Beyond the Image of Evolution

From Part II Chapter 9  Strive To Evolve or Struggle to Survive

By T.L. Dayen

Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Need

Human mind clearly understands there is a difference between ‘evolving’ and ‘surviving;’ between ‘’human’ and ‘technological’ advancement.  Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” (HON) illustrates the ascendance from animal mind (survival) to human mind (evolution).  Maslow introduced the concept that evolution transcends mere survival.  As one ascends the hierarchy, limits are removed and expansive opportunity is permitted; whereby growth occurs and the capability to “create” and not just “consume” is realized.  Beginning at the bottom and progressively mastering each level before moving on to the next, as each set of needs are met, more advanced needs become increasingly desirable and achievable.  Maslow theorized that once we collectively mastered all levels of survival, “self-actualization” would signify the evolution of human consciousness.

As a psychologist and psychoanalyst who studied Freud, Maslow was also well-known as an optimist.  Unlike Freud who tended to focus on the “dark underbelly” of humanity, Maslow embraced and emphasized human “potential.”  The HON was indeed an innovative approach to human psychology when it was first published in 1954.  American women had only won the fight for the vote in 1920, but the 1950’s were a very “optimistic” time in our American history.  The HON provided humankind with an affirmation that true human “evolution” was not only achievable, but moreover was a natural linear progression of the human condition.

Maslow’s HON illustrates the human “ideal” that human motive (need) is naturally inclined to move beyond basic physical and material intra-personal needs, to allied and intellectual inter-personal needs, to finally individually creating through collective endeavor.  Not surprisingly, Maslow became increasingly discouraged in his later years. He witnessed what he thought was human evolution through the technological advances of the mid-20th century. But he also noticed that humankind did not appear to be aspiring [evolving] past the first to fourth levels of his HON. This appeared to be true for even those whose needs had obviously been met in order to do so, individually or collectively.  I’m no Maslow, but I think I found the “glitch” in Maslow’s HON.

First, his optimistic ideal unfortunately did not account for the vice grip of animal mind on humanity through the male ego image of reality. Even while Maslow’s later writings contemplated a “humanistic” solution to “evil,” he had not identified it as the male ego of animal mind. He could not have anticipated that the male ego would capitalize on every human mind advancement being made during his time; gaining in its strength, exponentially.  Second, Maslow could not know that the animal mind image of reality would simply adapt to include the ‘perception’ of human mind advancement while maintaining the male ego motives of male superiority, domination, greed, God He and female subordination.  In this adapted image of reality, there is no 5th hierarchy.  Self-realization can be achieved within the first four levels of the HON through consumerism and technology – the image of evolution.

Maslow was born in 1908, but by the time he died in 1970, our sole purpose was to accumulate things that stimulate our physical senses. Therefore, our physical existence defines the parameters of our spiritual understanding of consciousness. The height of that consciousness is limited to the confines of that physical existence we have created with animal mind.

Purpose = Accumulate things > Stimulates physical existence >

Physical existence = Spiritual Understanding of consciousness >< Existing physical world

In the reality of evolution beyond the image, however, our purpose is to accumulate understanding that stimulates our consciousness. Therefore, it is our spiritual understanding of consciousness that defines our physical existence.  The physical existence we can create is only limited by the height of our consciousness we have created with human mind.

Purpose = Accumulate understanding > Stimulates consciousness >

Spiritual Understanding of consciousness = Physical existence >< Height of consciousness

I remember learning of Maslow when I was just a teen, and I’ve often referred to the HON along the way in my life and work.  Maslow’s work will always remain a notable contribution to understanding human evolution, even as I’ve seen where and why it may be limited. The animal mind male ego images of reality are formidable, but I reject that humanity cannot collectively reach the 5th hierarchy and achieve the evolution of human consciousness.  I believe that is our true birth right, and like Maslow, for me it’s a case of “good vs. evil.”  The Female Imperative is a manifesto for a sea change that will facilitate the evolution of human consciousness, and at the very least, save humanity from self-destruction.  But just as we must understand what it means to deconstruct the unsustainable status quo, we must also understand what it means moving forward in human mind.

I use the premise of Maslow’s HON to illustrate what I call the “Tri-ciprocal Duality of humanity” (TDH). Technically, it is “the state of the opposing motives of animal and human mind dueling for perpetuity through their singular reciprocity with the collective social construct.”  In other words, while humanity exists within the animal mind images of reality, socially constructed by the male ego, the dim light of human mind strives to take hold and enlighten.  The pervasive male ego, however, endures as a relentless anchor on the collective, prohibiting female creational consciousness and human evolution.

