The Image of Feminism

From Part II Chapter 8  The Fourth Wave

By T.L. Dayen

The male ego’s animal mind image  of feminism is the key to why the support for the so-called “feminist movement” isn’t just not ‘moving’ in the 21st century, but is in fact, regressing in the United States and around the globe.  Stewart and I have talked extensively about “images” in TFI, because it is through these constructed “images” that the male ego maintains its dominance over the female and the world.  A term familiar to feminists, “social construct,” is similar to an ‘image,’ in that it’s a structured association of accepted norms that reciprocally support a particular social viewpoint or collective understanding achieved through generational imprinting.  Feminists use this term when discussing the endurance of female inequality.  But I [and Stewart] would submit that the social construct of female inequality has only endured because it is buttressed by certain fundamental images of reality constructed by the animal mind of the male ego, some over tens of thousands of years, to maintain the fallacy of male superiority and therefore, female domination.

It’s not news that throughout history, it is the male ego that has been in charge of the social construct.  The female has been influential in social ‘trends’ of fashion, food, décor, etc., but any attempts to update social ‘constructs,’ perhaps to reflect, or even allow, human evolution, are eventually thwarted by the male ego.  We [women] will never alter the social construct without confronting the male ego images that guarantee it.  This is the first step to advancing a Fourth [and final] Wave Feminist Movement; one that doesn’t ask for equality but that exposes “reality.”  The male ego animal mind “image of feminism” can make any one of three assertions that have been wholly effective in discrediting any discontent or argument that supports the reality of female oppression and subordination.

  • Feminists want to be men.
  • Feminists are “man haters.”
  • Feminists are scorned women.

In the male ego image, feminism has become synonymous with “jealousy,” “penis envy,” “emasculation,” “whining,” “complaining,” “scorn,” and most importantly, with certain “personal issues” that female individuals have with male individuals in the course of their personal life, career and relationships.  This image is simply a grand distraction to avert attention from the reality of feminism; the dire need for female creational consciousness on planet Earth.  And unfortunately, this grand distraction has been quite effective.  We still, in 2014, have no Equal Rights Amendment in our United States constitution, which effectually keeps the “All men are created equal” club intact.  A woman’s human right over her own body, especially a poor woman, is being rolled back in the United States as we speak, and around the world, the clock has been turned back to, or stuck, in a time when women were dragged behind their man by the hair.  So, let’s break this image down and expose the reality.

By 2014, one would think that the right to vote, to control their own reproduction, to have equal treatment and opportunity at work, and the right to not be sexually harassed, assaulted, objectified or extorted would be basic human rights!  But when humanity entered the 20th century, only men had ever enjoyed these human rights in most if not all parts of the world, including the U.S.!  The truth is, it was [and is] appalling and absurd to the male ego that their female subordinates should “all of a sudden” want privileges and authority that had ONLY been afforded to men since the dawn of “mankind!”

Remember that the dominant male ego cannot tolerate unity or cooperative relation-ship.  Division and segregation must be maintained to maintain its control.  To the animal mind of the male ego, “gender” is the most fundamental of these divisions (“primary identity”), and only one’s gender [sex] can determine the degree and level of one’s personal liberty (independent self-determination) and civic participation (politics and commerce). In the male ego animal mind, by replacing ordained gender roles with individual self-determination, then gender itself is expunged. If only real men do what men have always done, and only real women do what women have always done, then in the male ego image of feminism, the female disappears and becomes a man (female equality) or the male disappears and the female dominates (man haters).  Neither is true of course, and in the human mind, both are equally ridiculous.  But in the animal mind of the male ego, this image of feminism has effectively precast and forestalled the “female emancipation conversation” into one about “angry women who either hate men (emasculation) or want to be men (penis envy).

Another way the round peg human mind reality of feminism is forced into the square hole animal mind image of feminism, is to reduce the conversation to individual cases of female scorn.  In the male ego image, feminist voices are merely women who have a “problem” with a man or men in general.  This image highlights the fact that many women are perfectly fine with the status quo, and so only those who have personally experienced blatant oppression and/or abuse are making “their” problem(s) “everyone’s” problem(s).  This grand distraction distorts female emancipation from a universal issue to a personal one; if not all women are unhappy, feminism is nothing more than the voices of hurt, angry and vengeful vixens.  By shifting the focus from universal female emancipation to personal female injustices, then the message of the movement gets lost in the details; and by the way, isn’t that where the “devil” is?

