The Image of “Patriotism”

From Part II Chapter 7  The Polity of Male Domination

By T.L. Dayen

The male ego image of American patriotism is born from and supports the male ego image of liberty.  If a federal government that espouses and enforces national liberty, equality and opportunity is tyrannical, then these national equities, and those who support them must be anti-American!  If a man is truly the “king of his [own] castle,” then he and he alone is the sole master commander and chief of his castle, and his rule and authority are unequivocal.

North America was colonized by white Christian men.  Its frontier was conquered by white Christian men.  Its land, resources [including human] and commerce were commodities that provided vast metaphorical ‘castles’ for the white Christian man to obtain, secure, appropriate, and rule as king.  This was American liberty, and was the superlative ground zero for American social Darwinism; that the white Christian man was naturally superior!  As “one nation under God,” the success, power and authority realized by and afforded the white Christian man in America, must be divine providence, and therefore, the ‘land of the free’ [white Christian man] and the ‘home of the brave’ [male superiority] must be ordained as the preferred nation of Lord ‘Himself;’ unequivocally exceptional!  The women who support and belong to white Christian men consider themselves the privileged hand to their lauded consorts; ordained in their exalted servitude.

The ‘image of American patriotism’ does not allow for a central authority to dictate what defines liberty, what defines equality and what defines opportunity.  The image of liberty, equality and opportunity are only defined by that which is manifested within its personal kingdom.  Social Darwinism decrees that only the victor in the personal battle for the survival of the fittest (physically/economically) can be allowed to determine who is ultimately liberated and equal.  Opportunity is then naturally afforded to that victor!  Any collective or national effort to ensure liberty, equality and opportunity for all is seen as outside the natural order of social Darwinism; is seen as un-American and un-patriotic, and is the essence of tyranny.

The Male Ego Image of an American Patriot and Exceptionalism


Or does not publicly question the inequity of the white social construct.


Or does not publicly challenge Christian theological dogma.


Or does not publicly or privately question or challenge the natural order of male  superiority and female subservience to that authority.


Liberty, equality and opportunity are personally determined, gained or lost by social Darwinism.  No central authority has the right to make those determinations for the individual.


The American patriot must demonstrate the conviction in word and deed that America is the chosen nation by a Christian God to lead planet Earth.

 The Reality of “American Patriotism” and Nationalism

The male ego animal mind image of American patriotism and Exceptionalism is particularly offensive to those of human mind for a myriad of reasons, but the most offensive is that it deems the majority of actual Americans as disingenuous and even hostile and antithetical to freedom and democracy.  The precedent set by this image however is not just grossly inadequate and ignorant, it’s dangerous! Any act committed in the name of patriotism can be justified.  According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, so called “patriot” military militias have gone up over 800 percent since America’s first black President was elected in 2008.  Gun sales have tripled and sales of ammunition have more than quadrupled.  The gun lobby has become one the most powerful and feared forces on Capitol Hill.

What an exquisite image created by the destructive male ego to grant it full license to hate, discriminate, segregate and subjugate; all in the name of American patriotism and Exceptionalism! Acts and threats of violence in the name of patriotism and a Christian Lord are increasing at an alarming rate, and are legitimized by the hyperbole of our own elected officials.  By using the shield of a Christian Lord as the mantle from which acts of violence are justified, those who embrace this image of patriotism and Exceptionalism are no better than the Taliban who inflict pain and suffering in the name of Allah!  These two “Gods” are simply the reflections of the male ego who have been battling for domination over one another for thousands of years.

While I will be covering the role of religion in the male ego image of our American value system in the next section, it should be noted here that the “Pledge of Allegiance” as it was written 1892 by the ‘socialist’ minister, Francis Bellamy, did not include the phrase “under God!” In fact, it wasn’t included until 1954 by our Republican President Eisenhower in response to the threat of the Communist bloc.  And it wasn’t until 1957, that President Eisenhower also ordered the phrase “In God We Trust” printed on all American currency.  It wasn’t until 1935 that President Roosevelt printed the “All seeing eye of God” on the dollar bill; which is the image from the reverse side the “Great Seal of the United States” as created by our founding fathers.  This image is from the Masonic symbol of the “Architect of the Universe.”  This symbol is non-denominational as well as neither male nor female.  If our founding fathers had intended the United States to be a “Christian” nation, why did they not reference the “cross” or some other biblical symbol on the Great Seal of our great nation which they founded?

The reality of American patriotism is not narrowly defined by race, gender or religion. The reality of American patriotism is a collective devotion to “liberty and justice for all.”  The reality of American patriotism is the national pride afforded every American born or naturalized citizen.  To yoke American patriotism for only those of a certain color or religion is an egregious affront to the hundreds of thousands of Americans of all colors, all denominations, male and female, who have given their lives, and to the millions who have been willing to, in the defense of our American principles of liberty and democracy, against both international and domestic threats.

The reality of American patriotism is also the obligation to hold our nation accountable if and when it fails to hold our national democratic principles above all else.  Liberty and justice for all is an unceasing endeavor for the true American patriot.  Unlike the image, reality requires adaptation to what is real – not what is fixed in the image.  As our nation grows and evolves, liberty and justice must also grow and evolve to maintain our democracy and these uniquely American principles.  Exceptionalism, on the other hand, defies accountability and demands blind devotion.  American nationalism is the immense pride in the American people, and the diligence to always hold America accountable to the liberty, equality and opportunity of all Americans.  American nationalism is the devotion and love of an “ideal” known as democracy.  Our nationality is not a homogenous racial or ethnic geographic gene pool of thousands of years (i.e. Germany, Spain, Italy, Egypt, etc.).  We are any and ALL ‘nationalities’ devoted to the American constitution.

E pluribus Unum, “out of many one,” is the only proof Americans need that our founding fathers truly envisioned and intended a united nation!  Unity requires the inherently female characteristics of compassion, cooperation, compromise and community.  It is no coincidence that as our nation attempts to preserve our democracy by supporting more women in positions of authority, that the nation becomes further and further divided by the male ego’s thirst for battle and domination in the name of ordained patriotism and Exceptionalism.  The destructive dominant male ego is, quite frankly, a very real and palpable threat to the reality of American patriotism and nationalism; the very thing that will preserve our Union and assure the American legacy that our founding fathers, guided by the principles of the Enlightenment, began just three short average life spans ago.  As of 2014, we are less than half the age of the Roman empire when it dismantled after 500 years; which began the male ego dominated dark ages of the known world.

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