Corrupt GOP Bullies; Biting The Dust

By Shane Stewart
The male ego circus of the GOP continues to roll
How on Earth do guys like this keep getting elected?

I think many of us feel a certain amount of satisfaction when we see “bullies and bad guys” getting what they deserve. Bullies and bad guys can be found in every walk of life because their position in life is not what determines their character; good or bad. So bullies exist all around us, within the ranks of postmen, truck drivers, store managers, dog walkers, lawyers, cashiers, waiters, doctors, company clerks, bosses, husbands, CEO’s, etc.. Most of us remember the school yard bullies; little “tyrannical” brutes we tried to avoid but never could. None of us really liked these guys but we were too “afraid” to tell them, and so we just kind of went along with their game and “pretended” that everything was fine and they were “okay”. So they did not change. As we left childhood we learned to avoid these kinds of people because we knew we were going to get “stung.”

Invariably bullies are cut from the cloth of the male of our species, and their bully character is already set early in life. We know how to recognize these guys because we know they’re always out to rip us off. They’re out to “get theirs” even if it means “taking ours.” When many of these guys “grew up”, some actually went on to become elected officials, “leading” a few of our states; becoming “self-serving” politicians, “forceful brutes,” lining their own pockets at the expense of the tax paying electorate. For many years some of these political bullies actually got away with it. And for a period in history, corruption in American government was notorious.

So when we find these bullies languishing within the ranks of our “trusted”  public officials today, what do we do? We cannot avoid dealing with them now because we are being hurt by their actions all the time. Political bullies are among the worst because they are in a position where they are being publicly trusted to do the most good yet they can wind up doing the most damage. There is no sting quite like the sting of broken trust by those we have chosen to “lead” us and most of that broken trust comes out of the male ego of our species.

It’s not unusual to find corruption in government. But it is glaringly apparent that most corruption occurs within the ranks of the GOP. Why? Well, this is the party of “I, me, mine,” not “we, us. ours.” This is the party of “stingy” not the party of “share”. This is the party of “do nothing”, not the party of “let’s fix it!” This is the party of “everyone for themselves,” with a “get all you can” mentality, that sometimes is actually taken to the point of coercion, threats and “arm twisting.” After all, isn’t that how the bullies played the game back in the school yard? Nobody stopped them then, but because of their position, they must be stopped now. Thankfully, over the last decade or so, the wheels of justice have begun turning. The bullies are at last “getting theirs.”

Lo and behold another of our fine, up-standing, “self-serving, little tyrannical GOP Governors” is biting the dust. Rick Perry of Texas, (no regulations Rick) one of our self proclaimed saviors of American “freedoms,” is falling by the wayside, ala Chris Christie of New Jersey, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Nathan Deal of Georgia, and Rick Scott of Florida. The problem with these guys is that they obviously have an overpowering and massive male ego, intent upon forcing their personal beliefs upon the world. They are infallible, “personally right” about everything. Their “ideas” are right, their “policies” are right, their “goals” are right, and they are going to get what they want even if they have to get it the “wrong” way. To Rick Perry GOP stands for Government of Perry, and therefore he has been indicted on 2 felony counts related to “abuse of power”. Really? Abuse of power? I doubt there’s hardly anyone [unless they’ve been asleep for the last six years] who hasn’t at least had a little suspicion that Perry and Christie just might be “abusing” their power. These guys aspire to the office of President of the United States! And there are some voters today who would actually still vote for them! How low can you go? Do you really think Christie and Perry aren’t bullies? Are you one of those who have been asleep for 6 years? I will not go into detail about these guy’s run-ins with the law. Simply Google any one of their names followed by the words – legal problems -, and out will pop a list of their bully activities. Future American Presidents? Where is my country going??!!

The negative male ego has an unlimited capacity to continue seeking domination and control over everything it perceives. Sadly, when one of these guys bites the dust, there seems to be an endless procession of little, egotistical tyrants that just keep coming along to take their place and continue exploiting the populace and abusing the powers of their “public trust.” Corrupt politicians act as though it’s their birth-right to exploit those they govern and/or line their pockets with public money. Isn’t this the attitude that the “king” of England had? Kings did whatever they wanted to do, and who was going to stop them? Isn’t that one of the reasons we broke from “royal” rule? There was a time in England when it was “the king is the law.” There was a time in America when it was “the law is the king.” We know what happened to the kings of England, but what happened to the laws of America?

It’s partly our fault because we keep electing these people. But we elect them based upon the premise that they have our best interest in mind, that they will improve the position of all American citizens. And this is what they tell us in order to get elected. We never elect politicians that stand right up and say; “Elect me! I will rip you off and make myself rich at your expense! I will also ignore the crumbling commerce, electrical, and natural gas infrastructures, and destroy the American public school system! Thank you very much for your vote!”

There are people [male and female] that we can choose in the next election who have the “human mind” consciousness to govern with integrity and transparency. How do we recognize these people? Just look for the bully attitude. Do they express a pompous, self serving “I am your savior” attitude? Do they talk in generalities or present specific “policies” for change. You can always tell the “phonies” from the real people who are dedicated to “leading” our country toward prosperity for the many rather than riches for the few. At this point in time these “real” people are overwhelmingly female. This of course, will change as time goes on. You must also take note however, that there are some female “politicians” [molded by men] who are also bullies, ala Palin and Bachman.  But right now, in 2014, beware the bellicose “politician”, for “he” is a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Or should I say a “ram’s?”


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