Animal Mind/Human Mind

From Part I Chapter 3  In the Beginning – Man and “Womb-man”

By Shane Stewart

Male domination and oppression of women is a glaring human atrocity that continues unabated and unchallenged in every society and culture on earth.  The unconscionable exploitation of women and their bodies by the male of our species is not a practice recently established by modern men, but a long-standing human injustice forced upon women by primitive, barbaric, dominant males during the early evolution of our species.  With minds not yet developed beyond the crude and basic level of a beast, humans were essentially upright, bipedal animals, socially organized by animal behavior patterns.  In order for male domination of the female to succeed as it did, men needed to continue to identify human behavior patterns with that of the animal.  In doing so, the male ego could replicate animal social behavior patterns, and justify female oppression as the natural human state.

Men therefore point to the “dominant male and subjective female behavior patterns” displayed by male and female animals of most species in the natural world as the supporting cast for their image of human male “superiority.”  Dominant male animals are supposedly in charge of their group, exhibiting their superiority over females and weaker males through the display of threatening gestures and physical violence designed to terrorize and maintain their domination and control over the lesser female and weaker males within the group.

This assumption of power by males in the animal world does not come by way of any gift of superiority or intelligence that is naturally granted to the male, but rather by way of the greater muscle mass and physical strength that male animals generally possess over the female of a species.  More lowly evolved animals equate levels of physical strength with superiority within the group.  In the animal world, leadership is simply taken by those who can physically dominate and/or terrorize the others into submission.  When an animal wants something that another animal has, it simply goes over and takes it unless the other animal is strong enough to stop it.  Differences of opinion are settled with physical fights or physical posturing.  The winner of the fight or posturing session is proven to be the winner of the disagreement, no matter what the truth may be or what may be just.  The strong dominate the weak, and muscle power is the sole factor in determining which beast dominates and controls the group.  Therefore, leadership within animal “societies” is not decided through intelligence, ability, experience, or democratic vote.  The weaker simply yield to the stronger, even though the strongest one may well be the “dumbest” one in the entire group.  Strength, violence, and fear, override intelligence; brute strength equals superiority; and might is right.

The crude pattern of female domination and intimidation by males in animal societies, is performed without thought, is void of reasoning, lacks any concept of justice for its members and is beyond the possibility of any rational discussion.  Comparing basic human behavior to that of the animal is critical for the male ego in maintaining the role of superior and extending the oppression of the female.  The human male justifies the oppression of the female by placing it under the veil of natural behavior through associating human activity with that displayed in the animal world!  This opens the door for men to profess that the pattern of male oppression of the female is naturally woven into the very fabric of nature, and is supported by the normal patterns of male domination of the female universally displayed by most animal species.

Because females were generally physically weaker than males, women were not considered worthy of holding rank within the pecking order of “superiority” and had no chance of leadership positions.  With little resistance from weaker females, stronger males simply took physical control over our species.  Using intimidation, fear, and physical violence, men forced women to submit to the will of the superior male and surrender to male domination and oppression.  Women were made to fulfill their duties of satisfying the sexual demands and serving the daily needs of the superior male.

Human society has since never changed.  We continue to function upon the assumption of male superiority.  The human race operates entirely through a foundational framework of female capitulation to male authority.  Men have been able to convince all of us that the ability to dominate equates with being superior.  But this is a glaring falsehood.  Humans can easily be dominated by far lesser and “inferior” creatures.  A great ape can thoroughly and completely physically dominate a man.  If we apply the human male ego’s interpretation of superiority to that situation, then the ape is certainly far superior to the man, and men should be scrambling for equality with the apes!

But men avoid such comparisons that would weaken their claim of male superiority.  If the male animal is generally physically stronger than the female, and this greater strength establishes male superiority, and this pattern of male domination is prevalent throughout most of the animal world, then men claim that male superiority is therefore sacrosanct; a natural and unchangeable dictate of nature.

