The 800lb Gorilla

From Part II Chapter 8  The Fourth Wave

By T.L. Dayen

Feminists have been hamstrung in the face of valid domestic and international feminist concerns and scrutiny over global female oppression.  By indicting man, he can and will either 1) claim innocent imprudence to his male ‘nature;’ “I’m just a man,” “Boys will be boys,” and “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do,” for example; or 2) take a justifiably defensive crouch and counter reprove reverse gender discrimination and stereotyped generalizations.  By approaching feminism from a “gender [sex] perspective,” nothing changes, nothing is accomplished and nothing is learned.  An otherwise constructive dialogue on abuses of oppression that range from established gross under-representation, participation and contribution, all the way to acceptable honor killings, turns into a global scale “sibling rivalry” argument between the sexes.  This “gender” argument is also easily flouted as one only raised in our relatively recent history by mostly westernized women who apparently have a problem with the status quo of the global human condition!

Meanwhile, arguments made for or against feminism are all occurring through the filter of the male ego images that make up the social construct of female subordination and male superiority.  Focusing on changing these social constructs is important, but they are only the symptom of female oppression, not the cause.  There is an 800lb gorilla in the room that no one seems to want, or be able to acknowledge, offend, anger, or even look in the eye for fear of justified reproach.  The 800lb gorilla is the male ego of animal mind, and women and men of human mind can no longer tip toe around it!  The 800lb gorilla wants, needs you to see ‘man,’ and debate and struggle with ‘man’ inside the social construct of gender division it has created to survive.  But step outside of the ‘image of reality;’ remove the filters of that social construct and the 800lb gorilla is exposed for what it truly is; a force of disunity, division, segregation, apathy, individualism, destruction, domination and oppression.  It is anti-compassion, anti-cooperation, anti-compromise, and anti-community.  It serves only its singular self in its endless battle for power, domination, money, sex and control, and it uses the physical strength and polar negative of the inherent positive ‘creative’ consciousness of the human male to do it!

 “We must stop

Treating men and the male ego

As one in the same

The male ego is an entrenched affliction as old as the human male itself.  Unfortunately for those men who would much rather be only associated with the many “awe inspiring” feats the human male has accomplished on behalf of humanity and planet Earth, the male ego animal mind can only manifest as the negative expression of the male nature.  The male ego, in effect, conceals itself within the human male as a “human shield” of impunity.  The male ego is a parasite that both cannot exist without, and is protected within, the human male.  This has allowed animal mind to follow humanity all the way into the 21st century.  Humanity has been deceived into believing that man himself is a destructive, dominating, lustful, power hungry, greed driven beast that we must simply struggle to appease, forgive, understand, relate and “live” with day after day, year after year, century after century; that is until now.  We don’t have another century.

Animal mind cannot survive without the male ego. It will continue to disavow that human beings are ‘two halves of one whole’ – in consciousness – at any and all cost.  It will vigorously and even violently defend man as the ‘whole’ – in human consciousness – with the human female as an un-original reflection of its needs – in body.  The male ego must oppress and subjugate the human female body because this maintains gender division.  Gender division maintains division of male and female consciousness, and equilibrium cannot be achieved – male ego survives.  But without gender division – in consciousness – female creational consciousness and male creative consciousness complete the human whole.  Equilibrium is achieved.  Human mind is collectively manifest. Humanity will not just survive, but can “evolve.”

          Human Mind                    

          Male Creative                    Animal Mind

          Consciousness                         Male Ego

                                               Decisive                                   Dominating

Assertive                                  Aggressive

Courageous                             Destructive

Confident                                Superior

Protective                                Possessive

Focused                                   Narrow Minded

Ambitious                                Ruthless

Motivated                                Egocentric

Productive                               Exploitive

Pragmatic                                Apathetic

Can the human female be of “animal mind?” Of course, but female animal mind is a reflection of the male ego; not its source.  The male ego is destructive and dominant and can only “originate” as the negative expression of the male nature.  The inherent female nature cannot destroy; it is “creational.”  However, the ‘negative’ expression of the ‘female’ enables destruction through inertia, debauchery, frivolity and superficial voracity. Female animal mind is not interested in male and female equilibrium. It is either a rapacious ardent supporter of male domination and female subordination, or it is indolent and blasé to the destruction wrought by the male ego.  There are indeed many human females of animal mind as well as many female reflections of the male ego throughout history and in the world today!

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