From Part II Chapter 8  The Fourth Wave

By T.L. Dayen

Forcing another human being to grow and incubate another human being from their own flesh, blood, bone and tissue against their will is the most flagrant and brazen form of oppression, domination and vassalage!   It is motivated and propagated by religious zealousness; which is the most frightening form of hegemony over the human rights of the human female.  It can deny any intervention from science or reason, because it’s cloaked in the privilege of “holy” righteousness!  Individual reproduction is a personal issue.  The human female is not a monolithic block; a commodity to be used and directed.  We are each individual people, lives, circumstances and experience.  We are each original.  We are each fundamental.

Ironically, the same medical advancements that have [rightfully] allowed women reproductive freedom and independence, has also buttressed a renewed and intensified fervor among those who are ignorantly indifferent to the physiological and neural science of fetal viability.  The advent and advancements in early fetal ultrasound imagery that has brought enormous joy to those women and families who can now visually bond with what will become the child they have ‘chosen’ to bring into this world, has also become poster propaganda fodder for those who can now hold up ‘images’ of an individual woman’s “unviable [zygote] tissue” as evidence that they are saving the life of an individual human being!  It doesn’t matter that it’s an image of my biological connective zygote tissue, with no brain, no lungs, no eyes, and no skeletal or central nervous system!  No; it is your ‘human being’ that must be protected from the monsters who want to “kill” it!  Excuse me, but science is not dependent upon your ‘religious’ beliefs.   You are not saving a human being!  You are demanding that I incubate my zygote tissue against my own will until it becomes a human being that you forced me to create from my own body!  And after you have successfully forced me to do this, you can now forget about that human being, and move on to the next human female victim of your reproductive bondage.

Another early fetal medical advancement that has encouraged religious pro-‘life’ zealots, is our ability to extract an otherwise unviable fetus and keep it developing artificially.  In the mid stages of pregnancy, if a women’s body begins to reject the fetus, by some traumatic event to the mother or some other unforeseen and unfortunate medical circumstance that puts the mother and/or fetus at mortal risk, this is indeed an amazing development of medical technology for those women and families who have wanted and planned, or at the very least, are ready to have a child.  However, many, if not most women will not have this option: 1) it is extraordinarily expensive, 2) there is no guarantee that the un‘born’ fetus will continue to develop with artificial assistance, and 3) just because we have the technology to perform unviable fetal extraction doesn’t mean that every women and/or fetus will be diagnosed as able to survive the procedure.  None-the-less, this advancement in medical science has been seen as even more evidence that an unviable fetus is an individual human being; because we have the “science” to possibly artificially keep it developing into a viable individual human being outside of the womb.

A common argument is that because women were ‘created’ without the natural ability to control or regulate their reproductive systems, this is proof that women were never meant to scientifically or medically interfere with it.  By that standard, Viagra and Cialis should be banned by church doctrine.  And why are we medically treating uterine cancer?  Let it naturally progress.  We were not created to naturally see inside the human body with the human eye, so why are we even using “ultrasound?”  It’s obviously an absurd notion that anything a human can’t do without medical and scientific invention is immoral, and I think I’ve just pointed out that the ordained argument for pro-vassalage is simply selective rectitude.  The church tried this same argument during our early explorations of space and astronomy, by claiming that the use of the telescope and even eyeglasses were heresy.  If God had intended man to see clear and far, man would have been born to see clear and far.  It’s clear that without the separation of church and state, humankind would be barely beyond the dark ages. Countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq are prime examples of the dangers posed to women subjected to religious doctrine through civic authority.

I completely empathize with the emotional impact of unwanted conception and fetal development, but my body is not your business!  It’s my business whether or not I am able to responsibly reproduce my own body.  The female creates life out her personal flesh and blood, and it is she who must personally take stock of her own mental, physical, financial, emotional, relational and familial circumstances when considering whether or not to personally reproduce, NOT your Theocratic ambitions!  Modern ‘science’ tells us when actual individual life has been reached within ‘our’ wombs. We have laws in place to protect late stage fetal development.  Yes!  We have always had “laws” against medically unnecessary late stage abortions – as it should be.