Alluding to male superiority as natural is one of the many fallacies and lies men have constructed which are designed to support their image of superiority.  We are commonly told that only the strong survive and only the strong can lead.  These statements are absolutely true, but only in the world of the beast, where intelligence, knowledge, and love have no meaning and strength is all that matters.  If men insist on using strength as a measure of some imagined superiority between males and females, they need to look objectively at the relative strengths possessed by men and women.  The female possesses far superior strength in the only activity that truly matters to the survival of our species, the strength of giving birth.  This is where men are the inferiors.  They are not capable of this activity and would therefore have to be judged the weaker of the species.  It’s ludicrous to claim that those with the ability to pummel the species are superior to those with the ability to reproduce the species.  This is the negative, animal mind-set we face in most human males.

We’ve already acknowledged that the rationale for male strength equating with leadership was needed in ancient times for protecting the group against predatory attack and death.  The female could not possibly assume this role, as her body was designed for birth and caring for the young.  The male’s body was designed with external muscle mass necessary for defending the species, but certainly not for dominating the female.  Human males now turn upon and render the very people they are designed to protect, using their strength for intimidating, threatening and instilling fear within females to force them into compliance with their demands!  The weaker female must subjugate to the will of the stronger male, or she risks physical harm.  The battering of women is a pandemic on our planet and we must acknowledge that fact, stop looking the other way, and bring it out into the forefront!

In objectively analyzing the phrase “only the strong survive,” we see that it is an obvious myth, born of an extremely narrow interpretation of the process of successful evolution.  Survival considers many factors besides physical strength.  Survival of a species is actually determined by its successful adaptation to the requirements of new elements that enter its environment.  Strength determines survival only if superior strength is required in order to adapt to a new element entering the environment that may threaten our survival.

Men tell us the strong are superior to the weak and therefore are favored in evolution.  This is also a fallacy born out of the fantasies of the male ego to contend that their greater bodily strength grants them superiority and justifies their domination.  The notion that strength equals superiority might have applied during ancient times when most functions were powered by bodily strength, but the evolution of human thought and imagination has introduced machines and electrical devices that accomplish difficult tasks with the push of a simple button.  How much strength is necessary for that?  How much physical strength is necessary to survive today?

In maintaining physical domination of the female, the male ego has sacrificed the development of human conscience [evolution] to the false image of male superiority [animal mind].  Restricting human identity to being that of the animal world has resulted in a tragic confinement of the growth of human consciousness by denying us the human-mind wisdom of the creational female.

The Animal body/mind

Animals are not creatures of conscience, or internal consciousness.  The animal mind is limited to the world of physical awareness.  An animal’s awareness of reality exists in two limited dimensions; the awareness of self as a physical body, and the awareness of others as physical bodies.  An animal’s awareness of self is solely related to getting what it needs for its body to survive.  Its awareness of “other” is solely related to whether or not that other must be avoided as a threat to, or approached as an ally of, its survival.

Animals interpret reality as sensory.  They are not aware of the existence of anything they cannot sense, or physically detect in the matter-world.  They are confined within the physical plane and driven by sensory reaction, environmental stimulation, and the fulfillment of their bodily needs.  They have no awareness of an internal self and no concept of mind.  Animals do not think, and have not evolved beyond sensory reaction.  Existing in a limited realm void of willful conscience, animal mind is not capable of grasping the concept of such things as love, and faith.  But humans tend to be anthropomorphic with animals, keeping them as pets and endowing them with human traits.  We give much love to our pets, and want to believe they love us in return.  But this is just a fantasy that assuages the personal ego and fulfills the imagination and desire of the pet owner.  Animals cannot love but they can experience a sense of security and comfort, and they are capable of willful displays of intimate connections with their owners just as they would amongst their own kind in their own natural environments.

