The Image of Liberty

From Part II Chapter 7  The Polity of Male Domination

By T.L. Dayen

Liberty: “the power of choosing, thinking and acting for oneself” and the “freedom from control or restriction,” is uniquely American and dear to our American hearts.  Liberty is what we fought so fiercely to achieve just less than 250 years ago.     It is the basis for all of our American values.  Of course, true liberty came earlier for some in this country than it did for others.  White men enjoyed their liberty at the onset of our independence, even while women and all people of color are still forced to continue the fight for our full liberty to this day. Our fight for full equal liberty was and is bitterly opposed by the dominant male ego!

You see, in our nations dawn, the male ego had finally achieved the personal freedom to be the master of its own destiny in a place where all that was required to personally and materially triumph, was the drive, ambition and wherewithal to forge and conquer the new frontier of America.  Whether in the business districts of the Eastern seaboard, the vast plains of the Midwest, or the rugged untamed terrain of the wild west, the promise of America denied nothing to the male ego’s thirst for power, dominance and sex; and was in fact the “mother lode” of anything and everything that could possibly feed the male ego.  Finally freed from the oppressive tyranny of Monarch regimes, ‘male Ego’s’ from around the world, found in the new country of America, the liberty to build their own kingdoms and actually ‘be’ the kings of their own castles!   For the male ego, liberty was not as much a concept of ‘freedom from’ domination, as it was the exquisite concept of the personal ‘freedom to dominate.’  The American 19th century belonged wholly to the fortification of the dominant personal male ego.  This was not the birth of male ego dominance; but it was the birth of the male ego’s individual freedom to dominate under the guise of “liberty;” unfettered by battles for survival or oppressive tyrannical laws; with access to almost limitless resources in the new world.

The American social construct of [white] male dominance was built and solidified in 19th century America in the name of “liberty.”  From Manifest Destiny and the genocide of indigenous Americans, to the bloodiest battle in our history to remain the last civilized bastion of slavery, the male ego wielded its new-found potential for dominance; and yet this was American “liberty.”  While the dominant male ego lost its battle for perpetuated slavery, it continued its fight in the war for supreme control through severely oppressive institutionalized race discrimination in its place; the effects of which are still felt today, over 100 years later; and yet this was American “liberty.”  While five other industrialized nations had the human mind to give women the right to participate and vote in public elections, including Great Britain with whom we so courageously fought against for freedom, the 19th century came and went without women or people of color enjoying the same Constitutional right as [white] men to participate in our American democracy; and yet this was American “liberty.”

The 19th and early 20th centuries did not just solidify [white] male dominance into the social construct, but it augmented “Social Darwinism.”  The largest concentrations of wealth and power still enjoyed by the top 2 percent of Americans today were codified during the industrial revolution, or “Gilded Age” of the 19th century.  But this era also marks the foulest and most deplorable living, working, and environmental conditions ever imposed on the average American majority by the self-serving male ego for the sole profit of private enterprise, including slave wages and hours, and rampant child labor.  Yet even this was American “liberty.”  It is well recorded that men like the auspicious 19th century financial tycoon J.D. Rockefeller and others in the top 2 percent, saw any attempt to regulate business in favor of the American worker or tenant, as an attempt to impede human evolution itself!  If liberty in the dawn of America meant “freedom,” it was only the freedom for the male ego to dominate and exploit.

The “Reality” of Liberty

As if our founding fathers were calling from the grave of their legacy of the “Enlightenment era of reason,” the 20th century saw the rise of the reason of human mind to counter balance the animal mind of male ego greed and dominance that simply used American liberty as a means to co-opt the oppressive power of the British Monarchs.  Regime had simply been traded for an elite economic class.  Royal blood had been traded for wealthy blood.  The lawless impunity of the Royal family had been traded for the impunity of the corrupt wealthy family.  This ‘second wave enlightenment era’ of reason came to be known as the Progressive era.

For nearly three quarters of a century between the late 1800’s to the 1960’s, the human mind challenged the animal mind of the male ego, that true liberty could not be defined by the gender, race, ethnicity or income bracket that an American was born into.  Social Darwinism was a farce if it did not account for socially constructed inferiorities and material disadvantages inherent at birth, and quite demonstrably outside of one’s innate control.  Moreover, those born with socially and economically constructed disadvantages could not be allowed to be exploited to buttress those fortunate ones not hindered at birth with these inherent disadvantages; solely to once again enrich and proliferate their own inherent advantages.

In other words, the true “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” must apply to every born or naturalized American citizen.  No one’s “life,” “liberty,” or “happiness” shall be had at the inequitable expense or back of another.  Freedom from oppression is not the freedom to oppress!   It’s no coincidence that once the animal mind of the male ego was stripped of its absolute political dominance through often painful battles for equal civil, economic and educational opportunities, that the United States became the most powerful nation on Earth!  While the destructive male ego may have flourished in 20th century around the globe, in America, the human mind of compassion, cooperation, compromise and community was creating the strongest middle class in history.

Our founding fathers had the vision of representative governance.  They fully understood mankind’s capacity to oppress and exploit human potential for his personal benefit.  A centralized government “of, by and for the people” represents and acts on behalf of our collective needs and interests as one nation. We are not the States of America.  We are the United States of America, and we are united under one federal government.  Our representative government is charged with enforcing our democratic principles that do not stop and start at state lines; liberty, equality and opportunity for all Americans as inalienable and inherent rights regardless of gender, race, religion or income status. Our rights are enforced by federal laws created through our representative legislature.  Our central government cannot exist, and therefore our United States cannot exist without human mind compassion, cooperation, compromise and community.

However, the dominant, destructive, and self-serving male ego animal mind cannot exist within compassion, cooperation,  compromise and community of true American democracy!  We are seeing the male ego animal mind of the19th century arising from its 20th century obscurity with a violently vengeful passion to restore the male ego ‘image’ of liberty, and restore its destructive political control and dominance. Beginning in the 1980’s, the male ego has been zealously coalescing forces of greed, dominance and ignorance to quash all federal authoritative capacity to guarantee true national liberty, equality and opportunity. It’s no coincidence that as the male ego began to lose its grip over a once severely socially conservative society in the mid-20th century, that it set its sights on the Federal government.

By obstructing and demoralizing the import of national protections in favor of “states’ rights,” the male ego is creating a national meme similar to the dark ages of medieval times; a disjointed collection of warring nation states; a dystopian egocentric civic mobocracy of mercenary lawlessness, anarchy, avaricious corruption and disparate justice.  National liberty is tyranny and personal tyranny is liberty.  For example, the national (human mind) right to unimpeded access to health care for living, is tyranny (?), but the personal (animal mind) right to unimpeded access to a gun for killing, is liberty (?).

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