The “Image” of Evolution

From Part II Chapter 9  Strive To Evolve or Struggle to Survive

By T.L. Dayen

Welcome to 21st century Earth!  A human being, mostly children, dies of hunger every four seconds.  Our most populated regions are under mortal threat from global climate catastrophe.  The global gap between the very rich and the very poor is wider than at any time in modern history.  Our once powerful U.S. economy is morphing into an oligarch, with just 2 percent of Americans hoarding over 40 percent of America’s wealth.  Globalization has created corrupt puppet regimes exploiting millions upon millions in brutal living and working conditions under the yoke of corporate fascism. Mortal and civil threats to the human female are increasing at alarming rates.  The human population is expanding beyond the established human infrastructure. Our planet is teetering on the verge of a third world war, and many are just itching to give it a nudge.  Equilibrium isn’t just lacking, it’s non-existent!

In the animal mind image of reality, humanity exists in a constant state of “survival mode;” where desperation, fear, lust, avarice and corporeal battle thrive; a dystopian world where survival is the reward for the strong who subjugate the weak; the ruthless who exploit the good; and the gluttonous who are awarded the veneration.  But animal mind is comfortably at home within survival mode. TFI is based on the undeniable premise that this is not sustainable; that when the snake begins to eat its own tail, it’s just a matter of when not if.

The male ego animal mind dominated world is not interested in “solving” our problems; it is simply interested in making them more bearable!  Our 21st century advanced technology and intellect are a grand illusion of human advancement and evolution.  Similar to what Stewart wrote in “Modern is Not Civilized,” it is the illusion of moving forward while all that really “evolves” is our devices for convenience, comfort and entertainment. These products of alleged advanced human invention were not created to surmount any of the threats faced by humanity. They are used to “distract” us from them.  In our most “modern nations,” the multitudes scuttle around looking down, locked in a digital world of cyber space controlled by their thumbs, oblivious to the immeasurable suffering occurring in most of the world, and steadily spreading.  Out of sight out of mind. But by the time we look up and away from the grand distractions of “advanced technology,” it may be too late.

Does it even matter how many people in the world have digital “mobile devices” when an estimated 23 percent of the 7 billion people on Earth do not even have access to an “energy grid?”  Does it even matter that we find a cure for cancer or AIDS when every four seconds a person is dying of hunger?  Does it even matter that a nation has the most powerful military in the world to defend global freedom and democracy, when that same nation has the highest rate of violence, murder, suicide and incarceration than any other First world “civilized nation?”  Does human evolution mean “human” or “technological” advancement?  Because it’s certainly not both at this point.

If evolution is progressive development, then human evolution would therefore include the progressive advancement and development of the “human condition.”  But in the male ego animal mind image of evolution, human survival is an inherent battle with winners and losers (people, countries, cultures, etc.).  As long as the “winners” are living progressively better, then humanity is therefore evolving. This of course sets up a closed relational loop between technology and evolution that only favors the winners.  And at the same time, keeping them increasingly distracted, removed and even apathetic to the suffering and struggles of the “unevolved losers” of humanity.  In fact, the losers don’t even figure into the male ego animal mind image of human evolution.

To the male ego animal mind, human evolution is not a standard to be collectively achieved.  It is a battle to be individually won.  A battle requires an enemy, and the enemy cannot be assisted.  To the male ego animal mind, evolution is simply winning the self-perpetuating battle to survive – not ending it!  There are no winners if there are no losers.  This of course doesn’t allow much room or energy for higher understanding, let alone higher aspirations.


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