Animals do not possess intelligence but they do possess the ability to be “smart,” and understand that their survival must include food and shelter [comfort].  Animal behavior can be manipulated and controlled through training which uses rewards of food and comfort as stimuli, but this is not intelligence; it is instinct based on obtaining that which supports survival.  For instance, Fido knows that every time his owner calls for him, he will either be petted, sometimes right behind the ear in that special spot that feels so good (comfort), or he will be fed (food).  Fido would follow his owner anywhere.  Trixie knows every time she jumps on the couch into her owner’s lap, she will get her belly rubbed (comfort). Trixie is fed every night at 6 pm (food) so at 5:30 she usually begins to wrap around her owner’s leg in anticipation of dinner.  Professional trainers simply use this repeated action/reward or positive reinforcement system.  Animals are capable of human like feats, but these are only learned through the manipulation of their animal instincts.  Again, animal mind can be “smart,” but not “intelligent.”

Animals are centered outside the self, and have no independent awareness of “I am.”  Their awareness of self depends upon their senses being activated by something in the environment. Whatever an animal sees, hears, smells, tastes, and physically encounters, encompasses its entire sense of being.  Animals are aware of their own body in terms of fulfilling its needs for survival and reacting to chemical urges, such as that of mating.  I tend to think that an animal is aware of “others” in the situation before it is aware of itself.  An animal’s flat 2-dimensional awareness of relationships creates a reversed, external awareness of the self, such as; “You are, therefore I guess I am.”

Animals do not comprehend abstract concepts.  In the animal world, there is no such thing as integrity.  Animals cannot originate thought.  They are limited to mental responses or internal biofeedback to pain, hunger and/or discomfort.  They have no ability to imagine themselves or their world as being any different than it is at the moment. They have no concept of the past and cannot grasp the future. Their memories are only related to places, people, other animals, environmental conditions, smells, etc. that either have supported or threatened their survival.  Animals are incapable of grasping such “ideals” as morals, fairness, equality, or justice, and have no concept of good or evil.  Animals are the most highly evolved cognitive forms of life on this planet that are still shackled by the chains of sensory reaction and survival motivation, of which humans have the ability to separate themselves from.

In the animal world, there are no actions that can be judged as criminal, wrong, or immoral.  Animals cannot commit murder, or willfully carry out acts of violence.  They kill out of their instinctive need to survive and dominate.  If an animal attacks another, it is not a crime nor is it wrong.  A lion bringing down a Gazelle cannot be charged with murder.  Animals are limited to functioning within the physical confines of their species of origin and how it has evolved in response to sensory reactions to environmental stimuli.  A Lion is a lion and can only survive as such.  A bird is a bird, a fish is a fish.  A lion will not survive in the sea and a fish will not survive in the jungle.

Leadership among animal groups is not decided by popular vote nor determined by intelligence.  The position of an animal within a group is determined entirely by its physical strength in relation to the others.  Stronger animals impose their will upon the weaker by using tactics designed to terrorize and intimidate the group, seeking dominance through threat of, and/or actual, bodily harm.  If intimidation doesn’t work, a struggle may ensue and the winner, usually the stronger one, will assume command.  An animal cannot debate right or wrong.  But it is able to impose its authority, leadership and “superiority” upon the others through simple, physical domination.  Females generally avoid competing with males for dominant positions.  They are under a constant and distinct physical disadvantage, frequently vulnerable and defenseless due to ovulation, pregnancy, giving birth, and nurturing of the young.

Human mind

Although humans originally sprang forth from the same animal mold that produced all animals, we became the only species to exceed the limits of physical evolution, and journey down a new evolutionary path of metaphysical consciousness that would forever separate us from the ranks of ground sniffing, sensory motivated animals.  Being creatures of metaphysical consciousness we have developed the ability to think and imagine.  Consciousness allows us to communicate abstract ideas, such as that of a “God”, and deal with a concept called the future.  Consciousness allows us to understand love, empathy, and compassion, and it is only because of consciousness that humans have the capacity for conscience.  It is consciousness, thought, and imagination that allowed us to look to the stars and go to the moon more than 100 years before we actually did so as in Jules Verne’s – From the Earth to the Moon – 1865.

