The Devils Wine

From Part II Chapter 6  Earth She

By T.L. Dayen

Animal mind is motivated by basic but fundamental ‘needs’ that must be fed at all costs.  First and foremost, animal mind must dominate.  Every action it takes and every ‘image’ it constructs is aimed at achieving that need.  Domination is a broad term encompassing control, possession, authority and direction, on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual. It must be actual.  It must be perceived. It must be felt, and it must even be imagined.  Secondly, animal mind must battle, and its primal need to dominate has afforded the animal mind perpetual opportunities for battle; physically, mentally and economically.  The direct correlation between the images of ‘female inferiority’ and ‘inert Earth’ cannot be stressed enough!  An evolution in human consciousness is simply not possible if our planetary life support systems succumb to the male ego’s assaults. We have very little time! A conscious choice for the emancipation of human female and creational consciousness must occur in tandem with a conscious awareness of our planet’s consciousness of creation.  Deluding ourselves of either reality is simply direct or indirect self-destruction.

Animal mind can only manifest through the male ego, and the male ego can only exist in the void of compassion, cooperation, compromise and community.  The actual, felt, perceived and imagined domination of the human female is the domination of creational consciousness and liberation of animal mind.  Planet Earth is second only to the human female.  The actual, felt, perceived and imagined domination of planet Earth is the domination of consciousness of creation and the empowerment of the male ego.  Domination of human life and human existence is complete, but can only be maintained through the male ego’s images of reality.    The truth is, the destructive “image of energy” constructed by the male ego is as firmly entrenched in the global socio-economic construct as the image of ‘female inferiority’ itself.  The fight for the control, exploitation and profit of Terra’s natural resources is as self-gratifying and intoxicating to the destructive male ego animal mind as the domination and exploitation of the human female for creational and sexual control.

Sexual command of the human female and the material command of Terra’s natural resources are both fiercely coveted by the animal mind male ego.  One maintains the image of male superiority by diminishing and constraining the human female’s true and real purpose, to a reproductive and domestic reflective image in servitude to man’s will.  The other maintains the image of inert Earth by disregarding Terra’s true energy, and indiscriminately pilfering and appropriating her finite resources in the ‘image’ of energy for personal profit.  Both provide the male ego immense satisfaction.  Both require sacrifices that only benefit the male ego’s craving for ultimate authority, power and control over ‘life.’  Both ‘bodies’ are objectified in accordance with their assigned purpose in service to the male ego’s needs and desires.  Both provide animal mind with the ‘hunt,’ the ‘kill,’ and the ‘thrill,’ and ample opportunity for domination and battle, whether in the bedroom or the boardroom!

The Energy Image

Just as the animal mind’s female image demands her female roles be maintained so she can “perform her duties” as assigned by the male ego; so too does the energy image allow for assignment, allocation, appropriation, apportionment and allotment of resources.  The dominant male ego needs to “divide” in order to “conquer.”  It thrives on dissention, segregation, classification and “roles.” The use of energy in the image is dictated by the animal mind of the male ego; what, how, where, when, why, who, how much or how little.  In the energy image, the use of energy is the manipulation of ‘power.’  Fuel is metered, pumped, burned and consumed all under the command of the male ego.

Own the energy and you control the power, command the leverage, set the price, and reap the rewards.  The combustion infrastructure that facilitates fossil fuel energy is a critical component in the male ego energy image.  The combustion engine is simply another expression of the male ego’s display of virility and command of power.  And like the penis, it’s an instrument that manifests the power of the fuel that is owned, operated and directed, of course, by the dominant male ego.

“Drill Baby Drill” = “Kill Baby Kill”

Energy Poverty, Dictators, Terrorists and Death

Like the food image of Big Ag that produces profits for the industry instead of sustenance for humanity while killing Terra; the energy image of Big Oil provides profits for the industry instead of energy for humanity while killing Terra and each other.  But all of humanity are caught in the crossfire and are the ultimate victims either way.  The male ego animal mind feeds off conflict, which is why it welcomes the opportunity to create it!  And conflict is fundamental to the male ego ‘image of energy.’  The corporate privatization of Terra’s resources provides for regional allocation of power.  Then regional power brokers of Big Oil navigate and strategize their leverage and positioning with one another like the fractured, warring nation state leaders of the dark ages in a “Game of Thrones.”

