Is The Female Imperative Misandry?

T's Toes

By T.L. Dayen

Even with all of the current evidence of the destructive male ego permeating our media and our national consciousness this summer of 2014: the immigration crises, murder and mayhem in Iraq, Syria, I.S.I.L, the Ukraine, Israel and Palestine; the rash of men of color dying at the hands of those “sworn to protect” and no less than five governors under investigation for “abuse of power;” my first blog post must answer the question, “Is The Female Imperative misandry?” After all, that’s the main question many of our visitors will be asking. Am I right? Not that the answer isn’t already known by Stewart and I as a definitive “NO!” but honestly, if a definitive “no” was all it would take to answer that question, then the title of our book could have been “The Female Imperative is NOT misandry!” and it would be settled. But Stewart and I both know, as do you I’m sure, that any mention – at all – of “The Female Imperative” (TFI) equates to misandry in the animal mind of the male ego. SO – my first inaugural blog post on unity must clarify this one very important misunderstanding!

Misandry is the “hatred of men.” Feminism, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica [sociology] is; “the belief in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.” It goes on to say that “Although largely originating in the West, feminism is manifested worldwide and is represented by various institutions committed to activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests. Throughout most of Western history, women were confined to the domestic sphere, while public life was reserved for men. In medieval Europe, women were denied the right to own property, to study, or to participate in public life. At the end of the 19th century in France, they were still compelled to cover their heads in public, and, in parts of Germany, a husband still had the right to sell his wife. Even as late as the early 20th century, women could neither vote nor hold elective office in Europe and in most of the United States (where several territories and states granted woman suffrage long before the federal government did so). Women were prevented from conducting business without a male representative, be it father, brother, husband, legal agent, or even son. Married women could not exercise control over their own children without the permission of their husbands. Moreover, women had little or no access to education and were barred from most professions. In some parts of the world, such restrictions on women continue today” (Encyclopedia Britannica).

Encyclopedia Britannica does not define feminism as the hatred of men, but apparently the recognition and acceptance of the full measure of value of over half of our human population; and by the way, the one half that gave birth to every human being on this planet; yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And yet, as I write this in 2014, my Microsoft Word “thesaurus” tells me that “Feminism” is synonymous with “Radicalism (n.)” – REALLY?? Who among you would consider social, economic and political equality “radical?” Did we not settle this in the late 1800’s after the North won the civil war? Perhaps we haven’t! Perhaps not “all men” were created equal – or should I say “not all humans” were created “equal.” Because equality among “men” is largely determined by demographics; but equality among men and “women” is not a demographic or geographic thing; it is a physiological thing. Our inequality is solely determined by our body parts; no matter where we live, what color we are, how much money we make or the name of our God – female subordination is global and universal.

The Female Imperative is NOT Misandry, but neither is it “feminism.”
TFI is “evolutionism.”

TFI does not advocate for “equality of the sexes.” Stewart and I maintain that our “sex” has nothing to do with our “equality.” Our two human sexes are simply the two human biological functions required for reproduction in the act of intercourse if reproduction is the goal. And of course the female body is equipped to feed her infant offspring. In mathematics, “equal” means “same,” and by these terms, equality of the sexes is physically impossible. In sociology however, “equal” means “non-discriminatory,” and it is by these terms that the male ego uses our physical [gender] inequality as human inequality. The entire global social construct of humanity is built and maintained upon the social attributes, roles and functions of our physical gender differences as assigned by the male ego. Feminism valiantly struggles to challenge the social construct of sexual inequality in vain. As long as it’s about our bodies and the roles assigned to those bodies, the male ego wins, because physically we will never be equal.

From The Female Imperative: “Remember that the dominant male ego cannot tolerate unity or cooperative relation-ship. Division and segregation must be maintained to maintain control and the image of order. To the animal mind of the male ego, “gender” is the most fundamental of these divisions (“primary identity”), and only one’s gender can determine the degree and level of one’s personal liberty (independent self-determination) and civic participation (politics and commerce). In the male ego animal mind, by replacing ordained gender roles with individual self-determination, then gender itself is expunged. If only real men do what men have always done, and only real women do what women have always done, then in the male ego image of feminism, the female disappears and becomes a man (female equality) or the male disappears and the female dominates (man haters). Neither is true of course and in the human mind, both are equally ridiculous. But in the animal mind of the male ego, this image of feminism has effectively precast and forestalled the “female emancipation conversation” into one about “angry women who either want to be men (penis envy) or they hate men (emasculation).”” Excerpt from Chapter 29, page 194.