Consciousness is the environment of the mind, occupied only by our human species, and it is only consciousness that allows our minds, our thoughts and our imagination to be aware of our internal self.  Humans were also once confined within the flat, 2-dimensional physical state of awareness that confines animals.  We were no different than any of the other sensory driven creatures that roamed the earth.  We occupied a rather insignificant position among the great beasts of the time, and were at a huge disadvantage in the competition for survival.  Whereas most creatures were born with built-in features designed for their survival, humans were born defenseless, vulnerable, weak, small, and slow.  We served as quick and easy prey for many predators, as we were entirely helpless against the dominant, fanged and clawed beasts of the time, and had little chance of surviving such a hostile world.  But the absolute disadvantage of being physically defenseless would become the very catalyst that launched human evolution on a path that would forever remove us from the world of sensory motivated animals and place us on a level of life that an animal can never attain; the level of “humanity.”

Animal bodies and minds naturally evolved for surviving in nature.  They could not think about adapting something in the environment in order to use it for their self-defense and survival. They could only see objects in their environment as objects.  A rock was forever a rock, and a tree was just a tree.  But humans reached beyond sensory reaction by developing the ability to imagine something out of nothing; to see something in the environment that wasn’t already physically there.  Humanity used its “mind’s eye” to produce tools and weapons.  We began to recognize our environment as a resource to be manipulated for our own survival.

All “bodies” on earth are subject to, and equally effected by, the laws of physical evolution, including human bodies.  But human mutations in consciousness placed us on a new level of internal evolution that could not be governed by the laws of the physical world: the evolution of mind in the metaphysical realm of thought, imagination, and spirit.  Humans had finally become fully human.  We were now aware in 3-D, with an awareness of 3 independent dimensions consisting not only of the animal 2 dimensions of body-self and other body-self, but also the human dimension of an imperceptible God consciousness, which meant  we were no longer the highest life form in existence.

Through our three-dimensional human state of mind, we built a foundation for human conscience.  Through conscience we developed a sense of morality which directs us to condemn negative, aggressive, animal behavior of one human being against another.  And the awareness of God in the human state of mind allows us to understand the concepts of trust, love, and faith, which are the only elements that separate us from animal mind.

Humanity – Truly a New Species

First; we are of a 3-dimensional consciousness.  We are the center of our reality, independently aware that we are alive.  We think, feel, speak and behave in ways that project what is real to us, and we do not need to react to other people, or our environment, in order to know that we exist.  We are cognizant of our internal selves and are capable of self-analysis.

Second; we are aware of others and understand that they have their own “internal” reality just as we do.  We seek to know if they affirm or reject the reality we project.  Those that share and confirm our perception of reality we consider to be positive people and those that do not, we consider to be negative people.  Others do not need to react to us to know that they exist.

Third; we are aware of the universe and of a higher consciousness we call “God.”  Even those who claim not to believe in God are still aware of the earthly idea that it is possible that a life force or energy consciousness exists which is greater than we are.  In fact, the very thought of the concept of “God” that resides in the mind of the atheist, makes the idea of God just as real to them as to those who think they believe in the concept of God.  The thought of God is just as potent as the belief in God because the thought resides in the mind just like a belief does.  Our awareness of God creates a 3-dimensional relationship of self: I am (self), that I am (other self), that I am (God self).  I am, that I am, that I am.

The idea of God is uniquely human because it is not based upon matter.  God does not need human belief in order to exist.  God is ethereal, and to consider the existence of a God requires faith in the intangible, something animals cannot comprehend.  In fact, the concept of a singular, impalpable, universal God is forever beyond the capability of the animal mind.

The negative male ego could never have been able to establish the false image of natural male superiority if we had rightfully been allowed to develop our true identity as a unique and separate species of human mind, [creational female consciousness] which is set apart from male ego animal mind and all other life forms on earth.  Humans are rational, intelligent, and capable of communicating abstract ideas.  There are no other life forms with our capacities.  Equality among humans is our true natural state.  But the male ego insists that we continue to relate to each other as physical beings of animal mind.  The existence of any form of human domination, especially female oppression, has been artificially and subjectively constructed out of the animal mind of the male ego.


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