The Inert Earth Image

From Part II Chapter 6  Earth She

By T.L. Dayen

Just as female domination and oppression provides the animal mind male ego sexual control and the unfettered license to battle each other for territory, power and supremacy; Terra domination and oppression provides for material control, and the unsullied license to battle each other for possessions, wealth and authority.  We’ve already discussed the female image, so successfully constructed by the male ego over thousands of years, as a solid and reliable projection of whatever the male ego requires the human female to be to serve its need(s).  This male ego projected image can and will adjust and compensate for geography, politics, culture, religion and income status, but the one constant within this image is that the human female is secondary to the human male.  Even though it is only the human female who has the individual ability to pro-create; as an image of the male ego, we are simply a reflection of man as ordained by god He, and we cannot be original, fundamental or creational.  So too, has the male ego cleverly constructed an image of Terra to invalidate her consciousness of creation.  This “inert Earth image” is a random assemblage of arbitrary chemical and mineral stores and reserves; an indiscriminate and inanimate mineral rich rock we call earth; at our disposal to exploit, mine, drill, appropriate and sell for profit!  Any recognition of Terra’s “consciousness of creation” would shatter the image of a stolid earth; unsystematic, un-selective and chaotic.

Through the image of Terra, Earth is Just inert dirt and stone that can be controlled, manipulated, and afflicted with no consequence, other than the profit for its resources. This image has been very successfully maintained for the most part. What could be more easily taken for granted than the ground under our feet, the air we breathe, and the water we drink since the beginning of human kind?  But these elements are not isolated “things.”  Take away the soil and the air goes away.  Take away the air, and the water goes away.  Take away the water and everything goes away. The planetary bio-sphere works together or it doesn’t work at all.  Our bodies require Terra’s own network of bio systems to stay alive; air (breathing), soil (eating), and water (drinking).  In fact, the chemical and mineral compounds that make up these bio and ecosystems are the same from which our own human biology evolved!

The ‘inert Earth image’ has severed our fundamental relationship with Terra and kept us collectively deaf, dumb and blind to our biological origins and the keys to our physical survival.  Whether the destructive appetite of the male ego for power, greed and sexual control annuls female creational consciousness or annuls Terra consciousness of creation; they both only lead to one end – self-destruction.  Just as male ego animal mind long ago capitalized on the reality of female physiology to facilitate the image of male superiority, it has cleverly capitalized on three perceptual realities that facilitate the inert earth image of Terra.

  • Our unmitigated symbiosis with Terra is so seamless, so perfectly aligned, it’s nearly impossible to recognize; easily camouflaged and distracted by the powerful promise of material wealth.
  • We are aligned with Terra, and we need her to survive, but Terra isn’t aligned with us. She doesn’t need us to survive. This conveniently releases male ego greed from any accountability to the consequences of its neglect, exploitation’s and maltreatment of Terra because she exists simply to serve the needs of the male ego.
  • God He created the earth and everything on it in just seven days for the express use of mankind. Terra will expire in the soon approaching rapture, “and this world will be no more.” Terra is simply another ordained reflection of man, and therefore her molestation is ordained and her oppression in servitude is inconsequential in the eyes of animal mind God He.

The reality however, is that Terra is a vast sentient organism, as are the sheer multitudes of life she supports.  Terra and all life, from amoeba to human, are all composed of the same chemical and mineral compounds in varying degrees; all require air, water and nutrients (soil) to survive, in varying degrees; and most require sunlight to survive, in varying degrees.  Collectively, we and all of this are connected for survival, in varying degrees.  But the animal mind of the male ego cannot allow for fusion, unity or collectivism of any kind, if it’s to maintain its dominance and satisfy its unending desire for battle.  The insatiable lust of the animal mind for power and profit must maintain the inert earth image that the natural world, especially Terra, is a commodity to be picked apart, appropriated and allocated, bartered and traded, scrapped and sold, fought for and won, bagged and tagged!   Cohesion does not allow for dissection.  Unity does not allow for appropriation.  Relationship does not allow for absolute dominance!

