The Consciousness of Humanity

All Male; Half Female. All Female; Half Male

Female creational consciousness resides within all humans

By Shane Stewart

Every human being on Earth is genetically comprised of male and female chromosomes. This is an obvious fact, a biological truth, and something “everybody knows.” But it is rarely considered when we think about “who we are.” This is because the negative male ego discourages discussion, debate, and acknowledgment of this “truth.” We’ve been programmed to think of ourselves as being entirely male or entirely female. We are “men”: or “women” period! The male ego does not want us to dwell on the fact that everyone is half male or half female. Why not?   Whether you are all male and half female, (man) or all female and half male, (woman) does not determine your “character,” the “kind” of person you are, or your “sexual” preference. And this is what “frightens” many men about recognizing that they are half female. But it is just a biological fact. This biological fact has nothing to do with sexual preference whether straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or otherwise!

My body is a male body. But I acknowledge the fact that I am also biologically half female (my mother)! This does not mean that as a man, if I accept the truth that I am half female, it will lead to the exhibition of “feminine” characteristics or sexual “preference” in my behavior. I am not “feminine,” but I am half female. The only thing about us that our physical “maleness” or “femaleness” determines is our reproductive capability. Most everything else about our “being” male or female comes out of the process of stereotype, male/female, gender behavior programming we receive during childhood.   We appear to be feminine or masculine in our physical behavior because that is how we were “taught” to act as young boys and girls. And who taught us? The negative, violent, destructive male ego, of course! Boys are quickly taught to act “dominant” around girls, and girls are quickly taught to act “subservient” around boys. All this for the purpose of maintaining the destructive “image of male superiority.”

Many men, especially the “macho man,” will not even discuss the fact that they are “half” woman. To them this means they would have to have a tendency to behave in a “feminine” manner, and this means appearing to be gay! These men focus upon being a “product” of their father. It’s almost as though they consider that their mother had nothing to do with their journey toward, and subsequent arrival upon, the Earth! Many men have a strong image of male “superiority”, and the image of male superiority depends upon the image of female “inferiority” continuing to be recognized. To these men, women are just physically weak, mentally deficient, emotionally inept, indecisive people; the very antithesis of the “strong” man, and they are meant to be of service to, and dominated by, the stronger male. This domination includes female sexual servitude. This devastatingly negative attitude the male ego nurtures about the female is based entirely upon the shape of the female body. Men have a penis that makes them “men” (dominant), women have a vagina that makes them “women” (subservient), and forever this establishes our position of “inferiority” or “superiority” within society.

The negative male ego keeps humanity locked into “physical” identity, separated and divided distinctly into male/female camps for the purpose of maintaining female oppression. The violent male ego considers female qualities to be “feminine.” The sad thing is that the male ego image of male superiority cannot allow itself to be “contaminated” with “female qualities”, such as compassion, compromise cooperation and community. This is wholly irrational and neurotic as our physical identity has nothing to do with our “humanness.“   Many men are violent and “hard”. They are taught that they must be strong and avoid displaying weak soft, “emotions.” This is considered to be the domain of the female. Sadly, the male ego animal mind image of male superiority is the very beast that is destroying our planet and everything on it.

The fact that everyone is physically half female or half male leads to a greater truth of humanity. This greater truth is the fact that we all possess half male or half female “consciousness”. It is within this world of consciousness where men must be willing to journey. Female creational consciousness resides within all humans   Even macho men can keep their “manliness” if they would accept that qualities such as compassion, compromise cooperation and community are not “feminine” qualities, but human qualities that every human being can be proud to exhibit. For a man to express these qualities would truly be the exhibition of “strength.” That strength is the strength of character, not the strength of body. The male ego must step “outside” the body and see the path of annihilation upon which it has set us. Men must now be willing to ask women to teach them compassion over cruelty,   compromise over conflict, cooperation over destruction, and community over selfishness.

Men were once the proud “protectors” of our species, but they have left that fact far behind and now only seek “power” through domination and destruction. But miracles do happen, and I think eventually men will be able to shed their violent male ego and join with women in creating a peaceful world of compassion, compromise, cooperation, and community so as to pull humanity back from the brink of annihilation upon which men and their male ego has placed us, and set us once again on our natural journey through evolution.



    1. Ashishr51 – Thank you for your comments. Anyone who thinks my blog is interesting has GOT to have something on the ball besides “everyday” male/female relationships. I am dedicated to my work in The Female Imperartive. I consider myself a “modern” man greatly concerned with the survival and ultimate evolution of humanity. At this point in our evoluition women hold the “answer”. I’m going to try to go to your blog now. Shane


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