Credible Theories

From Part I Chapter 3  In the Beginning; Man and “Wombman”

By Shane Stewart

Primitive humans that walked the path of early evolution undoubtedly had a treacherous and terrifying journey.  Confined within a hostile environment saturated with voracious predators, it would seem that ancient people were absolutely incapable of out-surviving these physically superior beasts.  However, regardless of the overwhelming odds against our survival we, as humans, found a way to overcome and supersede every obstacle that stood in our path as we maintained our physical survival and continued to evolve.  But the real story of how we managed to survive the impossible and reach our current place in space and time will never occupy the realm of proven certainty.  There are no written records of the prehistoric growth of our species and the entire volume of recorded history chronicles but a scant portion of recent human development.  Therefore, our true path will remain the world’s greatest unsolved mystery, forever subject to unproven conjecture and speculation.

In spite of this, modern scientists are a devoted and determined bunch, and refuse to completely abandon human history to unsubstantiated speculation.  Anthropological and archaeological investigators are hard at work seeking to move human history out of speculation and into the more secure realm of credible theory.  Through diligent excavation and preservation of primal sites, scientists can journey backward in time, gleaning information from ancient artifacts and uncover tantalizing clues that when stitched together allow them to come up with indirect but credible theoretical conclusions as to our true historical path.  This process has resulted in various and sundry educated guesses about human history that stand with a much greater degree of certainty than mere speculation.  Regardless of these efforts however, the stark absence of eyewitness testimony as to how a small, weak, defenseless, human species managed to survive the dangers of a prehistoric and hostile world, will forever keep certainty about our evolution just out of reach.

The path of human development will always be open to debate, conjecture, and theory, a process in which everyone, including myself, is “free” to participate.  By applying thought, logic, common sense, and imagination to the violent struggle for survival that surely confronted our early ancestors, we are all capable of proposing our own “credible theory” as to the circumstances that contributed to humanity’s unlikely survival and the gross injustice of female oppression that permeates and saturates our world today.

The greater portion of human evolutionary development occurred during the time we spent as wandering nomads; a long period in which humans existed in what I have deemed “The Mobile Society.”  Over the course of this extensive period of time, evolution took us from our meager, humble beginnings as primitive, sensory motivated, ground-sniffing mammals, and sculpted us into the highly complex, environmentally manipulative beings we are today.  However, although humans have evolved physically and have brought forth material things that make our lives easier, humanity has never civilized the primitive attitudes and behavior patterns expected of men and women that have remained unchanged since the time of our barbarian beginnings.

Long before the advent of recorded history the attitudes, behavior patterns, and social roles that dictate the proper and acceptable “stereotype” behavior expected from men and women during male/female interactions had already been deeply established.  Male roles were designed for dominant, aggressive behavior and the display of dominant attitudes when in contact with the female.  Female roles were designed for subservient, passive behavior and the display of submissive attitudes when in contact with the male.  These primitive expectations of male/female behavior, developed in ancient times, dominate our social construct to this day and are among the building blocks maintaining the injustice of female oppression.  A great portion of my work is spent analyzing the long period of The Mobile Society because of this very reason.  It was during this period that men planted the seeds of the image of male superiority and began cultivating and harvesting the injustice of female oppression.

The pervasiveness of female oppression prevalent in human society today leaves us with no other conclusion but that it certainly had a point of origin.  As the curtain rises on recorded history, we see that men are already in complete domination and control of women.  It can only be logically concluded then, that female oppression originated during primitive human development; long before the advent of recorded history. Using the scientific method of working backward, we can journey into the past and bring forth a credible theory as to how men were able to so thoroughly succeed in establishing female oppression as a normal condition of human societal relationship, and why they are determined to see its perpetuation.  My “credible theory” of course, is presented in The Female Imperative.

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