Pro-Vassalage is Not About “Life.”

It’s About “Control.”

Quite Frankly, if this ongoing conflict was really about “life,” then those who so vehemently demand the government seize legislative authority over the human female body would be doing everything in their power to eradicate deleterious conception.  But this could not be farther from the truth.  In fact, they do everything in their power to make sure that if a woman is going to have sex, then that woman is going to have a baby – BY LAW.

The “Pro-Vassalage” Agenda

  • The human male semen (seed) is a man’s personal and private possession.
  • The human female egg belongs to men and to God and is protected by the government.
  • NO sex education in school that teaches young people about their bodies and how and why to avoid unplanned pregnancy.
  • NO sex unless you are married.
  • Sexual activity is controlled by the husband; not the wife!
  • NO use of birth control that prohibits a woman’s egg from becoming fertilized.
  • NO use of condoms or diaphragm that prohibits semen from fertilizing the egg.
  • NO use of birth control that prohibits a woman’s fertilized egg from developing into fetal tissue and ultimately into a human being.
  • The human female fertilized egg is a “person” with constitutional rights.
  • NO abortions – period – regardless of a woman’s personal concerns or circumstances; including age, health, relationship, financial, rape and/or incest, and regardless of the life or medical condition of the woman or the fetus.

This “agenda” is not based on medical science.  It is based on religious doctrine.  It is not just Christian doctrine, however, but all religions including (and especially) Islam.  In a Theocracy, religious doctrine is public law.  But in a Democracy, such as the United States, religious doctrine cannot be used as a basis for federal, state or civic law or governance!  However, the U.S. Congress has spent millions of taxpayer dollars drafting and voting dozens of times on a “Personhood Amendment” – that’s a ‘Constitutional’ amendment that would give a woman’s ovum constitutional rights as a human being.  So, let us be clear, we cannot pass an Equal Rights Amendment that distinguishes me as an equal human being to men under the law, BUT we can pass a Personhood Amendment distinguishing my ovum as a legally separate entity of which I have no private authority or personal jurisdiction. This federal legislation has not been enacted into law – YET!  But state legislatures already have amended their own constitutions.  If the female ovum is a legal person, then the ovum (fertilized or not) itself is a potential person; the human female’s entire personal reproductive system becomes “public property!”  The level of hypocrisy that is being demonstrated here is staggering!  My ovum is public property. The only personal control over their fertilization belongs to the man who decides he’s going to f@#k me. Whether or not he’s my husband, my uncle or a complete stranger, I am going to create and give birth to his baby – BY LAW!  But, a man’s seed is his personal property, and he can spew it anywhere, anytime he damn well pleases.

The ‘church’ will tell you that they discourage “masturbation,” but when is last time religious zealots petitioned the Federal government to regulate the ejaculation of sperm not intended for pregnancy?  You see, the “separation” of church and state only applies to men.  When it comes to women however, our bodies and our activities are the focus of countless federal and state legislative hours and taxpayer dollars. By law, employers do not have to provide reproductive health care coverage for women if it is against their “religious beliefs.”  This was challenged and won in the Supreme Court by “Christian” business owners.  But these same Christians have no problem providing health care coverage for a man’s pill that gives him a three-hour erection – even if he’s not married! Apparently, “God” doesn’t care about a man’s seeds or his sexual activity.  HE only cares about a woman’s ovum and her sexual activity. How convenient and fortunate for male ego of the animal mind!