Triciprocal Duality of Humanity      

Animal Mind                     Social Construct                     Human Mind

Individual                               Collective                                Higher Consciousness

Male superiority                      Female subordination              Equilibrium

Survival                                     Relational                                    Evolutional

Personal          >>>      <<<     Social            >>>      <<<         Universal

Physical/Material                    Mental/Reciprocal                   Creational

Square                                        Circle                                           Spiral

Sensory motivated                   Group motivated                       God motivated

I feel                >>>      <<<      I think              >>>      <<<      I am

Emotional                                  Intellectual                                 Spiritual

Subconscious                             Conscience                                 Consciousness

Belief               >>>      <<<      Science            >>>      <<<      Imagination

Instinct                                       Self Awareness                          Will

Power structures                      Civic Systems                             Adaptive Synergy

Gender/Race                             Religion/Culture                       Humanity/Planet

(1st – 2nd HON levels)            (3rd – 4th HON levels)              (5th HON level)

Whereas Maslow’s HON represents a linear progression of evolutionary potential, the TDH represents the dichotomy of the current human condition (blue) in its conflicted state of struggling to survive (red) while striving to evolve (purple).  But if we were to view the TDH from a potential linear perspective unencumbered by triciprocol duality, we can see the possibility of “primitive mind” progressing into “civilized mind,” from where “human mind” is then possible and collectively achieved.  Human mind  is seeking to expand and evolve.  But the image of evolution veils human mind potential within the image of reality, and the male ego animal mind battle for survival therefore perseveres.

Animal mind (on right) manipulates the collective (center) to socially construct its images that keep it alive and in control.  Human mind, however, continues to seek expansion (on left), shatter the images of the social construct and begin to evolve beyond the image.  TFI has thoroughly explained the dynamic of the first duality on the chart.  Below, I will attempt to briefly explain the others.  Each Triciprocal duality is explained from the “collective” position; struggling to survive in “animal mind” and striving to evolve into “human mind.”  For example, in Empathetic Cooperation, the “relational” collective is kept anchored backward in animal mind “survival” at the same time it strives to move forward into human mind “evolutional,” and so on.

Empathetic Cooperation

Survival  > <  Relational  > <  Evolutional

Animal Mind Image of Reality

Relationships are used and exploited for survival; emotionally, mentally, legally and financially; taking and using what is needed to personally survive.  Relationships are developed and maintained specifically for personal survival advantage.  Relationships are tools for personal control and gain.

Human Mind Reality

Relationships are a natural and necessary symbiotic avenue for mutual growth and contribution; giving and receiving what is needed to advance [evolve] together.  Relationship yields expansive experience that facilitates progressive evolution.

Collaborative Expansion

Personal  > <  Social  > <  Universal

Animal Mind Image of Reality

Society is not an individual collective; it is a collection of individuals.  Society reflects and serves disjointed personal needs and desires; fragmented multiplicity.  Society is sacrificed and mined for personal gain.  Society is a tool of personal control and gain.

Human Mind Reality

Society is a cohesive unit of individuals achieving personal aims through collaborative and mutual effort toward shared goals.  Personal success is gained by social symbiosis.  Social unity manifests universal understanding (expansion).

Creative Expansion

Physical/Material  > <  Mental/Reciprocity  > <  Creational

Animal Mind Image of Reality

Communication is used to manipulate and influence others to serve one’s personal physical and material needs and desires.  Consumerism and market profits are founded upon and commensurate with messaging skill and subliminal manipulation.  Psychology is a tool of personal control and gain.

Human Mind Reality

Communication is necessary for relationship, education and informed unity.  Communication unites personal mind with collective consciousness. Communicative relationship manifests expansion of thought which facilitates creation.

Liberated Development

Square  > <  Circle  > <   Spiral

Animal Mind Image of Reality

The compartmentalization and confinement (square) of sustainability provides for private ownership and authoritive appropriation for personal gain. Confinement is unsustainable, and is a tool for personal control and gain.

Human Mind Reality

Only that which is first sustainable (circle) can then manifest unlimited (spiral) potential.

Creational [God] Consciousness

Sensory Motivation  > <  Group Motivation  > <  God Motivation

Animal Mind Image of Reality

Energy generated by the group is seized and mainlined for the heightened sensory experience of the individual that cannot be achieved individually.  Seizing the group motive multiplies individual sensory experience which is used as a tool for personal control and gain.

Human Mind Reality

Energy generated by the group expands and empowers the capability and aptitude of the individual to experience beyond their personal limitations and realize their own creational contribution that cannot be achieved in individual isolation


I Feel  > <  I Think  > <  I See (I am)

Animal Mind Image of Reality

Our ability to think is only manifested by our ability to feel. Therefore, thought is feeling.  Erratic feeling naturally justifies irrational thought.  Justification of irrational thought allows for the perpetuity of reckless personal expression, and is used to veil or accountability and exempt authentic purpose.

Human Mind Reality

Thought interprets feeling.  Vision expands thought.  Thought without vision limits our ability to interpret our feelings and therefore limits our self-control.  To truly see, is to truly see oneself and one’s authentic purpose.