Within the inert earth image there is no vital connection between our earth and our air.  There is no vital connection between our air and our atmosphere.  There is no vital connection between our atmosphere and the Sun’s radiation. There is no vital connection between the Sun’s radiation and our earth.  There is no vital connection between the water and the soil.  There is no vital connection between the water and the air.  There is no vital connection between our air and the plant kingdom.  There is no vital connection between the plant kingdom and our soil.  And there is unequivocally no vital holistic connection between the inert earth and human life itself.  Male ego is in control.  Animal mind has command over the elements.

The powerful image that inert earth and the continuation of life are two separate occurrences is at the core of animal mind’s firm authoritive dominance over Terra and hence, humankind. With every ounce of might, it will continue to amass wealth and power at the tormented expense of female creational consciousness (women) and Terra-consciousness of creation (planet.)  Every image created by the animal mind’s destructive male ego is the reverse polarity of reality beyond the image.   The Female Imperative shatters these images; that the light of truth may reveal reality; that human mind may take its rightful place of authority and guide humanity into and beyond the 21st century for a future of life, away from its current trajectory of death.

Terra is in “critical” condition

The elemental bio systems of Terra have evolved over millions of years to function in balance, and sustain the life forms and ecosystems from which we evolved and continue to exist.  As I’ve stated, Terra’s ecosystems are just like your own.  Your respiratory system, your vascular system, your nervous system, your bones, muscles, skin, etc. all function as separate systems with a certain purpose, but could they function in isolation?  And your bio systems require a certain balance of chemicals and minerals in the form of nutrients to keep working and keep you alive.  Even an engine is only defined by the collective force of individual motor systems of fuel, exhaust, electrical, etc. and also requires a critical balance of chemical fluids. Terra is no different!  But neither humans nor Terra are “mechanical.”  We are both the same “organic” systems and compounds.

An insignificant flea on your leg is oblivious to the bio systems that function together to allow your vascular system to provide the blood it feeds on to survive.  We are that flea on Terra.  We’re not consciously aware of the vast inter-working’s of her bio-sphere, we’re only aware she provides, and we partake of the sustenance we need to survive.  But if one flea on your leg became seven billion over your body, you and your parasites would eventually die.  Terra dies – we die!  Like educating the flea about your vascular system that keeps it alive as your parasite, here’s a ‘rudimentary’ look at the four most critical ecosystems that are fundamental to human life on Earth, but are currently at the highest risk of collapse.

Terra’s Water Cycle

The water cycle, like our own blood, is integral to all other eco and nutrient cycles on the Planet.  Also like our own vascular system, the water cycle transports nutrients, but can also transport pollutants.  Just like a doctor will do “blood work” to detect dis-ease within our own body, the wholesomeness and stability of the water cycle determines the health or dis-ease of every other bio system and nutrient cycle on planet Earth.  Water enters the atmosphere through evaporation of water (oceans/lakes/rivers) and through transpiration from the leaves of all land vegetation.  Evaporation and transpiration is Terra’s natural distillation process; as water becomes a gas, it leaves behind dissolved substances it contained or carried.  This purified water returns to Terra through precipitation; water droplets formed in the atmosphere, back to the oceans, lakes and rivers and on to the land.  Moisture that stays on the surface is used by animals and humans, but much runs-off into lakes, streams and ultimately the ocean.  Moisture that seeps into the ground filters through Terra’s foliage root systems, feeding them and replenishing natural aquifers. These healthy root systems hold our soil intact and the aquifers become the ‘water table’ that sustains human life. Finally, some seeps back to the ocean.

The amount of water in the cycle and the chemical and mineral substances it carries and deposits have remained in a balance that was developed over millions of years, and from which we and all life evolved.  Imbalances in the amount and chemical and mineral make-up of Terra’s water, forces imbalances upon all other nutrient cycles on the planet.

