Feeding People or Profits?

From Part II Chapter 6  Earth She

By T.L. Dayen

The food “industry” is perhaps the sweetest image created by animal mind greed.  In the guise of what would otherwise be benevolent “agriculture,” male ego animal mind greed has managed to obtain free and open license to annex Terra’s millions of acres of so-called “farm” lands across the globe; not to feed her seven billion people – no – but to feed the pockets of its very own “axis of evil:” food byproduct producers, food manufacturers and food advertisers.  The vast majority of the world’s “farmlands” are not used to grow food.  They are used to grow food byproducts, also known as “cash crops;” specifically, corn, soy and sugar.  These byproducts are then sold to food “manufacturers” who use them to synthesize and package food “products” in their factories. Food manufacturers then employ a massive and lucrative advertising industry to propagandize their food products to consumers.  Most of these food products have little to no real nutritional value, and are in fact synthetically processed, colorfully packaged and cleverly peddled ‘entertainment’ for the senses (salty, oily, sweet) rather than sustenance for the body.

Today’s food products are the main source of deadly obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  The production of these cash crops is saturating our soil and water with toxic carcinogens.  The production and distribution of food products rely on fossil fuels, and disposable packaging is burying Terra and humanity in garbage.  The image of food accomplishes three things that are critical to maintaining the dominance of the male ego animal mind:

  1. It circumvents the relationship between humanity and Earth as the source of our sustenance. If we no longer subconsciously identify our sustenance with planet Earth, we have no conscious obligation to care for it and cooperate with the eco-systems that sustain us.  This allows for the unfettered exploitation of her resources.
  2. The lack of nutrient rich real food combined with the prevalence of food products void of nutrients, builds a population that’s both physically and mentally weak, ill and stunted. This builds a population less able to focus and easier to persuade; less motivated to action and easier to distract.  Health is linked to learning ability.  Learning is linked to knowledge.  Knowledge is linked to power.  An unhealthy population is easier to dominate.
  3. A centralized ‘food’ production and distribution ‘industry’ allows for selective social advantage; social Darwinism. The industry itself controls to whom and how much ‘food’ should and will be appropriated, and how much it will cost.

As a master of ‘image craft,’ only the male ego animal mind could create an image so deceitful, so malign and yet so effectively maintained.  The image of food promises sustenance for survival.  But the reality beyond the image, especially in the west, is that people gorge daily on the empty carbs and calories of snack, fast, processed, frozen, bagged, canned and boxed food products, and still slowly die of malnutrition; even while obese.  Millions of grocery shelves are stacked with food images promising to feed us, while only feeding the profit margins of the food industry.  And Mac-n-Cheese, Hot Pockets and frozen chicken tenders will certainly do nothing to solve the critical issue of colossal global hunger and starvation, even if the millions who suffer from hunger had the resources to even purchase or prepare these so-called ‘foods.’  Not many microwaves or toaster ovens in the 3rd world.

Animal mind is faced with the challenge to maintain the image of food even while the reality of food beyond the image is all around us.  This is achieved in mainly two ways. First and foremost is the social construction of “convenience” foods, and the ease and potency of their marketability.  Prong three on the axis of evil of Big Ag is the advertising industry.  Convenience is so easy to sell in modern capitalist societies where time is money and money is success; where working parents are juggling jobs and quality time with family; and where every spare moment is increasingly lost in a futile virtual world.  Our HD TV’s, PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones have exponentially expanded the reach of advertisers to pummel our minds with catchy tunes, bright colors and anthropomorphized messaging. It’s an endless loop of images of happy, beautiful people, hitting the drive-through, popping pizza rolls in the microwave, and serving up a single skillet box dinner to an adoring family.  Thoughtful, genuine and good for long term benefit has been replaced by quick, easy and delicious for short term gratification.

Secondly, the image of food effectively trounces the reality by simple pricing.  Real, fresh food costs more money, and in most cases, much, much more!  Having nothing to do with the actual costs to grow fresh food and deliver it in-tact to produce bins and restaurants, the fact is, there is a premium for purity.  In a male ego greed driven economy, wealth and health go hand in hand.  So even though consumers are forced to pay a lot more for real food, very little land and investment is allocated for it, because fresh food is not where the actual ‘money’ is.  According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AGMRC), American squash growers for example earned about $5,400 per acre, or a total of just 237.1 million in 2013 for their fresh, nutritious and real food (agmrc.org).

The big money is in the multi-national, multi-billion-dollar food industry; the mass production, distribution and commercial advertising of synthetically processed and individually packaged convenience; propagandized in the ‘image’ of food.  According to the Kraft Foods Group (KFG) investor information, their phenomenally popular Lunchables food product earned KFG no less than 1 billion dollars in their 2013 fiscal year, and they paid 20 million to advertise it in fiscal year 2011 (kraftfoodsgroup.com).  That’s just one food product from just one food ‘manufacturer’ for just one fiscal year.  Can you comprehend the wealth of the entire food image industry over the last fifty years?

Going Hungry, Getting Hot and Growing Rich

 The real price for the Image of Food

According to the World Health Organization (who.int) data for 2014, 2.6 million children die of hunger every twelve months.  The same data cited that collectively, a human being dies of hunger every four seconds. But even while twenty-two thousand human beings are dying of hunger every day, nearly 85 million acres of land in the U.S. were used for harvest of corn and soy food byproduct cash crops, also now known as “oil crops” in 2014/15 (usda.mannlib.cornell.edu).  Big Ag ‘oil crop’ producers made over a staggering 101 billion dollars in 2011!  And the final USDA data for 2016 is projected to be at record highs (nass.usda.gov).  The next time you see a PSA from Unicef or the Children’s Defense Fund, using heart breaking images of teary eyed, fly invested children with swollen guts and bulbous heads, to wheedle eighteen dollars a month to ‘save the children,’ I want you to imagine a sea of swaying soy and corn; 85 million U.S. acres of food byproducts that will never be used to feed those children. Big Ag isn’t feeding people.  All it’s feeding is male ego animal mind greed.