Spiritual Awakening

Emotional  > <  Intellectual  > <  Spiritual

Animal Mind Image of Reality

The emotional body is the seat of the soul.  Love, fear, wisdom, hate, all stem from our emotional state, reaction or need.  The intellect is simply the avenue through which to explain, express or justify our emotional selves.  One’s intellect reflects one’s emotions and so can remain justifiably malleable to emotional whim, desire or re-action.

Human Mind Reality

Human mind is achieved when human emotional experience is integrated with intellect.  The mind is the seat of the soul.

Provident Cognizance

Subconscious  > <  Conscience  > <  Intelligence

Animal Mind Image of Reality

Our conscience is dictated by our subconscious.  One’s conscience; what is right and what is true; is therefore subjective to each individual and cannot be trusted as collective understanding.  Without a collective standard of conscience, then integrity, morality and justice is a matter of individual opinion or feeling.

Human Mind Reality

Intelligence is derived from common sense, or “collective conscience.”  A conscience cannot be subjective; as it is by its very nature, discerning and sagacious.  Intelligence is by its very nature objective, and therefore cannot exist without unanimity of conscience.  The subconscious is a tool for creative thought, not intelligent deduction.

Actualization of Possibility

Belief  > <  Science  > <  Imagination

Animal Mind Image of Reality

Belief is the basis of survival.  It is the driver of faith. Adversity is the human condition, and therefore belief is a human necessity.  Science is void of faith because facts are not based on belief.  Science which does not support and empower the beliefs of humanity only weakens humanity.  Beliefs (images) are used as a tool to impede the exposure and validity of that (reality) which would obstruct personal control or gain.

Human Mind Reality

We cannot imagine that which ‘could actually be,’ without first knowing that which ‘actually is.’  Imagination based on fictional facts (beliefs) can only manifest and maintain an “image.”  But imagination based upon truth (science) can manifest the potential within “reality.”  Nothing imagined will become real without science.  Any future imagined reality can only stem from a reality that is presently understood (science).  Science can exist without imagination, but it cannot manifest [advance] possibility.  Imagination can exist without science, but it will only manifest an image of reality.

Original Action

Instinct  > <  Self Awareness  > <  Will/Action/Choice

Animal Mind Image of Reality

Instinct is the basis of the human condition; the instinct to survive, to procreate, to fight, to love, to hate, to war, to protect.  Our instincts provide us with all that we need to survive.  Our self-awareness is personally and collectively measured and judged by how well we “follow our instincts.”  Limiting our self-awareness to our instincts inhibits original action and justifies instinctual behavior even when not rational or ‘just’ behavior.  It is re-action.

Human Mind Reality

Self-awareness discerns between instinctual impulse and reasonable motive.  Self-awareness considers impulse and motive in relation to its environment and circumstances.  Willful and original choice and action stems from self-awareness.  Self-awareness promotes accountability and obligatory responsibility.

Synergistic and Holistic Civic Innovation

Power Structures  > <  Civic Ordinance  > <   Adaptive Synergy

Animal Mind Image of Reality

Power is the basis of control and dominance needed in the battle for survival.  Structure sustains and perpetuates power.  Civic ordinance is used to fortify the established hierarchy of influence within power structures (commerce, politics, penal, energy, food, etc.), or at the very least not weaken them.  Power structures work through and rely upon civic ordinance to maintain personal control and gain.

Human Mind Reality

Civil society develops civic ordinance to impartially regulate and allocate the resources, policies and influence generated by that society’s power structures. Civic ordinance does not rigidly defend and buttress established power hierarchies. Adaptive synergy requires civic ordinance to objectively adjust to mutable realities affecting the welfare of its citizens.  Adaptive synergy seeks progressive development of civic ordinance that serves as an amenable conduit for human advancement.

Actualization of Human Mind

Gender/Race  > <  Religion/Culture  > <  Humanity/Planet

Animal Mind Image of Reality

Gender and race division is the basis of the human condition.  Gender determines function and race determines place.  This is sanctified by birth and is therefore ordained as within the natural order.  Hierarchy’s that developed from the natural order are the ordained established order.  Our faith and our culture must reflect these “truths” and must discourage deviant beliefs and behaviors.  Our physical existence is temporal and insulated and we must be held to doctrine to ascend.  Division, segregation and isolation are used as tools to maintain personal control and gain.

Human Mind Reality

Humanity is one diverse species in a chemical and cyclical relationship with planet Earth.  Our cultures are a reflection of our coalesced diversity. Our religions are our attempt to explain our existence and guide our purpose.  Our cultures and religions are humanity’s organizational perceptions of function and purpose. They were established by humans, not nature, to maintain cohesive order in a once chaotic and primitive environment. They are NOT the totality of our existence; but man-made channeled perspectives of it.  They are subject to human will and adaptation.

Evolution requires us to break free of our man-made channels of division as they are choking our expansion that can now only occur with unity.  Divisions, whether ordained (religion), prejudiced (discrimination) or entitled (superiority), are no longer serving humanity, and are in fact threatening to annihilate us and our planet Earth.

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