Blinded by the Lie

From Part II Chapter 9  Strive To Evolve or Struggle to Survive

By T.L. Dayen

First, it should be known that Stewart and I are not atheists.  In fact, we are both spiritually dedicated and devoted.  Lord God He may be a harmful artifice, but God is real!  The ultimate motivation for The Female Imperative is the evolution of human consciousness, which is the manifestation of God consciousness!  We were both raised as orthodox Christians within the animal mind image of reality, but we have lifted the veil of ignorance and seen beyond the image.  We’ve shared with one another how we experienced and dealt with the fear involved in that process; which I discuss in Chapter six.  We look back now with the humility to admit, that even after we understood the truth with our human minds, it took decades before we didn’t harbor even a subconscious pang of “fear” that the “wrath of God” may “strike us down.”  We know today, that if we are “struck down,” it would not be “God,” but the destructive male ego of animal mind.

Let me be clear, most religious people have a sincere and deep desire to know and be closer to God.  This should be applauded and respected!  But, The Female Imperative posits that it is these very people that have the best chance of moving beyond the image of reality into human mind and truly realizing God.  It is these very people who have already internalized compassion, cooperation, compromise and community, but whom are simply blinded by the lie of God He. The French Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” It is for these very people that religion may be the last vestige of animal mind.

The concept of “God is He so He is God” was introduced in Chapter two.  Stewart does a fantastic job explaining how the primordial human brain’s ability to conceptualize “God” was in fact a fundamental step in the evolution from human brain to human mind.  Chapter two explains how the establishment of “religion” as a man-made institution of God He, however, codified the dominance of the human male over the human female, the planet, and each other through God He proxy wars. The entire patriarchal social construct is premised and sustained by indoctrinated religious edict.  Here in Chapter nine, I want to reveal how religion maintains humanity in animal mind and is counter to the evolution of human consciousness and human existence itself.

The “Sinful” Human Female Body?

Religion has done more to promote female oppression than any other endeavor of mankind. We were writing the first edition of TFI when we drove past the marquee of a church that read, “Wives; submit unto your husbands as unto the Lord!” We weren’t shocked. We were validated. A woman’s only purpose is to marry and support her husband through domestic and sexual servitude.  She is a physical constituent of male domination, and this servitude is the “sanctity of holy matrimony.”  Religious institutions decree the traditional family unit as the mandate for the natural social order.  And, it’s an unmarried woman’s responsibility to hide her skin and sequester herself so as not to tempt man. She must guard her body from the male ego. Only because of her irresponsible or willful behavior, will a man simply succumb to the powerful demands of his “animal instincts” and take that which is naturally his.

Religion doesn’t hold the human male accountable for his own sexual desires. For thousands of years, religion has cultivated the fallacy that women are the embodiment of every weakness that threatens man’s dominion on Earth and ascension into heaven.  Religion is the institutionalized objectification of the female body as the manifestation of the “fall of man.” Man, is the manifestation of God He, but woman (the female body), is castigated as an object of unclean temptation. The very presence of the female body is forbidden within the highest chambers of the most fundamental religious ritual and hierarchy.  Women render godly men weak in the eyes of God He, and weakness cannot be tolerated by the male ego.  The sex drive of the male ego is religiously institutionalized as a temptation of the Devil, designed to lure godly men into a stupefied state of lust; living only for self-gratification and physical pleasure and incapable of dominating and controlling the natural world given to him.  How can God He demand ultimate loyalty and devotion from godly men spellbound by the wicked and seductive wiles of a woman? Man, loses his mind and eventually his soul in the sinful embrace of a Jezebel!

Fruit of the “Poisonous Tree?”

It may be hard for many to fully comprehend the atrocities caused and perpetuated by religion. Yet, historical accounts of religious oppression are accepted, in fact justified, in the sanctified guise of divine edict. Strip away the sanctity, however, and you’re only left with the horror and suffering caused by men drunk with the power and authority of an omnipotent Lord God He manifest through the male ego hunger for dominion.  The Holy bloodletting that followed a state establishment of religion began with the ruthless extermination of the pacifist Gnostics and Essenes in the 4th and 5th centuries.  Next came the “100-years’ war” better known as the Crusades.  The Inquisition spanned six hundred years. It brutally tortured hundreds of thousands, but reserved a special level of viciousness for tens of thousands of women worldwide.  It didn’t officially end until the 19th century.  Sunni’s and Shia have been warring for centuries that is only escalating into the 21st century.  The Catholics and Protestants fought bitterly for centuries.  The Palestinians and Israeli’s; over seventy years and counting.  And for the past fifty years and counting, we have a global Jihad or “Holy war;” seriously threatening to spawn a 3rd world war.

