Beyond the Image of Energy

From Part II Chapter 6  Earth She

By T.L. Dayen

Our species may have evolved passed rubbing two sticks together to make fire, but we have yet to evolve beyond combustion for energy.  And just like we didn’t leave the Stone Age because we ran out of stones, do we really have to burn everything flammable on the planet before we evolve beyond combustion?  The challenge of containing and controlling the tremendous power of combustible energy is like candy to a baby for animal mind, and the male ego pays little ‘mind’ beyond immediate self-gratification.  But combustible energy requires a constant source of matter to consume.  Terra’s combustible resources are not infinite, and they can and will be eradicated.  The toxic waste we produce in its wake saturates our equally finite atmosphere. Would you spend the night in a garage with one running car for one night, and wait to see if you were alive the next morning?  But tonight – right now – we are 7 billion people in one finite atmosphere with over 1 billion running cars.  How much longer do you suppose we have?  Perhaps it’s time to turn off the engines?  And factory emissions are increasing exponentially as globalization expands so-called “development.”  Tragically, scientists agree that even if mankind were to charitably donate energy access to that 25 percent of humanity with no access to ‘energy,’ Terra would not be able to absorb the additional waste produced – not now and especially not tomorrow!

The destructive and dominant male ego must divide in order to conquer, and in this case, profit.  Only resources that can be appropriated, acquired and stored can be centralized.  Only centralized resources that can be controlled, owned and profited upon are useful and valuable.  The energy image ignores Terra’s true energy because it does not fit within its image of a privately owned, centrally controlled and profitable resource.  The male ego image of energy exists in a privately owned and centrally warehoused “barrel,” that can be sold and shipped to whoever can pay the price.  But this barrel only becomes “energy” when activated by the combustion infrastructure; and only those who control the combustion infrastructure control access to the energy; and only those with access to the energy in the barrel can profit and squander it for power.  Divide, conquer and profit!

The truth is, even after thousands of years, mankind is still approaching “energy” with the same animal mind that discovered fire!  Our survival depends upon the evolution of our understanding, collection and use of energy that encompasses the female creational consciousness of human mind; compassion, cooperation, compromise and community.  Terra’s true energy is abundant, unlimited, clean and safe.  It doesn’t “consume” so it cannot “excrete.”  It is not toxic to life, so it’s not sequestered deep in her core.  It is not a fixed and temporal commodity that can be personally owned, inventoried, bagged, tagged and sold.  It is not personally activated, controlled, manipulated, misused, abused or withheld.  It is freely given by Terra, so it doesn’t have be drilled, mined or hydraulically flushed out by man.   It is in a constant and infinite state of existence that cannot be acquired and possessed for profit. Terra’s true energy has already been supporting all life for millions of years.  It belongs to her, only to be ‘harnessed’ by humanity – not appropriated.  Unlike regional fossil fuels, Terra’s energy is global. Terra’s true energy for humanity is everywhere!  No one has to go looking for it.  It greets you every time you venture out of your home.  Take her breath, feel her wind, absorb her heat.

Terra’s true energy of Solar, wind, tidal, hydro, geothermal and electromagnetic, cannot be “privatized.” They have been coined renewable and sustainable, but they are really neither. These are constant forces of energy that simply require a “tap” to harness their power: a geothermal battery in the basement; solar panels on the roof; local wind farms.  There is tremendous energy potential within the oceans tides and currents and yet animal mind pays little attention.  Tapping the energy capacity of Terra’s own electromagnetic field is still considered science fiction.  But Just seventy years ago, the first television sets were being sold and people were watching the premiers of Howdy Doody and the Milton Berle Show.  Today, we’re talking to one another face to face in real time from across the globe in the palm of our hand, but it’s only taken mankind nearly 300 years to get from the steam engine to the “Clap On” – really??  What do you suppose humanity could have accomplished in ‘energy’ technology over 300 years if we’d had the same level of dedication and investment that we’ve put into convenience and communication technology in just 70 years?

Our evolution, indeed our very survival, depends upon our ability to utilize the clean and unlimited energies that have been here all along for the use of humanity.  All we are lacking is human mind common sense and the courage to shatter the male ego energy image fed by animal mind greed that refuses to give up “ownership” of that which it sells to us as “energy” but that is only killing us and keeping them filthy rich!

Animal Mind “Image” and Human Mind “Reality”Of “Survival”

Decentralize food and energy, and localize survival

The male ego profit motivated corporate centralization and privatization of humanity’s sustenance and energy through Big Ag and Big Oil instigates death and destruction by sustaining poverty, hunger, disease, corruption, war, terrorism and the global threat to our existence.  This is not sustainable for our survival.  This is a dead end.   But once again, the animal mind of the male ego continues to jam the “round peg of reality” into the “square hole of the image;” telling us all that this is simply the “human condition;” that survival of the fittest and social Darwinism determines who will win and survive in the game of life.  This is not the human condition!  This is only the condition of a ten-thousand-year-old animal mind image of reality.  Emancipate the human female and we collectively activate and empower compassion, cooperation, compromise and community – human mind.

In human mind reality, to “cooperate” is to survive.  Human mind reality of survival in the 21st century recognizes the “relation-ship” between humanity and our sustenance and energy; that there is an abundance of both when they are locally cultivated, accessed, owned and operated by the very communities to which they rightfully belong.   In my “community” there are thousands of acres of agricultural land being cultivated; not to feed the community, but to feed food industry profits.  In my community, there is an abundance of sun, wind, tidal and geothermal energy, and yet the cost of my energy usage depends on the price and availability of a “barrel” sitting in a centrally located refinery somewhere in the world.  My community, its citizens and civil infrastructure have everything it needs to survive.  Yet we are denied access to our own natural resources and sustenance, because they do not exist inside the privatized, corporatized and centralized “barrel” – of energy. The reality of energy and sustenance is right at our fingertips.  The image of energy and food is in the pocket of greed.

Our global community is strikingly similar.  Human minds and hearts of men and women are in every corner of the globe.  The sun globally shines brightly on even the most impoverished communities.  The wind globally blows strong in even the most remote areas.  The planet’s core creates energy for everyone on its surface.  The tides roll on over 882,880 miles of shoreline (World Research Institute).  Land and soil exists under all of our own feet.  And the electro-magnetic energy of planet Earth is a massive grid of energy beyond our dreams.

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