As we move further into the 21st century here in the U.S., it appears we are regressing further into a Christian Theocracy.  This is a terrifying notion for democratic freedom and an even more terrifying prospect for women in what was once the most Democratic nation of equal civil liberty in the world.  The same animal mind forces in this country subverting the separation of church and state to repeal women’s reproductive freedoms, are also advocating for the reduction and even elimination of the taxpayer dollars that help these women to feed, clothe, house, educate and provide health care for the very children they are forced to bring into this world.  The website, warns of “dreams of consequence-free sexual liberation,” which congressional Republicans elaborated on to make their point that taxpayer dollars should not be subsidizing “consequence-free sex.”

  • A woman should not have had sex if she cannot independently take care of a child.
  • If a woman has sex knowing she cannot independently take care of a child, she should give the child away at birth.
  • If a woman has sex knowing she cannot independently take care of a child, and she does not give the child away at birth, she should expect that child to grow and live in poverty, and accept those consequences for her and her child.

The truth is, there are very few unwanted pregnancies that are forced to term in demographics with financial means.  These women have financial access to both reproductive health care and abortions from a private physician in privacy. They are also able to travel to another state for these services in social anonymity if necessary.   But for the impoverished, malnourished and uneducated children born to harlots who simply refused to give them away, there may be an added benefit to the dominant male ego.  These unfortunate children are vastly more likely to engage in drug, gang and/or criminal activity and thus have a niche to fill for the American prison industrial complex.  America imprisons more of its citizens than any other country in the world.  This growing and lucrative private prison industry uses this demographic as a resource for profits.  They have powerful corporate lobbyists in Washington D.C. that use their financial influence in politics to create harsher sentences for non-violent offenses and prosecute more minors of violent offenses as adults (longer sentences); also known as the “playground to prison pipeline.” While violent crime in America is going down, our prison population is going up!  More and more state money is being spent on housing prisoners, at the same time less and less federal money is being invested in education, prevention, and rehabilitation.  There’s no money in investing to keep people “out” of prison!  And there’s no morality in “rewarding” consequence free sex with the guarantee of proper nutrition, education or housing.

The real “consequences” of a woman’s lack of access to family planning can clearly be seen in 3rd world nations around the world where women are straddled with children barely living day to day while they may be pregnant with another.  These governments do not recognize the rights or independence of their female citizens, and therefore neither do their men.  Women are repeatedly sexually forced [raped] by their husbands or others while they are also repeatedly forced to watch one child after another painfully suffer or die from disease and lack of nutrition.  Many females must have their clitoris sliced off so they cannot enjoy the act of the sex.  They are literally “sperm depositories” for their dominant male counterparts.  These governments are corrupt military, or authoritarian oligarch regimes that need their oppressed male citizens placated by unfettered access to sex so they do not rise up against their dictators. Others are Theocracies that use their religious doctrines to justify female sexual servitude.  Similarly, the United States is on the fast track to third world nation status with a 5% uber rich overwhelmingly male dominated oligarch; a 95% slave class serving their needs; and God He Theocratic [religious] policies that support it all.  If this isn’t the dominant male ego at work than what else would you call it?

The reality is, reproductive freedom and independence was and is the single most important medical advancement for the human female.  The World Health Org considers access to birth control and family planning second only to access to education when determining 1st, 2nd or 3rd world status of nations!  Statistics overwhelmingly show that globally, women who have the freedom to control their reproductive systems are:

  • Far more likely to live a longer life.
  • Far more likely to live a life free from poverty.
  • Far more likely to achieve the kind of upward mobility that leads to an independent, successful and secure future.

The freedom to control one’s reproductive system, benefits society just as much or more as it benefits women.  Women who live longer will obviously not leave their children motherless.  Women who are not living in poverty are not raising children in poverty, and therefore not perpetuating a cycle of poverty.  And women who experience upward mobility, success and security contribute to a society’s economic stability.  Reproductive rights are, in fact, a global determining factor in a societies economic and civic stability and success. In a world of “human mind,” a woman’s autonomy and human right to her own reproductive process is respected, and society is one of mutual accord and equilibrium.

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