Mankind is critically impairing Terra’s fundamental water cycle in four ways:

  • By damming and diverting river flows, we have slowed down and/or prohibited the natural movement of water from land to the sea; interfering with the normal chemical composition of the oceans that supports its life and ours. These man-made reservoirs increase evaporation; interfering with the normal fluctuations of moisture in our atmosphere and therefore the normal precipitation process that all life depends upon.
  • By removing and clear-cutting land vegetation, we are decreasing root systems that both inhibit infiltration which depletes aquifers, and promotes soil erosion which increases soil run-off; and further interferes with the normal chemical and mineral composition of the oceans and lakes. This also decreases transpiration of water vapor from plants; further interfering with normal fluctuations of atmospheric moisture and precipitation.
  • Withdrawals of water for domestic and industrial use through diversion and extraction have depleted the water tables; decreasing the availability of water for both humans and root systems. This also further interferes with the natural seepage of ground water into our oceans, and further interferes with its normal chemical composition.
  • Increased man-made pollutants and the human use of chemical and mineral compounds interjected into our soil and our atmosphere are being arbitrarily transported and deposited throughout the entire water cycle; globally upsetting the normal chemical composition of land and water masses that were regionally developed over millions of years. The natural purification process of our water performed by transpiration and evaporation, is being cancelled out by atmospheric human pollutants picked up by water droplets and globally returned to Terra through toxic precipitation (acid rain).

Terra’s Carbon Cycle

Carbon exists in all life forms.  All life forms on Terra are carbon-based.  There are countless compound combinations of carbon.  Because carbon is amply available in all life forms, carbon is readily available in our earth, air and water.  Life would not exist without carbon, but it is also a ‘chemical.’  We and all life have only evolved within an established balance of carbon in certain amounts, in certain combinations and in certain locales within our ecosystems.  For instance, we need water to survive, and our bodies are in fact over 80 percent “water,” but we can’t live submerged in it can we?  We need air to survive, but can we exist suspended in it?  While carbon is an essential molecular backbone of organic life, if the balance of its established existence on Terra is not maintained, it will cease to serve its established purpose, and life on Terra “as we know it” will cease to exist.

Up to now, Terra’s carbon cycle was quite simple and quite balanced.  Naturally occurring carbon within the atmosphere and water is used by the plant kingdom including algae and bacteria in photosynthesis – it helps it to grow.  Carbon is transferred to animals and humans through eating plants, and further transferred by eating other animals that eat plants.  Carbon is then released back into the atmosphere from the respiration of humans and animals where it re-enters the organic food chain.  It returns to the earth and oceans in the form of [dead] remains where it becomes part of sedimentary rock.  Deeper sediments that have experienced long periods of compression have turned these carbon-based tissues into fossil fuels – crude oil – and their skeletons into limestone.

The ocean is the second largest reservoir of carbon – absorbing carbon from the atmosphere; receiving it from run-off and undersea fissures and volcanoes, and ocean floor sediments of decayed sea life.  The largest reservoir of carbon, is sedimentary rock on dry land and under the ocean floor.  Carbon normally stays in the atmosphere for relatively short periods of time, while it can also stay naturally contained in the earth’s crust for hundreds of millions of years, only released from volcano or earthquake activity. All life on Terra has evolved from this balance within the carbon cycle, which is now being critically altered!

Mankind is critically impairing Terra’s fundamental carbon cycle in 2 ways:

  • Deep mining, strip mining, land and deep sea drilling, and fracking for fossil fuels is releasing exponential amounts of long buried carbon into Terra’s atmosphere at unnatural and alarming rates. Mankind is compounding this unnatural release of carbon from sedimentary rock, by then burning This intensifies the concentration and speed of carbons’ propulsion into Terra’s atmosphere where it is now trapped, because the amount Terra actually uses for the sustenance of life is infinitesimal to the amount currently residing in the atmosphere today.  Mankind is also increasing the carbon content of the oceans, by increased land run-off from soil displacement, which further increases atmospheric carbon.
  • More carbon is released into the atmosphere when mankind burns the wood and leaves of massive expanses of forest to clear-cut for the agriculture [Big Ag] industry. Global deforestation is also decreasing Terra’s natural ability to use the carbon released in the atmosphere by the vegetation that would otherwise convert that carbon to oxygen. The old growth and rain forests are Terra’s lungs, and the male ego animal mind of mankind is ripping them out!

