The Image of Democracy

From Part II Chapter 7  The Polity of Male Domination

By T.L. Dayen

Of all the social constructs so brilliantly institutionalized by animal mind, politics is second only to religion! Through the legislative process of crafting laws and civic and economic policies, politics should reflect our collective priorities, goals and ambitions.  For this reason, the inherently ruthless and unreasonable male ego must co-opt the power of politics to continue to wield its absolute domination and quench its thirst for power in the 21st century.  Stewart scrutinizes blatantly oppressive, male dominated governments, dictatorships and theocracies, but what of our American democracy?  Has the male ego really exploited the power of the “free world” to maintain its self-serving domination over women and its relentless drive to compete for domination over one another?

American Politics has indeed become the venue used to legitimize the destructive male ego within the shroud of civility.  Our laws have sanctioned war.  Our laws have sanctioned slavery.  Our laws have sanctioned institutionalized racial and gender discrimination.  Our laws kept half of our population (women) from voting until WWI and Americans of color until the mid-20th century.  To our credit, we’ve overcome most of these bastions of legitimate [white] male superiority; even as these strides in our democracy did not come without the acute suffering and even loss of American lives.  But make no mistake, the dominant male ego has only conceded to losing these “battles,” but will continue to fight the “war” through the unremitting manipulation of our “representative government” to achieve its aims of oppressive domination and greed.  It is, and continues to be, one step forward and two steps back for all women and men forced to endure the politics of male ego domination.

In order to sustain female subordination over the past 100 years, in our civilized world where at least the appearance of gender equality is expected, the male ego cleverly constructed the subconsciously encoded ‘female image’ using ubiquitous objectification. In that same way, because we live in a country of civil liberty, where at least the appearance of democracy is required; the master of manipulation is using 21st century politics to radically construct new ‘American values’ images that brilliantly cloaks its egomaniacal obsession with power, domination and money.

The New American Values Images

  • Liberty: decentralized government and mobocracy.
  • American patriotism: racial and religious intolerance; xenophobia; and exceptionalism.
  • Traditional family values: sexual and religious orthodoxy for domestic female servitude.
  • American Dream: the single-minded fixation on amassing infinite personal wealth at any and all costs.

Just like reducing the human female to an image limits her existence and purpose to only that which is defined by that image, reducing American values to an image limits our freedoms to only that which is defined by that image.  So, while the dominant male ego constructed the human female image to discount her as inauthentic and therefore inconsequential; it is now constructing new political ideological images as un-malleable doctrines that can justify any motive that supports the parameters of that image.  The male ego is using the same image model for politics as it successfully constructed for women thousands of years ago, with religion.

The New Conservatives v. Founders

In my collection of political essays, Home of the Red Fight with Blue Collar, I wrote that “Republicans are from Mars and Democrats are from Venus.”  What I meant was that our two-party system was designed by our visionary founding fathers as complimentary ideological governance.  The two were designed to keep a check and balance on each other – in tandem.  It was a sagacious plan to ensure that no one political ideology could ever gain the upper hand over the other; that the American people would never be held politically captive to one set of beliefs, standards, laws and policies.  But more than that, again, these two specific political Parties of ideology were designed to be complimentary.  Looking closer, our two-Party ideologies for civic governance are actually fashioned after the two-complimentary species of the human race.  In their infinite wisdom, the founding fathers had the foresight to recognize that if the procreation of humanity requires the consensual union between a male and female human, then the proliferation of our Union requires the symbiotic and natural balance between a cooperative Republican and Democratic Party.

