Shane’s Rant on I.S.I.L.

The Insane Male Ego Run Amok.

Murder, domination, and 

absolute female oppression!

dads pic

By Shane Stewart

This website is dedicated to female emancipation. This dedication is necessarily “moral and political” in its nature. I write about and praise that which advances the cause of female emancipation and I write about and condemn that which perpetuates the injustice of female oppression.  I rarely speak in terms of “good and evil,” but the horror that the men of I.S.I.L. carry out against women, just because they’re women,  leaves me no choice but to accept that they are indeed “evil” in nature. In fact I.S.I.L. may be one of the most evil expressions of the negative male ego that has ever existed on this planet! How sad that these men exist entirely for the purpose of worshipping and spreading terror.  Where is the love? 

*  * *

All men oppress women to some degree because men consider themselves to be “superior” to women. But in a “modern” world, even men who are strongly controlled by their negative male ego (but still consider themselves to be “civilized,”) generally try to stay within acceptable parameters of “social order and decency” in their domination and control of women. They are not “blatant and overt” about it and do not “slap women around” at home or on the street. Female oppression is so deeply embedded and accepted in most societies that men have just been kind of “laying low” and letting female oppression “roll along” on its own energy. Men know they “got a good thing going,” and if not too much attention is brought to the atrocity of female oppression; it may just continue to “roll along” for quite some time. Men of “moderate” male ego know that it is no longer necessary to verbally, physically, and publicly demean, beat, and “hold women at gunpoint” to make them know that they are the “inferiors” of men. Women are already conditioned in every society on Earth to believe this fallacy. They have been brainwashed in this attitude for countless thousands of generations. So if things don’t get too bad for women, they just might keep accepting male superiority as the normal social construct. Inferiority is considered to be the “natural” position of women. So, rational men believe they “got it made” if they don’t scream too loudly about their superiority over women. They don’t want to risk a “major uprising” by the inferiors against the male dominated social order, as that would not bode well for continued male control of women and their desired social construct of female oppression. Therefore, in most “civilized” societies we see men treading lightly in their public insistence that women “stay down” and continue to be dominated. In these societies men project an appearance of giving women “some freedoms”, but very few.  Even in “civilized” societies women still perform mostly as sexual, domestic, and/or economic “servants.”

I think the reason many “moderate” men feel extreme anger toward I.S.I.L., is because these guys are not “laying low” about female oppression. They are blatant, religious, fanatical lunatics, straight up murderers and rapists, who stand with “pride” and shout out about their physical and sexual domination and oppression of women. They are “rocking the boat!” They keep screaming about their “God given right as men” to dominate and oppress women. In fact, if they don’t openly oppress women, they are not being the kind of “men” their “god” wants them to be! So now the horror of female oppression is being thrust into the forefront of our awareness in nightly newscasts. This horror is being brought home directly in our faces. Many witnesses tell of women being “carted off” to be raped, or logged in as “virgins” to be sold, or forced to “marry” some maniacal terrorist and give birth to his male child! All this is catching the attention of a lot of women who have hence-forth simply been going along with the status quo of their inferiority. But now they are beginning to ask questions. They are beginning to see that they do not have anywhere near the freedoms that men have told them they have. And they do not have the “freedoms” that men have, and they are certainly not considered to be “individual” human beings. Even in societies where female oppression is considered to be “benign”, [America and Western Europe] women still lack any substantial power and authority. I.S.I.L.’s public demonstrations of female oppression are opening the eyes of many women and taking the lid off a “Pandora’s Box” that may be impossible to close again. Women want freedom from domination by men.  They are going to start demanding some power as human beings.  They are going to start demanding control over their own lives and bodies.

I knew this would happen eventually, but I think it is going to happen much more quickly now because of the “attention” that I.S.I.L. has brought to female oppression. How can anyone hear about women being horribly tortured and abused just because they are women, and not be angry!? I hate to say this but the rise of these monsters just might be a blessing in disguise for female emancipation. Maybe women will now start to acknowledge the anger they certainly must feel about the injustice of their oppression and start taking action toward their emancipation. Women must come to realize that every man has a negative male ego which fosters the attitude of female oppression and male superiority. It is just a matter of degree within each man as to what depths unto which he will sink in his domination and oppression of women.  All men are guilty of oppressing women in one way or another; from tyrannical monster to benevolent despot.

These I.S.I.L. guys have sunk all the way out of “human” consciousness and conscience, and are molding a world where women have absolutely NO influence on anything whatsoever; a world where a donkey has more value than a woman; a world where the only purpose of women is blatant domestic and sexual servitude. A world dominated by gun-toting, egotistical, testosterone driven, screaming, marauding, murdering, raping, religiously fanatical, out-of-control, self-serving gangs of males, doing anything and everything destructive they want to do to anyone at any time! And if you say anything about it, they will just kill you! They are tyrannical, snotty nosed, violent little bad boys who now have real, loaded guns in their hands, rampant in their destruction because they’re “too big” for mommy to stop them now! No way! They’re “stronger” than her. She’s just a weak, powerless woman anyway!   These guys are running amok in the areas they control and they will come to your house and kill you if you offer any kind of logical and/or rational debate against I.S.I.L. control. These guys are violent and negative at the core, and demonstrate the very worst of humanity through the male ego. Can you imagine the horror of life under these maniacs? Whether you’re male or female?  Do you really want the future of the entire world to be under the insanity of I.S.I.L. control? There would be no future, just the destructive past repeating itself over and over in an endless loop of violence, horror, and terror until we are dragged over the precipice of our annihilation! The purpose of I.S.I.L. is the domination of every woman on Earth!! They will remove and rape any woman at will. This is their right as “victorious” males. Even the Taliban pales in comparison to the evil perpetrated against women by the men in this “organization.” And to further demonstrate their fractured and mentality, these monsters rampage along, raise and fire their guns at anyone, and as they grind their boot heels into female emancipation they pronounce themselves “pure” because they “denounce the ‘evils’ of alcohol!” Really? There is something horribly wrong with this picture!  Yes I’m ranting; outraged and angry!  Any “civilized” human being should be!

How many women do you think have volunteered to promote the “cause” of I.S.I.L.? How many women do you think are in leadership positions in I.S.I.L.? How many women do you think are prisoners of I.S.I.L.? How many women do you think, at this moment, are being raped as a matter of course and will be forced to bear “terrorist sons” under I.S.I.L.? How many women do you think, at this moment, are longing to escape the horrors of I.S.I.L. and live as human beings?  How many women do you think are sex slaves under I.S.I.L. control?

 The Creed of the I.S.I.L. “Freedom” Fighter??

I am might. Might is right.

God is He. I am he.

I am God. I am your God.

My gun makes it so.

You are woman; shut up!

You serve man. I am man.

Bear my sons. Bow to me.

Kiss my feet. Bring my tea.

I had a hard day, woman.


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