It is estimated that mankind has artificially released over 276 billion tons of carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere in just the last 200 hundred years – since my grandmother’s grandmother was alive.  To support life, Terra’s carbon must exist in larger portions for longer periods within her crust – not within her atmosphere!  By the artificially exponential simultaneous increase of carbon in Terra’s atmosphere, and decrease of her ability to convert that carbon to oxygen, the atmosphere that allowed life as we know it to develop on Terra is disappearing.  Atmospheric carbon concentrations haven’t been this great in over 800,000 years (more likely 20 million), long before Terra had 7 billion humans sucking her blood; and this was only due to ephemeral geologic disturbances.  But mankind has managed to artificially reach this spike in just the last 50 years, or 600 months or 2,600 weeks. And as long as carbon is making the male ego filthy rich, it refuses to stop or even admit that it needs to!

Terra’s Nitrogen and Phosphorous Cycle

These two chemical compounds not only factor into the protein (nitrogen) and cellular (phosphorous) make-up of our human RNA and DNA, but Terra’s nitrogen and phosphorous cycle is how she converts all the dead and decaying organic and inorganic matter on the planet into compost for the fertilization of new plant growth, which supports all organic life forms.  Up to now, the naturally occurring amounts of both nitrogen and phosphorous in our soil, water and air have been kept in balance.  Phosphorous only resides within sedimentary rock, and has relied upon the slow process of “weathering” or other natural soil displacement which allowed for its distribution on land, run-off into the oceans and release into the atmosphere.

Nitrogen is relatively inert in nature unless assisted by hydrogen or other specialized bacteria (like decaying plant and animal life), but once this “fixation” process occurs, nitrogen becomes a potent fertilizing agent.  The digestive systems of some animals like horses and cows are natural fixation processes that have allowed for the natural distribution of “fixed” nitrogen and the fertilization of soils (manure).  But before human intervention, soils very rich in fixed nitrogen only existed in certain areas where the right combination of elemental and bacterial compounds naturally occurred.  The richer the plant and animal life, the richer the soil.  After fixation has been naturally achieved, “denitrification” can then allow nitrogen to be released as a gas back into the atmosphere and begin the cycle again.

Once again, the atmosphere from which all life was created on Terra contained very specific amounts and balances of these chemical compounds.  But once again, mankind’s negligent manipulations; especially in the nitrogen cycle, are causing severe damage to both the soil and the atmosphere.

Mankind is critically impairing Terra’s fundamental nitrogen / phosphorous Cycle in 4 ways:

  • Composting is the manual replication of the nitrogen fixation process. It didn’t take long for humans to understand how to replicate this process; allowing for the fertilization of otherwise naturally infertile soils.  However, mankind soon developed a way to chemically duplicate the product of fixation; artificially circumventing the natural process.  This allowed for the swift distribution of bagged and tagged nitrogen and phosphorous rich fertilizers on a massive scale.  We have not just accelerated the entry of fixed nitrogen and phosphorous into the soil, water and air faster than these bio systems were “designed” to receive them, but we have also doubled the amount they were designed to hold; overwhelming Terra’s natural “denitrification” abilities.
  • By 2008, massive scale “industrial agriculture” was dumping a staggering 165 million tons of artificially fixed nitrogen into Terra’s soil – each year. What would that number be today? The colossal concentration of these nutrients running off into our water systems is causing large scale eutrophication (explosions of algae growth) within lakes and oceans; consuming all oxygen and creating vast dead (hypoxic) zones, where nothing can survive.
  • The ongoing burning of fossil fuels, fields and forests, overloads the atmosphere with nitrogenous compounds that are responsible for deadly photo-chemical smog and acid rain. Unfortunately, these atmospheric nitrogenous pollutants can be carried and deposited into places that would not normally be geographically affected by devastating contaminated industrial Ag run-off; arbitrarily expanding aquatic dead zones around the globe.
  • The over-application of nitrogen based fertilizers simultaneously strips Terra’s soil of all its other naturally occurring essential nutrients like calcium and potassium; in other words, killing the soil. This now infertile soil, requires even more artificial fertilizers to keep the “Big Ag industry” on schedule and profitable.