Political Yin and Yang

Republican             Primal                  Democratic            Primal

Principle                 Motive                   Principle                 Motive

Conservative               Conform                 Liberal                         Liberate

Individualism             Survive                    Collectivism                Sustain

Orthodox                     Discriminate          Unorthodox                Tolerate

Battle                            Victory                     Protect                         Security

Free market                 Risk                          Market regulation     Stability

Obtain wealth             Hunt                         Distribute wealth       Hearth

Business                      Supply                       Consumer                     Demand

Business Owner         Direct                        Worker                          Support

Produce                       Consume                  Consolidate                  Provide

Limited taxation        Me                             Progressive taxation   We

Private                          Individual               Public                             Community

Profit                             Personal                 Non-profit                     Universal


It was only because of the synergy of our uniquely American two-Party system that the United States became the world power that it was for half a century.  One Party could not realize its full potential without the other, and it was a Republican President Lincoln who forewarned that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  Over the last thirty plus years in this country however, we have seen an expressed transferal from a bipartisan interest in public welfare to a partisan interest in personal welfare by the one Party inherently tailored to individualism – Republicans.  Where our government once represented the interests of our nation, it now represents only the interests of our wealthiest individuals.   Just 2 percent of Americans control over 50 percent of the nation’s wealth.  Only concerned with that which can afford it power, dominance and sex; the abysmal greed of the male ego has harnessed the power and authority of the federal government through the new Republican Party.

The wealthiest 2 percent of our nation have bought control of federal legislative authority and are feverishly working to do the same in state legislatures around the country.  In so doing, they have seized the lawful ability to exploit the power and authority of government exclusively for their own personal interests, ambitions and desires; amassing more and more wealth; more and more power, while the other 98 percent of our nation falls further and further into poverty; further and further into ineptitude.  How can this happen in a Democracy: “the free and equal civic participation of all its citizens?” My friends, the masters of self-serving fallacies have once again successfully constructed a new image of Democracy.

Democracy                     Image of Democracy

              “Free and equal          = “Unlimited and uninhibited

             civic participation        =   purchase power

             of all its citizens.”         =   by only those who can afford to                                                                                          participate.”

The power ravenous male ego has infiltrated the highest court in the land to assure that money is now the one and only determining factor in the level of political civic participation one is granted in our democratic process.  In 2013, our own U.S. Supreme Court ruled that “Corporations are people” and “Money is speech.”  It should be noted that all three women of our Supreme Court were in dissent of this Ruling. The phenomenal combined wealth of corporations can now purchase elections and therefore purchase the legislative authority of those politicians whom only they favor and whom will politically favor only what they necessitate.  The needs of the nation and 98 percent of its people are swallowed into the belly of gluttonous greed of the male ego.  Our American Democracy has been bought and sold lock-stock-and-barrel!  What more evidence would one need to see the dangerous and destructive threat of the male ego upon our nation and our world?  Is this compassion, cooperation, compromise and community?

Now that the male ego has successfully coveted our American democratic process and securely infiltrated our political system, it has precipitously set about stripping back every stride in human and female civil rights and equality, equal income opportunity, health care, public education, environmental protection and science and technology that our once cohesive nation had achieved during the 20th century. This is absolutely necessary for the dominant male ego, because these civic and human advancements were aimed to create an equal and level playing field of opportunity for all Americans.  Innovation and modernization benefit and fulfill the needs and ambitions of our entire nation.  The male ego must maintain disunity and inequality in order to effectively exert its control and dominance.  It must propagate conflict in order to feed its appetite for battle.  It must maintain its image of superiority which can only be achieved by maintaining images of inferiority.  In a world of equality, there is no one to dominate.  In a world of peace, prosperity, innovation and opportunity, there is nothing to battle for or against. In a world of female independence and parity, the male ego has lost the very essence of its control over humanity; which is the absolute control over the sexual function of the female body and therefore creation itself.  In a world of true female parity, there is no male ego.

The male ego image of Democracy is now affording the implementation of the male ego image of American values through our hijacked political process in an aggressive attempt to regress the social construct to an image closer to that of the 19th century.  The male ego is demanding we “take back our country” to an era when the male ego’s superlative control and domination was unquestionable, undeniable and unassailable.  It’s extremely important that we pull back the veil and expose the truth within these policies that the male ego is fervently fighting for in federal and state government.  It’s critical that we shatter the image!

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