Big Oil is the wealthiest industry in the history of money, and annually occupies the top three slots on the top 5 list of the richest corporations on Earth.  These are multi-national corporations with assets in the hundreds of billions; easily exceeding the wealth of many of the nations on the planet.  Because their wealth and assets weave around the globe, they have no national boundaries or loyalties, are not beholden to any one government, and their business transactions are not encumbered by petty geopolitical conflicts or even wars. But in fact, many geopolitical conflicts and wars are actually sustained by this web of influence, which is what Thomas Friedman (2008) coined as the “petro-political” infrastructure of Big Oil.

For instance, Big Oil supports Saudi Arabia against Iran in Syria, but supports Iran against Saudi Arabia in Iraq.  The Saudi’s are funding the terrorist organization, I.S.I.L., to procure oil refineries in Iraq, but have also donated over 500 million in aid to their victims. At the same time our U.S. Congress was meeting in 2014 to discuss sanctions on Vladimir Putin for his invasion of Crimea, the CEO of a Shell Oil was meeting with Putin in his living room to discuss growth of operations in the Russian Federation.  Exxon Mobil and Russia’s government-owned energy company Rosneft, cut a half-trillion-dollar deal in 2011 that sold stakes in parcels of the United States [West Texas, Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico] to the Russians for Rosneft and its subsidiaries, to drill for our oil and frack for our natural gas.  The energy image of Big Oil created by the destructive animal mind of male ego is about one thing and one thing only – money! More money than any one of us could possibly ever imagine!

But the profit generated from the energy image of Big Oil is “blood money.”  In his book, “Hot, Flat, and Crowded” (2008), Thomas Friedman illustrates a direct correlation between the price of oil and the decline in democracy and the increase of human rights violations around the world.  As new stores of crude oil and natural gas have been discovered in Russia, South America, Africa and the Middle East, the price of a barrel of oil has gone from $20 in 1997 to over $100 today, and global democratic trends that were beginning to take hold pursuant to the fall of the Berlin Wall, have been completely reversed:

Russia – Perestroika, democracy and freedom of speech have virtually disappeared as Russia is now one of the largest exporters of Natural Gas. Homosexuality is a crime in Russia and it is now legal for a husband to strike his wife.

South America – Oil exports and profits have exponentially increased in South American, but poverty is still on the rise. Cartel and gang violence, sex trafficking and bloodshed unimpeded by apathetic, often corrupt governments are forcing thousands of women and children to flee over U.S. boarders.

Africa – Violence, government corruption, and civil war have become worse since discovery of their oil stores, not better.  Africa contains some of the most dangerous places on Earth.  Human rights are nearly non-existent, and women literally have no human rights in most countries in Africa.

Middle East – The increase of Islamic fundamentalism has gone hand in hand with the increase of oil exports and profits.  Governments have experienced phenomenal wealth, but have intensified religious authority over their people, who do not share in the profits.  Women’s rights in the Middle East and South East Asia in general are in a state of crisis, with millions of women living lives of forced physical and sexual servitude by the dictates of fundamental Sharia Law which has seen a massive revival since the Middle East has become a mecca of crude oil.

The Image of Power is Drenched in Oil

Whenever and wherever oil is “discovered,” the blood money generated from the energy image of Big Oil props up and gives many governments and regimes the kind of power and leverage on the world stage that is normally reserved for those who have demonstrated economic and diplomatic stability established through time-tested effective governance.  Many of the “petro-leaders” in Big Oil’s energy image suffer from narcissism and bloated self-importance typical of “overnight” success.  Pervasive government corruption and misuse of municipal funds and resources is a distinctive feature of these “petro-regimes” whose communities would otherwise truly benefit from needed infrastructure investment.  In Nigeria for instance, as of 2008, only nineteen of the seventy-nine power plants that were built from their oil money to bring needed power to rural communities, actually had any chance of functioning.  It appears that funds necessary to maintain these plants never make it past those responsible for allocating those funds.  This image of Big Oil energy is 60 power plants that will never deliver energy to the people, but will always deliver big profits to their “petro-leaders.”