Terra’s Respiration and Photosynthesis

These are not chemical cycles, but rather bio-spherical processes that are fundamental to Terra and all life.  Breathable air and benign, reliable sunlight are unique to Terra in our known universe, and are the only reason she, and we, live.  The air (atmosphere) and heat (sun) combine to create the chemical nutrient, water.  The three together are the building blocks of all life as we know it.

Everything breathes; just in different ways.  Breathing is “respiration.” Our atmosphere is the source of that breath.  Toxic atmospheric contaminants are internally circulated through Terra and every living thing through respiration; plants, insects, animals and humans.  Delicate life forms such as bee’s, butterflies and frogs, and small aquatic life forms are the “canary in the coal mine;” the first visible indicator as to the toxicity levels of our atmosphere, and how these levels may be more severely harming even smaller, less visible life form populations, as well as to what extent larger life forms may be accumulating these toxins. These will manifest in the form of cancers and tumors before finally succumbing to death.  Large scale plant disease and deformation is another indicator of high atmospheric toxicity.  My friends, the “canaries” have been dying for quite some time, and their death toll rises with every passing decade.  We cannot escape that which we spew into our “atmosphere.”  Our connection is seamless.  Respiration keeps everything alive, but also benignly circulates that which is killing us.

Photosynthesis is the process that occurs in the relationship between our sun, and the chemical compounds within our atmosphere and our soil that creates energy – life!  Our atmosphere is the buffer that protects Terra and all life from deadly radiation, but also the filter that allows Terra to exhale her geothermal heat out, while allowing ideal levels of sunlight in to provide the energy that creates life through the process of photosynthesis.  Mankind is altering the chemical composition of our atmosphere and therefore interfering with its critical role in this transfer and filter of heat and light.  The two chemicals most responsible for this interference are carbon and nitrogen. In high concentrations within Terra’s atmosphere, neither can perform its natural function of supporting life! They are terrestrial chemicals and only beneficial to life within matter: the planet and all life forms in it.  Artificially displaced carbon and man-made mass produced nitrogen in unnatural doses within the atmosphere become deadly to us.  High atmospheric concentrations of these terrestrial chemicals are called “greenhouse gases;” meaning, they are clogging the atmospheric filter that allows geothermal heat out and sunlight in.

The negligent activities of the male ego, driven by greed, are producing a “sealed jar” around Terra and all life.  All life on the planet is being “cooked” by the constant heat of the sun on the outside of the jar and the constant geothermal heat of Terra on the inside of the jar.  The increasing heat and condensation inside the jar alters the temperature of the oceans that regulate its currents which regulate weather patterns.  Currents and weather, established over millions of years, become erratic; destroying life and infrastructure.  The increasing heat melts enormous ice sheets frozen for millions of years; further heating the planet and releasing even more long buried carbon into the atmosphere, strengthening and thickening the wall of the jar.  Terra becomes hot, wet swamp land in some places, while others dry up in desertification.  Radical, violent storms, rising sea levels and the spread of hypoxic dead zones are changing the face of Terra, and killing all life that cannot adapt.  The balance that once supported life has been broken.  Our once beautiful, vibrant, robust Terra, we and all her teaming life, are now dying.

We are truly the snake (male ego)

Eating (greed)

Its own tail (Terra)

Wallowing in its’ own waste (self-destruction).

It cannot be emphasized enough, that all life evolved within Terra’s bio-systems in their natural state over millions of years.  But as of 2014, it had only taken 26 hundred weeks of our existence for animal mind to intentionally and recklessly alter these systems for the phenomenal profit of just a few; putting all life as we know it at risk. This is not rational, but male ego animal mind greed cannot and will not be rational!  It can do no more than continue to battle for domination and power to serve its own interests regardless of what is at stake for the greater good.  The oppression of human mind through the human female and compassion, cooperation, compromise and community, continues as the strategy of male ego greed to maintain unmitigated licensee to strip and exploit Terra’s natural resources of oil, gas and mineral stores. It has indeed, created the greatest wealth in the history of humankind.  The human quest for energy and sustenance is not destroying Terra and all life on it.  What is killing us is the endless lust of animal mind to profit off energy and sustenance!


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