In all fairness to Kraft Foods, it’s website (healthyfoodbankhub.feedingamerica.org) states, “The Kraft Foods Foundation pledged $6 million over four years to Feeding America, to bring a fleet of 35 new trucks with fresh produce, protein and dairy products into communities where access to these foods is challenging. These trucks will deliver up to 70 million meals over four years.” Awesome!  But when we do the math, Kraft is actually admitting that they could feed 16,000 people 3 meals a day of “fresh produce, protein and dairy” for four years, for less than 1 percent of the profits it makes in just one year from one [Lunchables] food product.

All of this clearly, and sadly, demonstrates how very simple it would be for not one more child or any human being to suffer the painful death of starvation!  But in the animal mind of the male ego, only the strong survive.  And only the rich are strong.  But it gets worse folks!  Big Ag uses about 265 pounds of nitrogen fertilizers for every acre of soy/corn byproducts (usda.gov).  That adds up to over 22 billion pounds of fixed nitrogen saturating the Earth’s soil and water every single year in the U.S. alone.  Compare this to our ‘real’ food, squash, that only uses about 90 pounds of nitrogen fertilizers per acre (agmrc.org).  Big Ag will never stave global hunger, but it will do a great job supporting global warming.  The irony would be funny if it wasn’t – well you know.


“Generate Money Only?”

While an entire book could be written on the valid anxiety over the GMO industry, suffice it to say here that GMO (genetically modified organisms) production could be the most egregious example of male ego profit motivation in the food image industry of Big Ag.  The GMO industry produces seeds (mainly corn and soy) that have been genetically modified in a lab (artificially manipulated and altered genomes) with other organisms like jellyfish, and even viruses like hepatitis, to withstand otherwise challenging growing conditions like frost, drought, and pests.  GMO seeds are patented by their manufacturer, so once the seeds have been purchased, growers are barred from harvesting them from their own crops without paying for them again; in effect, extorting the users of their seeds.  Their ‘super seeds’ put competing local growers out of business. They also produce the only pesticides that are effective with their own patented seeds – what a profitable coincidence!

The leading GMO manufacturer, Monsanto and their political lobbyists, continue to insist these seeds are actually the answer to “world hunger,” because they grow in areas otherwise not conducive to agriculture.  But don’t be fooled!  After decades in production, GMO’s have only expanded the food image industry of Big Ag, which we know doesn’t feed people, just profits!  They are not promoting anything other than the added benefit of exclusive seed and pesticide sales and use.  U.S. law doesn’t require GMO product labeling in the U.S., but non-labeled GMO products are banned within the European Union. GMO’s are just the latest multinational, multi-billion-dollar addition to the male ego animal mind ‘image of food,’ and a disturbing example that if left unchecked by female creational consciousness of compassion, cooperation, compromise and community, things will only get worse.

In the reality beyond the image of food, we have our squash.  As a miracle of nature, it is one of a kind. There are no two alike.  It has one ingredient – squash. The life of our naturally vitamin rich and nutritious squash begins as a seed in a field. It grows and is handpicked. It ships direct from the field to farmer’s markets, grocer produce bins and restaurants.  Our squash is not “mono-cropped” like soy, corn and sugar.  Real, fresh foods are “mixed-cropped” among several different species.  Unlike mono-cropping, mixed cropping doesn’t allow for the swift spread of damaging pests and disease which reduces the amount of pesticides needed.  Mixed cropping soils are naturally richer in nutrients because mixed-crop nutrient needs allow for the natural formation of a soils nutrient diversity; which reduces the amount of fertilizers needed.  Squash farmers make a decent living.

In the animal image of food, we have our Kraft “Lunchables;” one end product of an assembly line that began in a factory vat, was poured into “food molds,” and was packed and wrapped by factory automated machinery.  It has over 200 ingredients. Fourteen contain soy, corn or sugar, and twenty-two are known preservatives.  It’s salt, fat, and oil content activates our ‘craving’ endorphins to buy more, and its empty carbs and calories slowly kill us with heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Kraft Foods earns billions.

Male Ego Greed is the Root of “Big Ag”

Big Ag is like the king pin of a massive cartel, that supplies and oversees the network that peddles its products; those who produce, package, distribute and sell them.  There’s no concern of a lack of buyers. Once hooked, they are lifetime patrons – that is until their bodies, ravaged from the effects of the goods, succumbs to death.  Those who dare to stray from their addictions, are relentlessly targeted by the ‘pushers;’ enticing with lower prices and even free products.  The stronghold of this cartel on the community is so pervasive, it’s hard to find evidence of anything that doesn’t support the vast addiction it feeds.  Instead of a ‘killer,’ this cartel is actually seen as a ‘provider.’  It grows ever more rich and powerful, while the degenerated masses grow ever more weak and dependent.  The world’s farm-lands have been seized by the greed of the male ego animal mind.  Big Ag’s ‘cash crops’ of soy, corn and sugar may as well be coca and opiate poppies. The effects on humanity are the same.

Are the true costs of the male ego food image really worth it?  Can humankind and Terra continue to absorb these costs just so a small few can continue to expand their vast wealth and power?  The human mind of compassion, cooperation, compromise and community must shatter this destructive and deadly food image, so the reality of real agriculture for real food, real nutrition, and real well-being and quality of life can thrive once again!

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