Affliction of the Male Ego

From Part I Chapter 2  The Stark Reality of Destructive Male Ego
By Shane Stewart

The archaeological record has revealed that humans and/or our predecessors have been roaming the earth for millions of years.  This is surprising in lieu of the fact that early humans would seem to have had the least likely chance of surviving an ancient and hostile world teeming with predators against which we had no defense.  How such a small, weak species managed to miraculously out-survive them all, is a mystery.  Just how our ancestors succeeded in surviving against impossible odds may indeed remain a mystery, but there is no mystery as to our coming demise as men steadfastly continue to drag humanity down a violent and senseless path toward self-annihilation.  Tragically, the early survival of our species may well have been for naught.  The miracle of early human survival is being laid to waste by the mindless male violence and destruction of our species.  Human destruction is not coming at the hands of humans, but at the hands of violent male humans.  It is not women who seek to dominate, control, and destroy those of variant beliefs, it is men.  Women give life to humanity while men destroy it.  Anyone objectively observing our planet would reach no other conclusion but that women are creators and men are destroyers.

Locked in a deadly struggle for domination over each other, men would rather see the Earth destroyed before letting go of the voracity of their personal, territorial, male ego.  Men are oriented toward violence.  They are steeped in it.   They embrace it, nurture it, and display it as a badge of manhood.  Human males are obsessed with the accumulation of power and control, and their vehement campaign to force their personal will upon others is a clear definition of a psychotic sociopath.  Men consciously choose to destroy rather than create, oppress rather than liberate, and dominate rather than cooperate.  Bloated with self-importance and saturated with greed for personal power, men cannot deliver the constructive leadership that society so desperately needs.  Men have proven themselves incompetent, inept, and incapable of directing positive human relations.

Why, after countless thousands of generations under male leadership, have men failed to develop a positive, peaceful, and cooperative society?  Why have they instead become the most violent, vicious, and destructive creatures the earth has ever known?  There is but one conclusion: Men are afflicted with the negative, personal male ego.  This affliction can also be called an illness, a condition, a sickness, or an infection.  But whatever name we give it, the negative male ego stunts the positive development of male character.  The affliction of male ego impedes the objective reasoning ability of men, twists their perception of what is real, induces delusions of grandeur (male superiority) that men interpret and pursue as “reality”, and results in violent and destructive convulsions that are directed toward women (and each other) for the purpose of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual domination.

Women are not afflicted with this illness, and in fact are immune to it.  But they are the ones who suffer its negative effects at the hands of infected males.  The affliction of the male ego is also evident when we observe men as they carry on with their violent battles for domination over each other.  The conflict between males for domination is spiraling out of control and because of their “condition” men cannot alter their destructive path.  Women, children, and the entire Earth are all innocent victims suffering the horrible effects of the violent convulsions and destruction of those afflicted with the negative male ego.  The male ego is a parasitic creature, devouring and destroying the very host that gives it life!

The emotional capacity of the infected human male to understand and empathize with others is limited to an adolescent level of human development.  The emotional growth of men is complete by the time they reach the early teenage years.  Their bodies continue to grow, their minds continue to expand, but their sense of reasoning, which is required to find mature solutions to human problems, is arrested at adolescence.  Throughout their lives, many men continue to function emotionally and physically as they did when they were kids back in the old-school yard.  There they resolved their conflicts through physical domination; escalating arguments or disagreements into physical fights.  The boy that could “beat up” the other boy was the dominant one, and his physical victory “proved” that his argument was “right”.  The beaten boy had to verbally “admit” that he was “wrong”, even though his argument may have been “correct”.  Why?  Because he was beaten into it!  He had to bow down to the code of the negative male ego that “might is right.”  Where is the concern for truth here?  There is none.  This is how men resolve problems and conduct relationships today.  They are only concerned with imposing their personal will upon others through force, intimidation, and violence.  Men are still boys in the school yard, emotionally lost in rage, jealousy, and envy.  The basic depth of what men feel generally only extends to levels of fear, anger, and sensory, sexual reaction.

The affliction of the male ego keeps society locked in an endless, barbaric state of war and conflict.  Driven by their power hungry, territorial, dominant male ego, men are determined to force their personal will upon others through political, religious, cultural, military, moral, and personal domination.  Most men are inherently negative and violent creatures, who claim the destruction of others is justified if those others hold a variant philosophy.  The male of our species does not seek to live in a unified and harmonious world guided by compassion, compromise, cooperation, and community, but rather seeks eternal division through domination and/or destruction of others.  There is no cure for the male ego.  There is nothing a man can “ingest” that will treat this horrible sickness.  But men can neutralize and manage the negative aspects of male ego infection by humbly asking the female of our species to help them.

Being infected with negative male ego is terminal to the spirit unless help is sought.  Men cannot singularly halt their spiraling descent into eventual annihilation.  If they are to change their violent nature and heal the affliction of the male ego, they cannot do it alone.  Each individual man on Earth must shed his male ego image of male superiority and ask just one woman to help him become human.  Men must recognize that they are sick with violence and open up to women for help.  Women must provide that help to alter the negativity of the male ego or we face dire consequences!  The suppurating sore of negative male ego can only be healed by the positive consciousness of creation, which can only be applied by the female.  Men must sacrifice eternal conflict and learn the wisdom of empathy, compassion, compromise, cooperation, and community that can only come through female consciousness of love and creation.  Expecting men to reach out for help however, is a highly unlikely scenario.  Therefore, male violence will somehow have to be restrained, or we face the dire prospect of becoming the only species to ever have suffered a tragic and senseless self-imposed extinction as the male ego continues to stumble toward the end of the world in a “self-fulfilling prophesy.”


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