This male ego image “offensive” against feminism has sparked a ‘third wave’ movement called “postmodern feminism;” that the particular and unique experiences of women (Intersectionality) must be considered on both a personal and global scale; taking into account race, culture, sexuality, religion and income status when discussing not only what it means to be a “feminist,” but what it means to be a “woman” period.  And what a grand distraction it is indeed!  The feminist movement is now bogged down in an internal struggle to coalesce on the problem itself.

The male ego has successfully halted any meaningful or productive progress in advancing female emancipation, while feminists debate the definition of oppression and womanhood as defined by their “personal experience.” But all of this is still taking place within the male ego social construct status quo of male superiority, no matter where we live, how we worship, who we love, what color we are, or how much money we have.  We are wasting precious time distracted by ‘to what degree’ or ‘how culturally justified,’ the symptoms of female oppression are, instead of coalescing around addressing the source; the images of male superiority and female subordination perpetuated by the animal mind of the male ego.


Beyond the Image of Feminism

The Fourth Wave

For nearly two hundred years, feminists have been struggling to “convince men” that women are “equal” to men.  First, the ‘equality’ argument cannot be won because it’s simply not true.  The truth is, men and women are equal like a gold bar and a diamond are equal.  Put both on a scale, and the scale will be tipped to the gold bar.  Does this make the gold “better,” more “valuable” than the diamond?  Animal mind views the ‘image’ of the tipped scale as proof the gold is more valuable because it has more weight.  Human mind sees beyond the image of the scale, and recognizes how the unique and highly prized ‘qualities,’ not mass and measurements, of each makes them equally valuable.  Men and women are not equal, but male and female are ‘equilibrium.’

Secondly, the ‘equality’ argument inherently implies that the qualities of the human male are the standard by which ‘equality’ must be measured.  Men are valued for their leadership skills.  So, if I am a leader, I am equal.  Men are valued for their authority.  So, if I have authority, I am equal.  Men are valued for their courage; their physical strength, and so on. TFI asks, why isn’t ‘equality’ achieved when men are finally equal to women?  Why is it more important to teach girls the value of assertiveness, then to teach boys the value of humility?  Why is it more important to teach girls the value of their individuality, then to teach boys the value of the collective?  Why do we teach our girls to be more vigorous, but we don’t teach our boys to be more sensitive?  Why do we encourage girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), but we don’t encourage boys in the arts?  The equality argument is a win/win for the male ego animal mind.  It supports the image of feminism that women want to be men at the same time it fortifies and strengthens the image of male superiority!

The Fourth Wave of feminism is realizing our true state of male and female equilibrium, and in that, forcing the acknowledgement of its polar opposite; our present state of male and female imbalance.  It exposes the feminist fallacy that men and women are two complete wholes, that in a perfect state, stand equally side by side.  First, two complete wholes cannot occupy one space.  Second, one will vie for power over the other; so, conflict is perpetual, and because the standard of equality is male, female subjugation and oppression is perpetual.  Male and female equilibrium moves beyond the image of feminist equality so cleverly crafted by the male ego.  The female imperative of male and female equilibrium stresses four human mind principles:

  • Our true primary identity is ‘human’ with a common goal to survive.
  • Humanity is two complimentary halves of one whole equally required to achieve that goal.
  • Our two human halves are in consciousness (human mind), not in body (animal mind).
  • Only symbiotic unity of the human whole can facilitate human survival and ultimately, human evolution.

The Fourth Wave is the impassioned endeavor to complete the symbiotic unity of the human whole. Ultimately, male and female equilibrium takes us beyond our male and female “bodies,” and the “roles,” “motive,” and “purpose” of our bodies, as currently defined by the male ego animal mind. Ultimately, it is the emancipation of female ‘creational’ consciousness; ‘compassion, cooperation, compromise and community.’  Because planet Earth continues to exist within the animal mind image of reality, the Female Imperative Fourth Wave calls for the absolute liberation and empowerment of the human female not as the end game for ‘female equality,’ but as just the beginning – for human evolution.

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