Testosterone + Money; What Could Go Wrong?

The NFL is simply a microcosm of an ancient blueprint of our global society – male ego greed and power.

T's Toes

By T.L. Dayen

The NFL is a world in itself. It’s the least transparent but richest organization in the world, and it is completely self-contained. It has its own physical and mental medical team. It has its own family and marriage counseling and liaison team. It has its own investigative team, and it has its own disciplinary team, with successful players receiving criminal sentences based on how valuable you are to the NFL. In other words, the NFL is a place where nothing is more important than money; males make ALL the rules, and break them whenever it serves them, and women; their role and experiences are secondary, if not inconsequential. Sounds like planet Earth to me!!

NFL is the “No Females League.”

Abusing a woman gets you 2 games sitting on the bench;

But abusing dog’s gets you 2 years sitting behind bars.

After all, dogs are man’s best friend!

If you don’t think it’s a man’s world, just look at the NFL; what a place with literally zero female influence looks like: tolerance of violence and abuse; exploitation of skills and contribution even to the point of physical and/or mental injury; a hierarchy of powerful [male] individuals who have the final say on every and all issues; an environment where profit is the determining factor in every decision that is made; a culture much less interested in justice as it is in maintaining an “image;” a place where female sexual objectification is central to advertising dollars and brand image; and a place where ones value is equal only to the amount of money you can make for your superiors.



There have been 724 arrest offenses since 2000 with charges overwhelmingly represented by three categories: violence, drugs and weapons charges. That’s an average of 52 per year for 14 years. The NFL is made up of approximately 1500 players. There’s been a lot of talk about the fact that the percentage of arrests within the NFL is way below the “national average.” Has no one considered how absurd that notion is as a defense of these men? These players are employees of an organization, no different from IBM or GE or Exxon-Mobil, all which employ at least, if not more than 1500 people. How would we be reacting if GE employees for example, were arrested for violence, weapons or drugs at an average of 52 per year over 14 years? Really?? It would be an unprecedented outrage; and one that would never be tolerated in any other industry other than, apparently, the NFL.

These men are not from the street. Their offenses cannot be held to the same standard as the “national average” which is represented overwhelmingly by low income and ill-educated men. No, NFL players are college educated millionaires! And most will enjoy continued financial success in other endeavors after their time in the NFL (if they manage to avoid brain damage). How and why can the NFL tolerate this behavior within their organization? Or is the NFL itself complicit in this behavior?


Believe it or not, while I’m not a sports fanatic, I actually LOVE FOOTBALL! I’ll gladly spend a few hours on a free Sunday to watch a good game! I don’t follow it closely, but I like to know just enough about the game, the players and the season to hold a decent convo with the “boys” at a spirited Super bowl party. In fact, I’ve always said that the “holiday season” isn’t officially over until after Super bowl! I like watching football for the same reason I would imagine everyone does, it’s exciting! Large men in tight pants and shiny helmet’s running, rushing and passing like bulls and gazelles on a large field performing amazing feats of strength, agility and endurance surrounded by a roaring crowd; devoted, frenzied and face painted. Can everyone say “gladiator?” Football is the other “America’s favorite pass time.” For most, football is a great game, and for many it’s a religion. More people watch football on Sunday in America than go to church.

But football is really a business. The wealth of the NFL is unsurpassed by any other national league. The NFL is not required to disclose its annual financial records to the public. But statistics can shed light on the NFL cash machine. The average cost of one NFL team is between 1.17 and 1.43 billion. NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, earned 44 million in just the 2012/13 season, and according to Forbes Magazine, the NFL takes in over 9 billion in total annual revenues. Commissioner Goodell told his owners he expects the League to gross 25 billion by 2027.


How does it make its money? fans, advertisers, sponsors – and taxpayers!


The richest organization in the nation pays no Federal taxes!

Yes, taxpayers are even forced to pay for the elaborate stadiums that lure tens of thousands of fans to fill their seats at an average of $84 a seat. With modern day high tech home media to watch your favorite team in HD with your buddies from the comfort of your Lazy Boy and an arm’s reach of a cooler full of brew, it’s become difficult to fill the seats of these stadiums on a regular basis. Team owners often threaten municipalities to leave their cities if they don’t invest their citizen’s tax dollars on bigger and more spectacular stadiums which now exceeds 700 million dollars.

A cities football team is a sense of national pride and identity, but team owners care little for their fans devotion and will pack it up and move to the location of the highest bidder all at the expense of the American taxpayer. And if they do “build it” and “they don’t come” they’ll leave as soon as a more lucrative location is found anyway.

God forbid the NFL should dip in to those billions they make from devoted fans and spend their own money to build their own fricken stadiums!

The NFL is subsidized by the American taxpayer.


While team owners and the league are rolling in the dough, what about the players that the fans and municipalities are paying to see play? NFL player contract salaries ranged from 118 to 180 million in the 2013/14 season, but the average career for an NFL player is just 3.3 years, and just 6 if you’re a rookie good enough to make the cut for the opening game. Team owners however, change out very rarely and ownership is often passed down within families from generation to generation. There have been only 3 NFL commissioners since 1960 (54 years). The infrastructure of the league is a “good old boys club” while the players are commodities flying in and out of a revolving door; and as a player, if your brain or body happens to get injured while whipping through that revolving door of the harshest contact sport – that’s your problem. There’s hundreds of strapping young men waiting in the line outside for their turn at a chance for “fifteen minutes of fame!” Cheerleaders either work for “free” or are grossly underpaid (less than minimum wage). Their skill, tireless dedication and phenomenal efforts to keep their bodies in mint condition are rewarded simply by having the opportunity to expose their skin and shake their “pompoms” in the faces of millions of testosterone pumped men tuning in twice a week.

            girls 1

The NFL is a man’s game, and it should be. I get it! But what really pisses me and most of the country off right now is how that translates – what that actually means in the real world for the men, their families and loved ones who have entrusted their lives to the NFL for a few brief years of descent money for themselves, but decades of continued phenomenal wealth for those who exploit their dedication. Considering the average career of a player to be only 3.3 years and 6 if they’re exceptional who have no record of arrests before coming to the NFL, how does this organization justify over 720 arrests out of 1500 revolving players over 14 years?

Are 48% of NFL players over 14 years really monstrous thugs, or are they aspiring young college men who thought they were realizing their dreams when in reality they were being indoctrinated into both one of the most profit motivated and most chauvinistic industries in the world? Even the military gives women more respect and authority than the NFL, and with the rampant rape within the military industrial complex, that’s a pretty pathetic comparison.

girls 2

How can we expect NFL players to be model citizens in society and exemplary role models for fans when their own role models, the organization that demands complete dedication and absolute loyalty in exchange for seeing to star players and their family’s every need, teaches them that “money is GOD,” “might is right,” and “girls are only good for one thing?” In this light, on the most fundamental of levels outside of culture, is there that much difference between what motivates the N.F.L. and what motivates I.S.I.L.?







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