Just Imagine if…

From Part II Chapter 8  The Fourth Wave

By T.L. Dayen

To truly understand what it feels like to be the victim of abuse of power, perhaps one needs to imagine the reverse polarity of a male dominated world. Close your eyes and try to imagine yourself waking up tomorrow morning in a world where “men” are subordinate and oppressed by “women.”  Just imagine if in the early 21st century men and boys make up over half of the human population on planet Earth.  For centuries, men have fought for equality with, and emancipation from, their female oppressors. They have made some strides.  Yet they are still at the very least, severely underrepresented in government and business leadership, and at the very worst, executed for infractions as deemed by their dominant counterparts.   Just imagine if at the dawn of the 21st century, most men fall somewhere in between subordination, oppression, and harmful or fatal abuse depending on region, culture, religion, income and education levels.

Violence and Abuse

  • Just imagine if; up to 200 million men and boys go missing every year globally; sex trafficked and/or murdered and randomly buried. Remains of men and boys are regularly found throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world.
  • Just imagine if; up to 300 million men and boys die globally from physical violence at the hand of a woman every year, for no reason other than they are male. And, the numbers of women who die at the hand of other women are too staggering to count.
  • Just imagine if; in two of the most populated countries on the planet, male infanticide is rampant.
  • Just imagine if; in some countries, male genitals are mutilated by women so men cannot experience an orgasm. As a result, these men will live the rest of their life with crippling pain.
  • Just imagine if; approx. 1 of every 5 men worldwide (out of over 3.5 billion) will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime by a female partner, friend or family member; or a female stranger by home invasion, random attack, stalking or abduction.
  • Just imagine if; young boys and girls are under the common threat of being sexually molested by a female family member or friend; or abducted by a female stranger.

Sexual Objectification

  • Just imagine if; in Western countries and cultures, men are encouraged and even expected to wear clothing that accentuates their chest and penis to prove their masculinity, but this also exposes the male to constant sexual objectification of the male chest and penis in the entertainment, advertising and porn industries. If a man does not emphasize his chest and penis, he is not considered “masculine,” and if he does, he is seen as a sex object.
  • Just imagine if; in the West, and especially in upper incomes, a man’s masculinity is solely measured by his ability to maintain an appearance that is pleasing to women. The male must take time consuming and painstaking care to “prepare” himself every day with applique’s, props and accessories that are sexually pleasing to the female; and women have created a vast and lucrative industry to market these various products and merchandise to men.
  • Just imagine if; men are perpetually faced with the dichotomy of public praise for maintaining a sexually pleasing appearance, and the stereotype of the dimwitted, frivolous, shallow and superficial “dude.” A sexy man, who is also smart and assertive, is only demonized as a “woman eater.”  Male sexual objectification is also the main impetus behind justifiable rape, because a man who is praised for being sexy, is also “asking for it” from women who cannot be expected to control their “natural” impulses to “take” what they need from him. It is a sexy man’s own fault if he is raped, or he is obviously lying about it.

Religious Decree

  • Just imagine if; the major world religions deem the male race subordinate to its superior counterpart; unable to hold high post in the church, and the perpetrator of the “fall of woman.” The church ordains the male an unclean and wicked vessel of sexual seduction used by Satan to lure women away from their exalted union with God.
  • Just imagine if; by the doctrines of the church, men must devote their lives to marriage and childrearing. A man’s career and independence is seen as the driving force behind the moral collapse of society. A man’s traditional role of matrimonial domestic and sexual servitude to a woman and family is central to the preservation of the family unit and a moral society.
  • Just imagine if; in many East Asian countries and religious cultures, men and boys cannot show their skin in public, drive, work, or vote; and must adhere to a curfew under threat of physical harm by their wives or other women.
  • Just imagine if; one of the world’s largest religions allows men to be legally murdered (usually by stoning) by their wives or family members for male infractions as deemed by their wives, families or community.

Reproductive Bondage

  • Just imagine if; globally, men have limited or no control over their own reproduction, or their reproductive systems. The male has no personal ownership or control over his seed (sperm) which is controlled and legislated by the female dominated social construct. They cannot ejaculate and/or have sex without the intention of fertilization.  If a man does not want to fertilize a female, they should not have sex.
  • Just imagine if; in the U.S. if a man cannot care for the child they have been forced to create, they must give it away, or both man and child must suffer the consequences of poverty and be subjected to public scorn as “free loaders” on public assistance; which elected officials slash from the budget as often as they are able.

Leadership and Authority Under-representation and Subordination

  • Just imagine if; worldwide, the vast majority of subsidiary employment positions are held by men. More men work in the health industry, but women hold more of the highest paying health positions. Men have more college degrees, but women hold more of the highest paying university positions; and in the U.S., men make .77 cents on the dollar to a woman for the same work over the same period of time.
  • Just imagine if; in the U.S. over half of Wall Street administrative positions are held by men; fewer than 20% of financial Board Executives and 0 percent of financial CEO’s are men.
  • Just imagine if; in the U.S. men did not have the right to vote until 1920; approximately the sixth industrialized nation to legitimize a man’s vote.
  • Just imagine if; in the U.S. approx. only 80 out of 400 U.S. House Representatives are men.
  • Just imagine if; in the U.S. approx. only 20 out of 100 U.S. Senators are men.
  • Just imagine if; the overwhelming majority of world leaders are not (or have ever been) male.

The Social Construct of Male Oppression

Just imagine if; in the West, many men have learned to capitalize on the sexual objectification of their chest and penis to achieve personal success and/or power.  Some men have also learned to exploit the laws that were designed to protect men from women, in order to exact revenge or retribution against their female oppressors, or simply to just survive.  Some women are outraged that some men have the “balls” to rise up against them, and/or use women for their money, even though women are still overwhelmingly and by far in positions of power, authority and command. In lower incomes the male continues to endure the vast majority of domestic servitude and abuse, but women are vigorously opposed to what they call “reverse gender discrimination.” Meanwhile in other parts of the world unfortunately, men still and will suffer from far more severe, wide spread abuse, oppression and discrimination; with no apparent changes in sight.

Just imagine if; for 10,000 years, men and boys have and will continue to be born into a world that teaches them they are only meant for a certain purpose; and that they are and should remain subservient to their stronger and better gender counterpart.  Even if their parent(s) idealistically lead them to believe that they can do anything they aspire to, they will quickly learn that this is not really true, and that most of them will be limited in what they can, or are allowed to, do or be in their lives, and many will suffer simply because they were not born with a vagina.

What a different world indeed!  The bottom line is that the world is run, dominated and dictated by “men.”  They maintain their power by maintaining the social construct of male domination over every sector of life.  Make no mistake; the dominant male ego needs to fan the flames of this “battle of the sexes” because the male ego animal mind is designed for and survives, off “battle.” We must acknowledge and respect our human autonomy before we can even think about our human unity.  But as long as the human female continues to be stuffed into the reflective image of the male ego as an inferior object of domestic and sexual servitude, then mutual autonomy and therefore unity, will never be achieved.  Women are more than “oblivious and frivolous tits and ass;” and men are more than “single minded muscle and dick.”  But the male ego will do anything to keep us blind to anything else, about each other, or about ourselves!

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