Evolutionism is not about equality of sex; it is about unity of consciousness.
It is not about the male and female human standing side by side as two “equals.”
It is about male and female consciousness uniting as the two sexual halves of our one human “whole.” unity will continue to explore and explain “evolutionism.”

Empirical Fact and Honesty is NOT “the hatred of men!”

The “anti-feminist” movement (or Men’s Rights Activism (MRA)) occurring in the U.S. today frequently uses the term “misandry” to defend its cause. Men and women of this movement seem to believe that to be pro-woman, one has to be anti-man. This has proven to be an effective psychological weapon against the modern feminist movement. TFI has powerfully and courageously debunked the “misandry myth” for what it is; both a distortion of and distraction from the TRUTH! TFI finally says out loud what no one dares utter for fear of retribution as a “man hater;” that not all men are destructive, but 99.9 percent of the destruction, murder, violence, oppression, torture, greed and lust is perpetrated and perpetuated by MEN! This is not man hating – it is simply a fact. It is not personal! It is empirical! But TFI breaks it down even further; it is not men who commit these atrocities – it is the male ego! We can finally separate the wheat from the chaff and be honest about the fact that humanity is NOT self-destructive – the male ego IS self-destructive.

In looking at the list of crisis’ I laid out in the opening of this blog post, each one of them stems from the out-of-control male ego. Tens of thousands of men, women and children seeking refuge in the U.S. are not fleeing evil women. Evil women in the Middle East are not bombing, shooting, executing, kidnapping, torturing and beheading each other. The wave of those abusing their power in the U.S. whether in law enforcement or politics are not women. This is just the summer of 2014. What about century upon century – tens upon tens of thousands of years? Why can we not finally give ourselves the permission to admit the truth about our humanity – that only men and women of “human mind” (compassionate, cooperative, compromising and communal) are concerned with not just the survival, but the evolution of our race; and that men and women of “animal mind” will continue to grant the male ego free reign over our race and planet to continue its historical and current campaign of domination, death and destruction? TFI is finally giving humanity permission to expect decisiveness to not equal domination; assertiveness to not equal aggression; ambition to not equal greed; motivation to not equal self-service; courage to not equal destructive action.

TFI is not “hating men;” it is rejecting the animal mind of the male ego to continue its leadership over the human race.

TFI is embracing our “humanity.”



  1. “feminism is the belief in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.”

    well … clearly this is not a recognition of an existing reality, but rather a goal to be achieved. one may easily conceive of women having the same de jure rights and responsibilities as men, but the real-world exercise of this de jure equality would be another matter altogether. the exercise of this envisioned “equality” seems to require coercion against both men and against observable reality itself in order to achieve the desired goal. so yes, feminism by its own definition is anti-male and in fact cannot be otherwise.


    1. Hi Gman! I appreciate the thoughtful comment. The quote you referred to is not mine, it was a quote I used from the Encyclopedia Britannica [sociology], and in fact as one example of why TFI is NOT feminism. I explain this in detail in the fourth paragraph. But even while “TFI does not advocate for the equality of the sexes,” because this is physically impossible as the article explains, it does advocate for the unity of male and female consciousness. Our consciousness is not our bodies (our sex), it is our humanity. The allocation of consciousness to our bodies is indeed the current “observable reality,” and one that will need to change if we hope for our human race to survive.

      TFI explains that male and female consciousness exists separate from our bodies – it originates from our minds, not our genitals, but you wouldn’t know that in today’s “observable reality.” Keep in mind that both men and observable reality throughout history have been resistant to change, often needing a little coercion to affect positive change; civil rights, suffrage, and even Democracy for example. Were these historical moments “anti-male?”

      You’re obviously well read and versed. I would encourage you read TFI in it’s entirety.

      Thanks again and hope to see you again.


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