men?  Steeped in the belief that serving men and society is their natural duty, many women are programmed to disregard any serious social debate that might suggest they are an oppressed and exploited people.  Born to the caste of society’s workhorses and brood mares, women are fated to perform the role of natural servants of free men.  Some women know of no other way of life, and rarely make serious objections about the way they are treated.  The lives of many women are comparable to that which is found under the rule of benevolent despots who avoid heaping public physical abuse upon their subjects in lieu of encouraging and exploiting their labor through displays of faint praise and false respect, like being the “good master.

Men have been able to convince many women that their secondary role in society is an honorable and admirable one.  Lacking the power to dislodge themselves from a life of servitude, those women have resigned to perform it well, and have developed a sense of pride in being amongst those who are “born to serve.”  As in all master/servant relationships, men have become dependent upon women to continue fulfilling their needs and the needs of society.  Therefore, the treatment of women is not categorized as exploitation.  New generations are encouraged to continue this discrimination, and can do so without fear of prosecution because the oppression of women has been exempted from the list of crimes against humanity.  The negative treatment of the female is standard across all cultures.  Females occupy a weak and powerless secondary social position, and this fact is used to justify clearing all guilt from society’s collective conscience that might occasionally arise because of the exploitation of women.  Masking female oppression as “normal and acceptable human behavior,” guarantees female labor will be available for exploitation by future generations.

The structure of human society has always been male master and female servant.  In many cultures a woman is literally stripped of her identity, denied individuality, and lives or dies by the will of the man who owns her.  Women are considered to be the product of an inferior human mold designed by a higher authority to serve their superiors, which of course, are men!  To these men, if women are suffering, it is because they have brought it upon themselves by resisting their natural role on earth which is to serve them.  Many women long ago abandoned most hope of individual freedom for themselves because society has been conditioned to female oppression and servitude.  For thousands of generations, the prejudice and discrimination directed toward women has been universally accepted by society, and normalized as a matter of course.

It is self-evident that no human being has the right to “enslave” another human being.  But the words “slave” and “servant” are not used to define the subjugation that is expected of women because of their secondary position relative to the male.  Indeed, it is their “duty and obligation” to perform their servitude in relation to men.  The prescribed duties for the female as subordinate are standard among all societies and are justified as a fulfillment of the superior male and inferior female roles.  This places female servitude beyond the realm of any moral judgment and authorizes its eternal practice. The only acceptable form of slavery is female servitude.  Not being men, women are far less able to occupy positions of authority reserved for men, and they are not given the inherent human rights that men possess.  Men have determined that people born with the female body are inferior, and can never be considered equal to those born with a male body.  That means that whether you are a mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, or lover, you are being exploited because you were born with the inferior mark of the vagina.

Men claim that their superiority over, and subsequent domination of the inferior female cannot be changed nor contested because it was designed by nature and is intended to define the proper behavior between males and females.  Alluding to male superiority as genetic and natural is among the many fallacies and lies woven into human consciousness by the negative male ego in support of the ludicrous claim of male superiority and the eternal servitude of the female to the negative male ego.

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