What is even more alarming about energy image blood money is that it funds Terrorism, countless deaths, and immense suffering and oppression.  The rise of theocratic terrorism; the movement to forcefully convert humanity into a caliphate through jihad, has been made possible by Big Oil blood money!  Profits from the male ego image of energy have had a role in every attack, every death, every beheading, every AK47, every bullet clip, every hate spewing website, and every threat of terror we face moving forward.  The major factions of the millennial terrorist movement that are creating dangerous and widespread regional political unrest are funded largely by the wealthy sheiks and royal family members of Saudi Arabia.  Bin Laden himself was a Saudi Prince.  Fundamental Islam does not recognize the human rights of the human female.  They are not considered as individuals, but as a man’s property.  They are murdered, mutilated, tortured and enslaved world-wide every day.  Terrorist attackers are funded by oil blood money, and their supposed civil protectors are paid by blood money to look the other way. The energy image of the animal mind fuels the vilest propensities of the destructive and dominant male ego; the devils wine indeed!

The Image of Energy – Literally an Image?

Just like the reverse polarity reality of every other image constructed by animal mind to maintain its dominance and power, the energy image does not necessarily provide energy at all.  Thomas Friedman (2008) cited statistics in 2005 from the World Bank that stated 1.6 billion people have no access to an energy grid – that’s nearly one of every four people on Earth.  And the World Energy Org estimates that figure to only reduce to 1.4 billion by 2030.  Regionally, that breaks down to approximately 550 million in Africa and 700 million in South East Asia with no access to electrical power; nearly quadruple the entire population of the United States.  It’s absurd that such a vast oil industry infrastructure could fail so many in the 21st century!  But the energy image is profit motivated. When 75 percent of humankind can afford the skyrocketing price of fossil fuels, the other 25 percent living in the cold and dark is of no concern to male ego animal mind greed.  The problem is, that the advantages provided by electrical power for 75 percent of humanity, exponentially compounds the disadvantages to the other 25 percent.

The fossil fuel energy image infrastructure facilitates our travel, education, health care, communication and the basic ability to control one’s destiny and quality of life.  All of the things that you and I would consider as basic necessities for life are flatly denied to 25 percent of humankind.  That gap grows more severe as only those with the access to the energy within the image [grid] continue to have the only access to advances in technology.  This energy image of the male ego creates “energy poverty,” and women and girls are most affected by global energy poverty!  In regions that lack access to energy, women generally have less human rights, independence, and access to birth control, and so are far less likely to enjoy the self-determination, freedom, and mobility available to their male counterparts.  These same women and girls are also far more likely to suffer disease and death from the burning of kerosene and other biomass for cooking and heating, which incredibly kills over 1 million every year.

“Oil is the Devil’s wine. The bottle He tips is the male ego image of energy,

while humanity suffers in the wake of his violent, toxic and self-serving drunken stupor.”


The Unholy Union!

Bio-fuels are the newest addition to the male ego animal mind energy image!  It burns cleaner, and doesn’t have to be drilled or fracked – eureka!  You must not be fooled!  In the guise of “clean energy,” it is nothing more than the unholy union between Big Ag and the combustion infrastructure of Big Oil.  The embrace of bio-fuels as a “clean energy” is a colossal miscalculation – and trust me – the animal mind of the male ego is simply patting itself on the back and giving itself a high five.  If oil is the Devil’s wine, then ethanol is simply the Devil’s wine cooler.

The Bio-fuel Clean Energy Image

  • Bio-fuels do not replace oil. Most if not all are used to supplement oil; added to oil in the same refineries and used within the same combustion infrastructure.
  • Bio-fuels do not reduce carbon emissions. Ethanol burns cleaner, but because it’s used in tandem with oil, ultimately the same amount of carbon will end up in the atmosphere.  It only reduces the speed of emissions; not the amount.
  • Bio-fuel production still produces greenhouse gases. Ethanol production doesn’t release carbon, but it releases fixed nitrogen – the other greenhouse gas!  And nitrogen causes smog, acid rain and hypoxic dead zones – clean energy??
  • Bio-fuels simply compound global hunger. The U.S. alone is already devoting enough farmland to fill the entire state of Texas with cash crops – not food.  Bio-fuels are just another cash crop that will swallow up more farmland here and around the world and never feed anyone.

The production and use of bio-fuels is the quintessential “image” created by the destructive and power hungry animal mind of the male ego.  The reality is that it simply marries Big Ag polluters with Big Oil polluters.  The reality is that it’s a brilliant front to appease the green energy movement while keeping the combustion infrastructure of Big Oil intact.  The reality is that there is nothing “green” about bio-fuels other than the color of the profits it generates for Big Ag, Big Oil and the GMO industry.  The reality of the bio-fuel clean energy image is that it only accelerates our self-destruction, because it only impedes a real investment in our survival beyond the image of energy.

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