They will call it a “clash of civilizations,” but it will be nothing more than it has always been; the male ego of animal mind killing each other over which book is the true “word of God.”  The truth is, “death” is the final destiny – the last chapter – of all religion.  It truly is a horrifying notion, but in the reverse polarity image of reality from Armageddon to The Day of Judgement, from Jonestown to Heaven’s Gate; past, present and future death is actually everlasting life.  The definitive moment of “salvation” for humanity is ultimately met in its annihilation.  Yet, those of human mind who see beyond this animal mind image of salvation and reject God He denominational faith; we are the spiritually barren, somehow lacking in true substance and character?  The worst of human history continues to repeat.

Do Not “Eat of the Tree of Knowledge?”

For more than two thousand years, the male ego of animal mind has oppressed women and men with the “the fear of God He.” In the animal mind image of reality, a “God fearing” individual is of wholesome character. The Dark Ages that followed the state establishment of religion are a testament to the severity of reprisal against the slightest nonconformity. This went far beyond willful acts or statement of belief. Heresy included seeking out or having possession of any material not sanctioned by the Church. These could be writings, art or symbolic objects.  In fact, knowledge itself was highly suspect, if found to be outside the scope of Church doctrine.  The extermination of the highly-civilized Gnostics along with a wealth of documented works during the 4th and 5th century, as sadistic as it was (some torn limb from limb), sent a potent message that blasphemy in any form would be given no quarter.  In fact, the word “Gnostic” is derived from the Latin word “gnosis” or “knowledge.”  The fear of being labeled a “heretic” was so vast and pervasive, that this period of ignorance known as the Dark Ages would prevail for over a millennium.

I shudder to think where humanity would be today if more notable Gnostics like Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle had been alive during this time.  As the fathers of mathematics, reason and political thought, these founders of modern social science and structure would have been murdered as heretics, and their work destroyed.  Later fathers of science, architecture and physics; Galileo, daVinci and Newton were also notable scholars of Gnostic teaching and tradition.  While all three were formally declared “heretics,” they were born and lived toward the end of the reign of terror.  Had they been born even one hundred years earlier, would they or their incalculable contribution to humanity have survived “the wrath of God He?”  It would not be until the 1600’s that higher reason and spirituality unencumbered by socially and civically oppressive dogma would once again propel humanity on to the path of evolution.  The groundbreaking concept of democracy was founded by men learned in the same Gnostic teaching and traditions as humanity’s greatest thinkers.  Like the tens of thousands of years of unknown missed contributions of the human female to humanity, we will never know what human kind could have accomplished over two thousand years, had the human heart and mind been free from the fear to expand and embrace truth.

To this day, “fear” remains the strongest and most effective tool used by religion to keep believers “on the path of righteousness.” Any individual human mind understanding or inclination of ‘truth’ beyond religious doctrine is deemed a “temptation of the Devil.” This is so powerful a seed-thought, that for thousands of years, billions have spent lifetimes believing it. What could invoke more fear then the threat of eternal damnation?   What an exquisite tool for the reverse polarity of reality!  Only animal mind God He thrives on “fear.”  There is no fear in God.  Yet fear is on the rise in tandem with the strength of the male ego.  As the very basis of the moral conscience of humanity within the animal mind image of reality, religion counsels us to look up to God He for our salvation from suffering.  But it is the God He of religion that set us upon this path of human annihilation thousands of years ago.

It is no coincidence that as the 20th century began to move in the direction of human mind male/female equilibrium, unity in cohesive diversity, science, imagination, and “individual will;” fundamentalism once again began to take firm root in the world religions.  Religion is historically and to this day in direct opposition to human evolution!  Science was and is “blasphemy” and must be denied.  Education and imagination was and is “temptation” and must be rejected. The willful female was and is “wicked” and must be scorned. Human mind was and is the “devil” and must be expelled. “He” was and is God, and must be feared.


We must remove religion as humanity’s highest seat of moral conscience. The critical issues we are collectively facing at the dawn of the 21st century, many discussed in TFI, cannot be solved with our heads bowed and minds closed.  They will not be solved with our collective subconscious fearfully preparing for the ‘inevitable’ rapture or the zombie apocalypse.  Animal mind God He begins and ends with the suppression of the human female and creational consciousness of compassion, cooperation, compromise and community. Animal mind God He is fear, and was and is “The End!”

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